Michael Chacon Fixed Gear Tricks

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Michael Chacon
Culver City CA

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Bryan Sanchez
Bryan Sanchez:
Dude your freaking beast!!!
Willard White
Willard White:
You is inspiring!  Thanks for posting, for busting your behind to get so good! (1:50, 2:25!!)
Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
@Capocrypha lol here its a 40c in the front and 35 in the back dawggie and sponsor you gotta put yourself out there dude.. And lets play a game of fixed for $100
Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
Hplusson EERO
UCSB Student
UCSB Student:
Nice video! I wish I could some of these tricks.
one more: respect =)
task zulu
task zulu:
Dope shit!!!! Lmfao !!!!! I'd be happy just to do a keo spin!!!! Lol I've been trying for2 mths now Jesus!!!! Good shit though!
Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
@187ALOKS lololololol
Adriana Duran
Adriana Duran:
He's too handsome
one word : skills !!
Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
@bigtoepfer Yea eeros and they are alright I use to get a lot of roll offs. I now ride Velocity psychos so much better
Tuco benedicto pacifico juan Maria Ramirez
Tuco benedicto pacifico juan Maria Ramirez:
Sick ass foo :)
Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
@taskzulu Yea man I practiced for like 2 3 months until I finally got a 180 keo. Just keep practicing fershure you will get it
Don Dela Cruz
Don Dela Cruz:
@Capocrypha ...haha.
Losing your balls is so easy on these fixies when you're bunnyhopping :D
hey mike do you know where i can get a frame like yours

P.S. sick ass fixie skills man
Sweet vid,sick moves n nice six foe
Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
@Poland1st LOLOLOL
Johnithan C
Johnithan C:
how long does it take to learn 180?
Marcos Ibarrola
Marcos Ibarrola:
hellllla BEASTT!!!!!!!!!! haha
Does trick and rides away like a badass ;D
I always trip out how he keo spins like 8 rotations this guys a beast
Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
yes both 700c Hplusson EEros
I've never seen someone do tricks on a fixed gear...that's baws
Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
@ganang8908 36 14
Curtiss Conrad
Curtiss Conrad:
ur so good
u still go on SUS
are fixed gears heavier than a bmx?
@flipppppz It's called pedal setting, just makes it so your pedals are in the right spot when you take off, since you can't coast.
Nathan “SixtyTwoLowRider” Newman
Nathan “SixtyTwoLowRider” Newman:
64 impala in the background sweet
Bro. Your the boss. I fail every time I try to do all those tricks.
Zoran Tot-Arvai
Zoran Tot-Arvai:
how can that bike take such big drops?
You put in work from film editing to the tricks-PROPS.
@kidmike0123 I just bought a set of velocity B43s for the bike I just got done setting up. But its not for tricks or anything. Just for daily riding and getting good at riding fixed. But all I'm riding is a 25c thickslick.

But I'll look into those psychos for the bike I build in Japan in a couple of months. Thanks.
Vinson Gotingco
Vinson Gotingco:
dude youre really good man!
but is there a huge difference between a 36 14 and a 44 17?
Chris Chris
Chris Chris:
mike, its official. u can fly
Marco Villasenor
Marco Villasenor:
what is the best rim for jumpin down stairs and stuff
Man those rims are sick, What kind are they?
What are those red rims called?
Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
29r 2.0
Aj tolentino
Aj tolentino:
bro what kind rims do you have ?
Patricia Ilao
Patricia Ilao:
True rider right there! And can someone please help me find a jacket like Mike was wearing in the beginning? (not exactly the same one) but something with similar looks and material pleaseee :) those jackets are nice
Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
@jorgereynoso93 i see well you can start off with a Redline or a Lerker and keep adding better parts as you get better
best fixie vid ive seen
Ju an
Ju an:
Hey Mike, i wanted to know if i can buy that lord of trick leaders shirt anywhere i cant find it
Nacho Churro
Nacho Churro:
nice save at 1:44
Jose Serrano
Jose Serrano:
Wheres that wall with the Obey art at?
Eddie ElCabezon
Eddie ElCabezon:
Sickk video
Kieran Sheridan
Kieran Sheridan:
Ive only been riding like 3 weeks. what tricks should i learn that are easy?
What kind of rims and tires do u need so ur rims and tires don't pop
how many spokes do you have the the hplusson eeros?
Duddde what kind of seat you have? BTW great riding bro
so sick man
whats that song, thats freaking dope
Don Pollo
Don Pollo:
you sick wit it man. do what you do.
How do you clear bar seats? Please answer
Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
@LilSkonka I now ride a Leader Hurricane. Just about the same bike on this video just stronger and can fit bigger tires
james gomez
james gomez:
So sick
Filip Pipercic
Filip Pipercic:
i bet you use 300000000 inner tubes a year
Chris Torres
Chris Torres:
that trickstar is like 430

Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
@liquidiazn I really cant explain i gotta show you i will try to make a video in slow motion so you can see how it looks and how to throw it
Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
@Camboflipboy quite awhile man just gotta keep practicing
J Doobie
J Doobie:
do you still ride fixed?
the red wheels are EEROs? Just wondering. I really want to get a set. Such a pretty wheel and it seems rather indestructible.
I know i asked already, but what kinda seat do you have? i just started tricking and i just wanna have the right seat the first time
Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
Thanks a lot man. And how much you looking to spend?
Aaron C Enerio
Aaron C Enerio:
your like the ryan sheckler of fixed ahaha
Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
@kaijaicks Just got to know how to land correct and fat tires help as well
Antonio Ahumada
Antonio Ahumada:
0:58 like a BOSS!
Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
@AmxK just turned 18 thanks man
Nas McGee
Nas McGee:
are those eighthinch bars?

what size tires? and a lot of people say smaller sprocket isn't needed but why does everyone use one ? lol i don't see many ppl doing shit like this with like 45t+
erik camacho
erik camacho:
where can I get a leader complete bike ?
Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
@vipersickboy24 Its a prototype Leader TRK V3 much more strong
@marloninthe310 the song is "The Edge" by David McCallum.
Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
@Pimpmylama backwards circles, wheelies, mike spins.
Zain Ahmed
Zain Ahmed:
does the first song remind anyone of the 'Next Episode' dre and snoop dogg ?
Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
@JavonteR hplusson eero i now ride Velocity Psychos so much better
you r a beast man
@kidmike0123 oh and what size cranks?

sick shit btw man!
Torre Pricola
Torre Pricola:
i love ur leader shirt but ur volume bike i wish i had that combo
fixies are lame as fuck for big tricks, I love them for the flat land cruising and tricks.
Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
@Russtafor You are right. Thats why I have my own straps
Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
@fixieman1224 Thanks a lot
Jose Machuca
Jose Machuca:
Just buy a bmx if your going to be jumping off of stuff :P lmao
ryan pham
ryan pham:
wat kind of rims?
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson:
why didnt any of that buckle your wheels? please answer
Marlon Valencia
Marlon Valencia:
@kidmike0123 you should really do tutorial videos
Emmanuel Ayala
Emmanuel Ayala:
Holy Shit that Little Kid at 32:00 is Me. Haha I guess I'm YouTube famous
Joel Carrera
Joel Carrera:
Are you sponsored yet!?
damn check u out ur pretty good!...nice bike..i got one 2 maybe one day we should ride:)
Torre Pricola
Torre Pricola:
@kidmike0123 really it looked like volume decals still wish i had that combo though
Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
@HOSTER323 You need the proper rims and tires
Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
@TheKidVera dont have to just makes it a bit easier to ride as well as stronger
Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
@surflife17 it is a new spartan stem from leader
Idzard Kruizinga
Idzard Kruizinga:
nice video
Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
@JustMeeeeeeeeeeeeee I use a smaller sprocket because its easier to pedal.
Michael Chacon
Michael Chacon:
40c in the front 35c in the back
hakim hooperz
hakim hooperz:
what name of urs wheel colours ,?? is it fire red ?