🔴 NADAL vs DJOKOVIC | French Open 2020 | LIVE Tennis Play-by-Play Stream

LIVE : Rafael NADAL vs Novak DJOKOVIC, Final,
Roland Garros 2020, ATP Tour Tennis 2020.

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Tennis Talk is your best source for ATP and WTA Tour tennis breaking news, draw previews, live stream watch along play by play, match previews and much more.

We live stream and play by play commentate the best tennis matches of the 2020 tennis season from the Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open and many more. Matches involving players such as Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Naomi Osaka, Rafael Nadal and Simona Halep.

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19 comentarios:

TENNIS TALK with Cam Williams
TENNIS TALK with Cam Williams:
4:59 | Start of Show
20:55 | Start of Set 1
1:05:58 | Set Point Nadal
1:08:38 | Start of Set 2
1:55:43 | Set Point Nadal
1:59:55 | Start of Set 3
3:01:20 | Championship Point Nadal
3:07:48 | Your Phone Calls
Your insistence that there was something wrong with Djokovic was a bit exasperating if your commentary is meant to be neutral, he has subsequently said himself that he was fine, just outplayed.
Ophelia Soto
Ophelia Soto:
Paul Nowicki
Paul Nowicki:
whoa, who saw this coming? a bagel and straight set win! Rafa da best!
Tennis 4me
Tennis 4me:
Novak has said in his press conference, no excuses, he was feeling fine, he was just outplayed by the better player today as Nadal played incredible.
Frank Yapp
Frank Yapp:
Congratulations Rafa .
Go rafa
Future History Investigators
Future History Investigators:
"that's why I want this one to go as long as possible"
"I think 5+ hours"
well then
Michael Guimond
Michael Guimond:
Bublik was phenomenadal today! Wish you had called that match! Love me some Bublik ❤️🍿
Christopher Kershaw
Christopher Kershaw:
What a tough day for Novak fans, I was so frustrated angry , confused watching this match. Nadal played great. He's the GOAT but I hope this will motivate Novak to be better and try harder, he wasn't trying that hard today
Dan de Castro
Dan de Castro:
Were there really half a million views?
Cam you're a superstar :)
Michael Guimond
Michael Guimond:
Cam the goat 😍🔥🎾
Galaxy TechnoBeats
Galaxy TechnoBeats:
I was in the call too
Michael Guimond
Michael Guimond:
⚡ of clay🐐
Rhonda Bullard
Rhonda Bullard:
I saw the match. Djokovic admitted he was surprised how well Rafael played which means Rafa won the mental game. Djokovic to be surprised how well he played means he was not mentally ready therefore his body was affected. Nadal admitted in ASO final that he was not prepared to defend so much. I believe the same happened to Novak. He didn’t need to defend that’s why the drop shot worked. However, if you have to defend hard your drop offense will be affected including drop shots. Novak admitted nothing was wrong physically so he was just beat down.
Julio K
Julio K:
This guy loves nole. Keep it neutral or else your channel will continue to be stuck in neutral
Lalruatkimazadeng Zadeng
Lalruatkimazadeng Zadeng:
Jean J
Jean J:
Hard level: Federer Wimbledon
Very hard level: Djokovic Australia
Expert level: Nadal RG.