Napoli 6-0 Genoa | Lozano bags brace as Napoli win against Genoa | Serie A TIM

Lozano bagged a brace as Napoli won 6-0 against Genoa to record their 2nd victory of campaign | Serie A TIM

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Ricky McLovin
Ricky McLovin:
osimehn and lozano have added a lot of dynamism to the attack
A Person
A Person:
I love how Osimhen is so happy for his teammates when they score, what a great attitude for such a young talent
Nolan Connolly
Nolan Connolly:
Adding Osimhen to the attack and seeing Lozano’s improvement, the future looks bright for Napoli after seeing them play today
Diego Romero
Diego Romero:
I love that Osimhen is a generous striker, he pass the ball and give flow to the game, he is so great!
Osimhen and Chucky are pure fire!
Napoli Talk
Napoli Talk:
Osimhen didn’t score but it’s only a matter of time,what a player he is! Lozano doing great as well, that kid is indestructible. Forza Napoli Sempre! Review video is up!
Abraham Hdezl
Abraham Hdezl:
Los que estamos acá por el Chuky Lozanooooooooooooooo.
zee is BOSS
zee is BOSS:
Osimhen keeps the opposition defense occupied and distracted while his teammates slot in the goals! Osimhen is an intensity beast
Mr. Loon E. Tunes.
Mr. Loon E. Tunes.:
Ultra aggressive Napoli. When your start 4 forwards (Osimhen, Mertens, Lozano and Insigne)
Soccer Beast77
Soccer Beast77:
Osimhen and lozano need more playing time
Crni Sin
Crni Sin:
I like fact that Lozano is better now🔥
Lozano, Osimhen, Elmas, Di Lorenzo, Mertens, mannn what a attack 🔥🔥
Solomon James
Solomon James:
That Osimhen is always smiling I love him.
Leo Osnaya
Leo Osnaya:
Napoli is finally playing together as a team 👌 They needed this
Heros Amador
Heros Amador:
Napoli challenging for Europe places this year most definitely
F. B.L.
F. B.L.:
Lozano and Osimhen ❤️
Eduardo Paz
Eduardo Paz:
Chucky Lozano!! 🇲🇽🇲🇽
Krishna Khataniar
Krishna Khataniar:
Osimhen is a big influence. Di Lorenzo is irreplaceable. Mertens a guru.
Ruiz Kevin
Ruiz Kevin:
Osimhem & lozano are the future of Napoli 💙🔥
Lozano and Osimhen should start every game. They create a deadly attack
Da Football
Da Football:
Who woulda thought Gattuso team is the one that plays ultra-attacking, shoot-whenever-you-can tactics, love it! Keep it up all season please
Osihmen so selfless hope he scores more goals
Elif Elmassss 💛💙
Soy Kabe
Soy Kabe:
El chukyyyyy lozaaano🎶💯⚽
luis en español
luis en español:
Lozano 🔥🔥🔥
Vincenzo Pace
Vincenzo Pace:
Osimeh is such a team player despite having so much individual talent.
What a team player Osimhem is, he didn't score but Napoli had chemistry. Big win for them, hope they'll stay consistent.
Burak Aytekin
Burak Aytekin:
Ali Koç para verip eljife gol artırmış helal olsun başkanım
Kilmer Ordoñez
Kilmer Ordoñez:
Que bien Lozano demostrando su calidad 💪 espero que el DT le de los minutos que se merece
Gregorio Ggg
Gregorio Ggg:
Lozano 🔥🔥🔥
TheHD Code
TheHD Code:
Covid was also playing in this game. Scored 14 goals and haven't stop at the whistle like everyone
Elif elmas 💙💛
Zielinski two footed player. Quality. Osimhen's gonna add more threat to their attack due to his pace
Zakaria Dabagh
Zakaria Dabagh:
I hope Oshimen got the assist for Zielinski goal
Kevin Kibet
Kevin Kibet:
Osimhen really has his way with flicks.
Akinsiroye micheal
Akinsiroye micheal:
The defenders keep their focus on Osihmen, leaving others to eat them up 😆😆😆
Guillermo Séptimo
Guillermo Séptimo:
Los haters de Chucky Lozano en este instante: Perdónanos wey, vení a la selección!!!

(osta, yo quiero ver al Chucky en su selección que me parece muy prometedor, ojalá pasen a cuartos en Qatar 2022)
Arturo Laureano
Arturo Laureano:
Grande chuky 🙌🏽
Nikola Bidžić
Nikola Bidžić:
i cant resist this football from Napoli, absolutely beatiful
Jerico Paler
Jerico Paler:
Osimhen being a decoy is an effective attacking tactic I guess.
Kung-Fu Kenny Family
Kung-Fu Kenny Family:
Napoli is my fav team in Italia💙

