Napoli 2-1 Udinese | Osimhen leads Napoli comeback | Serie A 2021/22

The Nigerian striker continues his scoring streak with a brace to sink Udinese and put pressure on Milan in the title race | Serie A 2021/22

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Nathan Aichie
Nathan Aichie:
Napoli knew what they wanted by signing Osimhen after just one season at Lille. I'm proud of my countryman and I wish him huge success in world football!
Nolly Great Movies
Nolly Great Movies:
Osimhen is going to really be a world class striker, a proper baller. Nigeria is proud to have him.
Aigbe Eromon
Aigbe Eromon:
Napoli finding form at the right time.....kudos to Osimhen and I do hope he stays injury free.
WesT Side
WesT Side:
Last week we were all saying feed Osimhen and he'll do the rest, same outcome still this week! This dude is a big baller and Napoli should do whatever it takes to keep him and build a greater team around
Emmanuel Adeyemi
Emmanuel Adeyemi:
Victor Oshimen is a huge talent and a sharp striker! With injury free, he will basket more goals for Napoli and Nigeria. I just love his aggression on the field of play. A nightmare for Ghana's showdown in the world cup qualifiers.
Vincent Odoh
Vincent Odoh:
Great header from Osimhen. Well deserved victory for the Napoli
Dan Oku
Dan Oku:
If Oshimhen had been fit all season i think Napoli should be close to winning the league by now
Osimhen Is a beast, wasn't a yellow card for me tho, he'll be misssed against Atalanta
Forever Mine
Forever Mine:
Simply put, if we had Osimhen available for the nations cup, we would have won it!
Aidy Gooner
Aidy Gooner:
Insigne, Mertens and Koulibaly deserve the Scudetto for their loyalty to Napoli. I wish Hamsik was able to win one with Napoli. 💙
Osisike Chiehiurah
Osisike Chiehiurah:
I love that victor is getting comfortable at Naples and the fans love him so much,he needs to play more with dries mertens who is more like an idol to him and who is willing to help him score more,not insigne who is looking for personal glory....Forza Napoli
Fortune Ogechi
Fortune Ogechi:
Oshimen on fire🔥
If only Napoli could be feeding him with passes he will be scoring in almost every match, if Victor Oshimen is in a team like Manchester the goals he will be scoring in a single will be unimaginable..
Joshua Valencia
Joshua Valencia:
When Napoli is on they play extremely beautiful football. Respect from a Milan fan!
oscar rezzy
oscar rezzy:
I'm so proud to have a player like Osimhen in my country
And I'm proud to be a Nigerian💛💯😎
hassam saqib lodhi
hassam saqib lodhi:
Great performance by Napoli 🧡🧡🧡. Osimhen played phenomenal Football in winning cause 👍👍👍.
This guy Osimhen literally brings my attention to serie A
Zhik Ose
Zhik Ose:
If Osimhen never got injured this season, I believe Napoli would have been top of the league with some margin..
NaijaLatestHit AfroHome
NaijaLatestHit AfroHome:
I’m so proud of him
obinna ice
obinna ice:
Osimhen lack of goals is as a result of the selfishness of Napoli players especially Lorenzo Inseign. Why always cutting Osimhen off when attacking? Feed him the ball, he is your no.9. That's exactly what won Inter Milan Seria A last season, they played with Lukaku.
Osimhen can't just stop scoring goals.... what a great striker 👏
Anthonia Okoh
Anthonia Okoh:
Osimhen is a lethal striker. He needs consistency in front of goal to be compared with Serie A Greats like Shevchenko, Crespo, Batistuta and George Weah
Roberto Cuéllar Pando
Roberto Cuéllar Pando:
Osimhen es un gran cazagoles, ¡nos puso devuelta en la pelea por el título! 💙🎊🎉✨🛐
Layindeh Gila Gila
Layindeh Gila Gila:
Osimen will have had more goals for Napoli if only their wingers cross the ball more
Even though some Napoli midfielders and wingers are selfish, there are still cooperative players on the team. Let's give high credit to Di Lorenzo, Politano, Elmas, Ounas, Mario Rui, etc. These players are cooperative and work toward the goal of winning the league. I really like Di Lorenzo.
Carlos Amauri Dos Santos Arruda
Carlos Amauri Dos Santos Arruda:
Muita torcida para que o scudeto fique com o Napoli este ano. E acredito que é muito possível.
Samuel Ighodaro
Samuel Ighodaro:
Osimhen is a beast. What a striker we have. I hope he performs this way against Ghana.
1:10, 2:37, the best decision was to feed Osimhen. They didn't. There is too much selfishness in this Napoli team.
Abolade Akintunde
Abolade Akintunde:
One header and a right-foot shot similar to last week. Oshimen is the real deal! Arsenal needs to take note. He'd be perfect for them. I hope Napoli wins the league
Sai Govind
Sai Govind:
Seria A is so competitive this season and it's so unpredictable.

