My Europa League Final Preview & Predictions - Inter Milan vs Sevilla

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EUROPA LEAGUE FINAL 2020 Preview + My Prediction

On Friday, August 21st, the Europa League final kicks off in Koln, Germany! Inter vs Sevilla will provide us a great match, as two of the most decorated Europa League participants go head to head. Antonio Conte’s air-tight defence supplemented by a dangerous attacking duo of Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez, vs Julen Lopetegui’s well-organized and balanced approach.

Inter Milan vs Sevilla

Friday, August 21, 2020

Koln, Germany

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what about Diego "El Profesor" Godin though. dudes a defending legend and having spent so much time at Atletico he will be experienced in dealing with Sevilla. I'm sure his transfer to Inter last year has played a big role in the team's good form this season
Inter 53 apps 111 goals scored (2,1 gpg), 51 conceded (0,96 gpg)
Sevilla: 51 apps, 86 goals scored (1,5 gpg), 42 conceded (0,79 gpg)

SO 'au contraire' MY FRIEND.
Inter seams funnier team to watch, scores more and concede more. Sevilla seams pretty boring possession and no transiction team.

I think it will be a boring match, inter will play in defense and counterattack while Sevilla will have a lot of sterile possession and not too much chances neither shots on goal.

My opinion: 2-1 Inter.
Ryan Yowell
Ryan Yowell:
It's pronounced "de-Vry", as in French Fry #rabonatv
Rinor G
Rinor G:
Hmmm how did inter struggle to attack when we literally scored the most goals in our HISTORY this season , 100+
"Sevilla in a Europa League final"

.... cries in benfiquista
Already know it's about to be good !
Inter boring and struggles to attack? 111 seasonal goals and most prolific duo (except bayern)...
DA REAL Johnny Appleseed
DA REAL Johnny Appleseed:
Struggle to score? Inter were the second highest scoring team in serie A under atalanta and just put up 5 against shaktar... we can be hard to watch but struggle to score is a leap
What you say bout ma boy Barella? he's been Inter's most consistent player this year, along with de Vrij!
Sevilla is born to win this competition, but Inter is just too strong. With the last 7 matches only conceded 1 goal, and not even Atalanta, the best attacks in Italy can score a goal against inter.

Inter 2-0 for me
J.D. Green
J.D. Green:
I think Inter will win serie a and make a serious run in the CL next year, as long as win the Europa League final.
This is a risky one, skipping is problaby best.

This aged well.
Oran Moten
Oran Moten:
Someone mentions Lukaku’s first touch:
Take a drink
Sevilla 45 - 55 Inter. My tentative result: Sev 0- 0 Inter. Inter to win it in extra time with a lonely goal from Lukaku
Erik Litsenius
Erik Litsenius:
I’ll go with Inter 2-1
Prediction: Sevilla 1 - 3 Inter
Asian Jim
Asian Jim:
5:38 no probs mate, as an Inter fan I feel that too 😂
Oran Moten
Oran Moten:
Inter win the Scudetto next year.
Pirlo sacked by Christmas.
Prajjal Chetri
Prajjal Chetri:
Ashley Young being good is a statement I thought I will never hear again.
Speaking about the Europa league can you make a video on the rise and fall of Fc Dnipro. Going from 3rd best team in Ukraine to the Europa League and then going into financial ruin
Yeah, I am backing Inter to win the Europa League.
Ramón Király
Ramón Király:
Id feel like its Inter. They both defend solidly but maaaaybe Inter can get a bit more show on the offense side. That might give them an edge.
Tactical Manager TV
Tactical Manager TV:
Whatever you say for this one is right !! You are the Europa League predictions king and I am the UCL predictions king 🤙🏽⚽️
Tobe Doss
Tobe Doss:
I go Sevilla, this is its cup.
*Me being a rossonero doesn't help either *
The Real Madrid of Europa League might take it not gonna lie idk man 0_0
Yash Jalan
Yash Jalan:
Rabona tv:- inter has an air tight defense!
Lukaku:- Say No More!
Farhan Gani
Farhan Gani:
Sevilla are always the favorites in an EL final no matter who they face
I'll go with inter, 2nd position on serie a, 100+ goal this season.
Sevilla will fight for that title tho, its all or nothing.
Lukaku and reguilon will score.

