Mitch McConnell Open to Trump Impeachment? | The View

As more Republican lawmakers lean towards impeaching Pres. Trump following an insurrection at Capitol Hill, the co-hosts question if the GOP will actually vote to convict the president in an impeachment trial.

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They’r not looking for unity, they’re looking for immunity.
Mike Gillispie
Mike Gillispie:
Trump almost got y’all killed, and yet, their are still Republicans that don’t want to impeach him.
Angela B.
Angela B.:
Oh please don’t be naive! He’s not going to ever choose country over party, ever!
Cynthia Langley
Cynthia Langley:
Can't heal and unite without accountability first.
Kenneth Hlavik
Kenneth Hlavik:
Mitch McConnell can't be trusted ever! We know from his past.
Iam Citi
Iam Citi:
Mitch, you are selling the American people short.
An impeacheable event according to Republicans is a blow-job, not a mob trying to take over the House led by crazy Trump.
John Wick
John Wick:
Hilarious, just hilarious these Republicans wanting "peace" now
Neither communist nor religious dictatorship in America .
Why can't Republicans wear masks properly?
Joie Richardson
Joie Richardson:
Thank you Sara!! This is not about “unity” this is about accountability and hopefully deflecting someone from thinking this behind is acceptable in USA
It is not! You cannot incite violence then back away
Access Professional
Access Professional:
Ms. Hostin is on FIRE!
Île-de- France
Île-de- France:
*New rule: If you brought us to this point by peddling The Big Lie, you don’t get to preach about “healing” and “unity.”*

*Healing and unity always require truth and accountability.*
Robert Marino
Robert Marino:
Lie detector test for all politicians , we want the truth , begin here !
Jay Bee
Jay Bee:
Y’all pls stay safe. The Ring Wingers and
Q-ANON have lost it.Be careful and check your surroundings especially those who live in a REPUBLICAN STATE. ❤️❤️🙏🙏
Pat T
Pat T:
Kick out the congressmen and women that went along with trump in their sedition acts. They didn't uphold their oath.
Rachel K
Rachel K:
"He needs to be out like four years ago."

Sami Motaghedi
Sami Motaghedi:
We can heal and unite after there is justice for what happened on Jan 6
Joshua Baughn
Joshua Baughn:
Mitch McConnell's cousin was my American History teacher.
Terry Barnett
Terry Barnett:
You’s are in big trouble America your enemies are yourselves , Pandora’s box has been opened,
Dan Dan
Dan Dan:
Mitch is back peddling he loses power and hopefully he resign ....
Holly Harrison
Holly Harrison:
Red is Joy’s color for sure. She looks gorgeous
Kazadi Kashama
Kazadi Kashama:
I don't believe it one bit. Moscow mitch doesn't have the testicular material to go against trump
Can't heal America until you hold people accountable.
Russell S. Soehner II
Russell S. Soehner II:
“You know who” is the language of a large bodied child. We need to stop shouting and start listening to each other. Calm down, stop talking over each other and practice listening.
Joshua Tayongi Billy
Joshua Tayongi Billy:
"Steal the vote" slogan is the divisive force that needs to be suppressed to allow unity to reign all over the country.

