NASA, SpaceX launch historic Falcon 9 flight

Watch live as NASA and SpaceX launch the Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon capsule with two U.S. astronauts, in a history-making flight to the International Space Station.

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100+ comentarios:

Melissa H
Melissa H:
It's like the 60's again space and riots.
Great job on the booster return shot! We totally wanted to see a headshot instead.
Toyoda car
Toyoda car:
I would like to hear the arguments that the flat earth society has come up with.
MJ Tran
MJ Tran:
Once they get in the space station, they be like:Ah, we are finally away from corona
craig stewart
craig stewart:
It would be better if they would eliminate the damn banners so we could see it.
Datagurut Helpdesk
Datagurut Helpdesk:
Love the little mouse running around at 13:43
These cameras in space still have a better internet connection than me
Herkules RS
Herkules RS:
When yall get to mars, tell the biker mice that they owe me 150$ for hot dogs and root beer.
To the people talking about the "rat" it's not a rat, It's ice! The tank above the rocket has liquid hydrogen in it. Liquid hydrogen is -252c. When the moist air hits it, it makes ice
David Anderson
David Anderson:
When the countdown timer reached 5 seconds, I paused the video. Let them wait.
Jeff Fleming
Jeff Fleming:
Who else wanted to see that part of the rocket re enter earth
Miya J
Miya J:
This is amazing I’m happy to be alive and witness it and say I remember
Rhonda White
Rhonda White:
Love how excited reporter gets. She really loves her work.
How are people still believing the earth is flat?
Januar Pradana
Januar Pradana:
11:40 = ground. 13:28 = Flat... oke
Luis R
Luis R:
The flat-earth society couldn't be more excited about this.
Thanos Thanos
Thanos Thanos:
It's really amazing that within 5min since launge they could see the entire planet from space
Brian Ashcraft
Brian Ashcraft:
Congrats CBC on covering the entire bottom of the screen with your logo.
Dollar Scratchoff
Dollar Scratchoff:
Finally something good happened in 2020! Amazing launch 🚀
Jack Zak
Jack Zak:
I couldn't finish watching this. That damn CBC banner drove me crazy.
Davis Urdaneta
Davis Urdaneta:
Ohh! The earth looks round and beautiful from the outer space. ;-)
Howard Dellar
Howard Dellar:
Ridiculous. Instead of showing the first stage landing on the ship, I watched the expert talking from her living room. Great coverage CBC
Fisher Steven
Fisher Steven:
Hollywood has some competition LMFAO 😂
Breno Bulsing
Breno Bulsing:
13:43 has a rat moving in the turbine
Emmitt Stewart
Emmitt Stewart:
5020: Countdown to Neptune!!
BigBaron D
BigBaron D:
There is a mouse crawling around the top of the nozzle at 4:13. Okay. Mighty Mouse is real after all.
jay w
jay w:
It's amazing that the CBC covers up the launch and relevant statistics with their useless graphics.
Isak Woldemichal
Isak Woldemichal:
Same one said "I will ascend into heaven and will be ..".
The Man Himself
The Man Himself:
Man I'm living under a rock how am I seeing this just now?
Andrew Olejarz
Andrew Olejarz:
Covering up all the flight info... For shame, CBC!
J.D. Dupree
J.D. Dupree:
How many people saw the sign on the wall, LV426??

Do you remember the reference??

I do, but see how many geeks like myself know it's reference??

stupiest coverage, putting banner in fron of what i want to see!
Marco Jacinto de Camillis Bueno
Marco Jacinto de Camillis Bueno:
Very Good! Soon: Mars!!
The Earth isn't as blue and pretty as I thought.
Denis Ferreira
Denis Ferreira:
HAHAHAHAHHA a mouse on the motor 11.06 and 11.26 , Space X finally takes his first customer to space, Mickey Mouse hahahahah
Shanie Alondres
Shanie Alondres:
10:44 seconds a mouse is walking in the space???
For everyone who thinks they see a "mouse" or "rat": It's neither of those things.

