Myka Stauffer Faces Backlash For Rehoming Adopted Son

Popular family YouTuber Myka Stauffer is facing backlash after revealing that her family had decided to rehome their adopted son Huxley due to his extensive medical and behavioral needs. The 32-year-old, who shares three biological children with her husband James as well as a daughter from a previous relationship, tearfully claimed the decision was best for his needs. Still, many viewers are furious with the decision and took to social media to voice their outrage.

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Myka Stauffer Faces Backlash For Rehoming Adopted Son


99 comentarios:

Allie A
Allie A:
How could you “rehome” a child after having him for years. After he calls you mommy. Poor kid was given up twice
Janka Mazúrová
Janka Mazúrová:
This is so staged, even their white t-shirts, trying to look like innocent angels...
Joel Murrah
Joel Murrah:
You “re-home” a dog. You abandon a child. Know the difference.
Linds H
Linds H:
"He wanted this 100%" um no he's 4, you got tired of dealing with him
S I.H:
Omfg shes actually claimed it's her childs decision. What the actual.
Jazmine George
Jazmine George:
This is just really sickening. “Re-homing?” He’s a child not a puppy.
Maya Mohan
Maya Mohan:
She keeps deleting comments, she is so fake
"Her former son" Like wtf, thats something I never thought I would hear in my life..
Iva Baltakova
Iva Baltakova:
Such a small child cannot take a decision like that LOL, who is she trying to bullsht?
Ethen Rosas
Ethen Rosas:
They used him for money and then threw him away when they got tired of him. They owe 50% of their money to that boy because they wouldn’t have made it without him
bella xox
bella xox:
Their fake emotions, no tears. They didn't want him anymore. This is the truth..
You cannot get rid of a child like that they are both disgusting human beings that poor child
Sonia Cruz
Sonia Cruz:
Dang she deletes the comments cuz there’s no way she Only has positive comments on her video
Tiffany Kiner
Tiffany Kiner:
My favorite part is when they’re “crying” but no actual tears. Imagine how Huxley feels. This is sick on so many levels.
“His new mommy has medical professional training” Didn’t she say she used to be a nurse?
Mizz Bella Kitty
Mizz Bella Kitty:
I hope she's banned from adopting anymore kids! Disgusting!
Catherine Reyes
Catherine Reyes:
“Huxley wanted this” goodness gracious this couple sickens me. So if their biological child played with other people during “family time” that means their biological child should be regimes. That is their platform?
Allure 2999
Allure 2999:
I love how she said "he won't bond with me" "he wouldn't hug ME" "he wouldn't cuddle with ME". She should have got a teddy bear instead of a living, breathing, feeling child. Despicable!
The audacity to say the child “wanted this”
The Blue Ninja Ninja
The Blue Ninja Ninja:
Look at them fake cry.
Moonsun Lee
Moonsun Lee:
This whole story is just wrong in so many levels. She even reiterated her husbands' comment. "I think what James was trying to say..." This feels like more of a board meeting vs family affair.
Could you imagine if EVERYONE just re-homed their children when things weren’t “perfect”. I love how they say Huxley wanted this. He was happier with the other family!?? WoW! YOU SHOULD NEVER EVER BE ALLOWED TO HAVE CHILDREN! Children always believe the grass is greener. My kids would love to move into their best friends home. Their friends always want to live with us. You two are NOT fit to have children or to even adopt a pet! Selfish doesn’t even describe what you’ve done. Karma... she’s a com’in for you!
Kristen Kenzie
Kristen Kenzie:
The seem so fake even in the video. They hardly seem sad her husband doesn't look sad his eye look like he's hight or something. So weird and emotionless.
Kako Berg
Kako Berg:
Lets CANCEL the Stauffer now people, they will not make more money than they already done on that sweet baby boy. I feel so sorry for him. After they rehomed hom they went to Bali and did TikTok. Wow, the fakest family on youtube.
Their fake crying is soo phoney, these two are disgraceful. Shame on them!
Maria Valdivia
Maria Valdivia:
How people Can follow these heartless couple... they don’t deserve any kids under their care 😡😡
Jaqui Maria
Jaqui Maria:
"he showed us" he is a little boy. he doesnt even KNOW what "rehoming" means! terrible
Claire Ridgeon
