Nadal vs Tsitsipas; Thiem vs Rublev | Nitto ATP Finals 2020 Highlights Day 5

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100+ comentarios:

Whilst better with an audience, the empty arena is pretty atmospheric too
August 25th
August 25th:
Nadal has one of the best net games, so underrated at the net
I swear the defending champion always loses the ATP finals
Press and Hold !
Press and Hold !:
Nadal has 12 year-end top 2 finishes, the most in history.
Anandita Arya
Anandita Arya:
This has go to be one of Nadal's best outfits in his whole career. Lookin' slick !
Sazi Mthimkhulu
Sazi Mthimkhulu:
Thiem saved his energy, yes I agree but credit be given to Rublev he played really well.
El Shaddai
El Shaddai:
For tomorrow we have Djokovic vs Zverev: Battle of the nervous pushing
Olly Paton
Olly Paton:
Rafa's had some very nice hands at the net this tournament! Amazing hitting and touch.
Jerry Liu
Jerry Liu:
insane level this tournament I have rarely ever seen tennis like this
Anyone who says Nadal ain't an all court player should join RNA to learn basics of tennis.
That half volley was mind blowing.
My Hero Rafa, Legend Rafa he always know what he is aiming toooooooo the Top!! Never Give Up!! Go go gooooo Rafa Nadal. God Bless u 😙😙
Alex Fratelli
Alex Fratelli:
Great tennis from rafa and rublev. Rublev ends the season deservedly with a win
Yan Okimura
Yan Okimura:
I really thought Nadal wouldn't make it to the semifinals,this is the best chance for him to finally win this ATP Finals,it's gotta be this year,it's gotta be.
The backwards guy
The backwards guy:
Thiem really gets along with everyone
Rinal Sahputra
Rinal Sahputra:
One thing for sure: Nadal always plays his best. Even when he lost to Thiem, he played incredibly good.
Hoon Choi
Hoon Choi:
Commentators: "It's nice to see the young Russian earn his very first match win here at the Nitto ATP Finals."
Me: "bweeh."
Adrian Reyes
Adrian Reyes:
It seems like Nadal never misses those reverse jumping backhand shots!
Mohamed Salim
Mohamed Salim:
What a performance from the legend, as long as he's healthy he can win anywhere or beat anyone, hope this is the year Rafa wins the 🏆 vamos 👊💪
longinus galaxy
longinus galaxy:
I think rafa is going to beat medevev and move on to win his first ATP title. VAMOS!!!
Ry Acob
Ry Acob:
If rafa win's this atp finals, definitely he will be glad and appreciate the moment as if this is his first GS which he won..
6:24 everything you need to know about Thiem's will to waste his time before semis
Thiem didn't look like he was too hungry for that win. Congrats to Rublev though
Superb volleys from Nadal
Rublev really brought the BWEEEH this time
Martin Hall
Martin Hall:
During ATP Finals, commentator: That was a world class shot!
Nadal's volleys in this tournament have been crazy
Never seen nadal played so fluently on hard court....nadal will win his first atp final
Nadal at net is a beauty.
Yoshi Kay
Yoshi Kay:
If Rublev has something to prove. And the ATP finals just increased that 🔥 !!!!
Radu Goran
Radu Goran:
It would have been a shame not to see Rafa at least once more in this golden outfit 💚🤭 #vamosking
Puffs Media
Puffs Media:
Can't believe the finals are leaving London 😢
Shut up
Shut up:
Honestly the biggest difference between the big 3 and the rest is that they don't focus on losing a point. Both Rublev and Tsitsipas played well vs Nadal but as soon as they made 2/3 errors, it was like a snowball effect.
peder tai
peder tai:
If the court is clay, nadal got 12 atp finals titles already.
hiren Drall
hiren Drall:
Rublev takes away 200 atp points, that's almost as good as wining a 250 atp title. Great end to the season 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Velha Guarda Tricolor
Velha Guarda Tricolor:
This next gem think they are really good because they are hanging with NADAL/NOLE and ROGER but they forget those guys are really old.
If a 22 year old NADAL were to face a 34yo Tsitsipas it would be 6-0 6-0 every single time.
World tour finals is my fav tennis tourney..such amazingly high level of tennis throughout the tournament. World Class
it looks like Nadal has changed his service motion
Puffs Media
Puffs Media:
Big things coming for Rublev 2021 🔥💪What a season he's had
nir S
nir S:
Nadal’s voley is so underrated !!
Random PC-User
Random PC-User:
7:14 Rublev: *slams ball on the ground* Umpire: "New balls please!" That was funny.
Hameed Husain
Hameed Husain:
This, and the match with Theim was absolutely high quality. Great performance, he faced only one break point in the 2nd set. Sensational Tennis. The match with Medvedev will be interesting. Vamos Rafa, let's get the title, In Shaa Allah..
Vamos rafa, its now or never!
Anandita Arya
Anandita Arya:
Nadal's confidence to come into the net has improved so well.
Edit: Why is everyone trying to defy my comment ? Makes me regret posting
Agustino Hadiyanto
Agustino Hadiyanto:
Happy for Nadal makes into the last four. he is one of the favourite here at the ATP Finals
Krzysztof Bodzianowski
Krzysztof Bodzianowski:
Congratulation to Rublev- what an amazing sezon💪💪💪
Thiem plays with a lot more authority and assertion against Nadal than Tsitsipas does. Thiem is more offensive and hits bigger and believes more in his abilities and power against Nadal whereas Tsitsipas is more defensive and less confident. You can clearly see it in the way they both respectively play against Nadal.
Hussein Nur
Hussein Nur:
Nadal and Thiem were the strongest mentally in this group. Rublev found his groove a little too late.
sunny days
sunny days:
Stef playing like Federer at times. High quality match.