What you're seeing is frozen oxygen, which has been vented from the fuel tank via LOX vents. Frozen oxygen is very light and fluffy, even moreso than a snowball.

Why are they venting fuel? Well, first off, the engine produces thrust by expelling superheated water (steam), which is produced in the combustion chamber by combining LH2 (liquid hydrogen) and LOX (liquid oxygen) and igniting the mixture.

(It's important to note that the oxygen and hydrogen have to be supercooled (to -297° and -423° F, respectively) in order to compress them into liquids - this is done because liquids take up less space than gas.)

So, while this combustion does create thrust, it also creates more pressure in the fuel tanks, as the heat causes more and more of the liquid oxygen to start reverting to gas.

In order to alleviate this pressure, and avoid damaging the fuel tanks, excess LOX is vented from the fuel tanks regularly (you see them doing this on the launchpad too, since liquid oxygen and hydrogen evaporate very quickly. That's the white smoke at the beginning). Now, when a compressed gas is released to an area of lesser pressure, its temperature tends to drop drastically (this is proven by a mathematical concept called the "Ideal Gas Law").

Seeing as the gas is already at an incredibly low temperature, this drop causes the oxygen to bypass the liquid phase and become frozen (a process called "deposition") - however, because there is no hydrogen mixed with the oxygen (they're stored separately) it does not become ice. Instead, it forms a light, fluffy clump of solid, super cold oxygen, which is what you see flying off the rocket and getting trapped above the thruster.
Amelie Eve
Amelie Eve:
Best part is I won’t even get to go 😅😭
RandyStalker - Alessandro Gerrard
RandyStalker - Alessandro Gerrard:
Go SpaceX
Christer Albäck
Christer Albäck:
Is there any coverage of the returning part? (Or is there one?)
Charles Cary
Charles Cary:
Those space suits look a lot more comfortable than the NASA suits.
J W:
Great job, love from Estonia. Go USA
To the lost signal thingy for the booster landing : Luv u too
Richard Alon
Richard Alon:
Fantastic launch I'm so amazed at this amazing technology.
Красавчики! Искренне поздравляю!
Drom Assault
Drom Assault:
must be incredible to fly into the space
Karen Moore
Karen Moore:
Just watched space force yesterday so feelin in the mood for space stuff... I loved space force btw
She s Fine
She s Fine:
after 2nd separation,
it's so perfect, it looks like a sci fi....
Congrats SpaceX
the Launch was gorgeous !
Mike Cap
Mike Cap:
Touchscreens , hell I can’t even text on my phone without getting autocorrect 98% of the time
“ uFo “ “ RaT iN sPaCe “
Ramiro Castellón
Ramiro Castellón:
Still wondering what will flat earth people say.
Bennett Poloski
Bennett Poloski:
its good to be black on the moon...