Claire Ridgeon:
Listen guys when you adopt a child it is for life you don't dump the child because things get tough they had him for 3 years if everyone unsubscribes they will not have a channel so everyone do the right thing dump them like they dumped huxley
Imelda Sanchez
Imelda Sanchez:
Zero sympathy! Shame on them. They would have never found a “better fit” had it been a biological child. It was all for show. Just sickening
Tiffany F.
Tiffany F.:
"HIS NEW MOMMY" Just this statement says it all about her character and that she never loved him.
There’s no such thing as a “former son”.
This couple treated this child like he's an animal that they can no longer take care of. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Hello Shuangzi
Hello Shuangzi:
They have another channel called Strauffer garage which has almost close to a million subscribers. People should stop watching that channel too and unsubscribe.
Dyamond Vazquez
Dyamond Vazquez:
They are gross human beings rehoming him like he's a pet.
Caro C
Caro C:
A doctor adviced them against the adoption, so he is lying "there is a lot of special needs we were not told"...selfish couple! Horrible humans
Catherine Reyes
Catherine Reyes:
Myka Stauffer is a nurse. She is a medical professional herself. This is not new news to her.
Skynet 2100
Skynet 2100:
How did Huxley decide to be with another family . He’s five years old . These people make me sick
Her response to the backlash was pure insanity! “He wanted this”! “He synced with them”’ really!!??
nikki hartmann
nikki hartmann:
They should NEVER be allowed to adopt a child ever again. This is sick.
Grace Everready
Grace Everready:
I have never, ever heard the term, "Former son." This two-word combo is unbelievable, unfathomable, unthinkable.
V M:
Rehoming sounds like something that irresponsible people do to dogs.
Kayla B
Kayla B:
“Rehoming” is the term that adoptive parents, wishing to no longer be involved with the adoption, use. It is the underground, unsafe, and unrestricted way to give the child to another family. This is not illegal in most states. By rehoming, you bypass going through the adoption agency, red tape, and proper/safe way of finding another home for that child. (I looked it up last night). That term is quite disturbing. This means that they were in a hurry to get that little boy out of his home. Disgusting. And is it just me or are they just faking sadness? If you go on to check out the videos that she posted on her page after supposedly having to make that difficult decision, she seems just as happy as ever. WHA?!
Jay Bea
Jay Bea:
Honestly she doesn't deserve that sweet innocent child!!! I'd have him and love him to the moon and back if I had a chance, and no returns!!!
C Rowland
C Rowland:
Blur his face, please. He isn’t their child to give permission to share anymore.
Surah Online
Surah Online:
*This is insane !!! They literally just threw him away*
S I.H:
The more I learn about this family the more horrifiedi become. If I called social services and reported parents taping up their child's hand, there would be an immediate investigation.
#LethalInjection TV
#LethalInjection TV:
The fact that they previous videos stating “DRS TOLD THEM AND WARNED THEM” lol she said “HES NOT RETURNABLE “ lol courts about to tear them up lol they conned everyone’s money lol
Alma S
Alma S:
If he was their biological child, would they give him up then too?
Michele Meisenbach
Michele Meisenbach:
Millions of moms with way less resources than these horrible people raise children with challenges every day. You cannot call her a mother because she would do anything and everything in her power to help him. Disgusting!!!!
Alexandra Eden
Alexandra Eden:
I’m a single mother of two children my daughter has autism and she is now 4 I could never ever ever imagine even thinking to give up on my daughter. Yes it’s hard it’s extremely challenging at times but I litterally don’t understand how you can just give up. I had my daughter in not the best of circumstances , I’m not loaded I don’t have a car yet etc but my daughter still has the best damn life I can give her and she is thriving. She is 4 years old the same age as that little boy and how they can say that’s what he wanted !? Like my daughter can’t speak for herself in that sense so how the hell that baby can I don’t understand that at all. I’m very shocked at how a family that have done amazing thing and adopted a beautiful child find issues and can give up ?? How that mentally will effect that child is so awful. Children with autism like routine and stability and you have literally just done the complete opposite and confused him to high hell. I literally don’t feel sorry for neither of you that’s probably one of the worst decisions.
