Miralem Pjanić Debut vs Elche | 19/09/2020

Barcelona's new signing Miralem Pjanić made his Barcelona debut at the Camp Nou against Elche in the Joan Gamper Trophy. The midfielder came on in the second half, in a game that finished 1-0 to the hosts.

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Musa Music
Musa Music:
People are saying: He s so slow etc etc... thats bs, he doesnt need speed with his skills. Hes not a winger or a back.. his vision and passes are class. Let him just catch a form and everyone is going to be quiet.
Víctor A. Lo.
Víctor A. Lo.:
Gran jugador Pjanic, lo sigo desde su etapa en el Lyon. No debió dejar la Juventus.
Scout Stars
Scout Stars:
Not bad for debut after recovered from covid. I like a calm midfielder like pjanic. hope he can get back to his best soon.
Pablo Martinez
Pablo Martinez:
Buen debut!!😊😎
Obi Samuel
Obi Samuel:
He's naturally a Barcelona player...
Just wish he was younger. ❤️
Danilo Silva de oliveira
Danilo Silva de oliveira:
É muito bom asisti os jogos do Barçelona esse toque de bola envolvente deixa o futebol muito mais divertido e bonito da mais gosto de asisti por isso o Barça é tão querido.
He is a very good player 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Mersad Demo
Mersad Demo:
even the match tempo was quite low, he moved the ball a bit faster and more forward than usual barcelona midfield which is good. Also clear to see that he was a bit nervous especially when shooting.
Qyll Rs
Qyll Rs:
A calm midfield that controls the midfield with world class passing. Reminds me of xavi (a bit)
Even if he's old, his talent is undeniable
His vision is top quality, and his accuracy will come with time. 2:34 should’ve been a penalty as well. Decent debut.
He’s a smart player. ( he play simple and vision of the field)
Jean Pierre Medina S.
Jean Pierre Medina S.:
Miro a Pjanic y es como ver a Xavi, pide la pelts desde abajo para crear salida. Tiene mucha visión de juego y creatividad.
Farin Miz
Farin Miz:
Less running and too much passing. Barca is suitable for Pjanic
Dilan Andy Lezma Espinoza
Dilan Andy Lezma Espinoza:
Lo veo bien a Pjanic, un poco cohibido pero le hará bien al equipo
Al Fonsi
Al Fonsi:
He’s what they needed on that midfield, him and busquets together going to be interesting
El NeNe
El NeNe:
Que elegancia y que profesional titular sin duda busquets al banquillo
I feel bad for him, he was involved in a bad swap deal and everyone says he's bad just because of that
Mustafa Isakovic
Mustafa Isakovic:
Good luck Pjanić! ❤️🌺
Zaadiq Hussein
Zaadiq Hussein:
What a Pleyer welcome M.Pjanic 😘❤🔥✋
His fouls he gave up were often because of players outpacing him. Will be easily exploited by trickier teams that press hard.
Smith Becker
Smith Becker:
We needed Thiago, someone to link the midfield and and together very fast. I see Barca no aggression in the middle.
Hopefully he could take Bosnia to Euro 2021 now!!!
Abdelkarim Boutamany
Abdelkarim Boutamany:
I see why they would take Pjanic over Arthur, and in fact it's a solid pick albeit the age diff, Arthur makes useless passes, Pjanic goes for risky ones.
He had 2 good chances but he blasted it away.......
He has got only 3 days training... so i hope he will come back to great form.....
Christian KITOKO
Christian KITOKO:
Un début intéressant
Bravo Pjanic
Pablo Ojeda barria
Pablo Ojeda barria:
Haber no es el mejor partido qué pudo hacer, pero sin dudas mejor qué Busquets juega
Mario Suarez
Mario Suarez:
Talvez no hace lo mismo k estos dos técnicos anteriores y save explotar el potencial de bembele es lo mejor k tiene el Barça
Keep up the Good work ...

Máximo PT
Máximo PT:
Madre mía Barcelona tiene un montón de jugadores bueno pibes con futuro pero no saben manejarlos una lastima espero que puedan llevar al equipo más lejos
I am MR XXX:
Pjanic is a class 👍🏼
Speaking English Fluently
Speaking English Fluently:
He is a skilled player with a high conscience in controlling of ball just as inesta and xavi
yenes paul mamani apaza
yenes paul mamani apaza:
Que buena adquisicion,un jugador de 30 años a mas de 65 millones de Euros
To ReĐa
To ReĐa:
💙❤️ T E A M 💙❤️
برشلونة يتووج بكأس خوان غامبر للمرة 43 في تأريخه🏆
rigo good
rigo good:
He is so smart: Try to buy a penalty, defensive foul but never even get a yellow card! Verry Good soccer IQ.
naprijed nasi.
