Mourning Helen McCrory: How The World Reacted To Her Sudden Passing |⭐ OSSA

Renowned stage and film actress Helen McCrory passed away after a battle with cancer. In a statement released to the public, her husband (actor Damian Lewis) shared that Helen passed away at home, surrounded by her loved ones.

While she is well known for her roles of Aunt Polly in Peaky Blinders and Narcissa Malfoy in the Harry Potter series (and particularly the Deathly Hallows), she’s actually got an incredibly impressive resume, having appeared in films like James Bond Skyfall, His Dark Materials, as well as a host of Broadway titles.

In this video, we are remembering Helen McCrory by taking a look at the amazing impact she had. That’s right, we will be talking about celebs react to Helen McCrory news, and especially her Peaky Blinders cast, led by Cillian Murphy. For all the best and most heartfelt reactions to the actresses passing, this is the place to be. So grab some tissues and enjoy this OSSAm video.

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100+ comentarios:

Peaky Blinders will never be the same without her
Isaac Tshiu Tsotetsi
Isaac Tshiu Tsotetsi:
“ 45 years old and still breaking hearts, eh ? “ 🥺
Harshvardhan Kadam
Harshvardhan Kadam:
Her role in Peaky Blinders was magnificent 😍
Rodney Jackson Jr
Rodney Jackson Jr:
She and Chadwick are the only people i know of that endured cancer while giving Oscar worthy entertainment and no one even knowing :( true strength and hope they lay restfully
Orange Potato
Orange Potato:
Helen was definitely a legend and she will be missed by all of her lovely fans!
I've never felt so devastated at the passing of a celebrity as I do in hearing this. 💔
carolyn ellis
carolyn ellis:
Hiding cancer must have been one power house performance. I loved the parts she played, a very talented actress. I'm so sorry for her family, young children
styen dimpu
styen dimpu:
"Being brave is going somewhere where no man has ever gone before"-Aunt poll😭😭

Miss you Helen
Qadir Hussain
Qadir Hussain:
No one can forget her role in peaky blinders.
I love Helen McCrory, but the fact she hid her disease and continued to be strong to live life to the fullest, along with her being kind, smart, funny, beautiful and an amazing actress has made me want to be the next Helen McCrory❤️
"God takes the best first" Aunt Polly
When I heard of her death, I was in shock. I had no idea (and neither did hardly anyone else) she was sick! What a loss! I LOVED her in Peaky Blinders as well as Penny Dreadful. Even more sad (for the loss) to hear what a cool, funny, amazing person she was. My heart goes out to Damian and her family! 💔
Evangelos Panagopoulos
Evangelos Panagopoulos:
Only the good die young
All the evil seem to live for ever.

Goodbye Aunt Polly
You will be missed dearly
Halyke Tarrant
Halyke Tarrant:
I just can’t accept she is not with us anymore.
I will forever have tears in my eyes hearing her name, or watching her on screen.
Farewell, Helen. Thank you.
For everything.
Bill_E Zane
Bill_E Zane:
" If i come for you, and I still might come for you; I will wear heels so you can hear my steps on the cobblestones and have time to repent"

100% badass. One of the best bits of dialog this guy has ever heard. She will be missed. Such a beautiful talented actor.
malin strömblad
malin strömblad:
I saw Helen at the last Harry Potter premiere in London. I stod where the cars arrived and most of the actors did not give any autographs there but she gave me the most beautiful autograph and she was so warm and friendly. I will never forget it.
Mohib Ahmed
Mohib Ahmed:
Fifty two and still breaking hearts!

