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AC Milan went four points clear at the top of Serie A with a comfortable 2-0 home win over Torino on Saturday as Zlatan Ibrahimovic made his comeback from injury.

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100+ comentarios:

Berita Sepakbola
Berita Sepakbola:
Welcome back Ibra⚽
Kessie is awesome great player for milan
Rodrigo Peralta
Rodrigo Peralta:
Is no one gonna talk about Brahim’s performance?
G R:
Rafael leão is going to be big so underrated
Obaid Qadri
Obaid Qadri:
Milan player: farts
Commentators: inspired ofcourse by ibrahamavic
Not a regular Serie A fan, but you can’t tell how happy I am that the Milan giants are in surprisingly such perfect form after all these years! Looking forward to see them in the CL next season where they belong. Italian football = AC Milan.
Only if Zlatan scored that 🥺
That be the perf return. Leao is improving every match. And Kjaer is the most underrated defender on earth right now.
Forza Milan!
Aasem Ahsan
Aasem Ahsan:
As a Real Madrid fan, I'm really happy for Theo & Brahim. Never got the chance they deserved in the white shirt. They're on 🔥 in the Rossoneri colors.
Merdad Heidari
Merdad Heidari:
Is it just me or everyone just counting days till Milan can play in the champions league again!!!!!!
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo:
Glad to see Zlatan return, can't wait to see him in further action.
Miguel Gega
Miguel Gega:
KJAER has turned defense into art .🔴⚫️🔴⚫️🎖🚷🔒
Melvisharam Gaming
Melvisharam Gaming:
My mother is not having any job"
"I want to do something for my mother"
"But youtube is not giving me views"
"Ya i am worse than others,...
Mo Ab
Mo Ab:
As soon as Milan make a comeback, Serie A starts to look interesting again.
Natiq Xudayev
Natiq Xudayev:
Serie A is my top league right now. It is very enchanting to watch these games. It is even better than English premier league
Ali Blablabla
Ali Blablabla:
Look at Kessi competing Ronaldo for penalty goals, he makes it look so easy.
June 25th
June 25th:
Zlatan back on the pitch, should be a crucial part to start dominating matches more
Rossoneri !
Rossoneri !:
What an awful ref
Giving cards for no reason
Ricky Mix
Ricky Mix:
Should have included Kjaer's outstanding tackle.
abdi shidane
abdi shidane:
Calabria is a joker fantastic player
So glad to see Milan wins IMMEDIATELY after last lost. The winning mentality is really there.
6 yellow card such wrestling game. By the way glad to see Ibra come back.
Belotti be doing EVERYTHING for Torino....saw this guy defending quite in the back and was like 😲
Mateusz Ambrożewicz
Mateusz Ambrożewicz:
Andrea Belotti, bro you showed that you're not a fame hungry, just great loyal player but enough is enough. Join a bigger club, you can do and achieve more. I think he would be a perfect player for us.

❤️🖤 Forza Milan 🏆
Tyrese Guevarra
Tyrese Guevarra:
And some people say milan was going to stop winning after losing to juve that just motivated them even more to win the league
Time Done
Time Done:
Get well soon Sandro!
putra milan
putra milan:
My son: Dad where is the remote?


Son: what do you mean?

Me: On top of the table
The last save of donnarumna tho! Italys future looks safe
Solomon Fischer
Solomon Fischer:
Kessie is just super cool anytime he takes a penalty
Chendalf 67
Chendalf 67:
Leao is in beast mood now
Vico Fewiandika
Vico Fewiandika:
I never thought Rafael Leão would be so influenced Milan this season
Mr. Rithesh Brahmavar
Mr. Rithesh Brahmavar:
Now it's up to Roma and Sassuolo to finish the things 😁
Ahmet Koba
Ahmet Koba:
Milan's new Weah: Rafael Leao.
mreeh ameer
mreeh ameer:
The boys are back in town! Forzaaaaa
Davy Sage
Davy Sage:
Milan is playing at a very high level at the moment. Such a joy to watch this team. Hope they can keep Diaz and Dalot. 🔴⚫️🚀
Mr. Phone
Mr. Phone:
Theo always 🔥
Defender: "Is that Theo coming running?"

