Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (Official Video)

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We clawed, we chained our hearts in vain
We jumped never asking why
We kissed, I fell under your spell.
A love no onecould deny

Don't you ever say I just walked away
I will always want you
I can't live a lie, running for my life
I will always want you

I came in like a wrecking ball
I never hit so hard in love
All I wanted was to break your walls
All you ever did was wreck me
Yeah, you, you wreck me"

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100+ comentarios:

Sudeep J
Sudeep J:
I must be legend because I am watching it in September 2020😂
Tee Tee
Tee Tee:
Let’s be honest guys. It wasn’t in our recommended, we search for it.
Key Epic Pranks
Key Epic Pranks:
Finally a Christian song i can show to my family.
Alphonso Corleone
Alphonso Corleone:
She must have really wanted people to forget Hannah Montana
2013: its porn
2014: im listening
2015: nostalgia
2016: oh my god
2017: lol im remember this
2018: classic
2019: its so sad
2020: *the legend*

marco lewis
marco lewis:
Who's just here because they randomly thought about this song
Crazy Fox
Crazy Fox:
the fact that she's naked makes me think, how isn't she cold on that ball???!?!!?!?!??

Edit: Tysm for all the likes pwp
Nerea McKnitt
Nerea McKnitt:
You could tell the pain she was going through and we all made fun of her ...
djebbar aziz
djebbar aziz:
There's 1.1M comments if you find mine then you are a legend
charlotte éowyn
charlotte éowyn:
looking back this is not at all scandalous. just tragic. she was so broken and back then we paid attention to the fact that she was naked when now all i see is the pain in her eyes.
kat L.
kat L.:
2013 : wow she's naked! My lord!
2020: don't lick that!!! Coronavirus! 😂😂😂
Zeyad Gaber
Zeyad Gaber:
When people saw this when it came out they were shocked, now it’s just a normal music Video
Key Epic Pranks
Key Epic Pranks:
"This is too sexual"

Cardi B: "Hold my WAP"
Isabella Gonzalez
Isabella Gonzalez:
Didn’t understand this 5 years ago. Now it sucks to say I can relate.
Damnnnn back in the days, when this song just released everyone was shocked only cuz she was naked and began hating her. Nowadays it’s just normal smh
Muskan Saxena
Muskan Saxena:
Many of us blame her for being naked but doing so is ignoring it's symbolism.
Being naked she is trying to potray a symbol of purity, an untained person who is madly in love but is hurt tremendously and remains unaccepted by the person she loves.
You should understand the concept...
I came here for atypical
my mom always told me not to watch this but look at me now, i’m a lesbian
Karma Is Real
Karma Is Real:
I Still Can Remember How Shocked The media Was When This Came Out.
Chxhxhxjx Ss
Chxhxhxjx Ss:
2013: this song is too sexual
2020: this song is innocent compared to today’s music
Lil' Sosig
Lil' Sosig:
She isn't naked because she still has her boots on
Chi Ro
Chi Ro:
*2013:* "this is digusting"
*2020:* "this is art"
Defne İnci Ulus
Defne İnci Ulus:
Fun fact: Miley hates this song now because no matter what she does, she will always be “the naked girl on a wrecking ball” (She said it herself) Also people thought this was inappropriate but now everyone’s vibing to WAP. The world really did change lmfao
200 subscribers with no vids ???
200 subscribers with no vids ???:
Let's be honest, life was good when this song came out
Shubham Kumar
Shubham Kumar:
Life is too short to pretend you don't like this song.
This song didn‘t deserve the hate it got when it first came out.
jordan n
jordan n:
Let’s be honest, this song was our childhood and we didn’t realize it.
I remember when this song, Roar, Blurred Lines and Thrift Shop sounded everywhere in 2013... *TIME* *FLIES*
"This is too sexual"

Cardi B: "Hold my WAP"
Stock Trader
Stock Trader:
People show she naked but didn't see her pain in her eyes.
Purple Haze
Purple Haze:
2013: Wtf, why is she naked?

2018: uhh, this is nothing

2020: we want more, this isn't enough
Frootloops 101
Frootloops 101:
Im surprised at how many people come back here every single day
Kindly help me to reach 50K subscribers with videos
Kindly help me to reach 50K subscribers with videos:
7 years later, if you're watching this you're a legend.
Злой Йогурт
Злой Йогурт:
Do you remember that time when nudity was shocking us?
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Cricket Champions Official:
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Subbing to Everyone Who Sub to Me!
Subbing to Everyone Who Sub to Me!:
Only people who didn't come from Tiktok can like this comment.
Cotton Candy Queen
Cotton Candy Queen:
I’m here in 2020 realizing how much she exposed herself and realizing this is about love
Everyone: OMG she’s NAKED

Her Boots: Excuse me!
I survived my channel
I survived my channel:
If Donald Trump builds the wall, you know who to call.
Lawrence Zhou
Lawrence Zhou:
Unpopular opinion: This song is way better than WAP because of the lyrics and melody
2013: omg this is inappropriate
2020: this is like a children’s book compared to today’s songs and vids
People Say that "MILEY CYRUS only has American fans"

*Like if you're not American*
Honestly in this scenario the nudity is more artistic than pornographic. Nudity does not always equal sexual.
Seid Steel
Seid Steel:
Let's see how many people watching this in sept 2020
a name
a name:
This was a masterpiece and we didn't appreciate it
10 year old non-English speaking me singing this song:“I came it like a Raaaainbooow!“ 🤣
Tbf the nudity was shocking but I think it was mostly because Miley's image was really innocent/Disney girl at the time so it was insane to see her like this
She was licking that hammer , depicts she was liking a hammer, who break her values , her morals (when that hammer please her to break her own values), that break her soul ("You break me").. This vedio is deep.
PingPong Boi
PingPong Boi:
2013: wrecking ball
2020: disco ball