Rest In Peace, Helen.
Bernie McNamara
Bernie McNamara:
Helen was a powerhouse ,a legend,and a kind human being ,who will be missed. RIP Helen 💝
Robert Meyer
Robert Meyer:
I became a Helen McCrory fan after seeing her for the first time on Penny Dreadful. OMG, love at first site. She was one of those rare actresses that the camera really loved! Every movement, every line of dialog was like a beautiful (or eerie) symphony. When she was in the frame every one else evaporated. I'm 83 and regret every lost minute not being entranced by talent and timeless beauty. Damian Lewis and family, how blessed you were!!
Gloria Mitchell
Gloria Mitchell:
Yes, she was magnificent. One of my favorites. She dealt with her illness privately. Bless her and her family.
“You must all learn to love again, for Love isn’t possesive.”
This made me cry reading it, only Helen McCrory could’ve said something like this in her charming wit.
Forever Loved, thank you for your time on this Earth.
Maite Paz Monardes-Gonzalez
Maite Paz Monardes-Gonzalez:
We will miss her so much. But let's be thankful for what she gave us. Rest In Peace Helen, we love you
She will always be remembered as such an amazing actress and a amazing person
The Pilot
The Pilot:
"There is so much beauty in ordinary things."
Even though she was this huge number, she was always down to earth.
Donna Nancekivell
Donna Nancekivell:
I’m absolutely devastated by her passing......she was a remarkable woman and one of the nicest kindest people on this sympathies to her family and friends.....
Metal Gear
Metal Gear:
Peaky blinders will never be the same without her such a great talent.
Vedant Memane
Vedant Memane:
"Love isn't possessive "
RIP Helen.
Orikinz G
Orikinz G:
She was one of a kind. I admired her as an actress and as a human being. Her role in Harry Potter didn't do her enough justice as to how much of an astonishing actress she was.
Cherie Stening
Cherie Stening:
She shall be greatly missed! an amazing and mesmerising actress. RIP great lady 🌸
Maureen Ackerley
Maureen Ackerley:
May she Rest in Peace. Heartfelt condolences to her family and friends. A fine actor.
LeiAnne SW
LeiAnne SW:
The World lost a beautiful, funny, talented woman, mother, wife, friend and actress. Her acting ability hid the cancer, proving how talented she was. She will be missed in person and on screen.
Hugs, Blessings, and healing light go out to the family.
Heaven just gained a beautiful angel
Jerry Webber
Jerry Webber:
As if possessed by a role, she gives the most intense performances ever, but instead of blowing down everything else, her mastery lends credence and believability to everything around her pulling the viewer so deep into the magic she creates. This is such a loss, my heart goes out to her family and friends.
Abby Cortez
Abby Cortez:
Helen is amazing women! I absolutely love her and admire her talent. Sending prayers to her family and friends. RIP 💜
Erica DuLac
Erica DuLac:
I’m glad I’m not alone in feeling like I lost someone beloved, someone I knew and someone I adored. You were awesome Helen and way too young! 😘❤️
Velma Garris
Velma Garris:
OMG!!!!! I loved Aunt Polly. She was amazing in that role. She will be missed 😢
kelly heighway
kelly heighway:
It's upsetting because she was still so young and we feel such rage that cancer has killed another great, talented and kind person from us, it's the same feeling when we lost Alan Rickman to cancer as well. He too kept his illness a secret.
Isabel Barradell
Isabel Barradell:
Helen was an elegant and intelligent actress, always mesmerising.
My heartfelt condolences to Helen's family, she was a brilliant light, extinguished too soon.
Suzanne Baxter
Suzanne Baxter:
Helen was loved dearly by us Brits, she was a warm beautiful woman, whose acting credits were phenomenal, the sad part other than the fact she has gone and I send my best to Daniel and her children, we will never get to see her again in Peaky Blinders, her portrayal of Polly was hands down one of the finest female roles I have ever seen, you knew she had just served you. Every scene she was in she stole, her mannerisms, yet the lady herself was a lovely lady. Tommy without his Polly, especially with the way the season 5 finished but its just awful.
Lolke Van de Witte
Lolke Van de Witte:
“You listen for my footsteps”…… epic! Thank you, Hellen McRory.
Dan Dasilva
Dan Dasilva:
The part in the Morning show interview where they asked her if she was sick… pay attention, that exact moment you can see the treacherous heartbreak and unfathomable amount of pain in his eyes.
Della Jones
Della Jones:
Farewell Auntie Polly 🌹 Hellen’s character was one of my favorites of the show. She’s was amazing at whatever she did. So compassionate and giving.
Omg I’m devastated I love her character so much and couldn’t wait to see what she’d cleverly pull off!! What a great woman and actress!
Mista Tyrant
Mista Tyrant:
Rest in Peace to this amazing person/actress. She made my childhood this is you know I am speechless.
Lisa O. Davis
Lisa O. Davis:
It's amazing how dignified she was all while having cancer, it's incredible! She was such a great character, a strong matriarch, for sure.
Jen Tigno
Jen Tigno:
RIP Helen.. I admire you, your roles and how great you are in portraying them. You will be missed.Condolonces to the rest of the family. 🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭
Krisztina Sitku
Krisztina Sitku:
Unfathomable loss! Thank you for all your great work, Helen! Love to the mourning family,
Jim Cadena
Jim Cadena:
I remember her intensity and commitment in roles. She was a force of nature.
Shillah BOSS
Shillah BOSS:
"In the Bleak Midwinter"

