Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ers Full Game 6 Highlights | May 12 | 2022 NBA Playoffs

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70 comentarios:

Johnny Coca
Johnny Coca:
Look at Harden. The most important game of the season and he scores 12 points... Well done Philly on that trade... Well done..
Ifebunandu Nicholas
Ifebunandu Nicholas:
Guys like Harden and Westbrook are finally getting what they deserve
Learn the game of basketball the proper way, learn the fundamentals and excel.
Harden flopped and threw up lucky shots all his life, Westbrook depended on his athleticism. Now they’re going from super team to super team trying to win one.
Every phase you neglect in life will always come back to hunt you
Harden really went from being one of the best offensive player ever to this…
Harden scored 11 pts and still had the audacity to put in no effort on defence and allow Miami to get countless offensive rebounds over him
rocco cicoria
rocco cicoria:
It was obvious that it would end like this. Harden, Embid are great players, but they are not champions. When the games really matter they disappear ... It's a level that doesn't belong to him.
King Kane
King Kane:
Miami s confidence is another level !
seydou ba
seydou ba:
Good job Miami 🔥🔥💯
This is an absurd. But I'm glad it happens! This year the champions will be a team of real basketball, not a superteam with players with ego the size of their wingspan.
c j
c j:
Philly just seemed uninterested in playing at times wtf
Zach Qin
Zach Qin:
Harden: Hey guys, I'll go to Miami next year.
Belle Miranda
Belle Miranda:
Many of the players might dont get it or dont understand,,, but the main problem why harden has been struggling,, its because embid was not playing as a big man. Capella is the perfect guy for harden ang for the team,,,,, try to analyze the game and you will realize why the philadelpia has been struggling to make a bucket,,, embid should screen harden and should go for a dunk but embid did the opposite but to go the 3 point line after the screen.... thats not gonna help kobe and Mj,,, rodman and shaq are the best.....,,
Nam Chau
Nam Chau:
Jimmy Butler is on different level from Harden 🧐
Matias fernandez
Matias fernandez:
If Phily gives Harden 5 years 250 M, they are fools
Philipp Culture
Philipp Culture:
The 76ers could have had CJ McCollum and role players for Ben Simmons only. Imagine how deep they would be. Embiid, Seth, Drummond, CJ, maybe Robert Covington, Maxey,...
Salvador Allende
Salvador Allende:
and the choke awards goes to James "turnover" Harden and Choke Rivers
Big Dipper
Big Dipper:
Philadelphia 76ers should have push on the Damian Lillard Trade even if they don't want to win this season.
Tapak Sunyi
Tapak Sunyi:
Good series so far
Harden made the whole team lazy😂 Dribble here, crossover there and then lost the ball. Between him and Ben 🤦🏻‍♂️ 💩players proclaimed superstars
Ricky Rulio
Ricky Rulio:


Fatih Kocibar
Fatih Kocibar:
Watching harden on playoffs is pain. He's defensively trash
Nam Tran
Nam Tran:
Philly just complained every foul possibilities and forgot to run the floor.... I lost in you Doc
Daegog The Wyrdmake
Daegog The Wyrdmake:
To have cap space, Philly has to find SOMEOENE stupid enough to do a sign and trade deal for Harden... GOOD LUCK WITH THAT SHIT.
Ptah Asaru
Ptah Asaru:
Heats cruise through the 76ers,Butler and Co awesome defense and offense......
Robby Rodriguez
Robby Rodriguez:
Damn, i was hoping to see coach choke rivers in game 7
Leo 1
Leo 1:
sarcastically, as an Allstar player James H only had 9 shot attempts in 42 mins...
Nor X man
Nor X man:
What a fiasco!!
Such poor defense,i have never seen it at this level.
Players walk,do not return to defend,no markings,as well as the ball carrier,no position taken on the rebond,no movement without a ball,worse the racket is left free,and so on...
It s a basket-ball massacre,and embid always furter behind the arc!!
A lex
A lex:
Their honeymoon is over.😭😭😭😭😭😭
Is Harden worse on offense or on defense
Rafael Miguel Mallillin
Rafael Miguel Mallillin:
Harden hard on defense
Mo Solo
Mo Solo:
That’s why I will always take Butler over harden anytime is because of the effort you put into the game
So Simmons wasn't the problem after all!
Lucky889 S
Lucky889 S:
To think that they gave up drummond and seth for this bum. Embiid should ask for a trade after this
The Man Who Sold The World
The Man Who Sold The World:
Tsk tsk tsk... but are we really surprised? Year in year out this mediocrity is something 6ers fans surely would be used to by now, right? No point blaming Harden. Because without that trade you'd be starting Thybulle!
The Screwer.
The Screwer.:
Let's be real here James Harden didn't really have the balls,hunger,tenacity, and eagerness to take over a team in crucial moments especially in playoff he's got the talent and all but he's not a champion material as long as he's paid. he will do his best to carry a team all the way to the playoffs that's it.. He will be forever be known as the REGULAR season MvP..
He's not it! He's not interested in rings. I mean for real if he is he'll play dropping 30-40 points and focus on he's own pace and zone in the game to win that championship..hes always getting sloppy and having cold hands in playoffs games knowing this is a do or die dream for the team reaching for that championship win. He's not a narrow player unlike the new players we knew that out bouncing him. Sad but true 😕

