Napoli 2-1 Juventus | Koulibaly is the hero for the night! | Serie A 2021/22

The captain saves the day and scores a late winner to give Napoli a much-coveted win against rivals Juventus | Serie A 2021/22

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100+ comentarios:

David Saad
David Saad:
Finally we can watch 'Arsenal' in Serie A
Manchester will always be RED
Manchester will always be RED:
Moise Kean, wow what a signing! red card for Everton, then Juve buys him to replace Ronaldo and now he is trying to score so hard, he doesn't care whose net! He should go to Ligue 1, suits him!
Le Hai Dang
Le Hai Dang:
Fans of Juventus: Who needs Ronaldo?
Fans of MU: Okay, you see? He scored twice. How about you? Lose twice, huh? 🤣🤣
TheUnknown Man
TheUnknown Man:
Arsenal and Juventus same energy, same passion, same potential, same quality. When Will Juventus actually win a match.
Dubhe Alpha
Dubhe Alpha:
Now, this is clarification CR7 wasn't the issue. This team was trash and CR7 was hauling this club in his shoulders all by himself 🔥
tenzin phuentshog
tenzin phuentshog:
Thanks to Allegri for sending Ronaldo to Manchester United.
That's That!
That's That!:
Juve fans: Who needs Ronaldo?
Real fan: Trust me, we all do. They brought Hazard to replace him and gave his No. 7 to Mariano Diaz, one is always injured and the other was so terrible they had to give the No. 7 to the injured one as a way of retiring it.
Sangay Thrinly
Sangay Thrinly:
No GOAT no party. It is a fact that with Ronaldo everything is possible till last breath. But sadly Juventus wasn't able utilise our GOAT.
Medyczne Opowiastki
Medyczne Opowiastki:
I sometimes think that Juventus is testing playing without goalkeeper, Szczesny in this year is a joke.
CR knew Juventus has problems across all lines. So he just left asap. His decision proved right. Now Juventus has moderate quality players except a couple of players. Soon these will leave as well if nothing will change. So sad.
Jennifer Hoogaardt
Jennifer Hoogaardt:
I'm Real Madrid supporter, but I come here once a while to see juventus suffer, they had a nuclear weapon (CR7)but didn't know how to use it.
Nunchakwa Uche
Nunchakwa Uche:
i didnt like our game with pirlo, but i would rather rebuild for 2,3 years with pirlo than keep the current squad and bring an ex coach back. the management should be fired
Happy Dubey
Happy Dubey:
Don't worry Coach we at United love you more now, thanks for Cristiano.
Jose Antonio
Jose Antonio:
Juventus couldn't keep up with Ronaldo's pace and play style so they blamed him, glad he went to a team that actually pushes ahead and not chill back.
Olexandr Zezulya
Olexandr Zezulya:
Szczezny is simply the best in this season.
Kỳ Anh
Kỳ Anh:
While Ronaldo headers saved Juve and won points for them, Kean header destroyed their hope. What a replacement
Adam Krause
Adam Krause:
Juventus will recover as they always do. Until then I'm enjoying these losses after Allegri's treatment of Cristiano
Mr Bille
Mr Bille:
How Scenzny has lasted this long at Juve I'll never know.
Alle Garage
Alle Garage:
Кин: не могу забить в ворота противника, забью хоть в свои😂
Hemanth Sannamariyapa
Hemanth Sannamariyapa:
Without CR7 Juves are nothing! Finally. I’m happy to see the goat out of this small club
MasonB 10
MasonB 10:
Juventus still have not won a game this season the Ronaldo affect is real
vivek loei
vivek loei:
Day matches of serie a are so classic cult look matches 🙌🏼🙌🏼the stadiums 🏟 are really gorgeous
Roger Lopez
Roger Lopez:
Thank you Allegri Ronaldo is finally in a better place after 3 seasons!!
That's That!
That's That!:
Wow... they are doing so well without Ronaldo, they even turned down a 1-goal deficit. Congrats to Napoli 😂
Lee Key
Lee Key:
Unfortunately, 2 of Juventus's goals were given to Man U by the Referee.
The fact that Juventus were dominating the Serie A was because they had a world class midfield with pirlo Vidal marchisio and Pogba. Also BBC in their Prime and higuain and dybala upfront. It was by far the strongest Italian team. But the most important point was the midfield compared to today. When Ronaldo came to Juventus they hadn’t even the best midfield in Italy. Ronaldo was able to score 101 goals and made 22 assists in 134 games for Juventus. He also won every domestic title with juventus, without a real playmaker. That’s madness.

