Michael Jackson Greatest Hits || Michael Jackson Playlist Of All Songs 2020

Michael Jackson Greatest Hits || Michael Jackson Playlist Of All Songs 2020

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Jesus Adolfo
Jesus Adolfo:
if you're still listening to Michael Jackson song in 2021 you're a legend
-Michael Jackson Huge Fan Forever-
-Michael Jackson Huge Fan Forever-:
Every single person who listens to MJ and stuck by his side when he was accused even if you weren't born, your absolute legends!
His spirit & music will never die. The guy who changed the music industry forever! One of the greatest singer and an incredible human being with the purest soul. Without him the world isn't the same anymore, I love you so much xx ♥ and I miss you more than anything else, you & your music will be always remembered till the end of the world :D 🌻🦋
These songs are IMMUNE to ageing IDGAF if I'm 100 years old, imma be blasting this out on a boom box 24/7
Blue Blackthorn
Blue Blackthorn:
I'm here and I miss him so much 😭
R1 Gamer YT
R1 Gamer YT:
Black or White: 0:03

The Way You Make Me Feel: 3:20

Thriller (Beginning): 8:40

Thriller (Start of music): 8:56

Beat It: 14:36

Billie Jean: 18:55

Remember the Time: 23:50

Thriller (Live version): 28:07

They Don't Care About Us (This is it version): 32:19

Billie Jean (Live version): 36:06

Beat It (Live version): 42:41

Remember the Time (Live version): 48:55

The Way You Make Me Feel (Live version): 54:16

Bad (Live version): 59:05

Love Never Felt So Good: 1:03:18

Black or White (Live version): 1:07:37

It took me a long time to put this list together, I hope you like it, please like the comment.