This is hardly arguable for most of you guys.but this is how I look he's overall performance from recent years of playing up to now. so yeah!
Otyken music
Otyken music:
Let's say miami play basketball so good against super team like this
Corleone Falcone
Corleone Falcone:
joel embiid et j.harden ne vont pourront jamais gagner un titre majeur nba...pourtant talentueux, ils leur maquent une vraie envie de gagner...ce que des mecs comme jimmy butler ou A.giannis ont...
Golden Eye
Golden Eye:
Embiid is going to ask for harden to be traded .. i can see it
City of brotherly love booing their team. Great bunch of people.
Skull Krusher
Skull Krusher:
The Sixers couldn't take the Heat so they got beat crispy fried sixers just expired LOL
when player become to superstar, they never do any D
i really don't like jimmy butler but he can D and hustle...

I think time to stop calling players"superstar" who type of just do attacking part
Edward Mwangi
Edward Mwangi:
in butler miaimi has another wade and it just feels like 2006 all over again
Ricky LaFleur
Ricky LaFleur:
Harden with 11pts🤣
Lior Lotem
Lior Lotem:
No team of James Harden will ever win anything.
He's an average and selfish player that somehow got people thinking he's a some kind of a super star. He's not.
Dionis Roa
Dionis Roa:
Bendiciones 🙏
Ukeme Obot
Ukeme Obot:
If you think your team will win championship with fat carefree Jame Harden running your and soft Joel Embiid playing like losing the MVP trophy is all that then good luck not that I care about Philly. As for Doc Rivers, you are used to moving from one team to the other.
F. Lundamo
F. Lundamo:
Harden has never been or will be a play off/championship player unfortunately. It also shows how hard it is to make it. Brons 10 trips to the finals seems bonkers considering how many great players not reaching the finals. I do think that Embiid, Giannis, Jokic and Doncic are the future and some of these will dominate
Teymour Medhat Abdel Aziz
Teymour Medhat Abdel Aziz:
Why didn’t they keep D Green in the game??
Munkace Marwei
Munkace Marwei:
Harden is smoking too much blunts with lil baby😂😂😂. Maans he should have stayed with the nets 12 pts.. !!!! Embiid needs a kyrie or dame .
Sixers is the newest member of Doc Rivers Back to back to back choking cursed team. 1st Clippers with CP3/Blake DJ againts 2015 young inexperienced Warriors team/Rockets 3-1 lead and Utah Jazz with Old Joe Johnson beating them. 2nd, my Clippers team with Kawhi and PG13 (rooting for them) blew the 3-1 lead againts Nuggets. Choking after Choking after choking. Now the Sixers, losing to the young Hawks and now to the Heat. Rivers got Lucky with Celtics 08.
76yrs home court so silent haha
Ali Hu Chyad
Ali Hu Chyad:
james harden: 1-2-3 cancun
poor harden
Gaëtan Mourton
Gaëtan Mourton:
Harden wan’t vacation
Xavier Rivera
Xavier Rivera:
Are free throws the only thing missing or are there some made shots not included
Harden is a player soulless player, this guy is patetic, zero commitment with the team, that's the worst trade of the season, if sixer want to figh for the championship in the next season, they must trade him
Christian Seberos
Christian Seberos:
Where is duncan robinson why are they not giving him more time
15,000 subs with no videos
15,000 subs with no videos:
Buh byeeeee LostErs 🤣🤣
george jr acero
george jr acero:
James Harden is Done.
Spirit of Life In Christ Ministries
Spirit of Life In Christ Ministries:
Am I watching a regular season game. Did I get to the wrong video. This can't be game 6 Sixers on the brink of elimination. Some body post the right video...
harden noob it's pact.
Dominik Elias
Dominik Elias:
Guys Like harden dont even care and give their all for this Game and their Team. They only want the Money they have to throw them out Like Simmons too thats Not okay
Harden with a lack of defense
Tony Ng
Tony Ng:
Change the coach
Jan Pustelnik
Jan Pustelnik:
Ohh shit xD
Itay Samet
Itay Samet:
Worst trade ever, next year harden will ask max over 250M and they will rlly regret this trade that kind of money for a guy that cant get over 20 points per game...
Huang JS
Huang JS:
James Haren
Aris bendanillo
Aris bendanillo:
tagak pud...piti mga inilog..
Kadir Çetin
Kadir Çetin:
_Mystic _
_Mystic _:
Has Miami won the series yet