Muhammad Danial Zulkhibri
Muhammad Danial Zulkhibri:
My predictions final nadal vs thiem
A P:
Great season , Rublev! Get good rest and see u next year Aussie open! Stay safe!
I was glad to see Rublev end his seaon with a BE- WEH! :-) Love his fighting spirit ! And speaking of that, whose better thn Nadal! He and Medvedev should be a tasty match. Thiem is saving up for the semis for sure.
Victor Lupas
Victor Lupas:
why did Tsitsipas think that hitting constantly to Nadal’s forehand was a good idea?
Christopher Yiwei Liang
Christopher Yiwei Liang:
Was Nadal always this good in front of the net? Recently, many of his volleys are unbelievable
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Congrats to Nadal on reaching the semi finals! What a stunning match this was. 1 more spot left for semis ...who will it be? Djokovic or Zeverev. Hope Djokovic!
Egor Rudenko
Egor Rudenko:
Vamos Rafa!
Ichsan Nurzaman
Ichsan Nurzaman:
As much as saving energy is understandable in a RR format, it's also a little bit tough on the other end knowing your opponent doesn't give his best just because he already had that privilege to be able to throw the match away
Muhammad Danial Zulkhibri
Muhammad Danial Zulkhibri:
My predictions final nadal vs thiem
Anirudh ER
Anirudh ER:
Thiem played loose just like he did last year against berettini
Gotta love Nadal!
darin H
darin H:
nadal is so focused...brilliant serving! high quality matches so far in general
badr unlucky
badr unlucky:
Rafa gives all he has to win this title for the first time in his career, frankly I would not be surprised if he could pass to the final at the expense of medvedev (the nominee for the title, accompanied by Thiem and Nole) because he is constantly improving.
Nagaraju Peddakotla
Nagaraju Peddakotla:
I ❤ rafa however and ever
He is 👏 🎾 athlet
Ju Yeon
Ju Yeon:
His smile is gold. I hope to see his smile in final!
Sander E
Sander E:
Wow, how good is this from Nadal. I almost can't believe it. Still the will to win everything and to play at his best when he has to. And Tsitsipas will win a GS in future, im sure. Who will play Nadal in de SF?
That reversed backhand smash at the net landed right on the service line! Vamos Rafa!
Vamos Rafa!!! 💪🏻🐇
fran gasch galvañ
fran gasch galvañ:
Nadal been Nadal and thiem giving this victory as a present for rublev, for saving stamina for the semis.
Brent Altemus
Brent Altemus:
Nadal's net game has been godly this whole tournament.
Azhar Asim
Azhar Asim:
Rafa Nadal is the king 👑 of tennis
Ken Nguyen
Ken Nguyen:
8:08 anybody gonna talk about that handshake?
f*ck google
f*ck google:
dont know if its the surface, or the camera lens, but god damn this feels fast, rublev sprints? like wtf:D
What a performance by the GOAT, Nadal did well too
Nadal - Djokovic on collision course in finals!
saddam hussain
saddam hussain:
Nadal playing little different ....more composed and more compact on this surface than ever before
David J
David J:
First time without ads - thank you.
Michael Lucas
Michael Lucas:
Tsisipas has all the shots but lacks the anticipation that Nadal has. Comes with experience and mastery I guess. 👑🎾
Dominic Spiller
Dominic Spiller:
Let's go Rafa
Ignited diamonds fightback
Ignited diamonds fightback:
djokers prime was 2011, nadals was 2008, FedEx 2005......if all of theirs time had overlapped.....Rafa and fed would have had a slightest edge over nole
Ajay Joseph
Ajay Joseph:
Vamooooos Rafa!!!!!
pardeep Singh
pardeep Singh:
finally bweeeehh roars
srikar king
srikar king:
One of the most entertaining tournaments in my opinion
5:03 Listen to Nadal's Victory Cry! Sounds like I'm playing Wii Sports XD
Romain Mj
Romain Mj:
Thiem didnt give a shit about this match lol he played just for fun and trying some shots....just keeping all energy for semis against Djokovic. He did just the same againt berretini in 2019 so no worries guys
( i liked the fact that just for fun he broke back at one moment and also avoid tie breaks at 5-5 40-0 cause he doesnt want to go furtger and made 2 doubles faults
I guess no need to grind out 30 shot points time and time again when you move and volley as good as Rafa - as an old Scottish football coach told me...."get into the net son!"
anee shaa
anee shaa:
Rublev kinda remind of old nadal in some ways I donno how to explain in lmao
Arpan Das
Arpan Das:
Just arrived from the 2019 highlights with a crowd.
August 25th
August 25th:
Rafa really wanted to win this match after what happened last year
morita hadad
morita hadad:
I swear the defending champion always loses the ATP finals
Bá Tài Channel
Bá Tài Channel:
Let's go Nadal. 😍😍😍😍😍😍
2:13 Battering Ram?
Atharva Thatte
Atharva Thatte:
In 2019 Thiem won first 2 matches & lost against Berettini.
This time he won first 2& lost against Rublev.
He will play in the final!
Sandeep Sathe
Sandeep Sathe:
Nice to see young gun firing...but missing that classic rivalry between big 4 ..O2 must be missing them...
The DownUnder Gamer
The DownUnder Gamer:
My coach reckons maybe Theim lost on purpose so he'd verse Medvedev instead of Djokovic.
Victor Nguyen
Victor Nguyen:
Bweeh makes Thieme look like an amateur
Manuel M T
Manuel M T:
Great all round game by Nadal.
Alexis Gunther
Alexis Gunther:
Can anyone explain the process of this tournament? I can’t find any legit tables of points or anything.
give the man a racquet contract already !
Let's do it Rafa❤️