Napoli 4-0 Roma | Napoli Pay Tribute to Maradona with Emotional Victory | Serie A TIM

In a week full of emotions after the passing of Napoli & footballing legend, Diego Armando Maradona, Gennaro Gattuso’s men paid a fitting tribute with a 4-0 victory.

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Score 7i
Score 7i:
*The last goal by Politano was similar to a Maradona's type.*
*RIP legend 😢.*
Salvatore Guidone
Salvatore Guidone:
Call ne crazy, but Maradona's spirit possessed Politano's body for a moment when he scored that goal.
Bright Italia
Bright Italia:
The last goal by Politano was such a Maradona type goal. RIP 😢🙏🏾
Glory Glory Man United
Glory Glory Man United:
Politanio goal was Diego Maradona esque, fitting in a time of mourning of one of the greats
turino ik
turino ik:
AS roma"I don't think we should win in this atmosphere."
Christopher Nava
Christopher Nava:
Napoli shirt is Argentina shirt to honor diego maradona from football world. 🇦🇷🇮🇹💙
Sabbir Ahamed
Sabbir Ahamed:
This is what some real wounded souls can do together. Any team in the world would have lost to the spirit of this Napoli team today. Hard luck Roma
Napoli really gave it their all for maradona brilliant tribute💙💙💙
I don't know if it's a coincidence, but two goals were made by Maradona-style players such as Mertens and insigne and the other two goals were made by two left and the four goals are Maradonan-style today Diego was on the field. rest in peace legendary because your whole life will remember you
Adam MessesStuffUp
Adam MessesStuffUp:
Napoli were superb today. Zielinski is truly one of the best kept secrets in europe
Don’t think Roma was even trying
Alan Webster
Alan Webster:
Thank you Politano. You did it with Maradona style
Izzad Haiqkal
Izzad Haiqkal:
Napoli 4-0 against Roma , Barca 4-0 against Osasuna 🤔
Is this a coincidence ?
Ghufron Hidayat
Ghufron Hidayat:
ETERNO, DIEGO! 1960 - Forever
carlos alexandre
carlos alexandre:
Sou Português ,adoro o cr7 mas o meu idolo de sempre é o D10S 😢,descansa em.paz Diego ❤
Napoli played in Argentina uniform (SkyBlue&White striped shirt+Black shorts) to pay tribute to Diego
Hope they'll keep this kit
Fajar Budiman
Fajar Budiman:
AS Roma coach: "Just let them score"
They really didn't want to dissapoint Diego. And that special shirt is really nice too!
A free kick and an (albeit clumsy) "dribbling" 4th goal, rounding the keeper... fitting tribute to Diego Armando Maradona!
Napoli Talk
Napoli Talk:
What a way to honour Diego 💙