CBC, notice how this video has many more views than the multiple videos about the riots in America you uploaded.
Al Paco
Al Paco:
Ohaaaa, CBC - there´s a spacemouse by 13:45. WOW - or is this an Alienspecies?
Smokey Twixxie
Smokey Twixxie:
Those memes already😂
The Beany Mac
The Beany Mac:
My, what a long tail you have!!
1:07 We could have talked about how the crew module has safety features that the space shuttle's crew module couldn't have (presumably because of "budget"). But nah, the most important feature on crew dragon is "touch screen". I suppose science has to be dumbed down for iphone zombies.
Appreciate the coverage but next time dont put those giant red spacex lift offs thing and cover the bottm numbers plz.
対象༒98’ OFFICIAL:
Bruh it’s just crazy they landing rocket coming from space wtf, this is the future I was expecting as a young kid seeing all these new futuristic suits the modern look of the SpaceX Dragon
T Mac
T Mac:
CBCNews; Take the banners off for future flights, please. Pathetic and selfish.
Those flight suits look like they came from a 1960's Japanese space monster movie's wardrobe department....
@13:46 ?
Bumin Kağan_64
Bumin Kağan_64:
10:37 - 10:42 MOUSE 🐺🐁😭😂😭
Jay B
Jay B:
I thank the Lord in Heaven and Jesus for letting mankind accomplish this! This is amazing! Blessed travels Bob and Doug
What kind of science reporters believes in jinxes!
Ron Ragas
Ron Ragas:
17:26 I like how that dinosaur stuff toy is floating around in space with them in their rocket, LOL XD :P :D :)
Has any of you virgins gone for a nasa tour to see the capsule up-close? Do you know the size of this thing? It's obviously some kind of liquid that creates the illusion of something that is alive and moving. Unless mice on the size of a dog exist and i wasnt aware of
Dan Alvarado
Dan Alvarado:
"5, 4, 3, 2, 1... And we have lift off!" No matter how many times I watch it, I still get goosebumps 😊 Godspeed Dragon!
Alec 14
Alec 14:
2020 gets worse if they find Kars falling back to earth
L M:
Awesome!! !Congrats to everyone making this exciting progress, and presenting a good vibes story. Thankyou
Restless Classic
Restless Classic:
The capsule is somewhat different, but it is atop just another brute force propulsion rocket..
JP Catanzaro
JP Catanzaro:
Bob and Doug say: “Take off, hozers!
Eric Hodge
Eric Hodge:
The booster return is more awesome than the launch! (Or it would have been if they had shown it...)
Christian Alvarado
Christian Alvarado:
7:02 To the infinite and beyond.
Daisy Field
Daisy Field:
Best classic moon documentary of all "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon" by Bert Seibrel. .
I would love to view inside the cockpit when the rocket lifted off,amazing the thrust in that thing.
Ojo Aéreo
Ojo Aéreo:
13:43 you can see a rat walking on the engine xD
L B:
Well done America! With love from CANADA!
Billy Pitts
Billy Pitts:
UFO Spotted at 13:13 on the second screen. Going though the clouds at hypersonic speed. Crazy stuff. I saw it live and remembered the time stamp.
Melody Gordon
Melody Gordon:
When it launches
At 11:02 earth starts shifting back and forth from flat to round when they change the camera angle. Wonder what flat earthers will say 😂
Peter VanZyverden
Peter VanZyverden:
Tell us about the shuttle... "Well it's just amazing, it has touch screens! And rotating seats!" Lol what is this the new Ford Escape?
wow, the earth seems... ROUND, right?
who would have guessed??
Basem Taha
Basem Taha:
Am I the only one who wants to see the planet Earth look like from space with a full shot
Mario Ferrante
Mario Ferrante:
UFO at 13:12 (mid right)
At about 13:12 you can see an object flying by. Look near the right fin. It's definitely far away and moving at high speed.
Phelipe Agnelli
Phelipe Agnelli:
13:42 is there a Rat?? Left screen
Larry Crawford
Larry Crawford:
It has a glitch tsingtao energy Pacific wavelength 10 minutes an 4 seconds
Imagine if one of the astronauts have corona and brings it tho space 😂
Union Pacific 4014 Productions
Union Pacific 4014 Productions:
click this timestamp i dare you
Mario Miceli
Mario Miceli:
13:40 wtf. It looks like a mouse is crawling around!? left screen
Kebede Buna
Kebede Buna:
Your logo on the screen covered 1/8th of the display and the main part of the launch.
Your welcome
15:25 is it just me who wanted to see that part of the rocket on the right fall into the water? but cbc cut it off cos theyre wankers
Alexandra Aguilera
Alexandra Aguilera:
When the banners covering :d
Ryan Brunssen
Ryan Brunssen:
At 5 minutes in you can see a UFO pass by from left to right
Downtime with DD
Downtime with DD:
Congratulations USA from South Africa ❤❤❤
Phantom dāy Bøy
Phantom dāy Bøy:
Rui Lin Yuan
Rui Lin Yuan:
Awesome 😎
#PineapplePrincess91 Cj
#PineapplePrincess91 Cj:
OMG l have never seen a space shuttle take off LIVE it was amazing to watch because there has never been a space shuttle take off since before I was born