R1 Gamer YT.(I'm from Brazil)
Becky Whobrey
Becky Whobrey:
It doesn't matter if you're black or white, if Billie jean is his or not, if he can't stop loving you, if he's a smooth criminal he will rock with you!! He he!!
Lilly Johnson
Lilly Johnson:
I love his cute smile in the background.❤
yup its 2021 and im still listening to michael jackson, his music makes me feel so much better and it gives me motivation. he also really inspires me, knowing what he went through which he didnt deserve at all since he had such a good soul but many people couldnt see that, so yup i still listen to his music and i wont stop anytime soon
Maki Sho
Maki Sho:
I miss him so much. What a legend.
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda:
This is not only the best hits of Michael Jackson, these are the best hits in the world!
Harold Hartsock
Harold Hartsock:
M. Jackson will be remembered as one of the best singers of all time, he will be missed.
The Rees Family
The Rees Family:
michael was just such a great man, so full of energy and such a loving soul. he was so innocent and brought us the greatest music to live on for years ❤️
Elizabeth Sestina
Elizabeth Sestina:
Always my dear, because MJ is my number 1 artist. No one can replace his legacy.
prosper awih
prosper awih:
February first 2021... Miss you king. Thriller's beat gives me good vibes💖
Moussa Diakité
Moussa Diakité:
R.I.P😭 The best singer in this world😗😙❤
Lucas Agustín
Lucas Agustín:
por qué vida, arrebataste a tal hombre magnifico y espectacular;(
Owen Tisdale
Owen Tisdale:
I have Ben listening to his songs for my Whole life and never gets boring.
infires man
infires man:
I have always liked Michael Jackson ever since I was tiny and here I am at 13 almost 14 still listening to our king!👑
Curtis Cullen
Curtis Cullen:
I listen to these songs when I walk home from school
David Salvatore
David Salvatore:
rocking to this at the office w some coffee...
Brenda rios
Brenda rios:
Although he is not here with us, he's still alive in our hearts every time we listen to his songs. (LOVE FOREVER MICHAEL JACKSON <3)
I still can’t believe I got a A+ on my *Michael Jackson project.* ❤️🔥
Dhiim Pro
Dhiim Pro:
O Melhor de Todos os Tempos 🙌🙌🙌❤❤
He is who lives forever and still rules the music with his snaps
Helen Lowe
Helen Lowe:
Him and fredie murcery made a bosssss duet
Tumelo Molefi
Tumelo Molefi:
The MJ forever listeners come mark your presence. 🙌❤️
Soggy bread
Soggy bread:
the nostalgia his music gives me is immaculate
Michael is so perfect! I really love him!
S T:
This guys music is just too easy to love. That, making it so easy to love, is the genius behind him and his team.
Angela Silva
Angela Silva:
Amo as músicas
Melhor cantor de todos os tempos
Eliza Šimkutė
Eliza Šimkutė:
We vibing to his songs: 😇😢😇😢😇😢😇😢(vibe, cry cuz hes dead, remember hes alive in our hearts, remembers he wont be making more songs and other
benson kathurima
benson kathurima:
everytime am doing the chores, MJ are the jams i listen to, Continue resting in power Michael
Did somebody Say DMT?
Did somebody Say DMT?:
First fkn song on the list!! Wake up people. All Micheal ever tried to do was bring us together. We miss someone like that today!! Rip Michael!!
rayan alkandari
rayan alkandari:
Remember the time is my fave 🤩
Fambo Zhog
Fambo Zhog:
The greatest proforma of all time,really GIFTED AND TALENTED,LOVE THE POP KING 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲CAN SAY DAT
2021,Michael Jackson,hes still a legend weve gotta admit
Jota Barbosa
Jota Barbosa:
18:55 melhor música
Daniel Shaw Haines
Daniel Shaw Haines:
Man in the mirror has to be one of the best songs in history
Shyama Ganesh
Shyama Ganesh:
MJ out of existence no one can replace the great king of pop now after or even tomorrow king of all times👌👌👌👑👑👑👑👑
Maua Brenda
Maua Brenda:
So people who dislike this.. Really tell me you tapped that by mistake...
We miss you MJ
None like you!
Clinteria Kendrick
Clinteria Kendrick:
I love you Michael Jackson! The best singer ever! The King Of Pop lives forever!
lol I'm listening to this while doing homework
Luciano Trindade
Luciano Trindade:
Quem está ouvindo em plena pandemia??? 🇧🇷
ekaterine arveladze
ekaterine arveladze:
THERE IS TWO OF SONG : "THE way you make me feel.,,😊😊
Sanjeev Oli
Sanjeev Oli:
His not only the pop singer but he also a creator revolution in the pop music industry