Rip aunt Polly. You graced our screen with highest vibration of that of an Alpha female.
Ruby Testarossa
Ruby Testarossa:
She was amazing in the TV series "Life". Damien Lewis was the star, and she had a recurring role in several episodes.
Ann Jako
Ann Jako:
I'm shocked and devastated by the loss of the amazing , talented, beautiful inside and out Helen, My heart goes out to her family and friends, coworkers, and all her adoring fans..... May you be at Peace ❣️
sophie mile
sophie mile:
Helen was an amazing person
she played her role as Narcissa Malfoy amazingly
she will never be forgotten
raise your wands for her
R.I.P. Polly. You will be loved and remembered forever.
Alina Grecu
Alina Grecu:
I cried so much! 😓
What an actress, what a woman, what a soul!! Rest in peace, beautiful soul! ❤️
giorgi jishkariani
giorgi jishkariani:
What a great loss... She was so Brilliant! RIP
Charonne Clark
Charonne Clark:
I loved Helen! She was the ultimate professional actress and made every role real.
Johnny Vincent
Johnny Vincent:
I will truly Miss Her She was truly an amazing Actress the most loving humble women I have ever seen and is truly a legend,
You played Both brilliantly as Narcissia Malfoy in Harry potter and Polly Grey in Peaky Blinders
Rest in peace Helen McCrory
Chyna Doll
Chyna Doll:
Omg Peaky Blinders won't be the same without Aunt Polly 😭 RIP Helen, you'll be incredibly missed.
She will absolutely be missed. She was a brilliant actress and a very compassionate person. R.I.P.
Terracota Lynx
Terracota Lynx:
Впервые увидела ее в сериале "Разрыв" (Leaving). Она играла так, что захотелось посмотреть все фильмы с ее участием. Прощай, Хелен. Очень жалко и горько. Соболезнование Дэмиену и детям.
Great actress and from what I’ve learned after her passing, a wonderful human being. RIP
Leon Brooks
Leon Brooks:
Helen McRory transcends beauty and cool. She had such an amazing quality to her that just naturally came through on screen. She could be screaming, whispering, giving a powerful speech or just a basic line and it always felt special.
Suzanne Reina
Suzanne Reina:
Helen was a great actress. Her work will continue to keep her in our 💕. Peak Blinders will not be the same. May she rest in peace. My condolences to her family. It is so great that she accepted her fate. And most importantly she wanted her family to continue to be happy. What a woman.
I loved Helen and didn’t personally know her. I watched most of her acting and she was just an amazing actor. The world and mostly her family, lost a lost a great woman.
Bee Marie
Bee Marie:
I am hurt. Literally just fell in love with her : binged the whole 5 seasons while mourning a loss of my own…. It hurts like I really know her… tommy won’t be the same with out her, she was incredible!! May you rest peacefully in the Stars where you being gorgeous!! Thank you for shining your light and leaving so much beauty behind! Much respect and love to you Ms Helen or for me aka Aunt Pol! ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏽🕊
She was mesmerising to watch and her talent will always be remembered 🥇💌🥇
Victoria Finnin
Victoria Finnin:
I grew up watching this incredible actress. She made each role palpable. What talent, what a huge loss. R. I. P.
Victoria Macrokanis
Victoria Macrokanis:
Magnificent actress...... she will be sorely missed....... a tremendous loss! May her memory be eternal 🙏🏻💔
Brenda Dow
Brenda Dow:
This video was beautifully narrated. Delivered in such an emphatic way. Helen McCrory was and will always be my most favourite actor. Rest in peace beautiful lady 🥀
She was a fantastic actor and to hear she was so strong and had such a loving and accepting view on life is so inspiring. We should all strive to be like her.
Sheila Thomas
Sheila Thomas:
Absolutely stunningly beautiful and a wonderful actress. Rest in peace and bravo to your bravery!
Katherine Mach
Katherine Mach:
truly hard to believe.. I only know her as Aunt Pol in PB.. and she was really amazing. RIP sweet lady.
Keith Spottiswoode
Keith Spottiswoode:
Such a loss....shocked by her passing and my sympathies go to her family..RIP..
Jan Vincent
Jan Vincent:
She was an incredible actress and will be missed beyond
Rob Jones
Rob Jones:
Helen was a fantastic actor. She was unforgettable in Peaky Blinders amongst her
many glorious roles.
Her finest moment has to be how she disguised her terrible illness from the world, until
the very end. Now she has departed, people will finally recognize her true brilliance.