I really hope Napoli wins this scudetto. I'll be great to see a new winner in the Serie A!!!
opeyemi aina
opeyemi aina:
What a great Stricker Victor Osihmen is! He's improving everyday....
I wish him the very best of luck in all subsequent matches....both for the country and club......
We'll bring him to Arsenal FC next season by God's grace.
Michael Olawale
Michael Olawale:
We missed him at the last nations cup. Keep flying bro.
Osagiede Jos
Osagiede Jos:
Osimhen the phenomenon. Next stop is World Cup qualifiers. Osimhen, Ademola lookman, Emanuel Denis , Chukwueze and Aribo will put Ghana where they belong.
Mutairu Olamizky
Mutairu Olamizky:
Osimhen is a polific striker, always in right places at right time...he only need a talented midfielder to feed him
Best of luck my country man
Ekemini Clement Essien
Ekemini Clement Essien:
When I saw 0-1 I thought this is one of those matches... But I am glad we won!!
abdullahi hassan
abdullahi hassan:
If Victor Osimhen was available for Nigeria during the recent Afcon then Nigeria would have reached the latter stages of the tournament. A young striker full of potential with a bright future. Hope he keeps it up
Elitism6 TV
Elitism6 TV:
So proud of u osihmehn
Jef Bishop
Jef Bishop:
Wow Osimeh best attacker in seria A
Etukudo Odungide
Etukudo Odungide:
Its amazing to see a fellow Nigerian scoring quality and classic goals in Italy
Nigeria is proud of you. More wins
Cook with Chef Francis
Cook with Chef Francis:
Wow, nice and sensational goals scored by Victor. Love it
MC Viral Official
MC Viral Official:
Those masks on his face makes his goals more iconic 🤞✅
Daniel Noah
Daniel Noah:
My brother Osimhen 🇳🇬
Toba Makich
Toba Makich:
Napoli can never win the league unless the coach fixes this team. Certain people don't like passing to Osihmen and mess up the forward play. Other times they give him the ball at totally useless positions.. it's so obvious. To many side and back passes when lanes are wide open for a through pass
Richizzle Dinzzle
Richizzle Dinzzle:
Going forward, if ANY club, and I mean ANY club, wants to buy Osimhen for anything LESS THAN £200 MILLION, I'll be damned🤧🤦🏻‍♂️.....this guy is worth way more than even Néymar Jr. in the market right now!!!!!!!!💥💥💥💥👊🏽👊🏽🔵
El Tombino
El Tombino:
Vamooss Napoliii carajoooo ..Que jugador el Nigeriano por Dios
Amao Alfred
Amao Alfred:
Napoli could do better if they can play more together, insigne needs to be more unselfish
ഒരു യൂട്യൂബ് നിരീക്ഷകൻ
ഒരു യൂട്യൂബ് നിരീക്ഷകൻ:
Victor oshimen.. What a season he having.. ✌🏻 ✌🏻
Osimhen really is on fire right now !
Ocean Man 🔥🔥🔥
Forza Napoli Sempre 💙
Grande Osimhen! molto piu forte del sopravvalutato Vlaovic che si vede che non fa la differenza.
Isumafe David
Isumafe David:
See me, a Nigerian 🇳🇬, and Barcelona Fan, ⚽ just loving Osimhen style of play🔥🔥😍👌🏾 He reminde me of #Eto.. More Grace to You my Man..🙌🏾🙏🏾
Osifeso Ayodeji
Osifeso Ayodeji:
Similar goals for the 2 matches. Top guy
Des Decker
Des Decker:
Insigne or whatever he is called, is the reason why Osihme hasn’t scored more goals. Victor would be a goal machine in a team that is unselfish. Well done Victor de hardworker.
odumodu cornel
odumodu cornel:
Osimhen needs to leave Napoli, not getting enough service from the other forwards, constantly ignored.
Congratulation..Nice perform napoli.. great job osimhen...still forza milan😘
Jide Ogunsanya - jidetheblogger
Jide Ogunsanya - jidetheblogger:
Well done Osimhen
Buen partido del napoli
Osumhen is beast...
E. Carlos
E. Carlos:
Forza Napoli 💙🏆
ita god
ita god:
Imagine if we had osimhem all season
Sport TV 24 Timmar
Sport TV 24 Timmar:
Come on guys! Pull this off, win Serie A!!!
sherif alimi
sherif alimi:
Osimhen is the best and complete striker in the world right now
Osimhen will carry Napoli to the Scudetto
Me Nice
Me Nice:
L by the rev by giving Osimhen that yellow, now he is suspended😶
E David cool videos
E David cool videos:
I just love osimhen
De G
De G:
Nigeria +Napoli =Eternal Passion
Gerson Barbosa
Gerson Barbosa:
Vamos Napoli
Obongofon Peter
Obongofon Peter:
Israel Davi Neris Alves
Israel Davi Neris Alves:
Osimhen poderia vir pro Ajax caso Haller saia
Uriel-Phoenix Afabigha Jr
Uriel-Phoenix Afabigha Jr:
He's the best as it is!

