Napoli 1-2 Parma | A Late Gervinho Goal Sees Gattuso Lose First Napoli Match! | Serie A TIM

Gervinho’s late goal against Napoli secures the win for Parma in Gattuso's first game in charge | Serie A

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100+ comentarios:

Lucas Azevedo de Castro Bonfá
Lucas Azevedo de Castro Bonfá:
It's hard to dislike Gervinho, he's always willing to give a show
Max Mach
Max Mach:
Yeah, I'm sure that Napoli was playing poorly because of Ancelotti, not because Mertens, Insigne and Callejon missed about 20 opportunities in every last match.
Boi O Boi
Boi O Boi:
You go and sack one of the best managers of the decade and instantly sign Gattuso. Is this Man United?
Shane Bovell
Shane Bovell:
GERVINHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO man I need to buy his shirt.
Big fish Ke
Big fish Ke:
You can just tell that the problem was not Ancelloti
Elias Sossou
Elias Sossou:
Gervinho the most underated player of the universe
Peter kariuki
Peter kariuki:
How do you fire Ancelotti and bring in Gattuso what a downgrade
Gitt Nacas
Gitt Nacas:
Kulusevski super talent⭐️⭐️⭐️
Brutal Fates
Brutal Fates:
Makes me miss the days Of Cavani, Hamsik, and Lavezzi, what a joy Napoli was to watch with them three.
WatchMe GoNuts
WatchMe GoNuts:
If Gervinho wasn't already 32 years old I bet lots of clubs would be interested in him.
ryoga barian
ryoga barian:
I never watch parma's matches but in each highlights I see of them all I can think is Gervino is so underrated
Heldy P
Heldy P:
Gervinho always powerfull
Jeff Mint
Jeff Mint:
Napoil 1 Karma 2
Greninja Guy AMV
Greninja Guy AMV:
Napoli have serious business to do in January
Arctic swan
Arctic swan:
Every time I watch parma match..I see Gervinho dazzling
putra nguber
putra nguber:
Gervinho amazing..
Maden od
Maden od:
Beautiful football to Gervinho & kulusevski.
Shouldn't have sacked Ancelotti
Tollah Tv ferkah
Tollah Tv ferkah:
Gervinho is something else
j valeska
j valeska:
With all respect to gatuso living legend ofc

But carlo is from another tier of manger

What a downgrade
andy rafel perez colon
andy rafel perez colon:
Gervinho like the wine, the older the better
baladewa muser Forza croatia
baladewa muser Forza croatia:
Proud of you PARMA
From Parmagiani Indonesia since 1998😍😍😍😍
Greninja Guy AMV
Greninja Guy AMV:
Let's see if the Napoli players actually play for this manager
José Luís Soares Serôdio
José Luís Soares Serôdio:
Napoli fans: Things can't get worse...

