Milan 2-2 Hellas Verona | Zlatan Ibrahimović salvages a late point for Milan! | Serie A TIM

Ibrahimovic salvages late point after missing penalty | Serie A TIM

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Let’s be honest, this was not Milan’s nor Zlatan’s finest game. However, the absolute sheer determination of Milan and Zlatan was remarkable and it got them a point. A missed penalty, a lot of near misses and great saves by Silvestri - plus two disallowed goals - would have been incredibly frustrating and demoralising, but, despite being very fatigued, they kept pushing and never gave up. What a game
Rahul Srinivas
Rahul Srinivas:
This young boy Zlatan is really talented. He's gonna have a bright future!
Vardy, De Bruyne and Zlatan all missing pens on the same day... What a day.
Berita Sepakbola
Berita Sepakbola:
Ibra vs Ronaldo di topskor🔥
sidik van parmin
sidik van parmin:
milan tetep keren (stay cool)
M. Pathak
M. Pathak:
He refused to celebrate the equaliser after having a terrible game. That's zlatan for u. That's the mentality which has rejuvenated Milan. Absolute Class.
Cosmic Significance
Cosmic Significance:
Milan: 34 shots. Verona: 7 shots.
That's what you call bad luck, or football.
Fikri Taufiq
Fikri Taufiq:
65% ball posession, 25 total shots (8 on target), 1 penalty missed, 1 header hit the bar, 2 goals ruled out by var. And conceded 2 goals from just 3 verona shots on target. What a match 😅😅
Erwin Smith
Erwin Smith:
At the end Zlatan is not satisfied with his own performance
Herchelle Jacobus
Herchelle Jacobus:
Zlatan proofed his human but the determination of that guy tho its just something players like him and cr7 r born with respect👊
Luyester Lucky
Luyester Lucky:
Its okay.. this international break launches Milan into another unbeaten streak.
In Post match interview he said he would give penalty to kessie next time. And accepted that he wasn't 100%.
Zlatan is a certified professional
Karim Rashid Pour
Karim Rashid Pour:
Everyone underestimates Verona everytime and everytime they show everyone that they are not an easy team
Infant Fernandes
Infant Fernandes:
You can see that Zlatan was not happy with his performance even though he levelled the game
El Aficionado
El Aficionado:
Zlatan did not miss the penalty kick. He just decided to do the crossbar challenge. Only at the wrong time. And failed too. Anyway, we are still undefeated and top of the league. Forza Milan!
Haywood J'blome
Haywood J'blome:
Zlatan had 14 shots 😲.

With this type of service he might actually win the golden boot
Erik Litsenius
Erik Litsenius:
So Milan, Inter, Juventus, Lazio, Atalanta, Sassuolo and Verona all drew this weekend. Roma and Napoli were the only clubs in the top 10 to get three points
This proves that Ibra doesn’t need a Ballon D’or to show how great he is
Who are Italy's top flight best two players right now?

A 39 year old Zlatan and a 35 year old Cristiano. Let that sink in.
metti22 !
metti22 !:
Unlucky match but great reaction and we remain unbeaten
Forza Milan 🔴⚫️
Ahmad Hempy
Ahmad Hempy:
Zlatan class is Permanent 😎 Age is just a number 🤙
Why can you only score hard goals Ibra?!?! Bicycle kicks from 40 yards but pens ? No no no no
Kie Vic
Kie Vic:
Zlatan is the most important player right now, but 3 missed penalties means it's time to give that duty to Kessie.
Jean Sonicka
Jean Sonicka:
Boy, there's going to be a long talk in Milan's locker room after this game. Zlatan gonna be mad.
Ibra is such a beast
Rejeesh T.D
Rejeesh T.D:
Everyone: Nothing is impossible
Zlatan: Impossible is nothing
Nathanael Warren
Nathanael Warren:
I knew when zlatan missed the pen that guaranteed that he was gonna score
Zlatan is great, but to me he should not take any penalties anymore, he just missed 3 of them.
Nicko Jenkins
Nicko Jenkins:
fun fact: zlatan parents slept with him when they were scared
Varun Rawat
Varun Rawat:
Serie top scorers are Ibrahimovic:39 year old and ronaldo:35 year old that shows that age is just a number!!
Zlatan: Ages like a fine wine
victor jansson
victor jansson:
Its amazing, as soon Zlatan gets the ball its dangerous.. complete player wow
Rossoner i zjarrtë
Rossoner i zjarrtë:
Forza Milan, ❤🖤❤🖤 Ibra continues to shine 💪😀
Ibra did everything the penalty everybody misses a penalty sometimes so dont call him Bad now
Slicky Micky
Slicky Micky:
Zlatan is great, but he shouldn't take the penalties anymore
Aymen Loussaief
Aymen Loussaief:
We still unbeaten in Serie A
Forza AC Milan 🔴⚫
Aiden Frost
Aiden Frost:
The fact that Ibra is so disappointed in himself with the penalty miss and the handball that he doesn't celebrate his goal shows the amount of expectation and bar he's set for himself!
syamil rasdin
syamil rasdin:
he knows he let let his team down with that miss penalty. you can see how hard he work to get the equalizer. ma man Zlatan
these highlights don't show how the game really was Milan played well just missed opportunities it easily couldve been 4-2
World Facts
World Facts:
Its true Zlatan missed the penalty but can't deny that man involvement in the game.
ahmad omar
ahmad omar:
Wow.. Verona was so lucky! 2 disallowed goal for Milan and that penalty missed from ibra.. And ibra's header hitting the post.. So unlucky really
Zlatan = best player in Serie A.
Radha K. Ugo
Radha K. Ugo:
CR7: I'm the Best in Serie A

