Mohamed Salah is Unstoppable 🔥

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If you think MOHAMED KING SALAH will win Ballon d’Or

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mohamed elnegm
mohamed elnegm:
What I like the most about Mohamed Salah's goals is that everyone watches the ball as it enters the net, even the goalkeeper 😂😂
Traiton Neguchi
Traiton Neguchi:
As a United fan this man is both terrifying and just simply brilliant just can't hate him
Yamen Ahmed Salah
Yamen Ahmed Salah:
You can’t stop him 🔥🔥🔥
I think he's been working in his footwork, even more this season, seems unpredictable what he is about to do when he has the ball
Asana Takele
Asana Takele:
He is best player in the world right now🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Nasir AL-Dossary
Nasir AL-Dossary:
player like Mohammed Salah is definitely the best player, may Allah protect him.
I've run out of words ,the man is a phenomenon
Nick Moore
Nick Moore:
Again an assist and a goal in back to back matches.
This man is insane 😊
He is the best and always will be
Very Iran
Very Iran:
Salah was terrifyingly awesome 🔥🔥🔥
He is one of the best players in the world right now, I think this year will be his best season with Liverpool
If he continues this for 3 more seasons, he will be the greatest premier league player ever 🔥
I’m a Manchester United fan but I gotta give some props to this legend
Fatoom Gierdien
Fatoom Gierdien:
Mo Salah for Ballon d Or!!
Mo Salah is noticeably, the best player in the world.
Layth Barzangi
Layth Barzangi:
Bloody hell, just give him the Ballon d'Or now.
Ciise Xaaji Cabdi
Ciise Xaaji Cabdi:
His assist to manè against Watford looks more like dream league soccer game.
Salah has scored more goals than any other player since his arrival in the PL underlines his brilliance in front of goal left or right foot left us guessing. That's genius.
no player even comes close to salah's back heel passes
Lucky to have him playing for LFC and in England. Excellent role model for children. Masha Allah.
Inrayda Mwangi
Inrayda Mwangi:
He's a phenomenon.
His assist to Mane vs Watford was amazing. It just curled in, it is just pure class.
Nicolas Hartenfaust-Lutz
Nicolas Hartenfaust-Lutz:
He is worth every £ he asks because he is a spectacular player of immense qualities who has given us joy and his goals have won matches! His actions show that he is like that and he is worth as much as the best players in the world since he is considered by FIFA one of the 3 best players in the world.
Zizo YeMeN
Zizo YeMeN:
He is good as always . Mohamed Salah is phenomenon ❤️
Loere Loere
Loere Loere:
I just kept rewinding it again & again & I don’t remember the numbers but Mo’s magic gives me chills every time. There is no doubt at all that he should be the highest paid player in the league. Superb!!!
Daso Ibra
Daso Ibra:
I just wish that Liverpool's defenders and midfielders would learn to feed Mo Salah with more passes or long passes. It is always sensational to see how Mr. Salah receive the ball , how he keeps it on his feet, how he passes the ball, dripple the ball and how he scored. But I have noticed yesterday that there were many chance where the defenders failed to pass the ball to Salah while he was completely alone and unmonitored, but they failed to do so or they have decided to score themselves, including Mr. Mane, who wasted an easy 5th goal before Ferminho last goal. Please, please, just as Mo Salah is gracious to all of you feeding you, return back the favor. There is no shame that your best player score hattrick or even 4 goals in one game. You will still get a heavy pay check at the end of the weak. Everyone benefits
No Room For Racism In Islam
No Room For Racism In Islam:
Lately Mo Salah been going at it like he got something to prove at this rate I'm not even surprised that he is unstoppable he's good at his craft.A living legend among us give him his flowers.
Omar Farah
Omar Farah:
He has to be rewarded with Ballondor, he has been on another level for a long time. Unlike Lewandowski who can only score in the easy Bundesliga Salah can score lots of wonderful goals only messi could score before, he also drives the ball and has excellent dribbling skills.
Salah, when he sees the opponent's net, sees him as if in training and puts the ball in the right place as a goal. While others watch the goal as a needle punch, and therefore their goals come by chance, they themselves did not believe them, unlike the big stars such as Salah, Messi, Cristiano and other less talented players. Sadio Mane, without Salah, could not score goals, except for a rare one.
