My Spotify wrapped 2020

I don’t own rights to the songs at all. Credit is due to the following Artists.

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Viper Dmk
Viper Dmk:
I wasn’t surprised by my top artist:
1 was Linkin park. I knew this was Coming a Mile away. Been a day 1 listener since they started around 2000. They recently Released 20th Anni album for Hybrid theory this year. And I Been Listening to it since day One. I was in the top 1% of listeners. Like I immediately knew before the Question popped up That it would be LP.

Other 4 were
2: Tyler the creator
3: Logic
4: England Dan and John Ford Coley
5: Travis Scott

I was surprised by my top song: Head and Heart By Joel Corry Featuring MNEK(He was also featured in Never forget you by Zara Larsson) just a Catchy AF beat. here’s the track:

Other 4 songs:
2: She couldn’t: Linkin park
3: nights are Forever without you: England Dan and John Ford Coley
4: Opening: Linkin park(From Reanimation)
5: GOODMORNINGTOKYO! By Tokyo’s revenge.
No one thinks it’s weird Spotify is saying this year had 67 months?
Britt s
Britt s:
Sorry for the screenshots. Also if you’re wondering how to check Spotify wrapped click the link here to be sent to Spotify to review it.
GVK Entertainment
GVK Entertainment:
wow i like your playlist can you share your playlist please!
Dominic Jovanelly
Dominic Jovanelly:
i can view my wrapped 2020 play list but it didn’t do this and i can’t see my stats. anyone else have this problem?
I was able to see mine too 😁
Javii Williams
Javii Williams:
Congrats friend!!!
Gui Fan Max
Gui Fan Max:
Semi-Sweet Edits 2
Semi-Sweet Edits 2:
How did you manage to record the music?
Jesper L
Jesper L:
Holy, I barely got ya with 243k
Mongo Bongo
Mongo Bongo:
I got this as an ad, why?
Whats the name of the second song
the amount of DMCA's
joyce mccue
joyce mccue:
it’s not giving me mine yet i’m mad
Andy black still makes music??
Mine just shows some fucking playlist and im really annoyed
Nig Tat
Nig Tat:
Yea why cant I get mines?
Pixel Bath
Pixel Bath:
Ayo how you check that