Alice Acosta
Alice Acosta:
‼️ she tied his hands behind his back and put him in the closet when she was fed up with the baby!!!! Please do not let their tears fool you it is in their past videos‼️
As well as that the child she adopted was a baby!! He could’ve gone to a great family !!! THEY ARE SELFISH AND EXPLOITED THERE BABY
Kelly White
Kelly White:
Her "statement" is absolutely sickening!!
“Former son” is NOT a thing.
Rebekah Nunez
Rebekah Nunez:
If she had given birth to that child she would have never given him up for adoption regardless of special needs. Adopting a baby is no different. When you say yes to becoming a mother you are saying yes to everything motherhood has to throw your way. You don’t just bail on your kids. She saw a way out and she took it. Absolutely despicable what people do for money.
As a mother, I would NEVER be able to call another woman my son’s “mummy”. This was never their son if they can just give him up. I agree, they should NEVER be able to adopt. God forbid one of their biological children needs extensive medical help. What would they do?
Chlo Le
Chlo Le:
A child decided himself he wanted to leave a family... yeah ok.. honestly disgusted. How can they think this is normal to do.. claims they still love him but if you loved him as your own you wouldnt put him up for a 2nd adoption.
Shyama Kuver
Shyama Kuver:
Why do they care about his privacy now? They used him to gain followers and made money off of him - I hope they have to pay child support or give him compensation for that time.
Boxers Austin
Boxers Austin:
To blame these “numerous medical professionals” is bs. They moved on quick too.🤮
Jessica Riendeau
Jessica Riendeau:
People who agree with Myka is nasty. Her biological children wouldn’t have been placed in a new home? When you adopt a child, that child is YOURS. That child is your son, biological or not. That kid is not a dog. You don’t just rehome him like a pet. (Not that rehoming a pet is acceptable either). You purposely searched to adopt a child with special needs and now because it’s inconvenient for you; you give up. People around the world try to adopt and never make it or get approved and YOU did and you gave up. There are programs, and many things to help you threw this.
It’s just disgusting, you didn’t deserve to adopt.
Takako Molgard
Takako Molgard:
Poor little boy... he is repeatedly receiving a message from "mom" and "dad" that he is too much for them, he is a problem to them, unwanted, and too difficult. I am mad because this happened in such a short life TWICE already!!!! Such trauma!
Arielle Green
Arielle Green:
They are living evils. Easily "rehomed" him as if he was a dog, and went on vacation.
V҈i҈v҈i҈e҈n҈n҈e҈ G҉a҉r҉c҉i҉a҉?҉
V҈i҈v҈i҈e҈n҈n҈e҈ G҉a҉r҉c҉i҉a҉?҉:
Zoe ziebart
Zoe ziebart:
In your posts you have practically said you loved your biological children more than him!
Simply Simone
Simply Simone:
As someone who has 2 autistic siblings and had to watch my mother raise 4 children, this makes me cringe. This is why adoption is so strict, because of people like this. If you loved him, you wouldn't have "returned" him.
Pexara Oliva Nassar
Pexara Oliva Nassar:
"Former son"... let that sink in
Joon hyung Ahn
Joon hyung Ahn:
“Honey the child we ordered has defects” “time to return”
Boston Financial
Boston Financial:
Time for folks to wake up and realize these folks showed their real character. Stand behind your values and forget about these folks. Time to shutdown their follow ship. It’s all been lies.
Rody Hills
Rody Hills:
Ok wtf is “rehoming”?!? He’s not a pet, he’s a child. I hate how they worded this it’s despicable and so is the father like why agree to adopt and give up the kid you KNEW had special needs??? Absolutely no sympathy from me!!
Bee Rodriguez
Bee Rodriguez:
My son is autistic and I'm not a health professional.... I love him and that's enough to do whatever it takes!!!
Lu JinYao
Lu JinYao:
i want some tips from them on how to cry so convincingly!! especially on camera
Chwayita Ngamlana
Chwayita Ngamlana:
Let's try this:

So 3 years ago, I bought a blouse on sale at an expensive boutique. The shop assistant showed me that it had a few holes in it & was missing a few buttons. I bought it anyway because I just had to have it. At first I wore it all the time & hung it up proudly in my closet. After some time, I started getting bored of it because no one was wowed anymore. I then threw it in a box full of old clothes but it was still annoying me. Yesterday, I woke up thinking about it so I dug it out again & realised that I'd been duped - the holes were much bigger than I remembered. I marched there & demanded a full refund but all they said was "Fk you!" Can you believe it? I'm so traumatized.😭

Daniella Pastor
Daniella Pastor:
“His new mommy”? Thats sickening....
"Forever home" he's not a pet. You don't just get to adopt a human child then abandon him when you get tired of him
kaylee le
kaylee le:
i cant explain how disgusted i am of those two. disgusting. i’m absolutely disgusted.
My heart goes out to the poor boy, I hope he finds a forever home that will love and adore him dearly no matter the difficult challenges that may be present. ❤️ This is absolutely heart wrenching..
Maureen Marold
Maureen Marold:
What would they have done if this little boy was their biological son?! Very sad
I disagree with those who say that the public has no right to judge them.

Huxley was adopted by the Stauffers as a 1 year old baby and kept him until age 4. As a special needs adoptive parent and a former court-appointed special advocate for foster children, I am horrified by the Stauffers’ public behavior. I only judge them by what they have chosen to present to the public, which I think is fair.

I don’t believe for 1 second that multiple medical professionals told them to give up their child. I also don’t believe Huxley indicated he wanted to be given up by the only parents he had ever known.

The Stauffers asked for and accepted donations from the public in order to adopt a special needs child from abroad. They paraded and monetized him on YouTube and social media. They claim he was too much for their family but still chose to add another biological baby to their family after adopting him. Myka claimed Huxley needed a mother with a medical background, but she is an RN. No parent to any child needs a medical background in order to be a good parent.

After adopting Huxley, they flaunted their lavish lifestyle to the public. I think they have given the public some right to judge them, as it’s the public who funded their adoption and their lifestyle, upon the Stauffers’ request.
Indie Anaa
Indie Anaa:
If your five year old, non verbal child signs to you that he wants to be "rehomed" or put into foster care over being with the "parents" who raised him for 2.5 years, then that speaks volumes about the kind of treatment he received in the home. These are some despicable people.
Marjorie Urrea Cid
Marjorie Urrea Cid:
Los “padres” del año, par de 💩
Per. SG
Per. SG:
Soy el comentario en español que buscabas xD xD...

En fin la hipocresía 🤷
He's so cute. I can't believe they did this to him🙄!
Pleidas Taurus
Pleidas Taurus:
"Former mom", never heard that one
I never knew you can “un-adopt” a child !! Sick 😷
B Shoo.
B Shoo.:
Trying SO hard to get the tears to come out 1:13 😂
wtf! web of lies, don’t know y this was in my recommendation, never watched these ppl b4 but this is sooo f****d up.. crocodile tears, the poor baby’s given up again😭
“He wanted this” Bruh, he’s four years old wdym he wanted this?
Haley Hansen
Haley Hansen:
This is sick. I hope this boy finds a loving home, and realizes (one day) that this was not the fault of him but the fault of his attention seeking former parents.
Ca __To
Ca __To:
They are talking about protecting his privacy when all they do or did is putting his name and face all over the internet and exploiting his childhood. Hypocrites
Álison Lovato
Álison Lovato:
How are the kids doing with this? in front of the cameras i can also be very emotional and cry easily!!!!
Tere Bahena
Tere Bahena:
You didn't love him enough or care for him enough WHEN YOU GAVE HIM AWAY!!!!
Hes thriving already??!!
bubbles paws
bubbles paws:
Hmm “ I feel like a failure” she quoted in an article. Nope, you ARE a failure. Have a nice day worthless!
Bad “mother” and “father”.
They knew hux had problems before they adopted!
Wished they looked into that couple before approving them to adopt. So glad Hux isn’t in that family! He dodged that one 👍
AlineAlonso Perezgrovas
AlineAlonso Perezgrovas:
Cancel your subscription to them!!’
Ashley P.
Ashley P.:
They don’t deserve their YouTube platform. This is disgusting.
Jessica Harold
Jessica Harold:
I thought these people were like the best ever! My heart is now broken. I am so hurt, sad, & upset. How could this happen? What shocking news to find out!
Chelsea Miller
Chelsea Miller:
I’m nervous reading now Delaware county sheriff dept and cps in that area are looking for him to confirm he’s safe in a new home
Like if this happened wouldn’t their be a paper trail?