Miguel Cabrera's historic 3,000th hit

Miggy becomes the 7th player in Major League history with 500 home runs and 3,000 hits. He is the 33rd player in MLB's hit club and the third Tigers player, Al Kaline and Ty Cobb.

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Carson Claws
Carson Claws:
Only one man in MLB history has 3,000 hits, 500 homers, and a triple crown. Miguel Cabrera. Thank you for everything Miggy! Baseball legend!
Carson Claws
Carson Claws:
How about Tork driving him in on a three run bomb moments later! Awesome team performance today! Go tigers!
Unlike a lot of players he always looks like he’s enjoying the game. He’s an all time great
Sarah Rogers
Sarah Rogers:
That was good to see....and the announcer did a great job by letting the moment speak for itself. Congrats to Miggy, the Tigers and their fans.
William Dillard
William Dillard:
One of THE GREATEST right handed hitter EVER. Triple Crown Winner, 1st ballot HOF. Congratulations Miggy. A Tiger FOREVER.
Clark W
Clark W:
That vintage opposite field hit that we’ve seen thousands of times. I don’t know why but I was emotional after watching this?! Maybe it’s because I’ve been such a huge fan of his since his days with the Marlins and following his career so closely. God only knows who will be the next 3K hitter?! But I’m going to enjoy this one.
Tom Dulle
Tom Dulle:
How can you not love Miggy? One of the best dudes in the game. Everyone who loves this game respects him. Congrats Miggy and to all the Tigers fans and D-town.
Kirk Sullivan
Kirk Sullivan:
We are all Tigers fans today.

From this LA fan, congratulations. What an amazing moment for baseball, an incredible talent, baseball legend. Miguel Cabrera.
paul elliott
paul elliott:
As a Jays fan I have to say that this is wonderful
One of the best hitters ever, Miggy just hit 3000 …. Wow, awesome he did it at home too
Great cheer from the Tigers fans too, respect ✅
I was there Thursday afternoon when the Yankees walked him. The crowd was RAGING. Thank god Miggy got this hit. Now I can go back to paying $20 a ticket.
Tim King
Tim King:
History right there. Congrats Miggy. So cool to see the opposing team also congratulate his as well only in baseball!
Tremendo bateador desde el primer día que debutó con los Marlins y luego una brillante carrera con los Tigres en Detroit,ya entró a un grupo muy selecto de más de 3000 hits ,Felícitaciones y que sigan subiendo los números 👏👏 👏
Tyler Nersinger
Tyler Nersinger:
You know, I questioned why the Yankees intentionally walked Miggy (I'm a Yankees fan), but I actually think it was a good thing; it allowed more people to attend Comerica Park for the historic moment, given that is was on a Saturday as opposed to a Thursday.
Dapper Dean
Dapper Dean:
The only time when a base hit gets louder than a homerun at home, or even away. A milestone for Miggy.
#GuarateedHOF 🤙🏽👍🏽🤟🏽👌🏽👏🏽🙌🏽🥳
Harold Brown
Harold Brown:
From a Red Sox fan, respect from start to finish. Always. A great ambassador of the sport. Thank you, Mr. Cabrera. You are the man.
Ze Bucket
Ze Bucket:
No matter who you root for, we can all appreciate what a glorious day this is for both Miggy, and baseball, well done!
Terry Ryan
Terry Ryan:
wonderful moment, so happy for him and the Detroit fans and that he got to do it at home. so great to see this great hitter, this Royal's fan salutes you!
Tim Murphy
Tim Murphy:
This makes me sad knowing Miggy is at the very end of his career. What a fantastic career it has been.
Scuba G
Scuba G:
One of the most effortless pure beautiful swings in MLB history... Easily in top 5 of best swings I've ever been able to swing and just a great human being... Well deserved
Johana Dos Santos
Johana Dos Santos:
Felicidades Miguel Cabrera, dejas en alto nuestra bandera! 🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪
steve O
steve O:
3,000 hits and 500 HR’s that’s a rare club to be in. Miggy is a definite HOF’er
Cam D.
Cam D.:
One of the best to play the game. I think we can unanimously agree on that now.
HAL 9001
HAL 9001:
A humble man and a great Tiger, somebody who has always: loved the game of baseball, embraced its' traditions, respected its' enduring values, and been both a keen student of its' evolution AND a near peerless practioner of the hitting arts that are such an important part of its' core appeal to fans all over the globe👏.

