Minneapolis Police Officers Terminated After Death Of George Floyd | MSNBC

4 Minneapolis police officers involved in the death of George Floyd, who was seen pleading "I cannot breathe" as an officer put a knee on his neck, have been terminated, Minneapolis Mayor Frey says. Aired on 05/26/2020.
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Minneapolis Police Officers Terminated After Death Of George Floyd | MSNBC

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100+ comentarios:

Eric Rodriguez
Eric Rodriguez:
Imagine if this wasn’t caught on video. Imagine how many incidents like this are out there that don’t get caught on video.
Mohamed Abumelha
Mohamed Abumelha:
Report “died later”?!?!?
He clearly died under that murderers knee.
mahogany soul
mahogany soul:
This brought tears to my eyes , I'm so glad I never watched the longer version ... This video made me sick ! Those pigs aren't humans they're DEMONS 💯💯💯💯
So we are supposed to feel better because he’s fired .... that’s murder
One of the officers really said,”this is why you don’t do drugs kids”while George was dying…
He wasn’t resisting at all and wasn’t violent. That was murder.
Mansouri Anas
Mansouri Anas:
The government must send them to prison not only fired them.
You know my name.
You know my name.:
Fired? Put those animals in prison.
mark janssens
mark janssens:
A club foot or knee is a weapon when used to murder citizens.
Bertha Austin
Bertha Austin:
The officers knee was the weapon
"Fired" - what a joke, there is nothing to investigate there - it's a murder.
Ryan Peel
Ryan Peel:
They literally killed him... they should obviously be charged for murder🤦‍♂️
John Pineda
John Pineda:
They should be put in jail for this no questions asked.
Party Boi
Party Boi:
I officially lost respect for the police
This man even shames the devil himself.
Deeb God
Deeb God:
He didn’t pass away on the scene. He was MURDERED
Video Blend
Video Blend:
*The "cops" weapon of choice was his knees!*
*Is it time to do something YET?*
Or do we just continue to criticize "kneeling during a national anthem"??
eric t
eric t:
Guys, do you still remember another black man Ahmed Aubrey ?? it happened a few days ago...
Martha Sampoll
Martha Sampoll:
Incredible and painfull to watch, this is a killing, took a life just because.... JUSTICE - JUSTICE - JUSTICE
so when you handcuffed him, you noticed he was in medical distress, so you put your knee on his neck for seven minutes? I just witnessed a man being murdered.
Wolfgang Knochmann
Wolfgang Knochmann:
Every single american with some dignity should go on the streets and demonstrate peacefully not only in Minneapolis!!!
jj love
jj love:
Man i cant tell u enough how hurt i am by what ive seen.im literally thinking about it theoughout the day and it infuriates me so much
"He was fire"
Me: This is murder, he said that he could not breath multiple times
Henri Pheenachaikul
Henri Pheenachaikul:
This is why when I am in the states, I refuse to be near the police in any form. They terrorized the public instead of protecting.

...they need to be sentenced for first degree murder.
Allow me to fix your video title for you:

"Minneapolis Police Officers Terminated After MURDER of George Floyd."

There you go, now you can report the story accurately.
Brian Molele
Brian Molele:
I just saw a video of his arrest, there was nowhere he resisted arrest he was compliant and in cuffs the whole time. That statement is a lie because the street camera says otherwise.. George was murdered.
Sion Channel
Sion Channel:
Esto es increíble. Justicia! Esto no puede seguir pasando. O.M.G😞
Tommy Jedi
Tommy Jedi:
the the body is a weapon, the knee is a weapon. “no weapons” give me a break. how stupid do they think humans really are?
Max Brown
Max Brown:
why is he chilling at home he should be in jail
George, When I go to heaven someday, I'll give you a hug for what you've gone through. You're a spirit that shined light too many..Your efforts will never go unnoticed❤
Watching this happen to Floyd just makes my heart melt and it makes me wanna cry so bad how could this cop do something like that?!
I'm going to start speaking and acting differently towards cops now that I know my rights.
Jason Wong
Jason Wong:
When will a general citizen can be treat as human being under the leg of strong, authoritative Police Officer?
Clarivel Colon
Clarivel Colon:
They deserve jail time...firing is not enough. That's horrifying!
Nasser MJ
Nasser MJ:
Statistically, about 20% join the PD to 'get even'. Imagine.
673 KS
673 KS:
The guy was MURDERED as he was bagging for AIR - “please officer” My condolences to the family
Jeffery Peterson
Jeffery Peterson:
My favorite radio program was “Have Gun will Travel”, it needs a comeback!
Comander Gromit
Comander Gromit:
Can someone give me the evidence that suggests the officer did the inhumane thing that he did *for reasons of race*
“No police officers were harmed” what a shame
Pat Sav
Pat Sav:
Search: POLICE OFFICER Breaks Window & Starts Minneapolis Riots GEORGE FLOYD
He kept killing him for 3 minutes after he stopped calling for his mum
Suburban White Dad
Suburban White Dad:
Police Chief: “I’m gonna have to let you go, sorry guys. I wouldn’t personally do it, but someone happened to film you so that’s what I’m forced to do. Hit me up this weekend for cold ones tho homie”