Amal P
Amal P:
Ya.. Come on napoli...
I am napoli fan from india
Udinese, so close... Keep it going.
Stefan Itepu
Stefan Itepu:
Osimhen ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
1 tactical manager n 2 🌍 class CB’s n 3🌍class midfielders n 1🌍striker then the team will b always in contention for winning league
If those Napoli forwards will pass the ball to Oshimen, he should be on 30 goals by now.
Umunnakwe Christian
Umunnakwe Christian:
They should have giving him pass to complete his hartick
Akinkunmi Akin_
Akinkunmi Akin_:
Osimehn 🔥 🇳🇬
Osimhen is the best!
Dandi Abdullah
Dandi Abdullah:
I hope Napoli can scudetto in this season, forza Napoli from Indonesia🇲🇨
TekSavvy Tamilan
TekSavvy Tamilan:
Could the highlights be posted without the scoreline as the title, please? like Dazn highlights, we fans can fully enjoy the highlights!!
Don SS
Don SS:
Forza Napoli💪⚽
Why don't you show Osimhen's handball on the 94th minute ???
Ejike Diru
Ejike Diru:
Oshimen 🔥 🔥
Ceyhan Özçelik
Ceyhan Özçelik:
Dünyada Futbol Aşkı Futbol Heyecanı Çoşkusu Bu Dünyada Olduğuğu Sürece Ve İnsanlık Var Oldukça Futbol Heyecanını Bu Evrende Bu Gezegende Yaşayacağına Bu Güzel Oyunun Sonsuza Dek Heyecanın Yaşanacığına İnanıyorum.. Bunun Şahsi Görüşüm İlk Son Efsanesi Maradona nın Ruhu Kalbi Bu Efsane Stad Renk Napoli Şehrinde Yaşayacak... Endles Love Legend My Futbol Chelderen HERO....Bu Renkleri Gördükçe 80 90 Lı Cocukluk Yılarıma Dönüyorum Güzel Harika Anlardı...OLEY... OLEY... OLEY....... DİOGO..... DİOGO...... DİOGO.... HUGE....SamandağALİ........ Citiy....den Merhaba Selam.... LEGEND.......MARADONA......CHE.........
Antonio Campos
Antonio Campos:
I'm Brazilian. I live in Brasil....come on NAPOLI !!
Septian Azhar
Septian Azhar:
Hadi Susilo
Hadi Susilo:
Daniel Owoloye
Daniel Owoloye:
Oshimen on fire
Sauce TV
Sauce TV:
We Ghanaians are afraid 😭😭😭😭
Mr. Ditkovich
Mr. Ditkovich:
I have a feeling Osimhen will leave Napoli after 2 seasons at max. He will probably join a Premier League club.
SBKP 0507
SBKP 0507:
Osimhen 1-1 1:22
Osimhen 2-1 1:59
Gorbi Norbit
Gorbi Norbit:
Napoli deserves to win the league
dean gutteridge
dean gutteridge:
Was over from England for this one 👍
Asobara Jeremiah Nnaemeka
Asobara Jeremiah Nnaemeka:
Isaac Onyebuchi
Isaac Onyebuchi:
I don't think any serie a player heads it better than victor
Temple Osigwe
Temple Osigwe:
Great one Osimen
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen:
Man U should sign Osimhen. He's fire
Lifestyle matters
Lifestyle matters:
Osimhen for Ballon D'oor ♥️🔥💪🏾 🇳🇬
Bibek Das
Bibek Das:
I support this match napoli serie a and I am happy because napoli win the match serie a
Dr. Theophilus Saudje
Dr. Theophilus Saudje:
Kudos to Osimhen 🔥

Pablo Mari had a horrible game, He should better stay there & not return to Arsenal