Mo Salah wonder strike! | Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea | Highlights

The Reds made it 38 unbeaten games at Anfield with a win over Chelsea - which included a wonder strike from Mo Salah.

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100+ comentarios:

Let's talk Uganda
Let's talk Uganda:
they caleed him a bomber...and he bombed them,,,,hahhahahha
Traffic Monsoon Academy
Traffic Monsoon Academy:
Chelsea fans singing...

“Salah is a bomber”
"Salah is a bomber”
"Salah is a bomber”
"Salah is a bomber”
"Salah is a bomber”

Salah : *BOOM!*
Catalyst Games
Catalyst Games:
salah will win golden boot.
That’s it i’m naming my son Mohammed
minkey minkey
minkey minkey:
I hope that Liverpool will win CL and PL...Much Love from Berlin,Germany. YNWA!! <3
Jack Hogg I’m just a normal lad from Liverpool
Jack Hogg I’m just a normal lad from Liverpool:
Mo salah you are a an amazing man we love you Muslim hero for ever
Runisheen 2
Runisheen 2:
Mo is back with the world-class finishing hope he does it today against Porto- 168th like 32nd comment
Vlog tubeفلوك تيوب
Vlog tubeفلوك تيوب:
what a nice freindship between Hazrd&mo.salah😍 You will never wk alone🤗❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Salah and mane are real legends
mike dave
mike dave:
Mo salah smashing Chelsea with the goal just like how khabib smashing Conar mac tapa
Ahmed MZ
Ahmed MZ:
when salah scores,he scores B A N G E R S.
Junaid Abdul Mannan
Junaid Abdul Mannan:
2:23 The celebration of jurgen klopp😂
Verhona is my dad
Verhona is my dad:
Mo salah mo salah mo salah running down the wing. Salaaalalalalalala the Egyptian king
HaSsan Mokhtar
HaSsan Mokhtar:
From Egypt ❤❤❤
Salah is absolutely incredible
Donyaye Shaeran
Donyaye Shaeran:
mo salaaah mo salaaaaaah
Ãhmed elhusseiny
Ãhmed elhusseiny:
I love mo salah 😍
Souna Samdy
Souna Samdy:
Much love to Mohamed Salah THE LEGEND 😍😍😍😍😍😍.he is fast intelligent humble goals...😘😘😘😘😘😘fan from Italy
Davy Jones
Davy Jones:
Who like the Kenny Dalglish smile after the mo Salah's gool ??
🔴 Ynwa
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh:
Salah's goal looked more like an arrow the flight on the ball was breathtaking.
ahmed abdelslam
ahmed abdelslam:
mo salah 🇪🇬❤✋
leen alrasheed
leen alrasheed:
Mane or salah for the golden boot c'mon reds!!!!
Pierre de mann
Pierre de mann:
Liverpool legend Mohd Salah..
Sahid salah JAMAC
Sahid salah JAMAC:
Salah love
فراس العلاونة
فراس العلاونة:
Mo salah 😍😍😍💪🇪🇬🇯🇴
مصريه وافتخر
مصريه وافتخر:
mohmad salah😍🇪🇬💪👏👑
omg a fantastic screamer from our egyptian king
Mighty Mark
Mighty Mark:
He's our centre half he's our number four watch him defend and we will watch him score he'll pass the ball calm as you like he's Virgil Van Dijk he's Virgil Van Dijk
Supernatural Talents
Supernatural Talents:
0:46 Looks at sadio mané celebration lol, he makes me laugh like crazy and for long time hahahaha Oh my God also 2:23 jurgen Klopp celebration wooow i died laughing hahhahahah
Ibrahim Mohamed Elmasre
Ibrahim Mohamed Elmasre:
Mo. Salah 💣💥
Kamal Zeyada
Kamal Zeyada:
Mo Salah the best in the world❤👑
Manal Sabry
Manal Sabry:
the best goal in the pl
Look at the referees reaction on Salah goal!
Aaron T
Aaron T:
the fortress <3
Ödön Jáhn
Ödön Jáhn:
OMG Salah
Instinct Matters
Instinct Matters:
Amazing goal, amazing commentary
Where's the effect editing ffs
1st wow
jack wizard
jack wizard:
Salah is back
Hope City draw their fmatch with spurs and utd...
Sinead Masters
Sinead Masters:
if Salah ran over me I would thank him
ToolsExtra Viergosh
ToolsExtra Viergosh:
Amazing !!
Semir Tube
Semir Tube:
M.salah king of king from Ethiopian
ahat naaj
ahat naaj:
we can win the champions league 2019 INSHA ALLAH <3
