Most Biden Voters Are Voting Against President Trump, Poll Shows | Sunday TODAY

Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd joins NBC’s Hallie Jackson on Sunday TODAY to discuss a new poll that showed 58% of those asked are voting for former Vice President Joe Biden as a vote against President Donald Trump. Todd also addresses the changes at the Postal Service, which are raising concerns about mail-in voting.
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Most Biden Voters Are Voting Against President Trump, Poll Shows | Sunday TODAY

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100+ comentarios:

Air Force 1
Air Force 1:
Y’all need to fire whoever came up with that title
“Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes.” For anyone who didn’t know
Holy Trash
Holy Trash:
"Most Biden voters are voting against Trump".... I'll give you time to think that one over....
Thanks for that update I thought Biden voters were voting for trump. silly me
Warren A Story
Warren A Story:
Most people I speak to a voting trump
big earl
big earl:
Biden the type of guy to vote for trump when he casts his vote
Hey guys remember when they thought Hilary was going to win👀
Shuki The Conscious
Shuki The Conscious:
"Most Biden Voters Are Voting Against President Trump, Poll Shows"

*WOOOAH, really?*
Andrew Herman
Andrew Herman:
Joe Biden: "Covid has taken this year, just since the outbreak, has
taken more than 100 year, look, here's, the lives, it's just, when you
think about it."
Liam Mcintyre
Liam Mcintyre:
Did biden make the title
Winnie tha flu
Winnie tha flu:
"Most Biden voters are media steered sheep that didnt actually compare policies and records" fixed that title for you.
S L:
2020: Biden only lost because Trump got the most votes.
K20z3 Keith
K20z3 Keith:
Who wrote this title? I want NAMES! lol
Question Everything
Question Everything:
"I'm Joe Title, and I approve this Biden."
John Burns
John Burns:
Democrats Sabotaged Bernie Sanders and expects Democratic Supporters to Fall In Line.
George Tamayo
George Tamayo:
I think the mainstream media is loosing ground.
Yaseen Patel
Yaseen Patel:
The title is just as scrambled as Joe Bidens head.
BREAKING: Hot water heaters actually heat Up water that was cold before it was heated in the tank. TRUTH EXPOSED!!
Fat Chubby
Fat Chubby:
“I’m Joe Message and I approve this Biden.”
Fenrir AB
Fenrir AB:
Breaking news: 'water is wet'
Mother America
Mother America:
Joe Biden has been in office for over 50 years & he hasn’t accomplished anything. 🤣🤣🤣
Negative Creep
Negative Creep:
I’m joe biden,and I forgot this massage 😆
Cloud Dancer
Cloud Dancer:
The Silent Majority is just waiting to vote!
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega:
And what about your 2016 polls? total Flop.
prome teo
prome teo:
SEPTEMBER 2016 Poll: Hillary 50%, Trump 38% Five weeks later Trump surpassed her and WON the Presidency!!
Biden: They all like my hairy legs.
Expired Gatorade
Expired Gatorade:
That title tho.
Joel Soto
Joel Soto:
Am I reading the title right??
Viva la Vida
Viva la Vida:
Today journalists are so dumb they cannot make sense even a simple headline.
YesIbelieveTomGrant PI
YesIbelieveTomGrant PI:
'Most Biden Voters Are Voting Against President Trump, Poll Shows'. Never has a headline made LESS sense. Ofcourse Biden voters are voting against Trump.....because they are Biden voters.
Matthew W
Matthew W:
Joe Biden just doesn’t get it, to fix the economy can’t vote for Joe
Mr. Zen
Mr. Zen:
"Turn the Record Player On!"
Biden 1920
Media is controlling the narrative ! WHAT A JOKE?
Casey _
Casey _:
Just made as much sense as Biden’s noncoherent speeches
Headline: yeah, thats like the whole point..
MM Productions
MM Productions:
If u vote for Biden, aren’t you automatically voting against Trump?