Accountability before peace.
Ka Max
Ka Max:
Well said Sara! Look at the people who are being radicalized! The key is why do people become radicalized.
I can't believe Sarah is leaving again. She's highly under-rated; makes very smart arguments. I feel super-informed listening to her perspective.
John Burns
John Burns:
The Real Question, “Is This Constitutional??
If you listen to many of these Politicians, who say, “Our Democracy”, America Is A Republic, Not A Democracy.
Tiffani Floyd
Tiffani Floyd:
Why does Sara talk longer than everyone else?
Nah Z
Nah Z:
He’s impeached so that he won’t run again in 2024
Hope the view knows they earned and added real quality to their show Sarah i think that was a very good addition 👍
Jane Marner
Jane Marner:
Good thoughts Sara! And all !
Modern Day Warrior
Modern Day Warrior:
Now that he's been impeached twice, I think you can stop calling him President, out of respect for the office, which he *never* respected.
Robin Sage
Robin Sage:
McConnell, sedition is a 20 year sentence.
David Garvin
David Garvin:
We should look into
Mitch McConnell’s abuse of power. Where did he get $33 million
Curtis Grissom
Curtis Grissom:
Why would I believe lying turtleman.
Che Ni
Che Ni:
It‘s a cult. We all know what happens when the dear leader is about to lose power ...
Yudhisthira dasa
Yudhisthira dasa:
Republicans are suddenly preach about not being divisive, after four years of hate, disunity, and divisiveness spewed by their sub-human, republican president.
If the Republicans want unity, then they need to get on the right side of history.
Rafel Moore
Rafel Moore:
They was always like that
FocusGroup Entertainment
FocusGroup Entertainment:
It’s so obvious that anyone of those representatives who are not in line with impeaching the president are obviously Incahoots double agents doing their job on behalf of the president and not on behalf of the American people or any American ideology for that matter.
Tom Anderson
Tom Anderson:
Its funny cause the GOP House members were bitching about how there was no due process for Trump's second impeachment trial yet thats EXACTLY what they did in the Senate in his first impeachment trial. They called no witnesses. I dont even think there was debate over it. They just voted to acquit him plain and simple.
Mitch is a modern day Benedict Arnold ! People will remember what you did.
The Reps want to heal without admitting the big lie.
fresh organic hand cupped farts
fresh organic hand cupped farts:
"Nobody knows impeachment better than me, big beautiful impeachments, we've had many, many impeachments, more impeachments than anyone in fact, truly incredible, very special, really terrific, ask anyone, they all know, believe me... everyone agrees. "
Lyn W
Lyn W:
Minority Senate leader, you’re not fooling anyone.
hazel green
hazel green:
The GOP has been gutted of everything it once stood for; co-opted and corrupted by the self interest of a sociopath.
*R.I.P. Republican Party*
Peace Maker
Peace Maker:
Jim Jordan doesn't have what it takes to be a member of that house...
McConnell is more pissed that he lost his power now; this is why he has turned against Trump. ‘There is no honor among thieves’
Jermaine B
Jermaine B:
Mitch got what he wanted, a one term president. Be careful with your words!
Gina Nenstiel
Gina Nenstiel:
Unity comes when we ALL admit we played a part in this.
Fernando Nunez
Fernando Nunez:
I believe there were Republican Congress people who were deeply involved in the insurrection. I believe some of the Congress people knew what was going to happen & they already knew who the targets were, so they still behaved the same way throughout the situation, they continued to refuse mask & they continued to tout their lies of election fraud and I deeply believe many of our REPUBLICAN CONGRESS LEADERS are compromised & were & still are vital members of the insurrection and I believe you can surmise who they are by their actions and words even now. Just like there were & still are members or the insurrection in our military, various law enforcement, and other areas of our government, WE MUST BELIEVE, especially based on their words & actions, that their are members of Congress & members of their staffs that are insurrectionist.
Monte McCarty
Monte McCarty:
I think the GOP is headed for a split. As long as Democrats can stay together...its gonna take a while for the GOP to recover.
Scott Dunning
Scott Dunning:
10 Republicans voted with the Democrats for impeachment. That’s twice as many Democrats who voted to impeach Bill Clinton. Another record for impeached President Donald Trump......Tremendous!! 🤣
Connie Avant
Connie Avant:
Yes Sarah!! You are absolutely right!! I agree with you totally!!
No one is above the law. No unity without accountability.
Carrington Prichett
Carrington Prichett:
Update: He’s been impeached!
John Arney
John Arney:
Wish washy Mitch is changing his mind about agreeing with impeachment.
Gloria C
Gloria C:
Trump’s going to eat anyone that goes against him. Remember republicans “one wrong move”!
McConnell is truly making moves, as Joy said! They impeached him so now lets see how the ball rolls.
Donna Neil
Donna Neil:
Mitch McConnel is playing a monopoly game. STOP IT.
jose rodriguez
jose rodriguez:
If worst comes to worst! Use the special forces, and the military on them, like the green beret! Against all these Trump supporters! Don't allow them to take your freedom away from you!
blue puppy
blue puppy:
Okay.Maybe this is petty: Has Whoopi been painting before the show?
Red or Dead
Red or Dead:
Good N' Plenty
Good N' Plenty:
All about saving face, whatever that means at this point.
Nicholas Schofield
Nicholas Schofield:
Mitch is sending up smoke to bait the dems into sending the articles too early.
K L:
“We have put together one of the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organizations in the history of American politics.” Joe Biden
The Republican gaslighting continues. It seems these people won't learn until one of these MAGA terrorists harms one of them. #RIPGOP
John Carpenter
John Carpenter:
Trump needs to finally suffer consequences for his bad deeds. There has been way too much enabling already.
Chris Ke
Chris Ke:
I so agree with Sara, the demographics of this group is shocking. Educated, men and women who brought their children to the Capitol. Military, Police, former politicians. Unbelievable and most of all disappointing.
Beth Griesauer
Beth Griesauer:
Interesting how so many Republicans were having difficulties with their masks. Was this their first time wearing one?
Shanise Davis
Shanise Davis:
Everyone can see the writing on the wall!!
Ertjies B
Ertjies B:
Imagine if they had only fired him when he was impeached the last time...
How many people would still be alive if someone else had been running the country in 2020?
Ram Barlev
Ram Barlev:
Before you heal the wound you need to remove the necrotic tumor
vivien slennett
vivien slennett:
Whoopi asks, "what am I not seeing?". Lord only knows I can SEE all the way from another country 🙄
***Side note: what’s going on w/ Whoopi’s shirt? Did she just finish painting/carpentry? Or was it purchased brand new like that? 😂
Starkey Roberson
Starkey Roberson:
What bothers me the most is that people still don't get that this is no longer about Democrats versus Republican, but good versus evil. People are so blind!!!
Sergio Spallino
Sergio Spallino:
If the Republicans don't say YES to the Impeachment they will lose their credibility. US Democracy must be a model for all nations of the world.
Muted Witness
Muted Witness:
Finally the White House gets the enema it's needed for 4 years
rostam rostam
rostam rostam:
Some people resign on a point of honour, an alien concept to Donald Trump.
He shot himself in the foot".
RenewableEnergy EPA
RenewableEnergy EPA:
Odd how he classifies everything as dangerous except his actions.
M S:
May I remind people that the darkness and division is hundreds of years
YC Takahashi
YC Takahashi:
Sonny needs her own show.
Midnight Sun
Midnight Sun:
*It will take forever to fumigate The White House. Everything will have to be thrown away. Trump's personality was so toxic it ate the finish off the china and furniture.*
Nyasha n
Nyasha n:
Oh Wow! You ladies look great today. Love the necklace Sonny. Thank you for every day hot topics on the view.
Cathy Anders
Cathy Anders:
Well those people who stormed the capital. Should know now why there grand fathers wore white sheets. Shameful
Irving Kurlinski
Irving Kurlinski:
Remove the Rt. wingers that helped support and foment the insurrection. They are guilty of conspiracy, sedition, insurrection, and perhaps treason if carrying a Confederate flag.
Isa Isa
Isa Isa:
Mitch is just traitor maraid a Chinese woman this fact
An expired turkey tht lied. Action speaks more than his words now.
Hex Boriken
Hex Boriken:
Part of the healing process is getting justice. Isn’t this why we hold people accountable in the first place?
We will never have a Presidency without impeachment again.
Amy Reynolds
Amy Reynolds:
Amen y'all. Remove number 45 then solve the problems of racism.
Rob Young
Rob Young:
I love Sarah ,she’s a great addition to the show..Is she really leaving the View.
Man, politics is so entertaining when you aren’t a democrat or a republican.
Divine Ross
Divine Ross:
'I'm outta reach, twice impeached'. Trump spitting lyrics...
Paulo M
Paulo M:
Breaking News!!! Polls now show that >50% of Kentucky voters support impeachment. The Senate won't consider the Articles of Impeachment if that number goes below 50%.
All whites are not white supremacist , but all supremacist are white.
Enders Jehuty
Enders Jehuty:
Ms. Woolbert should change her shirt after finish painting her house.
Sarah: "More divided than we've ever been." ::coff:: Civil War ::coff::