Who’s here after the 2020 VMAs?
martha litvikov
martha litvikov:
pov: you are here after listening to wap
Subbing to Everyone Who Sub to Me!
Subbing to Everyone Who Sub to Me!:
Song: Exists

TikTok: it's free real estate
Arjun Sharma
Arjun Sharma:
Well, licking the hammer is one way to get Coronavirus...
l need 10k subs plz help me subscribe here
l need 10k subs plz help me subscribe here:
2013:OMG this is porn
2020:why are even dressed
2013: This is only porn!
2019: Not even sexual
2020: Don't lick that hammer you might get coronavirus!
I pray that whoever reads this becomes successful
Grey Dominguez
Grey Dominguez:
Imagine her filming this. She just has to stand there licking a hammer for a solid five minutes in complete silence lmao
Why all the comments say *2018*
Fleur Gean Potter
Fleur Gean Potter:
There are more than a million comments. If you found this one, you're a legend 😂🖤
Benjamin Johnson
Benjamin Johnson:
Why did this song get so much hate. I’m not complaining she’s got the perfect body
There is 1M comments. If you find mine, then you’re a legend.
Miley: **licks the hammer**

Me in 2020: 😳 corona-
Nirmalya Dasgupta
Nirmalya Dasgupta:
Atleast this wasn't as cringe as the Dynamite video.
Lila Lam
Lila Lam:
I love how People don't know that the dislikes and likes mean nothing and the views gives her money xD
No👏one👏cares👏what👏year👏your👏watching 👏this👏
Inês Farran
Inês Farran:
if this song were made now, everybody would be listening
2015: “Omg this is so inappropriate”
2020: “this is just a normal video”
2025: “wait why is she wearing clothes”
chirag mishra mishra
chirag mishra mishra:
Imagine the director being Hanna Montanna Fan
Merveille Ndzinga
Merveille Ndzinga:
Everyone just-just shut up! I'm trying to find someone who commented 6years ago.
Xagoromo Ootsutsuki
Xagoromo Ootsutsuki:
Imagine immortality, where even a marriage of fifty years would feel like a one-night stand. Imagine seeing trends and fashions blur past you. Imagine the world more crowded and desperate every century. Imagine changing religions, homes, diets, careers, until none of them have any real value. Imagine traveling the world until you're bored with every square inch. Imagine your emotions, your loves and hates and rivalries and victories, played out again and again until lifeis nothing more than a melodramatic soap opera. Until you regard the birth and death of other people with no more emotion than the wilted cut flowers you throw away...
We all made fun of this back then, but it actually goes hard
Paulo Henrique
Paulo Henrique:
I wish youtube could filter old comments just to see what people thought about this when it was released
Ammar Aqib
Ammar Aqib:
The fact that if this was released now, it would have been totally fine but she got so much criticism back then, its sad.
br uh
br uh:
Here after wap and this actually isn't bad
Lol Heheheh
Lol Heheheh:
I can’t comprehend this was 7 years ago
Ranorky YT
Ranorky YT:
Only true and og jacksepticeye fans knows this
Everybody rip i kinda stopped watching
2019: just a normal music video
Who's watching this after her 2020 VMA's performance?
Molly Pattison
Molly Pattison:
The fact that people thought this was scandalous, WAP is worse
izuriwatari wachawacha
izuriwatari wachawacha:
Friend: this song is so old
Me: your mom is old but you always listen to her ......................... Right?
Imagine being one of the camera men, watching her do all these weird movements without music like she’s possessed
Sarah Till
Sarah Till:
2013 : WTF is this..?
2014 : This is nudity
2015 : Stop it this is sick
2016 : LOL I remember this
2017 : Start to feelin' the song
2018 : Nostalgia
2019 : *ART*

Edit : My dog just died
Bro why ain’t no one paying attention to the spit gathering in her mouth on the close ups lol
Stephanie Deacon
Stephanie Deacon:
She wrote this after Liam Hemsworth and her got divorced
Shem Paolo Caijo
Shem Paolo Caijo:
7 years ago
Miley Cyrus: * licking *EVERYTHING* *

Me: Hey! That's illegal!
everyone :
this is porn.

everyine at the same time:
stream WAP
Riley Roblox Gaming
Riley Roblox Gaming:
Then: SO LEWD!!

Now: At least she is hiding them somewhat ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
literally nobody:
not a single soul:
actually everyone: WHOS HERE IN 2020!??!?!?!
Santiago Guzmán
Santiago Guzmán:
Yo sólo vine por el mecánico. 🤣🤣
Green Getaway
Green Getaway:
Does anyone else watch this and wonder why we wondered why she’s naked? Now we watch this and its fine.
Agnė Adele
Agnė Adele:
Guys she's not naked, she's wearing shoes.
1M comments and you’re reading mine, what a legend.
*Trump builds a wall*

Miley: I am about to ruin this man's whole career
Mullars ‘O
Mullars ‘O:
Who’s watching this 2020 semptember
Franz Girado
Franz Girado:
you can see the pain through Miley’s eyes. i fully understand the lyrics now how her man wrecked her
There are 1M comments if u find mine u are a legend.
There's 1.1 million comments, if you see this then you're legend
50K Subscribers With a Koala?
50K Subscribers With a Koala?:
You can refuse to believe that this song is 7 years old.
BulatPerfect !
BulatPerfect !:
There are millions and millions of comments. If you find mine, you are a legend!!!
turtle dove
turtle dove:
This prepared the world for WAP. That means this is the Mother of WAP.
Sannah Sharma 34
Sannah Sharma 34:
And we thought this was vulgar.