1st goal:
Insigne curling freekick

2nd goal:
Mario Rui Left foot flick
Fabian left foot goal

4th goal:
Politano dribbles the keeper

Video review is up as always!!
This game looks like Roma wanted to put Napoli in a comfort zone. Doesn't look like AS ROMA genuinely played this game ✊.
fatih onderen
fatih onderen:
Rest in peace MARADONA ❤️🙏
bravo napoli winning during week and winning today giving a great tribute to diego both on the field and off
Giancarlo Dragonetti
Giancarlo Dragonetti:
I can say that.."The Spirit of Diego Maradona" lives on those who loved and still Love him !!
Amazing tribute, as an Argentine i'm very glad to see this shirt <3
Un canal con 73 suscriptores
Un canal con 73 suscriptores:
Roma had like 10 games without get a loss, they got a big one today. RIP Maradona
Disaster For Roma i'm disappointed :-( Congrats to Napoli I think Maradona is happy
Glory Glory Man United
Glory Glory Man United:
Great tribute to Maradona!🙏🙏
M. X
M. X:
I think Roma let them win you can tell how easy it is for them to score those kind of goals except the free kick well done Roma 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
You can tell how dedicated Napoli were to score
Satrajit Datta
Satrajit Datta:
What a coincidence ...Barca and Napoli both hit 4 goals with a clean sheet.what a tribute to the GOAT.RIPMaradona#
Leandro Pericles
Leandro Pericles:
Diego Armando Maradona el mejor futbolista de todos los tiempos. Forza Napoli saludos desde Argentina !!!
Sky Score 90
Sky Score 90:
Great performance from Napoli (( R.I.P To the Legend Diego Maradona ❤ ))
This did not look like the usual roma. There had to be some talks before to just let napoli thrash them easily.
Lucas Castro
Lucas Castro:
3:15 piel de gallina al ver ese gol, así lo hubiera hecho Diego, a veces el propio fútbol homenajea a los más grandes y no es casualidad... Además me hizo acordar al gol de Diego contra Filiol
Te amo Napoli 🇦🇷🤝💙
It was all to make Napoli win...AS Roma's goalkeeper wasn't trying hard to catch the ball
Troye Akb
Troye Akb:
That last goal was a true tribute to Maradona 😭🙏
Lorenz. Morr14
Lorenz. Morr14:
Maradona will guide Napoli to a 3rd scudetto this year🕊🙏🏼
Luis Rodríguez
Luis Rodríguez:
Napoli, una parte de Argentina en Italia! Gracias Diego, D10S
Tomás Gordillo Cervantes
Tomás Gordillo Cervantes:
Today Politano, Insigne, Messi and Cardona (Boca Juniors) scored amazing goals to honor Maradona 🙌🏻👏🏻
Harith Zacky
Harith Zacky:
Best tribute ever to one of the GOAT in football 🐐🔥
Proud Gurkha
Proud Gurkha:
A big loss for the football 🌎 in an early age really sad ,,that was a great tribute from Napoli ...we miss and will be remembered forever and from 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵
Eddie Driftwood
Eddie Driftwood:
Maradona would have been proud of that last goal.
Massimo Maria Moro
Massimo Maria Moro:
That's why I love football. It's the greatest one. Grazie Diego, mi hai fatto sognare. Da un cuore nerazzurro. Rispetto e amore per la tua passione così intensa per una delle città più belle e per il gioco più bello del mondo.
Peace FC
Peace FC:
That last goal was something 🤯
Great run and work and the composure at end to go past keeper to finish the goal
Atharva Shukla
Atharva Shukla:
Difficulty level:- Beginner
Was Roma even playing?
Steven Willie
Steven Willie:
Beautiful goal and tribute by Insigne
amruth subash
amruth subash:
Four picture-perfect goals to honour the Legend! The Neapolitans really impressed in this match!
El Alumno Libertario
El Alumno Libertario:
Politano’s last goal is great. It seems that Maradona was in the match RIP 🇦🇷❤️
1NC20CCT06 Najeeb Rahaman
1NC20CCT06 Najeeb Rahaman:
What a beautiful shirt giving tribute to DM.10 in argentine style 🙏❤❤
They done it for Diego 🇦🇷🙏🏼
Tammy Edafe
Tammy Edafe:
Lovely piece of play from Napoli... Perfect dedication to the G.O.A.T. Diego Maradona
Jack Howard
Jack Howard:
The last goal was Maradona style, beautiful 🔥
Luan Fejzaj
Luan Fejzaj:
If roma won than everyone would say we have zero respect for Maradona's death