Adib rahman
Adib rahman:
He is a beast ❤️
Maluma ßTAR
Maluma ßTAR:
Ballon d'or 2022 Mo Salah
amar Said
amar Said:
M0 Salah the best player in the world 😍😍 I'm from Egypt ❤
I 'm from Egypt. I'm proud of mo salah 🥰😍🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬
Fayz Hakimov
Fayz Hakimov:
Very glad to see that his form is back! Can't wait for Mane to get his form back as well. Also Salah's passing has been improved lately and he's not greedy like before
Ahmed Heensaleey
Ahmed Heensaleey:
King Salah best player in the world at the moment 🙌
Thank you Mohamed salah,
We hope you to continue score more wonderd gooles 👍👌👏
Nas Fal
Nas Fal:
"OHHHH' Take your hat off to Mo"hammed" Salah that's Majestic" WHAT A COMMENTARY from Taylor
عماد احمد السعودي
عماد احمد السعودي:
Jihad Soufi
Jihad Soufi:
He really deserves the ballon d'or 🏅
Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed:
محمد صلاح عالمي رغم أنف الحاقدين... نتمنى له أن يأخذ الكرة اذهبية
the best player in the world nowadays numbers and performance talking 🔥
He did this to City, now he did it to Watford 🔥 next he’s gonna do it to United! YNWA
Sarah Brian
Sarah Brian:
Can’t stop watching this video! I’m literally addicted to Mo’s performance on the pitch 😅
Alberto Baudino
Alberto Baudino:
What can you say about Pharaoh Salah: his playing together with the team by making assists and then unique goals by dribbling in the Aerial with together epic restarts full of speed rapidity that inflame the Liverpool fans Salah and a golden ball!
Qur'an paradise.
Qur'an paradise.:
He is the best and always will be
Chris zaxarias
Chris zaxarias:
He’s on a another whole different level 👀🔥🔥
hassan ashraf
hassan ashraf:
King of football 👑♥️ Not just king of Egypt 🙋
Platon& Aristote
Platon& Aristote:
Salah the Saladin of foot Ball ! simply beautifull and merveillous !
Taal Tool
Taal Tool:
The best player in the history of football…cleverness calmness skill strength
kar ma
kar ma:
That assist to mane makes me speechless
It's not that Mo is a superbly gifted player, which he is, but that he plays for a team within a system that encourages his gifts, which in turn is just pure entertainment, what more could any true sports fan ask for?
Good Chemistry
Good Chemistry:
He's is incredible, such a great touch! Thanks for sharing :)
Mo Salah, best itw right now. His dribbling is so good man🥶🥶
Amazing player the two goals in the beggining of the video are pure skill.
Im from argentina iv'e seen a lot of skilled players but salah is just incredible .
Ben Bee
Ben Bee:
I'm glad Salah is finally getting the shine he deserves 💪💪💪💯💯🔥🔥
The king of assist 👏
Salah the best ♥️♥️
khaled ibrahim
khaled ibrahim:
2nd time in two games Salah has sat someone on his ass to score goals of the season . Best player in the world
I can’t imagine Salah playing for other team
Hamedy Hassan
Hamedy Hassan:
May GOD continue blessings him in his journey am Manchester united fan but this guy is on another level he always can't stop amazing people
Never Give up
Never Give up:
Honestly the best 🤙
Ahmed Gamal
Ahmed Gamal:
Unbelievable .. Thanks for this great one 🙏❤
Music OnStream
Music OnStream:
every player have to learn from M.Salah
Amazing player, I love him!
Nice video btw, ynwa!
Rose Kimang'a
Rose Kimang'a:
This living legend is the reason I became a liverpool fan in the first place. He's incredible. In the future i want to become a footballer(J.BRUCE 7) and i will not forget to mention him. Standing ovation.
حسن العبيدي
حسن العبيدي:
The best player in the world
Manny Omran
Manny Omran:
We are so proud of you! Moe salah
Issey Omer
Issey Omer:
abdulrahman sh
abdulrahman sh:
Salah did it in two consecutive matches .. he is the best
Duy Huynh
Duy Huynh:
Im not a Liverpool fan but really hope this lad gets at least 1 ballon d’or before his time is up. We all know he deserves it
Grace London
Grace London:
he is beyond Boss Level... he is at this moment, the greatest footballer in the world
Craig Simons
Craig Simons:
When Coutinho left I thought Liverpool would never win the title, but they went from strength to strength without him.
Salah most likely is leaving at the end of this season and he will be much harder to replace than Philipe.
Liverpool have had many truly great players and Mo is definitely one of their best ever.
Amen Boughanmi
Amen Boughanmi:
He is incontainable Mo Salah
Daso Ibra
Daso Ibra:
Yes I agree, it was a very exciting and strong game...we love Liverpool, we love Liverpool's fan and we love you Mr. Salah. Now some analysis about Atletico Madrid/Liverpool game.