I’d rather see video of the cops getting fired. Sounds more satisfying
Man when he cried for his mamma and said I can't breath, that got me crying hard man.... This will haunt me for a very long time! RIP Mr Floyd. 🥺
Ash Raheem
Ash Raheem:
Terminated??? They should all be in jail!
Re Liom
Re Liom:
R.I.P. for him. His killer deserves to be in prison for the rest of his life, and a very severe penalty for the others cops too....
Andrea Ketchens
Andrea Ketchens:
That is a shame I’n today’s society the man said he can’t breath idiots
Francesco Vinci
Francesco Vinci:
Why didn't anyone intervene?
Words did not save his life. They should have moved the two policemen and saved him. The policemen were not doing their job in the right way and a citizen has a duty to intervene, there were many people who could have saved his life. This is not the way to treat a human being are just barbarism.
Another innocent victim of a system that only looks at the color of the skin.
In a country that for centuries we called new world that was to be a symbol of civilization and freedom.
The Life of a man who had dreams, passions, hopes, friends, a mother who loved and raised him, a childhood, memories, A LIFE. All these wonderful things lost forever.
Fired if I killed someone on da job I'd be locked up with out a 🔑
Gustavo Prieto
Gustavo Prieto:
This guy was handcuffed already these cops need to be in jail not just fired.
Julio Rivera
Julio Rivera:
Ultimatebae 13
Ultimatebae 13:
The cops knee was the weapon.
Emilio Melena
Emilio Melena:
You didn’t mention about him calling out for his mom he must’ve been really scared
Globe Twig
Globe Twig:
There should obviously be a life sentence for this crime.
Rocky Hutchison
Rocky Hutchison:
I see nothing here other than a Public Execution.
Chris Terry
Chris Terry:
It’s time for we the people to hold these cops accountable. Mass together. Stand together. Enough is enough. Stand up now or it may be you or a loved one of your own next.
Mente Aberta
Mente Aberta:
Fil Lip
Fil Lip:
What we see here is a murder in a broad daylight - how come there are no charges yet?
WTF America ?
The cop's name should be released.
Fucc Yoo
Fucc Yoo:
He literally died on video. You can watch the cop drive his knee harder as he pleads. This was the worst one I’ve seen.
Nasser MJ
Nasser MJ:
Those jelly bellies walking around didn't seem rookies to me.
yo yo boss
yo yo boss:
this will be ending in court and i hope there will be justice
Hellcat Masters
Hellcat Masters:
Fired my behind , they still getting paid !!!
Luigi Gamer
Luigi Gamer:
1= 1 pray to him R.I.P
Paul Clements
Paul Clements:
This is cold blooded murder .. No one should be putting their knee on anyone's neck ..shocking
Flade AnN
Flade AnN:
why you cut off “”Mama”? How hopless he was ! I cannot breathe as well while watching this fking cruel video!
Hellcat Masters
Hellcat Masters:
Lies , watch the video , he died right there on the street with that monster still on his neck
"At no time were weapons of any type used by anyone involved in this incident"... That maniac used his crusty knee to choke the man out that led to his death.
Mikki Mikki
Mikki Mikki:
We should start a riot! #FORJUSTICE
Valerie ***
Valerie ***:
No no no they do NOT get to say that he just “died” HE WAS MURDERED!!!
Christian Mendoza
Christian Mendoza:
they should let him listen that "please, please I can't breathe" for 3 days straight
Poupée anonyme
Poupée anonyme:
SHAME ON YOU !!! 😡✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽
Man of Culture Allanzo
Man of Culture Allanzo:
Man I hope those 4 gets what's coming yo them
George McCrary, II
George McCrary, II:
Rip George. I’m sorry man
Elizabeth Thomas
Elizabeth Thomas:
These police need to stand trial for murder, this a no brainer.
Mohamed Ibn Harun Al Waraq
Mohamed Ibn Harun Al Waraq:
RIP George Floyd 🙏🏿
Maseratti_ 48
Maseratti_ 48:
Terminated!? Charge the officer and his partners!
He died at scene!!!
aleks krstic
aleks krstic:
free my man george floyd hes da real g
Stable Genius
Stable Genius:
He was dead before the knee was off his neck.....
Joe Romo
Joe Romo:
Show the whole video
Straight up murder
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo:
Is it time to do something YET? Or do we just continue to criticize "kneeling during a national anthem"??
Jerry Rogersome
Jerry Rogersome:
He was medically distressed, so we sat on him for 8 minutes while he cried out for help.
Debra Garcia
Debra Garcia:
The fact that they just watched terrifies me if I was there I would have fought them and told George to run. "I can't breath" that's terrifying ACAB
Basoglu Engin
Basoglu Engin:
WE ALL ARE THE SAME😭😭😭🤞🤞🏻🤞🏼🤞🏽🤞🏾🤞🏿
"He appeared to be suffering medical distress," because that pos officer's knee was on his neck."
Jah YungstaboyTV
Jah YungstaboyTV:
John Rodriquez
John Rodriquez:
@MSNBC You guys proud lying infront of millions of people. Everyone has seen the footage.
This was 1st degree murder by 4 cops.
Aminata Soumaoro
Aminata Soumaoro:
Oh mn dieu 😭👈🙏
Mikki Mikki
Mikki Mikki:
Let's start a riot!
Kassy Sanchez
Kassy Sanchez:
He appeared in medical distress so their solution was to kneel on his neck completely cut off his breathing