Zlatan: Hold my beer.
Midlajk Vava
Midlajk Vava:
This is the spirit of ibrahim🔥🔥🔥
hr. Doctor Løve
hr. Doctor Løve:
zlatan should be captain.
Michael Defterian Suvi
Michael Defterian Suvi:
Zlatan had a bad day even he scored a goal
Someone that is not Zlatan need to shoot the penalties, he mistake so much of that.
Alisher Xo'jayev
Alisher Xo'jayev:
Ibrahimovich is the legend of football. 🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿
Adhav R
Adhav R:
If electricity touches Zlatan, the electricity gets shocked!!!
Jama Mohamoud
Jama Mohamoud:
Unstoppable striker ibrahimic scored every day. It's so amazing
Agus Agas
Agus Agas:
That’s was football
Sometime different factor was influenced
Shell Dahl
Shell Dahl:
Zlatan makes the difference in Milan - as Cristiano does in Juventus❣
alghifari syuhada
alghifari syuhada:
This week is the most dry for this season.
Zlatan's playing his best year ever. Amazing.
İbrahimoviç what a player man
Alen Imbang
Alen Imbang:
Ibra is wiser than before. No chit chat. No complain. He speaks with his skills and goals!
That penalty kick reminded me of Roberto Baggio's missed penalty in the World Cup..
Ken Kk
Ken Kk:
The fact that Ac Milan was on a 28 game unbeaten run before their loss to Lile is incredible
dondondon matafaka
dondondon matafaka:
you could see Zlatan was not happy with himself at all. keep grinding, GOAT!
Nick Girilovitch
Nick Girilovitch:
3:36 Zlatan pushing Theo away because he is disappointed and wants the team to know.
As someone who watched the entire match, this felt like a game of FUT champs...
Giovanni Betti
Giovanni Betti:
That’s the difference from previous years: this Milan doesn’t give up.
Amazing determination, well done.
Atmaram Gholap
Atmaram Gholap:
3:47 you can clearly see that Ibra was not happy with himself. Come back more stronger in the next match lion.
Aayush Paul
Aayush Paul:
Zlatan has been the best player this season only if he scored the penalty he would have been more clearer
Football Forever
Football Forever:
Zlatan Ibrahimovic is King ❤️
Mubeen rana
Mubeen rana:
atleast Zlatan gave a goal and repented his penalty sin.This attitude of repenting matters,no one cares about the missed penalty atlast he scored and equalised!
John Man
John Man:
1:05 Zlatan taking his shahada 😂☝
Marciuu Carvalho
Marciuu Carvalho:
This Ibra do not play in service... what a LEGEND!!! G-O-A-T!!
Stephan Tualeka
Stephan Tualeka:
Ante rebic🔥
Mamun Hasan
Mamun Hasan:
Long Live Ibrahimovic❤️
Monster Zlatan 💪💪👏
We just unlucky in this match
34 shot and 8 on target
AN creative
AN creative:
Zlatan deserves balon d'or 😭
Jamuna Manandhar
Jamuna Manandhar:
Zlatan has still got it
nguegang ngemassong beauclair
nguegang ngemassong beauclair:
Serie A this season seems to be very competitive and open. Juventus will have to fight hard to conserve the title.
Lol basically me whenever I am on FIFA.
Fire Spike
Fire Spike:
Perfect game, Zlatan👏👏👏
Aiman Hakimi
Aiman Hakimi:
Cr this week : angle crossbar
Zlatan this week : angle crossbar

And both score one goal 💪
Daniel Everett
Daniel Everett:
"It's a cracking finish from Kessie" takes deflection from a shot that was going wide
finally, zlatan! is that you again?
Teks Harian
Teks Harian:
I feel like Zlatan accidentally kick away the penalty because he knew Kessie was diving.
Milan's biggest rivals in this Serie A ..................... conceding Set Piece goals and failing to score from set piece chances like penalty , Corner and free kicks
Septhian Dwi Deni Driver
Septhian Dwi Deni Driver:
Forza Milan ❤️🔥
Aziz rising
Aziz rising:
That penalty from Ibra was worsed😝😝😝but he also saved the day wat a man he is❤️❤️❤️💪👍👍👍#Forzamilan
608 Sreeyansh
608 Sreeyansh:
Ibra is a gift that keeps on giving
caesar Antonio
caesar Antonio:
That's Zlatan...when he misses a penalty..he makes sure that he equalises....Milan should have won this match..
tom eng
tom eng:
When did messi nick a goal ?! l don't i ever seen that.
Thanks for showing all the goals. Stay safe (corona times).
Awesome Zlatan.
How wasn’t that a second yellow at the penalty
Getachew Wolela
Getachew Wolela:
zlatan Didnt Miss penality, penality Missed zlatan
Dragon Jay
Dragon Jay:
What a beast Ibrahimovic is. He almost cant be beaten when he jumps on headers, he s way superior to anyone when it comes to physicality.
rowland jnr blay
rowland jnr blay:
I just love how ibra didnt want anyone to touch him whwn he scored his goal
Nikita Oliinyk
Nikita Oliinyk:
Very unlucky.. next zime pls Kessie Penalty!!!!!!..... sick game 💯 still unbeaten
Zlatan is actual THE best player on this planet ant this with 39 years
Rich Chigga99
Rich Chigga99:
Milan so unlucky there.. Ibra could score a hattrick

But those 2 goals that milan conceded.. What a bad day for donnaruma 🙁
Haikal Emir
Haikal Emir:
Zalatan you did best man!!
Maya Amour
Maya Amour:
Swedish lion again! 🇸🇪
I see the big man, I click.
Guri Baath
Guri Baath:
Zalatan my second favorite player❤💪🏻