So people pointing out that Juventus was better before Ronaldo came in is very ignorant. People saying this don’t get the real problem at juventus missmanagement of the Team. Or they just hating on Ronaldo for whatever reasons. But Ronaldo was never the problem.
582-Tejas Vaidya
582-Tejas Vaidya:
When Ronaldo leaves the club it feels like he took the soul of the club with him nothing feels same player,fans it requires lot of time to recover for that club
Peter Joy
Peter Joy:
It’s safe to say that Ronaldo saw the future 👀
Mourinho on Ronaldo 2018: "Juventus bought a nuclear weapon that they don't know how to use"

Now 2021 Ronaldo leave Juventus and back to ManUtd. We still celebrate VIVA RONALDO 🤪 As a ManUtd fan just wanna say you (Juventus) looks like an Arsenal with Italian Version 😜🤣
"Ronaldo stifled the game" Massimiliano Allegri😂😂
Day Day
Day Day:
No Ronaldo no problem Allegri yeah 😂👏
Sh3Va Italiano
Sh3Va Italiano:
Man, if Juve had a world class goalkeeper, they would win this match easily.
Elektra ff
Elektra ff:
I still cant believe they brought allegri to fix this squad 😂
oscar mere
oscar mere:
The mistake of Juve is all the forward players have jealousy to Ronaldo..last season, it was so rare to see Kulusecki gave a pass or assists to Ronaldo. N they said, we don't need him ! now you all will regret.We will see what Dybala can do for this team next.
Muhammed Mhd
Muhammed Mhd:
RONALDO wasn't in Allegri 's plan
Well, this might be his plan😂👍🏻
Sesh 125
Sesh 125:
Juventus dominance of Italian football has slipped
Fahim Foysal Nibir
Fahim Foysal Nibir:
If this form continues, Pavel and Pirlo may have to give up their management post to play in the midfield. Who knows, they might be more successful than current players.
Anantha Padmanabhan S S
Anantha Padmanabhan S S:
Underrated player - Koulibaly ! He is a top cb. would love to see him move to other place/league and win titles.
Vikas Gautam
Vikas Gautam:
For a split second, Kean thought - it was the enemy's goal.
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo:
Juve, can you do this like 5 games in a row from now? It would be nice for this season development :p
Smart Boy
Smart Boy:
" He is the strongest opponent I have ever faced" Szczesny about Kean
bssni touir
bssni touir:
Szczesny looks like he's back in his Arsenal form. Ronaldo was Juve's get-out-of-jail card and it's really starting to show.
Perin should start from now on. In Jan transfer window Juve should go for a swap loan deal with Parma between Buffon and Szczesny and pay 80 - 90% of Szczesny's salary. A loan deal for Donnurruma or Navas with PSG would be ideal .. but PSG won't agree ... so next summer Juve will have to try for another top Goalie ❗❗
it's me ferry
it's me ferry:
Mike mignan is the best goalkeeper in serie A
jose paulo ferreira da silva
jose paulo ferreira da silva:
I still remember when this gentleman ( juventus goalkeeper) said he was the best goalkeeper in the world . He is funny 😅😂
Vinapic Dương
Vinapic Dương:
Juve's fan: "Who needs Ronaldo?"
Real's fan: "Youth has not experienced life?" 😂
And don’t forget that what would be the only Juve victory this season would have been conquered by that insane header of Ronaldo on extra time against Udinese that because of a inch offside was disallowed. But, hey… he was holding them back…
Juventus beat Bologna without Ronaldo last season.

Juve Fans: "We play better without Ronaldo. We don't need him. He is the problem."
Allegri: "Get rid of Ronaldo, he is the problem. Dybala is the center of project"

Ronaldo left.

Juve fans: "Ronaldo ran away. He left us at wrong time."