Just a wild guess here. Trying to think outside the box.
I just came here for the comments after seeing that title.😂
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person:
Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes.
fredta ships
fredta ships:
I couldn't help but laugh at this title 🤣
Todd Mintz
Todd Mintz:
Joe Biden: “I don’t work for you!”
Utkarsh Ojha
Utkarsh Ojha:
If You are Okay with President ....who will sell our Country to China ...then okay ,,,,,,,Vote Biden
Richies Quest
Richies Quest:
TRUMP a proper president respect from the UK.
Barack Obama
Barack Obama:
Hmm yes the floor here is made out of floor
I definitely would vote Biden to have his own bloopers show on YouTube
william henderson
william henderson:
I have asked all the ones I know who said they are voting for Biden this question: Why are you voting for Biden? Answer; " I hate Trump". Then I say, yes I know you hate Trump but what positions has Biden taken that you like and will vote for Biden? Answer; " I hate Trump".
Captain Chris
Captain Chris:
“Every sixty seconds in Africa, a minute passes.”
glenn stoll
glenn stoll:
We can’t have a guy that hides in his basement for president the rest of the world will run us over
I'm voting in favor of Tara Reade.
Next: polls show that tofu is made out of soybeans
Ronaldhino Pumperino
Ronaldhino Pumperino:
I thought this was a meme
Vindicated Rascal
Vindicated Rascal:
The title alone just gave me COVID19.
Diana Sasina
Diana Sasina:
Bernie/Warren = Maybe we can.
Biden/ Kamala = We definitely can't.
Jett Rink
Jett Rink:
He's so old and stiff he walks like a little toy robot.
stonka slayer
stonka slayer:
C'mon man you gotta vote joe 3 0 33 30 he'll do stuff you know the thing ? what are you a junky?
thanh nguyen
thanh nguyen:
I just soiled my pant for laughing so hard .
Mustang SuperSnake
Mustang SuperSnake:
Love the dislike ratio. That tells us everything. ! TRUMP 2020 !
Jordie Cruyff
Jordie Cruyff:
Does Biden even have a plan? I trust trump on the economy. COVID will eventually be gone, we need to rebuild the economy and Trump was doing great before the pandemic. I trust him to bring back jobs
Todd Mintz
Todd Mintz:
Joe Biden: “You ain’t Black”
Gerard S
Gerard S:
I was winning until I lost...
I'm high as well
Caston Elkins
Caston Elkins:
ofcourse. thats why his enthusiasm is so low. thats why hes going to get crushed
Franky Goessler
Franky Goessler:
I love the US and I do respect all your decisions except voting the Democrats, that´s not America. Regards from Austria (Europe). And we are Democrats.
That was the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard
Did you just say "Most Biden Voters Are Voting Against President Trump"? I would think so.
Disturbed Bozo
Disturbed Bozo:
Wow what a groundbreaking discovery here!
I’m Joe Biden (I think?) Am I? I am...? You sure? Ok, good. I forgot this message. Where am I?
buffalo bill
buffalo bill:
We got this ppl. The comments are 🔥 lets go 🇺🇸. Proud of all of you.
Jake Knight
Jake Knight:
Oh reaaly. I never would have guessed
2 Weird
2 Weird:
You can just sense the desperation of the media much like how it displayed false confidence for Hillary once the writing was on the wall.
1st Cavalry
1st Cavalry:
You can't win an election by hiding you're candidate in a basement and trying to keep him quite as possible.
Perfect Sense
Perfect Sense:
Chuck Todd couldn’t have an objective viewpoint if his life depended on it
Dan Raul
Dan Raul:
"It would put 720 million women back in the workforce" -Over two times the population of the United States...

"Nobody should be in jail for non violent crimes"
- I can steal as much as I want just as long as I'm not violent

"What's not to like about Vermont in terms of the beauty of it and what a neat TOWN" -As he was campaigning in New Hampshire....

"Play the radio make sure the television- excuse me, make sure you have record player on at night" - Yes because that's exactly how most american citizens keep up to date with politics

"Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids"

"All men and women were created- by the- go- you know- the th- you know- THE THING"
-Oh boy...and he's one of 2 final candidates to lead our nation.
Rave Master
Rave Master:
democrats protest against the freedom that gives them the right to protest.
Amira T.
Amira T.:
They’re letting anyone write video titles these days.
K P:
I heard shadow gate is now considered a crime. Biden their coming for you ! Lol
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson:
"I'm Titled Joe, C'mon Man" 😂😆
And umm duh 👀
"Every 60 seconds a minute passes in Africa"
Does anyone actually believe Poll's anymore....ever since 2016 when it was shown the Democrats manipulated the results in an effort to swing the Presidential election in favor of what;s her face... also.if the Post Office needs more money , just raise the price of stamps, it's that simple!
T K:
Wow voters who support Biden is voting against trump, who are they voting for?
man this is like CNN all lies just so they can get what they want
Biden will follow BO's guidance: first, he'll go to Beijing, take the backdoor and meet Xi to kowtow.
Hello Hey
Hello Hey:
Every 60 seconds in Africa a minute passes
Amanda Laschola
Amanda Laschola:
Lol.... you only wish the thumbnail was correct! 😂😂😂😂😂
TOA Athletes
TOA Athletes:
Did Joe Biden write the caption ? 😂
Trump 2020🇺🇸
Jud Clendaniel
Jud Clendaniel:
Democrats...there is no vaccination for hate.
Kristel Ngami
Kristel Ngami:
Is Joe Biden using Kamala Harris to win the election 🗳?
"Most Biden Voters Are Not Voting for Biden" LOL
Jeff W
Jeff W:
It's gonna be the "Donald" show.
Sekida Vermonte
Sekida Vermonte:
news just in :: the floor is made of floor
chris hicks
chris hicks:
When you have no political stance on anything except "not trump" you are going to lose and lose big.
free to pay free
free to pay free:
Why do they call those Meet the Press???
All they do is insult the intelligence of the American people...
That statement makes sense, yes.
Harris is the best thing that happened to the Trump 🇺🇸 campaign since Biden, This election is in the bag so can we please talk about Trump JR🇺🇸 2024
Reshma Kannan
Reshma Kannan:
voting for someone just because you hate the incumbent will do you more harm than good.
Nov 3rd he'll loose and go back to his freaking basement where he belongs and pot head Kamala we'll go back to SF not to be heard of again lol
Andre D
Andre D:
People depending on oxygen to live are breathing in oxygen, reveals CO2, in new groundbreaking study
So pretty much most people are voting blindly?
WIll :D
WIll :D:
Brilliant Headline