Inter 3 - 1 Sevilla
Frank Diodati
Frank Diodati:
I'm a Juventus fan, but I really hope that Inter will win it, they deserve this trophy
Floh Orrange
Floh Orrange:
I can only say that i am hayped as a Byern fan for Lyon vs Bayern! Hope we will win!
Mujeeb Ahmed
Mujeeb Ahmed:
Its going to be an interesting match up thats for sure..
henry-aloh williams
henry-aloh williams:
I see talent in you, ride on.
Маус Цзэдун
Маус Цзэдун:
После того как лион победил мансити , сложно что то предсказать :) В одном уверен, игра будет равной, легкой победы не будет.
George Keyrouz
George Keyrouz:
Hey Adrian, just wondering, where are you from? Really enjoy your videos!
AIRtight defense, that aged like fine wine
Oran Moten
Oran Moten:
Banega is one the savviest midfielders around. Sad to see him leave Europe.
Username [Redacted]
Username [Redacted]:
Hmm. I always hated the nerdwriter speech on this channel, but it's watcheable if you do it at 2× speed
Such a GOATed youtuber
Christopher Guzmán
Christopher Guzmán:
Mu prediction was accurate leeets go
Aaron Robinson
Aaron Robinson:
My Heart will always say Forza Internazionale!!!!!!!
I'm glad to You Agree here.
Sevilla are a formidable foe & should never be taken lightly. They shall probably always have My Admiration & Respect. But I am Nerazzurri through & through....
J E:
Tough call....I'll say Sevilla, I see their defense more solid.
Denis Griffey
Denis Griffey:
How did it take 19 hours to see this
Bam Bam
Bam Bam:
well done lukaku wonderful goal..opss wrong goal utd right to sold you
David Buenos
David Buenos:
ive made $70 from betting off of your predictions
Aalien Singson
Aalien Singson:
Sevilla be like we ll get into champions league by winning Europa....
How many times have they done that??🤔
Ribbed Trojan
Ribbed Trojan:
l ove the show
Anthuan Juarez
Anthuan Juarez:
Rabona TV! ⭐️
Bro idk but these topics always attract me
Inter stats in serie a: 1st in number of losses (4 losses) Sevilla stats in La Liga: 3rd in number of losses (6 losses)
1st in goals conceded (36 goals conceded) 3rd in goals conceded (34 goals conceded)
2nd in goals scored (81 goals) 5th in goals scored ( 54 goals)
2nd overall league position 4th overall league position

Inter stats in EL: No losses Sevilla stats in EL: 1 loss
2 goals conceded 5 goals conceded
13 goals scored 20 goals scored

Inter stats in CL: 3 losses ( Barcelona and Dortmund)

10 goals scored
9 conceded

Inter total European stats (CL+EL) : 3 losses
12 goals conceded
23 goals scored

The stats shows on themselves that Inter are not only favorites but they will win in a similar fashion like they did in recent matches. The only weakness is the number of draws they got which should be the aim for Sevilla but then again they have a very short window to score in extra time otherwise again they have no chance in the penalties against Handa.
Hwdjjjwkdkdkdkdi Djjxjxjxjxkff
Hwdjjjwkdkdkdkdi Djjxjxjxjxkff:
Rabano tv should be the most subscribed YouTube channel
Sevilla will win while Inter will be the team with most chances and most possession.
Are you going to stream today
Fred Gonçalves
Fred Gonçalves:
3:17 The guys flying
Cartman Bruhh
Cartman Bruhh:
Inter should be the clear choice...however Inter have a tendency to fuck it up outta nowhere
Nah man dont scrap these
Nihar Gawand
Nihar Gawand:
I think you are giving Sevilla's defence a bit too much credit for the United match, we had like 20+ attempts no way a good defensive performance lets in that many shots Martial struggled to finish 2 1v1s and Rashford was doing way to many unnecessary skills, even Pogba's passing seemed off his best, giving away possession way too easily after recovering the ball on multiple occasions, that was poor finishing by United rather than great defending by Sevilla
Paolo Fu
Paolo Fu:
stRuGglE tO aTtAck
I go with Sevilla. 3 - 1 to the kings.
You need to work on your pronunciation game bro. De Vrij = De Vry as in De Vry university. You don’t pronounce Van Dijk the same you pronounced De Vrij just then.