No idiots he should have never joined your small club at first place. Juventus failed Ronaldo.
The "Italian El Clasico of the 2010s" is not the same anymore now that Juventus feels like a borderline Serie B team...
Eitan Lupu
Eitan Lupu:
All goals were so easy to avoid conceding (Third one at Kean's fault)
Naira Fazilatun Nisa. /Nafisah ajla syaurah
Naira Fazilatun Nisa. /Nafisah ajla syaurah:
And Ronaldo strikes two goals for MU For his second debut. Yeah....
Update & Upgrade
Update & Upgrade:
Sok gak butuh ronaldo akibatnya bisah ngampas sendiri jadinya
shani yan
shani yan:
When Ronaldo leaves the club it feels like he took the soul of the club with him nothing feels same player,fans it requires lot of time to recover for that club
Behar Lutfija
Behar Lutfija:
Finally we see Morata scoring without failing
Abell Seyfu
Abell Seyfu:
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates🎈
Ngọc Đức Bùi
Ngọc Đức Bùi:
Juve's fan: "Who needs Ronaldo?"
Real's fan: "First time, huh?" 😂
Hamza Musiitwa
Hamza Musiitwa:
Juve needs a serious goal keeper
James Cameron
James Cameron:
This commentator is hilarious, very excited about someone scoring from 2 yards out...
JustChill Dude
JustChill Dude:
Mouse Kean is absolutely Napoli Agent thanks man
Như Trịnh
Như Trịnh:
“Who needs Ronaldo?”
Yeah, I really want to meet that Juventus’s fan and smile brightly.
Hidyt Url
Hidyt Url:
Kean : iam a striker, i will heading the ball into a goal, no matter if its my own goal 😁
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv:
The loser chain is continuing in front of. Congratulations to Juve.
Johny John
Johny John:
Koulibaly defends as well as he attacks.
Lucero HC7
Lucero HC7:
Solo me siento mal por algunos futbolistas de la juve, pero varios fans arrogantes y ex futbolistas sin atención, se lo merecen de alguna manera.
Emanuel Kureta
Emanuel Kureta:
How are we gonna blame Ronaldo for this mess?When we have Morata upfront who barely scored any goals in Atletico and Chelsea.We have a midfield of 3 below average players like Bentacur who cannot shoot for his life or Rabiot who 80 percent of the time is lost on the pitch.It is the 4th season without a proper right back and we brought in Locatelli who hasnt played a minute yet.The only one to blame for this mess is Agnelli and his ignorance.And dont get me started on the Coronavirus situation,cause Juventus is one of the richest clubs in football right now
"You may take Szczesny out of Arsenal but you can't take the Arsenal out of Szczesny"-Legend
Saadvig Gm
Saadvig Gm:
De ligt should better leave Juventus to make his future bright
Marvellous! Meraviglioso!
Saalim Khan
Saalim Khan:
Juve needs a quality goalkeeper before any midfielder or a striker
Cain Gamalo
Cain Gamalo:
Allegri's tactics belong to the jurassic era.
Ryan Al Hakim
Ryan Al Hakim:
What an assist from Kean. That's the reason he replaced CR7. He can assist
Back passing legends
Typical juve midfielders 🤣
Manish Prasad
Manish Prasad:
Juventus needs a goal keeper....
Fans TFs
Fans TFs:
CR7 scored 2 goals in his opening game in MU come back...juve 3 games, 2defeats 1 tied 1 point..
Minh Triết Phạm
Minh Triết Phạm:
Escaping the relegation is the number one goal of Juven this year.
Jmerca 10
Jmerca 10:
Kean was brought in to score goals and he almost scored in the wrong end 🤭
Amaan Ahmed
Amaan Ahmed:
Now I can see only one team that can stop psg from winning, it's JUVENTUS.
Market Promo
Market Promo:
Just get italian goalkeeper,and Juventus can be great again.
Juve will never disappoint you if you understand them😂😂😂😂
TilakRaj Golari
TilakRaj Golari:
Koulibaly is aiming for top4 again....
He could have gone on to win the CL.
Roshen Too Lap
Roshen Too Lap:
They brought Kean back to score goals, he did an assist... well done
Jose garcia guillen
Jose garcia guillen:
Juventus antes de CR 4 dobletes seguidos y 2 finales de UCL. La llegada de CR solo ha perjudicado al equipo, ahora no digan que falta él.
Nedved, esta que entra a jugar, que tremendo jugador,opacado por ser decente .
Ayobanjo Funsho
Ayobanjo Funsho:
Juve aint going anywhere with Tek at goal....3 error leading to goals in three matches
We missed a player "who is the player?
Only one answer :- 👑Cristiano Ronaldo
Damy taylor
Damy taylor:
Alegri did everything to kick out Ronaldo . Juve it’s over .
Rvve Duio
Rvve Duio:
Unfortunately, 2 of Juventus's goals were given to Man U by the Referee.
Deepanshu Sharma
Deepanshu Sharma:
Juve are in deep trouble this season.
Dinal Cutinho
Dinal Cutinho:
I can see only few quality players in that Juve side! Chiesa (for sure best thing that happened to juve in recent time) , Cuadrado, Chielleni(He cannot play every game but his leadership can be seen when he is on the pitch), Locatelli(too early to say but was great in euros) and that's it. Sorry ut i have not seen dybala making a difference in a long time and even when he was having that super season uder sarri i felt great quality, top top player but not world class. Juve brought in a outdated manager who plays too defensively. Juve made right decision when they sacked him the first time but his replacements were weak. Juve should have gone for zidane or mourinho or blanc or pochetino or deschamps or ancelloti or tuchel or someone else (only these managers were available at that time).
Be yourself, be confident and never surrender
Chris Gilbert
Chris Gilbert:
Szczesny looks like he's back in his Arsenal form. Ronaldo was Juve's get-out-of-jail card and it's really starting to show.
Hamiisii M.
Hamiisii M.:
the fact that Napoli were sloppy all game and still managed a W
CR7 is smart . He knew the boat is sinking and shoot off from there before itself.
Can't blame the loss to CR now Juve. Shame you couldn't keep CR happy and build a team with him around.
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan:
Pogba deserved MVP for this match.
Turtle Valhala
Turtle Valhala:
i like how the Juventus fans still blame ronaldo even after he move haha
Bruno Londinese
Bruno Londinese:
Ounas & especially Anguissa top performances
Erwin Septiaji
Erwin Septiaji:
Kean did it on purpose 🤣
Luis Carlos Puerta López
Luis Carlos Puerta López:
For how long do we have to suffer Szczesny??? he has to go, like 3 years ago, Juve deserves a better goalkeeper
Pro Jamir
Pro Jamir:
I saw some juve fans saying "Who Needs Ronaldo" and in the next game Juve lost to Empoli and now they lost against Napoli.