Gattuso: Hold my beer 🚨🎳🍺
Bruce Brown
Bruce Brown:
Kulusevski is a great player. Im sure that the next summer will be signed by Juventus or Inter
Jeremy Makokha
Jeremy Makokha:
I have fallen in love with Parma....courtesy of Gerbinho and Klutsetski....please help me spell Kl.....
Junior Boy
Junior Boy:
The club owner has made life miserable for the players.hence they can't win.
TheManwhosenamestartswithW W
TheManwhosenamestartswithW W:
Why do I feel like everytime I see Koulibaly he makes big mistakes. For someone who is being priced at the same region VVD was...He ain't at that level.
Alvin Hermawan
Alvin Hermawan:
When Napoli Sacks Carlo Ancelotti and appointed that "Rhino" as their new Manager, I belived that Napoli make a huge...giant mistake.
Johnjohn10 John
Johnjohn10 John:
Mertens should a starter
Kulusevski is the best yougster in seria a
Ali Riaz
Ali Riaz:
I feel bad for everyone associated with Napoli but this is hilarious
Adam Joahnsson
Adam Joahnsson:
Kulusevski! Wow what a talent
Salman Haider
Salman Haider:
Napoli at UCL: 👑
Napoli at serie a: 🤡
Pongan futbol en Stardew Valley
Pongan futbol en Stardew Valley:
In the second goal, I genuinely cant understand how there were 4 or 5 Parma players in Napoli's area, but only three napoli players defending
It shows that the problem are the players and not the manager, not willing to even defend a counterattack in the last minute of the match
mayurag maravi
mayurag maravi:
Napoli owners : Now we sacked ancolotti soon everything will be fine
Napoli defence : hold my beer
Mahmoud Hmidi
Mahmoud Hmidi:
Kulusevski future interista🔵⚫️what a gem 🤩🤩
jose david murillo vargas
jose david murillo vargas:
Gervinho es un megajugador
Vineeth Karukonda
Vineeth Karukonda:
Carlo Ancelotti even defeated Liverpool and you sack him for no reason
3:33 Kulusevski just liking the smell of the grass
Koulibaly tumbling had me in stitches lol
Rudy Estuardo Quezada
Rudy Estuardo Quezada:
Martes: Napoli (con Ancelotti) golea y clasifica a 8os. De la UCL
3 doritos después....ridículo ante el Parma 😭
Ya lo bueno que Chucky no jugó ahora sí digan que se quede en la banca🤣🤣🤣
Reyner Iqbal
Reyner Iqbal:
The main problem is Laurentiis. Defeated to a club like Parma should enough as a wake-up call.
Lalu N. M. D. Y
Lalu N. M. D. Y:
yeaaah Parma 🔥🔥🔥
Robert Ortega
Robert Ortega:
many of more loses taking off Ancelotti was a HUGE mistake
Android Mrc
Android Mrc:
O arsenal perdeu um grande jorgado que é o gevinho
Mariusz Ba
Mariusz Ba:
Arek Milik 💪👏👏👏
Eduardo Limah
Eduardo Limah:
welcomed to another club: koulibaly, insigne, mertens, allan, and friends.. 😁
Dedi Supriadi
Dedi Supriadi:
He never old..gervinho 💪
Vinsmoke Snj
Vinsmoke Snj:
Gervinho 🔥🔥🔥
Dapz Mostanti
Dapz Mostanti:
Gervinho still got it 🔥🔥
Anish RB
Anish RB:
That's what you get from sacking a 3 time champions league winning manager and possibly one of the top 10 greatest manager of all time who could've turned it around if given time and appoint a coach who was sacked by a struggling Milan side
Arunanshu Sarkar
Arunanshu Sarkar:
man 25 shots off target. Ancelotti was not the problem.
Zico Dafonso
Zico Dafonso:
Welcome back PARMA!!!!
Saint Maurice
Saint Maurice:
Gervinho was on fire! 🔥🔥😅
faith khennedi
faith khennedi:
That koulibaly's defending n final fall was both pitiable and laughable at the same time. But I still got luv for him though.
Wecktilis Verdyo
Wecktilis Verdyo:
Great job Crociati .... !!!💪💪💪👏👏👏👏
hshimk88 jama
hshimk88 jama:
De laurentis needs to go man , he's destroying the club
33 shoots to target 1 goal
Michele M
Michele M:
Gervinho supersonic
Parma fan since '95, it's nice to see parma back on the track of fighting for European football again after the up and downs from all these years... Cries
Andro A'al
Andro A'al:
Welcome Gatusso 😂 when Allegri, Poch, Wenger are available
Mario Sanders
Mario Sanders:
I always root for Parma, I love how they strive to win. Today, I was really hoping Gattuso gets a win on his first game. Great game by Kulusevki and Gervinho ( dude can run).
Better Napoli today. Much better. Milik stil firing on all cylinders. Only player off his game was Insigne. Hope they improve.
Kevin servHis
Kevin servHis: happy for Gervinho 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Palestine Exists
Palestine Exists:
Having Napoli in our UCL group for two straight years, I do enjoy watching them lose. Liverpool 6⭐️ 😉
luc lebe
luc lebe:
Bravo Gervinho !
Maxwell Red Moon
Maxwell Red Moon:
After several years of glory, now it's the time to Napoli back to bottom.
Miki Kitanov
Miki Kitanov:
Kulusevski 🇲🇰💪
Martin Slovák
Martin Slovák:
This same happened against Cagliari. 😉
Cornelius Mudumba
Cornelius Mudumba:
Why would you sack Ancelotti 🤦🤦🤦🤦
Hiếu Nguyễn Thị
Hiếu Nguyễn Thị:
D C:
from the highlights Parma deserves it !
Reece Goatley
Reece Goatley:
Napoli’s stadium is almost always empty...
Alejandro RGN
Alejandro RGN:
Kulusevski 💙🖤
Thomas Agung
Thomas Agung:
Mamma Mia Parma !!! 💙💛
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn:
1:07 how can you miss that? Even Insigne and Koulibaly are struggling
Michał M
Michał M:
Where was defence by the 2nd goal for Parma :D
Cat Versus
Cat Versus:
1:34 what contact? that was a simulation, with VAR it should've been a red card
cadxniifut clipzz
cadxniifut clipzz:
Well that’s what happens when you get the manager of a rival club
Rosa margarita Montes de Oca Gonzalez
Rosa margarita Montes de Oca Gonzalez:
Gracias saludos cordiales bendiciones en familia equipo...
Allan Quesada
Allan Quesada:
It seems it will be a Juve/Inter fight in Serie A
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn:
3:31 no defence at all
Ahmed Zain
Ahmed Zain:
I think I’m going blind but didn’t zielinski just trip over himself lol
Crazy Machines
Crazy Machines:
I used to love how Napoli was ,it was like beast but nowadays it makes me sad to see how they've lost their image of beast
Septian Azhar
Septian Azhar:
Aurelio de Laurentiis is completely out of his mind!
Napoli are in free fall. 7th in serie a is shocking and their squad is gonna picked apart.
Andjelko Zlotvor
Andjelko Zlotvor:
Insigne... He would never learn how to score.
Oliver *
Oliver *:
Rafi Derianto
Rafi Derianto:
Ancelotti : sekarang lo nyesel kan, kesel kan....
Gattuso: too much MaLaKiA in this team
forza arma grazi na grazzzziiiiii!!!! loved parma since 8 years old...loving this......great team spirit and bruno alves is a g howrangers would love have this bruno alves!
Husam derossi
Husam derossi:
Grande Milik!
Lwando Nyanga
Lwando Nyanga:
I can't wait to see Napoli in the Champions League last-16
Rudi Irwan
Rudi Irwan:
Hahaa gattuso🤣🤣
Cleyton Monteiro
Cleyton Monteiro:
Grande Parmaa⚽😌🤩
By the way it's nice to see Callejon in attacking again in 4-3-3 formation!