Hearty and well-deserved congratulations to Miguel Cabrera🎉 and huge respect and thanks to: that rockin' Comerica Park crowd, Miggy's teammates, the Rockies players and coaches (sheer class in how they dealt with the occasion👏), AJ Hinch, the Illitches for keeping Miggy in his beloved 'home' city AND the broadcasters covering this historic achievement (who wisely let the images and the accompanying crowd and player reactions, speak for themselves). A GREAT DAY👍!!!

Let's Go, Miggy/Let's Go, Tigers🐅!
Robert Flores
Robert Flores:
Jason Damrau
Jason Damrau:
One of the few players who is just unanimously liked by everyone.
Nesperado 07
Nesperado 07:
I'm happy this tiger got to celebrate his incredible accomplishment at his home field! but the respect and honor he deserves would have been delivered in literally any mlb stadium in the country.
Benjamin Tharp
Benjamin Tharp:
Such a special moment for anybody who is a fan of baseball.
One of the greatest trades in baseball history. Thank you Mr. I for bringing Miguel Cabrera to Detroit!
So glad to see Miggy get his 3,000 hit, even though I am not a tigers fan, it still brings me joy and I am glad to see another member of the 3,000 hits club!
coansm 9017
coansm 9017:
The thing I love about this guy is he isn't a soft social justice virtue signaling dude, when the Yankees walked him he said he didn't give a shit and it was about winning the game. While the internet cried. This guy is incredible, miss guys like him, that era in Detroit will never be forgotten, this guy is the real deal, mad respect.
Meat Ghost
Meat Ghost:
Damn, I wish I could’ve been there to see this, but I went to the game 2 days earlier where the Yankees walked him
Scott g
Scott g:
My favorite all time player. He is a Tiger so that is a HUGE plus. He made history that nobody else did (triple crown, 500, 3000). But he is just an amazing human being that showed baseball is at its core, fun and family.
"It is a beautiful moment.." And I'm so glad the announcers kept it that way by keeping their mouths closed and allowing everyone to experience it with him!
LA Confidential
LA Confidential:
Congratulations Miggy! One of the best hitters ever.
Joe Utley
Joe Utley:
His smile and pure joy says a lot about this guy….thanks Miggy
gaucho mendez
gaucho mendez:
One of the best in last 20 years. Congrats Miggy. Your ticket to Hall of Fame is stamped. Que viva Latino America.
This video does no justice showing how loud it was in there, you could feel the stadium shaking with roars of celebration....it was wild.
Pedro Ruiz
Pedro Ruiz:
and 4 batting crowns to go with it. I'm a Marlins fan and I always say that the Cabrera trade was one of the biggest blunders since Babe Ruth. Congratulations Miggy, HOF is next❤
Rafael Gonzalez
Rafael Gonzalez:
WOW Felicitaciones Miguel Cabrera, que gran alegría para los venezolanos y fanáticos del beisbol en general...Gracias Miguel
1st-ballot lock, well done Miggy! From a longtime Dodger fan.
Petal Pusher
Petal Pusher:
Congrats Miggie. You deserve it. Legend.
the dopest dude
the dopest dude:
One of the best hitters of this generation and one of the best RH hitters of all time. It’s been a pleasure watching you sir thank you for the memories
ruben ortega
ruben ortega:
I know he had to say that individual accomplishments don’t matter (paraphrasing) if they don’t win but they do. And great for him. He’s one of the best to ever do it, congratulations!
Mr. Hyde
Mr. Hyde:
Lucky to have been able to watch him for most of his career! Congratulations!
Jamie Slack
Jamie Slack:
Congrats Miggy, one of the best pure hitters of this generation. Kudos!!!!!!!!!
Frisco Fatseas
Frisco Fatseas:
Always my tigers! Team leader, god given talent, and a smile like no other
Absolute bliss...until 3:34 - props to the announcers who allowed us to take in the historical moment, without talking all over it.
Shannon K.
Shannon K.:
It was so sweet so see Ramon Santiago congratulate Miggy on this milestone. He was the one who came in for Miggy in Kansas City when Jim Leyland pulled him out of the game after securing the Triple Crown and I remember the same thing happening.
Joe Ottman
Joe Ottman:
Great for him, Congrats and it was nice to see Iglesias run over and congratulate him as well, I miss seeing him in a Tigers uniform. 3000 and hopefully plenty more
I was there tonight, unbelievable experience place was packed, felt so good seeing that again in Detroit
Lance Marteen
Lance Marteen:
Just one of the best pure hitters to play this game. Go Miggy go Tigers.
Miguel Malpica
Miguel Malpica:
Miguel Noguera
Miguel Noguera:
Que orgullo es ser fanático de los Tigres de Aragua y Detroit Grande Tocayo Miguel
Manuel Ramos
Manuel Ramos:
An All-time great for sure. I don't think we'll see the likes of a player with numbers like this for a while. Trout has a chance to replicate some of them, (definitely Not the homers) but maybe the hits if he stays healthy but thats about it. Congrats Miggy.
Jack Masters
Jack Masters:
The only person to remember this historic moment is the pitcher that no one will remember ten days from now!! Congrats Miggy!!!!!! One of the best deals ever in baseball 😃
Jared Enright
Jared Enright:
My favorite player, and the best hitter of this generation. Love the way Iglesias came running over to hug him.
Justin B
Justin B:
Congratulations Tigers fans and to Miggy!! One of the best hitters to play the game !!
Awesome to see players from the other team congratulate him as well.
shawn shedseeker
shawn shedseeker:
Congratulations!! What a great career so far !! HOF 💯 ! What a pure hitter who’s also has always been a great leader!
Congrats to the newest member of the 3,000 hit club. Truly talented player. Cooperstown awaits you Miggy.