The V should also sound more like an F but I’ll let that slide. It annoys me because (not you) people don’t even make an effort to pronounce certain names when they have clear references.

Also, Vaclik = Vatslik. That can be forgiven because it’s not that common.

Kolasinac is also not Kolasinać, it’s Kolasinats. He doesn’t care at this point and just lets people butcher his name though.

Anyway, as for the final. I gotta say Inter are the favorites but I would like to see Sevilla win, just because I have a soft spot for them.
CC10 Matka
CC10 Matka:
My predictions for sevilla to win 2-0 or 3-2
Rehaan Rafeek
Rehaan Rafeek:
I dont know why but is the sanchez loan from man utd ended or why isnt he talking about ir
Sonitabh Yadav
Sonitabh Yadav:
Why does the Europa cup look better than the champions league cup? Not fair. Show them their place. LOL
Chris T
Chris T:
inter 4-0
Where was the loser of Lautaro ?? Hahaha
Nas PB
Nas PB:
Sevilla 1-0 en nesyri
Devashish Subba
Devashish Subba:
SEVILLA will win the Europa League
My prediction SEV 2-1 INT
Ra's Al-Ghul
Ra's Al-Ghul:
Inter 3-0 Sevilla!!
Ryoma WasHere
Ryoma WasHere:
Sevilla will win Europa League this year. This is their competition.
Onik Reza
Onik Reza:
Inter 3 Sevilla 0
lifesupport R
lifesupport R:
Smash the Spaniards!
Come on Inter FC
Sevilla king Europa league
Vik Why
Vik Why:
Inter should certainly win this one.
S [A M]4
S [A M]4:
No way Sevilla is losing this one. They were put on this earth to win the Europa League
joshua mills
joshua mills:
Forza Inter
John Johnson
John Johnson:
Sometimes you say very stupid things pal
juicebox Leal
juicebox Leal:
Man U lost that game. Sevilla isn’t anything special. If inter dont have a shit game they should win
Europa League FC are going to win the Sevilla competition again
Isai Lujan
Isai Lujan:
New vid
I’m so early
Alterno Alterego
Alterno Alterego:
You understand nothing
Sevilla 3-2 Inter
I think Inter Milan will win against Sevilla in the Europa League Final. Inter Milan 3-2 Sevilla
ducktape scramble
ducktape scramble:
Inter 3-2
Puskás Is a god
Puskás Is a god:
I’m sorry but if Inter don’t win this it’s a massive choke imo
Sevilla 1-3 Inter Milan
Simon Pierre
Simon Pierre:
Inter 3/1
David De Nicola
David De Nicola:
This guy is so boring to watch, worse than ESPN
Even though Conte is a great planner he is also a man with no creativity whatsoever. If things on the pitch won't go his way he always has a hard time to adapt. However, more often than not his plans do work, and with the sheer fire power of Inter they are more likely to win. Italians have a much better defense than MU and aren't as prone to make mistakes in the box, so Sevilla needs to convert every chance they get, as those will most likely be far and few between.
Dee Lama
Dee Lama:
Inter Milan fans like here..
Yerzhan Kaskabay
Yerzhan Kaskabay:
Inter Milan 2 - 3 Seville

You can compare Seville tactic to Burnley or Napoli tactics against which Conte teams' do struggle to play.
Simon Pierre
Simon Pierre:
Like if Inter win