Jorge Maciel
Jorge Maciel:
Gracias Nápoles por tener presenté a Diego. Saludos desde Argentina 🇦🇷
Super 22
Super 22:
AS Roma: The best way to remember Maradona is to give them the 3 points. Maradona!! Maradona!! Maradona!!
Sadia Yusuf
Sadia Yusuf:
Absolute class tribute to Maradona! 👌🏽💯
Patrick William
Patrick William:
I love this club, this year we can fight for the title 💙
Yanik G-Force
Yanik G-Force:
The free-kick to open the score was a fitting way to honor Maradona, who was a master at set-pieces. Nice.
Prince Taz
Prince Taz:
Maradona will forever live in our hearts 💕
Peace FC
Peace FC:
Roma my favorite serie A team along with Fiorentina but couldn’t be upset with result
We love you Maradona
N N:
Wonderful game well done Napoli , Diego would be proud ✨🙂
E Reinaldy
E Reinaldy:
I didnt even see roma player trying hard.. they just let napoli play beautiful to respect maradona tribute.
Rest in glory, Diego!!!! You will be missed by all of us!!
The Vegan G
The Vegan G:
Beautiful tribute to my hero Maradona ❤️😢
Алексей Потапов
Алексей Потапов:
Диего улыбнулся)))
Scott Graham
Scott Graham:
RIP Diego.. Great performamce from Napoli 💙
Marc Rock
Marc Rock :
Maradona 1960 - ♾. Vamos Napoli! Saludos desde Argentina 🇦🇷.
Alan Carter
Alan Carter:
How proud of Being argentinian ,to see Napoli showing love to the greatest football player of the World , its súper emotional!
To nie ja
To nie ja:
Grande Napoli. Forza 💙
What a performance esp that last goal. well done Napoli. RIP El Diego you legend.
christian poetoe
christian poetoe:
I can see that Roma was giving the win, it was needed gesture on the situation.. respect to Maradona 🙏🙏🙏 RIP legend.
Raffeislam Prince
Raffeislam Prince:
Greatest way to give tribute to an all time great
Diego's legacy is unforgettable 💔
IOM Moh:
Two games since the passing of Don Diego, 2 wins 2 cleansheets. 💙💙💙
Really like what they’ve done with the kit. It looks better, should keep it going.
Renato Gomes
Renato Gomes:
Grande Gênio Diego Maradona!!
Manoj Kale
Manoj Kale:
What tribute to legend. RiP Diego 🙏
Ahmet Cakir
Ahmet Cakir:
Napoli'yi tebrik ediyor, Elmas'a başarılar diliyorum.
A lot of great goals that game. Great tribute
S S:
Long shot take(Fabian)
Maradona type goal(politano)
TONY #10
TONY #10:
Em memória ao Maradona💙 Uma boa goleada que o deixaria orgulhoso
Joseph Minichiello
Joseph Minichiello:
Live with the Angels in heaven Diego Maradona!! A true football genius. Never forgotten!!!
You are a legend and will always be remembered viva Diego-Maradona 😎❤️💪🏽🇦🇷
Nathan Lhoni
Nathan Lhoni:
The best way to pay their respects to one of the best players ever. RIP Maradona
Nathan 619
Nathan 619:
That Napoli kit is amazing 🤩
Jack Howard
Jack Howard:
Lovely respect by Insigne and great goals, well done Napoli and Maradona, R.I.P mate 💔🙏🏻
Jabulani Sibande
Jabulani Sibande:
This match really deserved a packed stadium
David I. Adeleke
David I. Adeleke:
I almost cried watching these highlights. What a special man Maradona was.
Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez:
The legendary night has tributed to Maradona 10..☝️💜
The nintendo gamer
The nintendo gamer:
Great goals to dedicate to the magician of Napoli 84 to 90
Rich Chigga99
Rich Chigga99:
What a goal and that celebration from Insigne

A class act from Insigne there
Dan Giambrone
Dan Giambrone:
I love that Napoli kit, retaining it would also make a nice tribute to Maradona and the Argentinean people.
Forza Milan
Forza Milan:
Congrats Napoli
Hard luck AS Roma
Bayu Widodo
Bayu Widodo:
Both teams used their best jersey design imo
Ritaraj Datta
Ritaraj Datta:
Maradona captained the match from heaven.. whole team seems playing with the legend
Eric Nana
Eric Nana:
Even me watching from my home I was emotional myself. We have lost a legend!
drew downs
drew downs:
Coolest jerseys
Avariki Family
Avariki Family:
Great tribute from Napoli and Roma to Maradona!
Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia:
That goalkeeper must have been a Maradona fan.