Chombrero de Rovero
Chombrero de Rovero:
Ok after this debut match with the nervousness, the dose of fear and respect we can’t conclude much if he’s right signing for the Barcelona or not. But I want to say this, I have been following Pjanic throughout his whole career, and I think he is a really amazing player who is able to adapt to every football style that a coach expects from him. If you look in past how he played in Metz, Lyon, Roma and partly in Juve you will see how successful he was in offensive operations, he played really attractive football and he scored many beautiful goals, not to mention his free kick skills. I may be wrong but I think Pjanic needs a little time to adapt, he is smart, he is already playing their style and in a short time he will be able to do whatever Koeman wants him to.
Gabo.C Ramírez
Gabo.C Ramírez:
No creo que se deba juzgar a pjanic ya que Griezmann entro de ls peor forma tmb y aún le cuesta mucho con más confianza en el la hace
Maicol Battistini
Maicol Battistini:
Che bello vederlo al barca , sempre il passaggio di appoggio, mai un lancio filtrante , mai un apertura laterale.. solo appoggino e niente corsa ..
Debasish Chapeyar
Debasish Chapeyar:
for now what I m liking of Pjanic is his Pass Precision … He is tooo good. and loving his successful ball stealing from opponents. but His shoot is still bad.. hoping that he will recover as time passes.
I am a juve fan and watched him playing the last three years. if he finds the confidence he lost last year he is a great player, otherwise just avarege. I guess only time will tell
Suchit mrzn
Suchit mrzn:
If Pjanic and Busquets play together we are dead man.
Renato melo
Renato melo:
Let's all be real. One of the biggest problems at barca is the fact that everyone is trying to replace Neymar. Like Coutinho came and they played him as Ney Griezmann came and they played him like Ney. It's not just the board it's the coaches. De Jong was half a player he was. Last season and the season before we had a good squad. Yes i agree that we should get some better defenders. But most important a f##king coach that knows the players. And stop selling youngsters. Thank you.
We can use pjanic against low block defense setups for accurate crossing. He's really good at those crosses.
Adhemar los angeles negros
Adhemar los angeles negros:
Parece q sera un buen fichaje
Daniel Galea
Daniel Galea:
He will be under alot of pressure. Every game will be "well, couldn't have Puig done this?".

Before, it was only Arthur who had lost confidence so the comparison is better for him. But Puig has been fantastic, and even "normal" Pjanic performance will be criticised.
Noble Society FIFA Team l Recruiting
Noble Society FIFA Team l Recruiting:
Keep grinding out content & uploading it 💪💪💪
stefoxby borjas
stefoxby borjas:
La futura promesa vamossss
Leo Badajos
Leo Badajos:
He's freaking calm isn't he?
Estuardo Monge
Estuardo Monge:
Yo solo espero que Pjanic banquee a Busquets definitivamente
kenyi Angeles
kenyi Angeles:
No hay mejor 8 que andres iniesta
Simple &smart player.
Fernando Henrique
Fernando Henrique:
Paulinho 8 Saudade 🥺❤💙❤💙
the vision
the vision:
now i know 4 sure why we're going after wijnaldum . we lack physicality in the mid and with our defenders being weak we need a guy that will run around and put fires out . that's not busquets , pjanic or even puig . i do not rate the board or koeman but i do respect the coach his honesty and he's right , puig is young and needs min . but the cdm role is not his position and the cam role where he exells is being occupied by messi coutinho and griezman . so i would be all in 4 a loan move
Goddy Maka
Goddy Maka:
Wanted him 3 years ago to replace iniesta
emirmire 99
emirmire 99:
El principito ahora se ha convertido en un gran príincipe.
To ReĐa
To ReĐa:
🔚 Preseason is over!
🏁 Barça 1-0 Elche
⚽ Griezmann
💙❤️ #ForçaBarça
One of the few to play with Messi and Ronaldo
Dzek Trbosjek
Dzek Trbosjek:
Maestro Mire 🇧🇦
Travis Travis
Travis Travis:
He’s still on Sarri’s mood.
Jo ey
Jo ey:
Hmm yeah it's slow, less enjoyable match but Pjanic really suites in Barca
Black Zetsu
Black Zetsu:
I don't even thinking he going to FC Barcelona . But it does come true 😅
dat TURKY:
You knows whats interestin about Pjanic?? He actually got to play with Ronaldo and Messi
Esteban Bravo
Esteban Bravo:
El podrá contar a sus hijos y nietos , jugué con C.Ronaldo y L.Mesi
Trx_English Adventures
Trx_English Adventures:
Buona fortuna Pjanic 👍💪
Santiago Acosta
Santiago Acosta:
Simple y sencillo tremendo pjanic ademas de no quejarse si cobran falta calladito es mejor👏👏 de jong y pjanic dupla
Genesis Rodriguez
Genesis Rodriguez:
Me gusta Pjanic 🤗
HMZ 09
HMZ 09:
Todos dicen que no necesita velocidad, cuando el equipo rival salga a la contra ya me dirás.