In the Shadow
In the Shadow:
Klopp the genius , in klopp we trust !
Ishwinder Sandhu
Ishwinder Sandhu:
He's back ladies and gentlemen, he's back 😪
The Ringer
The Ringer:
Your Pharaoh❤❤
Mohamed Abo Dlal
Mohamed Abo Dlal:
Egyptian king
Nurul Hussain
Nurul Hussain:
Salah didn't even look once where to kick bt he did n scored. That's pure talent.
FKD Clan
FKD Clan:
Welcome to Buddhism Style.
WTH-for U
WTH-for U:
Mo Salah ....amazing👆👆👆
ahmed mahmoud
ahmed mahmoud:
these two goal are wonderful
Cesar Calderon
Cesar Calderon:
Jajajajajja mamita Klopp al final del vídeo 😂👍🏼
reminded me of ronaldos goal
Foodi e
Foodi e:
I just came here to subscribe after I saw a post on our Facebook page lol
Michael Grace
Michael Grace:
The whole man city squad have disliked this
Bangoura Gaspard
Bangoura Gaspard:
Monsieur Klopp vous êtes un bon manager et vous savez faire tourner l'effectif
Gabi Wilcer
Gabi Wilcer:
Aaqib Bhat
Aaqib Bhat:
salah is love
Sam Majeed
Sam Majeed:
Liverpool will the champ.... ❤️
Uefa nd epl....
Ichsan H. Pranoto
Ichsan H. Pranoto:
Viva Liverpool, Viva Salah, Viva Klopp !!
قناة قاهر المتناقضين
قناة قاهر المتناقضين:
Tha was amazing
Omair Sheikh
Omair Sheikh:
Hazard's work rate is amazing
Leo Seth
Leo Seth:
this pro, diph.haker on lG was able to get my lG page verified in few hours, he is such a legend🇨🇦..
Dhiraz Paudel
Dhiraz Paudel:
Look at that reaction ♥️😘
M. Jensen
M. Jensen:
What a bomb!
Eddy Sandland
Eddy Sandland:
Who remembers when Fowler scored the exact same goal!!!?? I think it was against A Villa!!?? Let Me know if I'm Right!!?? YNWA x
Tarek El-Maddah
Tarek El-Maddah:
Klopp reaction 😍
عماد احمد السعودي
عماد احمد السعودي:
Mo Salah goal scoring 44 goals in 50 games at infield. Thats a record
Kapkan 1389
Kapkan 1389:
I love it 🔴LFC⚽
Ivanjeboi he
Ivanjeboi he:
This is the BEST highligt i have ever seen. Big cred Liverpool fc
Rory Smith
Rory Smith:
Love how all the Chelsea fans talk about how salah was a flop and then he scores a Rocket and poses right o front of them
Andrew Romany
Andrew Romany:
CC Tamal
CC Tamal:
OMG what a save by Allison 😍
Hassen Noormahomed
Hassen Noormahomed:
Up the reds :)
Anshul C
Anshul C:
Can we appreciate Hazard trying his best to bring Chelsea back in the game.
Sundari Siti
Sundari Siti:
Moh salah celebrate his goal with doing yoga
So cute
Also Jurgen Klopp
Very cute here
Ahmed AbdEl Nasser
Ahmed AbdEl Nasser:
Love you liverpool 😊❤
And love you the egyptian king mo salah👑💪❤
Ahmed AbdElNasser
Ahmed AbdElNasser:
The Egyptian King Mo Salah 💪👑
Love Liverpool Team 💪
يوسف إبن عبد السلام ناصري
يوسف إبن عبد السلام ناصري:
maxAllah , Amazing dudies
When can we often see a manager that is so spirited n engaged with the fans other than Jurgen Klopp.. Best Coach in this era
Mohammad Mahin
Mohammad Mahin:
Bring on Porto
Jayden Hope
Jayden Hope:
Hello wonder kings
انسان بسيط
انسان بسيط:
في حد مصري هنا غيري اسبت وجودك بلايك
Freezy Coldy
Freezy Coldy:
Klopp doing great
Hazard really missed chances
Nasrullah Zaren
Nasrullah Zaren:
Imagine thinking that Salah wants to leave
Abdul Aziz
Abdul Aziz:
1st wow
Kalim 09
Kalim 09:
The Stamford bridge collapsed.
Warung Gaming
Warung Gaming:
2:23 klopp gaya tukul
Mosalah makes me fallin
that day salah lookied like previous season salah
m salah is still friends with Chelsea
Me: Wat
sahil verma
sahil verma:
Allez allez allez ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
tdyerwestfield - OFTW OG
tdyerwestfield - OFTW OG:
Not heard John Bradley scream like that for a while!
Blazed Se!ta
Blazed Se!ta:
Music ?
Helen Rudd
Helen Rudd:
It was voted goalofthemonth
Hoje foi 2x0 pro chelse kkkkk vingança
tyler foster
tyler foster:
'salah..... goes FOR GOAL, OH MY WORDD'