Trapman Tv. Nocopyrightmusic
Trapman Tv. Nocopyrightmusic:
That man died at the scene, we can all see that
William W Anderson 12
William W Anderson 12:
You're going to see a lot more of this we are in the end times people have no natural affection read 2nd Timothy chapter 3
Amy Musa
Amy Musa:
This terrifies me, I'm only 5" 1 and 49kg, imagine a big guy putting his force on my neck I would already lose hope and die less than a minute, this man was calling out his mother, looking for a desperate chance to escape, and begging while for air. They can't make up an excuse that he was trying to escape, he just didn't want to die :(
Elad 5
Elad 5:
This reminds me of rodny king and the 1992 LA riots
The Blue Arrow
The Blue Arrow:
Apparently cops consider trying to breathe an act of resisting arrest.
Ericson Galang
Ericson Galang:
They should've been tortured for life.
Donatas Dosinas
Donatas Dosinas:
Man gets choked to death YOu GeT FIiERd
Guicho Zambada
Guicho Zambada:
Good another criminal out of this world 😊🙏 thank you officers
NipponCat Japanese Lessons
NipponCat Japanese Lessons:
My tears fell and I felt a deep pain, almost a sharp pain in my chest and then a feeling of sadness enveloped the depths of my soul after watching this. As a Hispanic woman I can only imagine the pain, anger, sadness and frustration the African American community feels right now and has been feeling for so long, for way too long. Please my Black brothers and sisters I plead with you to not give up faith in White, Hispanic, or Asian people. Please do not allow hate and anger to overflow in your heart. I know it can be easy to allow hate and anger to reign in your hearts after seeing this awful video, but please remember that there are more people that are anti-racist than there are racists and that the good people far overshadow the bad people in this world. Please do not lose hope. I am with you, my boyfriend who is White is with you and many of my friends of different ethnicities including Asian are with you. You are not alone my Black brothers and sisters, you are "mi gente" which means "My people" in Spanish. Let us spread more compassion and love. There IS hope. Things will change and are changing because we have the power in our hearts and minds to make the change. WE WILL abolish racism through love, compassion and a strong and unending conviction. I urge everyone reading this to reply with your ethnicity to show our African American brothers and sisters that we are with them. To everyone reading this, do not forget: YOU are US and WE are YOU, it comes full circle and in the end it makes us ONE.

*Rest in peace valuable soul George Floyd, you no longer suffer and I now pray for the healing of your family, friends and for the entire community.