Sebastian Torres Cardozo
Sebastian Torres Cardozo:
1:49 ufff uff, cuidao ehh, eso paso rozando el arco, cuidaoo con esteee jugador, es un mostro, vaya pedazo de debut.
Y por cierto, estaba siendo sarcástico
pleasurechac González
pleasurechac González:
Tal vez me equivoco pero pjianic está dando toques y toques lo que le Asia falta al Barça
Que sueño da ver jugar a pjanic, falta puig o vidal
Paulo Garcia
Paulo Garcia:
Loucura Trocar o Arthur por Pjanic kkkkk
Sokrteuk Channaren
Sokrteuk Channaren:
I agree with Morinho that if you want to win trophies, you have to be strong defensively. With big team it's your ability to control the ball and not loose it. Pjanic is brought in for mainly defensive role not to replce Vidal but to replace Sergio Busqets. Off course he can provide attacking threat but i can see that's his passing is very smooth. People say it's too slow but i think this how he control the tempo of the match.
nedeljko ahmetovic
nedeljko ahmetovic:
i like pjanic he is one of the best players in his position and he will give his best i'm sure
on the other hand, I wish I had the same worries as all the multimillionaires on the
Football field
Mario Suarez
Mario Suarez:
Es un jugador de descarte igual k piqué y dejan hir jugadores jóvenes de futuro
You will see why they call him the magician .... remember this ...
Giancarlo Tubal
Giancarlo Tubal:
Koeman needs to give him more playing time
Hope his career doesn’t end like Arturo Vidal and Arda Turan 😌😌😌.
Euro Trader
Euro Trader:
Barcelona now has the best two free kick takers
Shivansh Tripathi
Shivansh Tripathi:
Lack of aggression dude ! The team's midfield has become lesser and lesser aggressive since the departure of Xavi and Iniesta.
Mr. Island
Mr. Island:
Nice man, he has a good skill to be midfielder as xavi had.
Lion Master
Lion Master:
Good signing
Devi Fernando Aizeque
Devi Fernando Aizeque:
Espero k treinador veja bem sobre o Puk
Footz Highlight
Footz Highlight:
He is a good piece for Barca.
il giocatore più sopravvalutato degli ultimi 10 anni.
Aniket Dessai
Aniket Dessai:
Pjanic is a world class midfielder, Barcelona just bought him late. Still can give 2-3 years of peak performance.
Hrithik Sampson
Hrithik Sampson:
3:36 this is the classic example movement of players in barca
Mohammed Burhan
Mohammed Burhan:
Not bad😍👏🏽👏🏽
Hlogi Lehlogonolo
Hlogi Lehlogonolo:
Ppl are saying his less energetic than puig his 30 yrs old 😂😂
Pjanic is player you need if you play possesion ball. That is Juve’s Allegri play for years.. As long as I can see.. Arthur plays just like him. But he’s young, more technical but less accurate. I say.. fair trade for additional 15 millions.
Tegoeh Idris
Tegoeh Idris:
Kehilangan Rakitic yg pindah ke Sevilla, Barcelona mendapat ganti yg sepadan dalam diri Miralem Pjanic. Bersinar di AS Roma lalu hijrah ke Juventus, semakin mempertajam gaya dan visi permainannya.
بيت الصداقة
بيت الصداقة:
Pejaniccccc 👏👏👏👏
brambilla fumagalli
brambilla fumagalli:
Buona fortuna Miralem sei un grande giocatore.
Fino alla fine
Forza Juventus
Namiluko Sikufele
Namiluko Sikufele:
Panic and De jong should be tge starters on the midfield
Carlos Kareem Boss
Carlos Kareem Boss:
Pjanic and Messi wud communicate very well they both are silent killers.
Soy el único que pensó que los comentaristas al principio estaban hablando en italiano,después en español y al final me di cuenta que estaban hablando en Catalán?
Lingua Franca
Lingua Franca:
I like this type of midfielder who plays more with brain and skills over physicality. We have been missing that in Barca since 2015. Plus, we badly need sb who provides assists aside from Leo. If I were the coach, I would use him in both positions of midfield: defensive and offensive on the same game depending on the result of the game.
Pianic good but still think Arthur could’ve been better staying he young fast and can hold the ball
H J:
Pjanic the new iniesta with number 8 jersey
Fahim Hasan
Fahim Hasan:
Where are you now? Under the bright but faded lights You set my heart on fire Where are you now? Where are you now?