Gone, never to be forgotten.
A. Porter
A. Porter:
God bless her! Amazing lady will be missed! Her cheeky performance of Sherry Blair was brilliant and I’ll never forget it! Just one of many great performances!
Surfer Rosa
Surfer Rosa:
Oh wow...she will be so missed. Incredible lady ❤️
She will definitely be missed. Rest easy, Helen...
kyla fisher
kyla fisher:
I just started really liking Helen as one of my favorite actresses. From Peaky Blinders to Penny Dreadful and of course Narcissa. Also just watched King Charles the second with her on Amazon where she was awesome as usual. So sad to hear of her passing. She did seem like she'd be a real trip to be around. I would have loved to see her in more roles in the future. Such a loss to the acting world. Who's going to play Aunt Polly now. She can't be easily replaced. Also my heart goes out to Damian Lewis and her children who are young yet.
Ethan Romain
Ethan Romain:
I have FULL confidence that Steven knight will make PB season 6 insane but it still wont be the same without aunt Polly outwitting everyone.
Jung Hae In × Kim Jisoo
Jung Hae In × Kim Jisoo:
She will never forget........ She's our Legendary Actress. 🖤
As a Potterhead..... Rest In Peace Helen...
Books,Tea And Wax Melts
Books,Tea And Wax Melts:
Amazing actress and will be greatly missed 🕯️🖤
She was Peaky Blinders with her passing a era ends amazing show and actress.

It helped me and I guess a lot of people during lockdown.

You are never really gone new people will discover PB and fall in love with your character 🙏
Jack Morley
Jack Morley:
I know this is a bit of an unfair thing to say, but her death was definitely overshadowed by the death of Prince Phillip, at least in the UK. She 100% deserved her own period of global mourning, she was a magnificent person and a fantastic actress. Her portrayal of Polly was legendary. Her strength for happiness for others and her inspiring actions should go down in history and she deserves an outpour of love. Helen was truly one of the best people alive.
Roberta Sirgutz
Roberta Sirgutz:
I'm devastated. This had had a big impact on me. Loved all of her amazing characters.

RIP, and sincere condolences to her family.
EK Quinn
EK Quinn:
I am so sorry to hear this...she was excellent in Peaky Blinders. Godspeed and comfort to her family. 😢💔
Country Dingess
Country Dingess:
Couldn’t imagine how much Helen is missed my her family & friends, & coworkers. You can tell by watching Helen on screen she is the type of person ppl are drawn to, wanna be around her & in her presence 😓🙏🏼 Helen is One of those very special humans only god creates every once in a while 😞 R.I.P. Helen one very talented amazing actress😇
Rube Gold
Rube Gold:
What a sorry loss! Helen was a wonderful actress, a source of enjoyment for the viewer and an inspiration to her peers. She is going to miss it.

Que lamentable pérdida! Helen fue una actriz maravillosa, un motivo de disfrute para el espectador y una inspiración para sus pares. Se la va a extrañar.
Soldier X
Soldier X:
She was so selfless ❤️ May she rest in peace
Zoe Savage
Zoe Savage:
I would like to send my heartfelt wishes to Daniel and the children , yes she was a top actress that could play many roles and I personally idolised her but more importantly she was so very special to you all in many ways
She was absolutely amazing in peaky blinders
Rest In Peace beautiful soul
A. Adorno
A. Adorno:
Gone but not forgotten!
reidun engh
reidun engh:
My heart goes out to Damian and their children ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.I lost my husband at the age of 35, our son an I manage to smile again ten years later.
One of the best British actresses in the last 20+ years. A favorite of mine. Her turn in Penny Dreadful was legendary. I am in utter shock, I have seen ALL her work. The best of the best...💔
Zafia Writer
Zafia Writer:
She was gorgeous and an amazing actor. May her soul rest in peace 🙏🏽❤️
Miriam Venegas
Miriam Venegas:
What a irreplaceable loss! Peaky Blinders will never be the same without her, long live Aunt Polly! RIP Helen McCrory.
Annabel Galt
Annabel Galt:
A Great Actor. A class act the world has lost an amazing talent.
Such an amazing actor and lovely person. May her memory be a blessing.
Wait what?? How did I miss this? I’m so sorry to hear this, she was an amazing actress! 😔
I'm not surprised that Helen is so popular, not only a consummate actor but a beautiful person who just shone RIP Helen, you will be much missed
Tracey Marshall
Tracey Marshall:
I'm really going to miss Pol from Peaky Blinders, I absolutely loved watching her, Helen had her character down to a one else could ever have played Aunt Polly like she did..she was absolutely amazing x