-From and Angels Fan-
Itinerant Patriot
Itinerant Patriot:
Congrats Miggy! Glad he could do it in front of the hometown fans. Next numbers to watch for, #1 (number of ballots he's on before entering the Hall), and # 24, the day it's added to the Wall at Comerica. Hope I'm around to see those ceremonies. Until that day; "Felicidades Miguel."
Great moment. Way to go Miggy!
Zach Johnson
Zach Johnson:
Congrats Miggy!! My (only) favorite Tiger!!!!! A great guy to watch definitely shows the FUN of the game!!!
Nate Larson
Nate Larson:
love the bench-clearing milestones. classic stuff, upper-echelon in Canton for Cabrera.
He might be a Tiger, but he will always be a Florida Marlin to me! Congrats, Miggy
I think my favorite part about this is the first player who congratulated him was a member of the opposing team. They’re friends obviously, but it’s still a cool visual.
Terence Carter
Terence Carter:
Miggy absolutely deserves this! The ultimate pro!
Congrats from a NY Yankees fan since 1977. Well deserved!
Juan Bo
Juan Bo:
Such a great ball player and human being! So good for baseball!
The most beautiful swing I've ever seen in baseball.
Albert Sampson
Albert Sampson:
A massive congrats to Cabrera for your great career and 3,000 hits. A huge thank you to the announcers for letting that moment play out and stay silent. Greatest non call I think I've seen. Just hearing the crowd and the moment.
Such a great dude, so happy for him.
Mite O Dan
Mite O Dan:
What makes it even more historic, with how baseball is going...he could be the LAST to ever do this.
yavolisken Cardoza
yavolisken Cardoza:
how great you are God... how great Miguel Cabrera long live baseball...
Dakota Willhite
Dakota Willhite:
As a Braves fan congratulations Miggy you deserve it
HorseMaster Bricks
HorseMaster Bricks:
Miggy represents everything that is great about baseball !!
Dave Wylie
Dave Wylie:
Detroit sports teams have had alot of rough years but damnit we have had some special players over the years and this guy is right up there. Pure class all the way!!!!
Chance Kruse
Chance Kruse:
We love you Miggy, congrats! #Tigers
Jordan Hammond
Jordan Hammond:
Wow 3000 hits congratulations to one of the greatest MLB players of all times in history he will be a Hall of Famer one day.That is vintage Miguel Cabrera for you
Well deserved and congrats Miggy! Cant wait to hear your speech in Cooperstown!
Matthew Molkentin
Matthew Molkentin:
Congrats to a class act.