What is sometimes frustrating is the very weak defense by most of the defenders. Salah gets a very little support from his team members, very sad. While other players like Griezmann who scored twice, Messi, CR7, Lukakku, Riyad, Sterling, Lewandowski, among others get lots of passes and being made busy by their members, Salah must always make and create his own opportunities. Yes, today, if Mr. Salah wasn't at his very best , despite scoring two goals, we now know why! I have to say, Fermino had the chance to pass a nice and easy ball to Salah, but he chose to take the shot himself from a very long distance, while Salah was standing there, alone, unmonitored to his right. Arnold and Mane did the same. Mr. Salah cannot be defending and at the same time run forward to score. They are exhausting their best player coming back to their support at all times and in almost every game. He is supposed to be forward to score and not coming back to help them defending. Please before you say Salah was not at his best today , you need to also mention that Salah is one of very few players who defend and attack as well. defenders get a fat check on a weekly basis to do their job defending and not to be forward robbing their best right winger the chance to score more. And oh man, the chance that Chamberlain had from Salah, he wasted it by hitting so weak to land easily in the goal keepers hands, sad. Alisson did a good job yesterday.
Hossam Ibrahem
Hossam Ibrahem:
ما شاء الله عليه .❤❤❤
Salmaan Ali
Salmaan Ali:
Salah world class player
Jo Ou
Jo Ou:
I saw a Super Salah interview, at a hotel. This was like 2018, when he was having a stellar year and was rated among the top 5 soccer players in the world. So. Just wanted to see if he was STILL as big a force as he was. I mean. Egypt is not known for having an elite among the elite in world soccer, although outside of the US, every nation is trying as hard as they can. So. He looks pretty good, out there, especially if the 'how to play' part of soccer never made sense to you. You know? Even a non-soccer person can see that THIS dude is a LOT of fun to watch and super skilled. I remember the interview and the British chick interviewer chick really liked him. To see him play, it's pretty clear why he is so easy with who he is. You can be a 'world champ' from the US and no one plays your sport, elsewhere. Soccer. You're actually an ambassador as well as player. How do these dudes do it?
Mohamed Abd Ellah
Mohamed Abd Ellah:
M0 Salah the best player in the world 😍😍 I'm from Egypt ❤
Ahmed Ibrahim Abbas
Ahmed Ibrahim Abbas:
if he continous like that
he must be the best player in the world Without competition from any other player
Esther Okure
Esther Okure:
Wow, all these from this season alone??? More to watch and enjoy. #KingSalah
adam Mohamed
adam Mohamed:
I am from Egypt and very proud of Salah🇪🇬♥️🇪🇬
Global Secularism
Global Secularism:
He is a true "One Season Wonder". Replayed every season.
محمد محمد mm
محمد محمد mm:
Salah is the best player in the world right now❤
Nancy Smith
Nancy Smith:
Sound really nice moves,goals defense, passing, shooting and saves...
Videos around 3:10-3:13 clearly they are off sides before goals probably why defense didn't play defense to there potential...
Sala and teammates keep up good work...
Parina Kadmirovsky
Parina Kadmirovsky:
Salah is simply "The Best"
Roslan Hassan
Roslan Hassan:
Fastest assist and stunning dribbles
Mostafa Shalaby
Mostafa Shalaby:
SALAH what a player wooow. Mo Salah is the best player on the planet right now . This man needs more respect he deserves.
Liverpool, give him what he wants!!
Zana satori
Zana satori:
That magical left foot!!! Almost in par with the great names right now
شاهد بالمليان
شاهد بالمليان:
The best player in the world now
Andy Giabo
Andy Giabo:
Think how good he would be if he was at a big club 😉
Mohamed Fawzy
Mohamed Fawzy:
محمد صلاح مش بس اسطورة في كرة القدم، اسطورة في الأخلاق و المبادئ.
U can't stop the king 👑
Bob Seiji
Bob Seiji:
Surely he will win Ballon D’or this season
Wanaini Aini
Wanaini Aini:
Almost all of Mo Salah's goals took the goalkeepers by surprise
rawaa Esam
rawaa Esam:
3:55 wow .. how he did that without looking
Tik Tok Tube
Tik Tok Tube:
Magnificent Salah
شريف احمد
شريف احمد:
Mo salah is real pharos, so he writes the history by Hieroglyphics in football science
Hamse farah
Hamse farah:
He is another level🥶🥶🥶
Mohammed Tankoh Hamidu
Mohammed Tankoh Hamidu:
What a fantastic acrobatic performances by Mo Salah
Muhammad Adnan riaz Muhammad Adnan riaz
Muhammad Adnan riaz Muhammad Adnan riaz:
Without any controversy,i think he is the no.1 player right now