Who's else??
Tim Ron
Tim Ron:
I’m Polish and Oshmien is way better than Milik
Osimehn and Lozano have added a lot of dynamism to the attack
Steffen Ljosheim
Steffen Ljosheim:
Napoli on fire. Serie A and Premier League bout to have a crazy season forreal.
Dabbiie Sabbie
Dabbiie Sabbie:
That Mertens celebration gets me every time 🤣
The guy laughing at 3:53 with koulibaly definitely didn’t mind losing 😂
Dornel Mccaw
Dornel Mccaw:
Serie A have the best highlights in football overall......
Salama Amoyo
Salama Amoyo:
Oshimhen distract attention of defenders to his side
I just like how Osimhen is genuinely happy for his teammates when they score. That's positivity right there. Very generous too. This team will be scary moving forward. Especially with a coach like gattuso.
Osimhen y Lozano el futuro del Napoli cuando se valla dries maertans
Just a Yokai 1103
Just a Yokai 1103:
gotta love osimhen smiling, hope the best for him at napoli
Osimhen did very well in the sequence leading up to that first goal, just look at the superb work he did to occupy the two defenders. Creates 1v1 opportunity for Lozano vs the fullback.
noyourawsome2 lol
noyourawsome2 lol:
Dam I never thought last season that Lozano was gonna get any play time with gattuso been the manager
Osimhen has been turn on Lozano ultra power button
Jordi Pera
Jordi Pera:
Mertens the organizer ✊🏼👅✊🏼
Venga chuky 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
It’s Ya boy
It’s Ya boy:
0:56 what a piece of defending by koulibaly 💪
Osimhen is pure class. Love the unselfishness. Napoli heading into a great campaign
Ömer Kılıç
Ömer Kılıç:
What do you mean “even Elmas” he is a 💎 🟡🔵
İbrahim Ethem
İbrahim Ethem:
Our Elmas is shining like a diamond. <3 elmas = diamond in Turkish
Very important match for Napoli to gain confidence for the new season! They will play a very attractive football this year with the 4-2-3-1
Smelly Fart
Smelly Fart:
3:11 what an energetic celebration by the yellow shirt. Love it!
Mehmet Akif Bayezit
Mehmet Akif Bayezit:
Soran olursa Ali koç cebinden para verdi😅💛💙
Brutal Fates
Brutal Fates:
It has been a few years since we have seen a Napoli play this nice, since I would say Cavani, Hamsik, Lavezzi lead the strike force.
Napoli will be massive this season, and they will give all the big teams problem for sure. Forza Napoli ✅
Derman Özkan
Derman Özkan:
Elif elmasa para verip gönderdiği yetmiyomus gibi birde gol attiran adam gibi adam Ali koç
Daniel Díaz
Daniel Díaz:
El chuky lozaaaanoooo
El chuky lozaaaanoooo
Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce:
if napoli can keep koulibaly this season, its going to be interesting for them
Cristian Lagos
Cristian Lagos:
Osimhen is the man the team needed a long time ago; speed, strength and fast decisions💙
Emin Çağrı ERGÜNEŞ
Emin Çağrı ERGÜNEŞ:
What do you mean by ''even Elmas scores''
Ms. Lilian
Ms. Lilian:
I love this new football season, there are so many goals in every league, so many goals!!
FZ11 .t
FZ11 .t:
Why did we let Gattuso go? He’s capable of doing this, we should’ve been more patient.
Chuks Heaven
Chuks Heaven:
Osimhen is always man marked... living space for the others to do damage.
L Lawliet
L Lawliet:
They played the same way I play in FIFA when I bought a ton of new players and want everyone of them to score to prove my point.
How many goals can you concede? - Genoa “Yes”
Enver Kırlı
Enver Kırlı:
Eljif Elmas bee 💛💙💛💙💛💙
0:56 sums up this team
tarafsız saha
tarafsız saha:
Eljif elmas 3:06
B M:
The whole match Osimhen assited the other players in their celebrations
Siddharth Chilukur
Siddharth Chilukur:
Oshimen is an excellent signing
leao na Bretagne
leao na Bretagne:
Olhem bem do que o sporting se livrou de em casa ser humilhàdo serà que houve covid ?
El chuky Lozano, el chuky Lozano!!
Real Steve
Real Steve:
Man, Serie A is becoming a banger every year! Just wait until we get the stadium upgrades with the new "stadium unblocker" law that was just introduced in Italy along with the new tv rights which will give Serie A bank!
Yunus Emre Taşkıran
Yunus Emre Taşkıran:
Elmas 💛💙
Efan Ferdianto Wibowo
Efan Ferdianto Wibowo:
I would love if Osimhen join liverpool! I think he will really fit liverpool system well!
Metin Korkmaz
Metin Korkmaz:
Elif elmas bravooo❤️❤️❤️
Grande Napoli per sempre....
Player number 9 from "Napoli" didn't score, but celebrated each goal with goals' authors)))
Freequick# Production
Freequick# Production:
Elif Elmas <3
Emiro Filosofo
Emiro Filosofo:
0:58 you just pressed "A" button and your created player misses despite being down 1 up at the last 3 min 😭. PScuatro
its nice to see fifa 21 early access footage
Crni Sin
Crni Sin:
Supporting Napoli from Croatia. 💙
Razor_the_ Poet
Razor_the_ Poet:
Osimhen taking out two defenders cause one can't handle him🔥🔥
Amazing how much Serie A has changed these score lines and many this season so far you'll never seen 20 years ago.
this was one of the sloppiest passes I've ever seen 2:42
ShIbu Yeager
ShIbu Yeager:
Everyone in the match is COVID positive out there
Mehmet Arda
Mehmet Arda:
Eljiif elmas 💯💯
Fatih Eren
Fatih Eren:
💛💙Eljif Elmas💙💛
Tiago Moura
Tiago Moura:
Gosto de mais do Napoli junto com o Tottenham 2 times que eu adoro mais!!💙👏🏽
Like I said before the league is sleeping on Osimhen!’