My friend and I took his kids to a game and had great seats behind the Marlins dugout when Miggy was still playing in Miami.

Anyhow, the kids spotted Miggy and yelled out to them to sign their game program. He looked at them and told them to wait a minute, grabbed two baseballs from the dugout and signed each of them for the kids. He also signed their hats as well.

He went out of his way to make them happy.
David Borrink
David Borrink:
Love it that Iglesias was there first to hug him and give him the ball. Cool moment.
Forever my favorite Tiger! God bless!
Can't wait to see you and Javy play May 8th in my hometown Houston Tx. My son loves Javy but he is excited to see you we got third base side section 110 row six just to see yall. Congrats miggy.
William Herring
William Herring:
Respect to the Rockies for actually pitching to him
James Leahy
James Leahy:
Congratulations on the milestone. Class act and professional
Yoni Tirado
Yoni Tirado:
Congratulations Miggy on your 3000th hits ⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾
Red Tornado
Red Tornado:
As a White Sox fan congrats to Miggy he's always been one of my favorite players growing up.
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez:
One of the greatest baseball players to ever live....first ballot hall of famer
Bob's Tabletop Sports
Bob's Tabletop Sports:
Welcome to Club 300, Miggy! Glad you could do it at home, sharing it with all of the fans!
Victor Morales
Victor Morales:
Wow I remember when this caballo came to the Marlins. Congratulations Miguel que Dios te bendiga
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith:
Downtown Detroit was insane today. People pouring out of the stadium. Red Wings game at LCA two block from Comerica. Olivia Rodrigo playing at Masonic two blocks from LCA. That crowd was happy. And the first nice day in months, so everyone was out and in a good mood. It was awesome.
And as for the 3000 hit mark, when will the next person reach that? There’s nobody even remotely close.
Scott S
Scott S:
Just continues to show what a class act is! Hall of famer first ballet. Good for him.
I got goosebumps when the crowd started cheering
Edisson Pernia
Edisson Pernia:
Orgulloso de usted hermano gracias por ser 1 mas de los que dejan nuestro país en grande 🇻🇪 bendiciones 🙏🏻
Rene Garcia
Rene Garcia:
I was 12 years old when he won with the World Series with Marlins when he was a short stop ! I’m 30 now ! So awesome to see one of the OG’s accomplish this feat ! 💯
Richard Figueroa
Richard Figueroa:
Congratulations Miguel Cabrera and to all our Venezuelan friends and brothers with all our love from Puerto 🇵🇷 Rico. Gracias to this great legendary ball player.
David Mancini
David Mancini:
Great milestone for a great player.
Oswol Quiles
Oswol Quiles:
One of the best hitters of all time !
Daral Smalligan
Daral Smalligan:
Guy doesn’t grandstand with politics. Just goes out and plays baseball as hard as he can with a smile on his face. That’s why he’s liked and appreciated by all.