MIKEL LANDA CRASHES out of the 2021 Giro d'Italia Stage 5 | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED?

Mikel Landa has abandoned the 2021 Giro d'Italia on the 5th stage of the race. This is the first time since 2016 that the Basque rider has abandoned a Grand Tour. The Bahrain-Victorious was widely considered as a favourite for the maglia rosa in Milan.

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Scott Nielsen — Presenter
Ewan Wilson — Presenter, Video Editor, Thumbnail

15 comentarios:

John England
John England:
Best luck to the injured rider. Also thank you for your channel. I can't afford cable TV so it helps me keep up
T Hart-Unz
T Hart-Unz:
What terrible news to wake up to this morning. He’s such a solid rider. I’ve been keeping my eyes on his progress during this race because Ewan was so high on him and my hopes for George Bennett were fading. Sorry, Ewan.
Gaspard Robertson
Gaspard Robertson:
Poor guy, I hope that he and the man who signals are ok and will get better soon!
Thank you so much for all these videos, they are all great.
Andrew Christlieb
Andrew Christlieb:
Dombrowski hit the marshal which caused the crash, not Bidard
Update on Sivakov, he finished but has left the race. Bernal loses a precious teammate.
Super Strada
Super Strada:
Excellent commentary. You two seem so different! Shall I count the ways? Well who am I to assess beards? Some people wear them too short, others too long, much too long!
Roberto Vini
Roberto Vini:
Landa 😭😭😭
John Andrews
John Andrews:
Solid analysis.... Landa really seems to have crap luck. Fingers crossed he's ok.
Dexter Dexter
Dexter Dexter:
Booo Landa :(
Niels kjær
Niels kjær:
Thank you very much for clearing up things. So, it was the French rider from AG2r who took down Dombrowski and Landa?
Pdlng Sqrs
Pdlng Sqrs:
in slow mo... looks a though the rider in front of Joe D. deviates right at last moment, leaving Joe direct in the path of the Traffic director person. Sort of what happened to Philip when MVDP and WNA deviated from the rear of the moto.. last year...
Lynne Wilson
Lynne Wilson:
All of Bahrain Victorious fans wish Mikel Landa well. He has tried so hard to help his team win and excite their fans with their aggressive moves. May God watch over him and his teammates and their staff.
Landa is like Pinot. Great climber but it seems like there is always something going wrong.
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Alan Peery
Alan Peery:
Someone also hit the signalman...