patrizia bartolotta
patrizia bartolotta:
Beautiful! RIP Michael. 18.03.21
Ghea Franchesca Cudia
Ghea Franchesca Cudia:
Me who throwed tantrums when I was little bc my parents won't buy me Michael Jackson's album, and me who bawled my eyes out when he died💀
Gislene Freitas
Gislene Freitas:
Que o Michael Jackson esteja em paz e num bom lugar...😍
Rosie :3
Rosie :3:
I am 11 and ive loved his songs ever since I was 2 I onced asked my dad when we could to his concert when I was about 3-4 and he didnt know how to tell me he was uh unalive 😭✋
Shanice Atkins
Shanice Atkins:
His legend will never die❤
Carla Soares
Carla Soares:
Te amo até o meu último suspiro, que você esteja em paz meu amor você merece!❤️💔🥰🌟🌃
Maritere Nuñez
Maritere Nuñez:
He was a wonderful artist, singer and dancer.
the single most important person in music since the dawn of time
Tsuyu Chan
Tsuyu Chan:
im crying ......POP KING
Mark Canio
Mark Canio:
Legendary, Michael, Forever Rest In Peace, Beautiful, one of my favorites, I remember the Jackson 5 shows back in the days growing up.
Michael is so perfect !really love him!
tarian anak celin yogya
tarian anak celin yogya:
I really love with Michael Jackson dance ,song ,moonwalk,His Songs eternal...
He's the best ever. No one can beat him
💚🇧🇷rei das músicas 🇧🇷💚
Humberto Lobo
Humberto Lobo:
Alguém ouvindo nesse domingão 🇧🇷
Ademario Silva
Ademario Silva:
Os dos maiores artistas do mundo (está fazendo falta) mas sempre estará nos nossos corações "Rei do pop" auuu! !!! Todas nós amamos seu talento sua música e suas danças e passos 💖😔💙
divya bakkiyanathan
divya bakkiyanathan:
Love from india wat a man
Quinn Childs
Quinn Childs:
Love this album...
My King 👑 💕
Gillian Cameron
Gillian Cameron:
What a talented force he was..still singing along to all his amazing lyrics..heehee love his song YOU ROCK MY WORLD ft Chris Tucker 🎤🎵🎼
Lana Ivanković
Lana Ivanković:
Michael Jackson is the best singer ever!😭💔 Legends never die!🥺💕
Hassan Nadeem
Hassan Nadeem:
i listen his songs since 2010 when i heard his first song since then i didnt stopped till today
Akayla acica🤩
Akayla acica🤩:
He will never ever be forgotten never
Tuyla Silva
Tuyla Silva:
I love these songs ..... Maycon will always be special to me ❤️❤️❤️
Saudades de uma época! Nostalgia
The one and only king who is Michael Jackson and who gave a great voise
Brian Izzo
Brian Izzo:
Love this dude greatest of all time
Io Gamer
Io Gamer:
I think "Wanna be startin' something" should be in this
легенда которого не замкнет не кто. единственный и неповторимый
12 years without him 💔
Bahubir Anfai
Bahubir Anfai:
Eu gramo desse Jovem até o final do mundo...
Luiz Guilherme
Luiz Guilherme:
Michael não morreu em nossos corações
Vanessa Plaznik
Vanessa Plaznik:
eyelykecayke044 vlogs&gaming
eyelykecayke044 vlogs&gaming:
Mj forever 💙
Connor Taylor
Connor Taylor:
we miss you michal rip :(
Well, we have this whole MJ revival thing goin on now with his supposed resurfacing.
Trinity Haddad
Trinity Haddad:
Thank i still listen to him R I P best singer in the world
Tiphaine Jackson
Tiphaine Jackson:
Thank you so much for 1h of singles of Michael Joseph Jackson ❤😍 I am now subscribe!!!
Rhundel Dizon
Rhundel Dizon:
For ever in my heart...
Sonal Sachintha
Sonal Sachintha:
My legend♥️
Héctorr 710
Héctorr 710:
King Of Pop Forever 😔🤞
Ivano Salati
Ivano Salati:
kalliophhh _
kalliophhh _:
this smile🥺😍
MJ's song still my favorites..
Jeannot Penda
Jeannot Penda:
Superbe la musique de Michael Jackson tt était fait à la perfection la musique comme les clips
jdm fan
jdm fan:
i was like 3 months old when he died and now im 11 almost 12 and i still listen to his music because he is a king and he will always be in our hearts
Oasis Perham
Oasis Perham:
come on I know you searched for this, don't lie
Marion Ritschel
Marion Ritschel:
Michael Jackson is a legend😍😍
Marge Lim
Marge Lim:
I love all his songs I even bought ang Albums of Him
Juan Tapia
Juan Tapia:
Simplemente lo mejor, 👍
Maru Angelo Maglalang Santos
Maru Angelo Maglalang Santos:
He's gone, but his songs are old but gold. 💛
Klim YT
Klim YT:
Napapasayaw ako HAHAHAHA

Shawt awt sa mga taga pilinas dyan loveyou all~
Nomcebo Mkhize
Nomcebo Mkhize:
There wasn't any song that I did not like and he doesn't have any songs that I don't like
Wish he was still here 😪