Theo seconds later: On the ground from a tough tackle.. Theo really have that fighting spirit.
Ak A
Ak A:
Roma do your thing 😂
Hamza Abdirahman
Hamza Abdirahman:
Kissei is fantastic player🔥 who agree?
Darel S
Darel S:
Finally Milan is coming back ❤️🥺
Chizzy B
Chizzy B:
Even without Zlatan Milan come out on top
Akhil Sadasivam
Akhil Sadasivam:
3:48;When old PSG Friends meet each other IBRA AND SIRIGU
bestoe panggah
bestoe panggah:
4 points clear, ibra is back, oh sky is the limit for milan right now
This ac milan is totally deferens then ac milan 1 year ago now we have a mentality of champions
As a madrid fan I obviously would love to have brahim back but if zidane won't play him ever. I would rather sell him. He deserves to be a starter im sick of real madrid relying on the old vets playing they need to trust their youth players more.
The Serie A is on 🔥🔥
Best Portuguese striker in the league right there😏
when the lion sit back in the bench, and watching his kitten playing.
AlphaBeta Gamma
AlphaBeta Gamma:
As it was meant to prove, the match against juve (actually very underrated for the two teams gap) has been a collateral damage. Straight back in between the lead rail! FORZA MILAN!
Milan Scout
Milan Scout:
Get well Sandro & Brahim, we need you!
Charlie Brennan
Charlie Brennan:
Zlatan wasn’t even playing and he still gets talked about lol 😂
Ibbe Swede
Ibbe Swede:
WE MISS ZLATAN!! //Swedish fan💙💛
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un:
Finally ac milan will be in ucl after a decade
Frank G.
Frank G.:
1:29 how was that a penalty??
Cosmic Significance
Cosmic Significance:
Forza Milan!! 🔥
Zlatan has really reenergized this teams spirit! Milan used to look like a shadow of their former self but they’re back now!!
Budi Prasojo
Budi Prasojo:
Glad to see Marco G doing his magic at other club!
Forza Milan 🖤❤️
John Doe
John Doe:
Man, the old guards are really coming back. Roma, Milan, Inter Top 3 of the league.
TheBicho CR7
TheBicho CR7:
Sad for Torino but glad Milan got back on track
somali warriors. liban dheere
somali warriors. liban dheere:
Forza milan. And welcome back ibra 💙💙💙
Antara Putra 12
Antara Putra 12:
When Milan vs Juve .. the reefre never check the VAR😂
AJ Scott
AJ Scott:
Serie A actually looks interesting this season
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia:
25' Rafael Leão (1-0); 36' Franck Kessié (Pen. 2-0)
Klasik 90an
Klasik 90an:
Komene bahasa inggris kabehh jann...kepriben ikii #ForzaMilan ❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤
Mr. Feber
Mr. Feber:
Look at Torino also anticipating Milan's attack from the start of the match, Leao is heavily guarded since kick off, but Milan still wins it
hamze huncho
hamze huncho:
This dude is one of the best penalty takers at the moment
3:51 Leão is cute.
Decs Cember
Decs Cember:
We need another champion for Serie A ♥️♥️
Liat liat
Liat liat:
Mantaaaaapp jiwa min
Deniz Toprak
Deniz Toprak:
000000 000
000000 000:
Great Milan, Hope Inter, Milan and Juve come back to the top in UCL
Upin bahlul
Upin bahlul:
Should be continue like this every match
Dahlan cummy
Dahlan cummy:
Alus pisan ac milan....gas keun sampe juara....forza milan❤❤❤
Alvius Vius
Alvius Vius:
Nwoye Jude
Nwoye Jude:
Up Milan, so happy for my team. I like the team spirit. They should keep it up.
Ahmad Kahfi Officiall
Ahmad Kahfi Officiall:
kaka official
kaka official:
Mantap jiwa
Viper Tunisino Nerazzurro
Viper Tunisino Nerazzurro:
2:21 the referee should just wear the Milan shirt
mike fox
mike fox:
Il fegatoooo ♠️
Emang paling demen nonton liga italy deh kayaknya😅
El - Milan
El - Milan:
Forza milan ❤🖤
Siempre Milan 🔴⚫ Forza Milan 🔥🔥😈😈
Elite God
Elite God:
The best AC Milan ❤️👍
Jojo's back
Jojo's back:
Men of the match: Verdi and the right side of Torino ( the guy has done a great match 👏 )
Bemby Reo
Bemby Reo:
Brahim Diaz 🔥
Alama Austin
Alama Austin:
Once zlatan starts back again they will destroy Juventus away with points
Jasdeep Singh
Jasdeep Singh:
Leao's expression at 3:51 says it all, he didn't want to be on the injured list and not right now 🙆🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️
jalan kebenaran
jalan kebenaran:
Mantap Milan, lanjutkan tren kemenangan, bikin hatters sakit hati kejang2 😁🤭😂. Forza ⬛🟥🇲🇨
Try Rezki Kurniawan
Try Rezki Kurniawan:
Moch Opick
Moch Opick:
Voucher teruss awowkw
ibnu prasetya
ibnu prasetya:
Brahim 🔥🔥🔥
Margono Gono
Margono Gono:
Kessie raja finalty wkwkwkwk
Perfect use of VAR is very pleasing to see. Serie A benefitting from early introduction of the technology.
Mohammad Rashidi
Mohammad Rashidi:
Fantastic Milan🙌🏻❤️
So Milan recover Zlatan and lose Diaz and Tonali. Such a weird year for Milan injuries
Halim Denzen
Halim Denzen:
False Alarms
False Alarms:
MOTM Brahim Diaz ❤️🖤
Lukman Hakim Firmansyah
Lukman Hakim Firmansyah:
yudi kentoy
yudi kentoy:
Forza Milan INDONESIA 🔴⚫