Milan 4-0 Crotone | Braces for Ibrahimovic & Rebic Keep Milan Top | Serie A TIM

Two goals apiece for Zlatan Ibrahimovic & Ante Rebic saw Milan to an excellent victory against Crotone that kept them top of Serie A | Serie A TIM

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100+ comentarios:

40 years old and seems wont stop till he decides ❤️
sidik van parmin
sidik van parmin:
three goals three point ..alamdulillah without penalty 😛 Forza milan
Fauzan Arisyi Koto
Fauzan Arisyi Koto:
Calhanoglu replaces leao in minutes 62, make double assist in 7 minutes, and almost make another 2 to ibra and mandzukic, what a player
Vain iOS
Vain iOS:
Çalhanoğlu's crosses are enough to make all the difference in the game
Hakan nearly had another 2 assists for Mandzukic and Zlatan
Kusbasi Kasarli
Kusbasi Kasarli:
Calhanoglu is back!!! GrandTurko congrats...🎊
Ronaldinho D10s
Ronaldinho D10s:
Looks like Zlatan is roasting every 40+ age men on the planet 🤣
Ibra deserves player of the year. No 40 year old scores like this, at the top level of football
Update & Upgrade
Update & Upgrade:
Gam A
Gam A:
Congratulations Ibra on his 501st club goals.
Emre Sönmez
Emre Sönmez:
Calhanoglu ,comeback very stronger 🇹🇷
Halil Ceylan
Halil Ceylan:
Calhanoglu is very very underrated he shocked me
Rithesh Rao
Rithesh Rao:
2 minutes silence to those ESPN reporters who said Ibra don't even cross double digit in the end of the season 😂😂😂
Arian P.
Arian P.:
Im so happy for Mandzukic that he returned to european football
Ibrahimovic the real definition of age is just a number
Siddharth amin
Siddharth amin:
I watched full match Zlatan is not just playing he is also behave like coach
David Aguirre
David Aguirre:
Im really loving this Milan team. Zlatan fits perfectly in this team. Theo Hernandez has a very promising future. But as a team they are amazing together.
Berita Sepakbola
Berita Sepakbola:
Yeay back to 🔝1
muhammad mustain
muhammad mustain:
Ibra , leao , rebic , theo , donaruma and calhanoglu is on 🔥🔥🔥
Abang Am Official
Abang Am Official:
Apo Can
Apo Can:
Amezing Çalhanoğlu super iyi orta yapıyor güzel maç tebrikler Hakan Çalhanoğlu Bravo.
Zlatan Ibrahimović is frigging 39 years of age!
Hakan is back,he play’s like how he used to be when he played for leverkusen
Lord Baba Cemal
Lord Baba Cemal:
AC MILAN❤️❤️❤️ZLATAN❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️CALHANOGLU❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lex Talionis
Lex Talionis:
Now everyone can understand how important Çalhanoğlou is for the team! Welcome back Çala! 🙏❤🖤
Ebubekir Tamgaç
Ebubekir Tamgaç:
Hakan showed his quality again.. wp hakan
Omar Mohamed
Omar Mohamed:
Ibra is just magical, almost 40 years old and scoring braces
Azizjon Juraev
Azizjon Juraev:
The game changed after Hakan entered 1000% , its gonna be battle btwn Inter vs Milan next week
Nurettin Orakcı
Nurettin Orakcı:
Hakan çalhanoglu❤️💛❤️💛
Nobita 33
Nobita 33:
1:56 Calhanoglu got lovely high five from zlatan 😂
Deepak Raman
Deepak Raman:
Fact: zlatan is just warming up🔥💯
Ọnụọha Udochukwu
Ọnụọha Udochukwu:
Calhanoglu's importance was highlighted tonight. What a player!
Berkcan Şahin
Berkcan Şahin:
The king of assists is back.
Mas Teguh
Mas Teguh:
Calhanoglu is an important player.. 🔥
Luis Jimenez
Luis Jimenez:
The first goal from zlatan was brilliant really creative
OP Triheat
OP Triheat:
Cannot wait to see Ac Milan back in UCL again after 6 years
NERİS Ela Kılıç
NERİS Ela Kılıç:
Çalhanoğlu 2 assist is amazing
yudi kentoy
yudi kentoy:
Forza Milan INDONESIA 🔴⚫
Ibra amazing milestone but that assist by Leao!😮🔥🔥 Not being selfish at his age is to be admired, he will be targeted by top clubs in the summer.
chen andy
chen andy:
Congrats on 501 goals to be scored by Zalatan
Dhana's Vlog14
Dhana's Vlog14:
Hakan is back, big win. Forza milan. Sempre Milan. Its time for scudetto 🔴⚫
Sid -the sloth
Sid -the sloth:
Congrats 500 goals for getting ZLATANed.
Resul Tokur
Resul Tokur:
Hakan kısa sürede 2 asist yaptı ama daha önemlisi +2 asist daha yapabilirdi ibo ile mandzukiç atamadı bravo hakan harbi topçusun 👍
İbrahim Ethem
İbrahim Ethem:
Hakan manyak modu açmış gene coronadan döndü 2 asist yaptı adam helal olsun sana kral ✊🏻✊🏻👏🏻
Incredible that he can still do it at his age, Ibrahimovic is the greatest of all time.
The Khudat
The Khudat:
Hakan ÇALHANOĞLU 🇹🇷❤🇦🇿
Miłosz Olszewski
Miłosz Olszewski:
One of the greatest footballers in history. he proves it all the time. Football Icon while still in the career. You may not like him, but you must respect him.
King Ibra! 💪🔥
S Stiv
S Stiv:
Milan is back in champions league❤️🖤#SempreMilan
al cipta
al cipta:
theo runs faster than my wife jumps into conclusions
ibra is amazing but his influence on teammates even more
The Icon Sting
The Icon Sting:
Hakan is the secret recipe with him everything is possible 💪🏻❤️🖤
Tobias Roslund
Tobias Roslund:
14 goals in 11 games..Thats amazing stats for a guy that soon will be 40 yrs old.. Is it the best player in europe right now, alongside Cr7 and Lewa?? Again.. 40 yrs old.... let that sink in... outstanding, just remarcable // proud Swede :)
Josiah James
Josiah James:
Milan a team a young boy love growing up watching on channel 4 on Sundays football italia dam i missed those days hope they win league and claim the spot back at the top of Italian football where they should be
Микола Білозор
Микола Білозор:
Ибра, старый дед, опять дубль, молодые ,учитесь... и 40 на носу чуваку
Dwayne k27ism
Dwayne k27ism:
Hakan is back, Anté is back, Zlatan is back!
Ger Cri
Ger Cri:
Zlatan Ibrahimovic knows Victoria’s secret!
Kingy Jon
Kingy Jon:
Zlatan always here to watch him❤️💯
Aryan Mishra
Aryan Mishra:
After Ibra's arrival at Milan their game has evolved!!
Now we can even think about playing in Champions Leauge😀😀😀
Abdulnur Akyüz
Abdulnur Akyüz:
Happy Birthday Calha, forza Milan!
Aris Wigunawan
Aris Wigunawan:
Forza milan,big aplause for all the player,, scudeto this years,,, luar biasa
- GILo
- GILo:
Hakan Çalhanoldinho! 2 asists in 10 minutes.
Juan Cena
Juan Cena:
We all wanted a hat trick from Zlatan but were still very hapy with the performance, great teamwork!
Hakan is back <3
Luis Caetano
Luis Caetano:
Mandzukic just waiting for the right moment to introduce himself.
Только победа,верим в "Милан"!😊🏆
Take a moment to appreciate Milan's passing and positional play. Both the Ibra goals are a function thereof.
Mohamed Mahmoud
Mohamed Mahmoud:
zlatan is real force eventhough his age is 39 is this amazing
Best Of M7
Best Of M7:
What a team we are , keep doing like this guys 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Luan xxx
Luan xxx:
1:47 IBRAHIMOVIC alone + anyone around = GOOOOAAL
I'm here because of Zlatan. Hope Milan will be the champions this year!
Aji Syifak Burhanudin
Aji Syifak Burhanudin:
Giving him space in front of the goal, he will consume u in seconds.
Ibrahima Ba
Ibrahima Ba:
Hakan is the best number 10 in the world without him we always struggle to attack and create more opportunities ❤️🖤
Iovan Paul
Iovan Paul:
Let's see how are we going to handle with Inter in 2 weeks
Zlatan never retire 🔥
Volodymyr Demko
Volodymyr Demko:
Amazing performance from Benjamin Button 🔥🖤❤️
Oğuzhan Çınar
Oğuzhan Çınar:
Congrarulations Calhanoğlu...
Peerarat Na Chai
Peerarat Na Chai:
Love Acmilan From Thailand🇹🇭🇹🇭
Can’t wait too see Milan in the Champions League next season 🔥🔥
Milli takım
Milli takım:
Zlatan old but gold🔥
Ever since Ibra came back we've been class let's keep going and win the league
Rodrigo Realista
Rodrigo Realista:
Well done by Milán, zlatan 💪
Cyn Music (The Cynmusic)
Cyn Music (The Cynmusic):
That wall play in the first goal was just pure art.
Daniel Nicholson
Daniel Nicholson:
Amazingly crotone had more possession in this game 🤣🤣
Antoni Sidjabat
Antoni Sidjabat:
Calhanoglu almost made 4 assist in this game. SICKKK
Ang C
Ang C:
Leo Messi
Leo Messi:
AC Milan 🔥🔥
Xboxpal gaming
Xboxpal gaming:
Am so amazed about ibrahimovic
Forza Milan. The best club!
Joyel Joyson
Joyel Joyson:
14 goals ⚽ in just 11 Serie A games 😳🤷🏽‍♂️.. And this guy turns 40 this year 🤙🏼 & scored his 501th club goal🔥

Just insane🔥
Fernando Serrano
Fernando Serrano:
That second goal was a master piece.
Глеб Соловей
Глеб Соловей:
Milan, please, beat Juve in this year! All world want this!
Milanista Omar
Milanista Omar:
Hakan in 8 minutes assisted 2🔥😱 next level 🔴⚫
Que grande Zlatan!!!
AGUANTE el Rossonero!!😃✊✊
Appu Skanth
Appu Skanth:
40 years old still playing like beast
36 years old still the same performance.
Seria A is on 🔥 with two beasts
Calhanoglu is persona of pioli ❤️🖤
Theo and ibrahimovic have been amazing
Charles Ndonah
Charles Ndonah:
"Brilliant individual skill from Ibrahimovic" Am I blind, or was that a give and go
Abhi Chikara
Abhi Chikara:
Zlatan, the finest Wine in Milan.
You know it has been one-way traffic when the referee doesn't even want to add injury time after 90 minutes😂