Natalia Reyes on Arnold Schwarzenegger & Terminator

Natalia talks about her Arnold Schwarzenegger mask, being in the new movie Terminator: Dark Fate, living in Colombia, running a resort with her husband, living with racoons, she shares a funny video of Arnold from Comic Con, and does an impression of him.

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Natalia Reyes on Arnold Schwarzenegger & Terminator

100+ comentarios:

Nymul Ahmed
Nymul Ahmed:
that Arnold mask is a bit too realistic
Daniel Calisthenics
Daniel Calisthenics:
I'm impressed with her English level, I'm Colombian as well 🇨🇴 proud
Guitar Music
Guitar Music:
Colombianos arriba con un like!! (Sí es mala la movie y? Ella no)
yessika Alexandra perez Villamil
yessika Alexandra perez Villamil:
Espectacular Natalia reyes! , Orgullo colombiano!! Y la sencillez de ella la hece ver más linda! Me encanta!!😘😁
Victor Martinez
Victor Martinez:
She's an amazing representation of the colombian culture. It's amazing to see like colombians are being recognized worldwide
Martin Brankov
Martin Brankov:
Wtf 32 years old I thought she was 22 LOL!!! Unbelievable
hissell bermudez
hissell bermudez:
Colombian Power. Bella Natalia!
Julian Vera
Julian Vera:
Orgullo Latinoamericano, grandiosa ademas de bellisima Natalia Reyes.
jorge esteban rico murillo
jorge esteban rico murillo:
it´s weird that being Colombian I actually like more to hear natalia speaking english that spanish? jajajajajajaja
Leonel Martinez
Leonel Martinez:
Natalia eres encantadora, muy auténtica y colombiana. Excelente inglés 🙂🇨🇴
kelly vicioso
kelly vicioso:
Sin palabras!! No sólo actúa bien, sino que ademas es sencilla, divertida y espontánea, que gran entrevista Natalia! ... y si fuera poco, es muy genial ver como expresa el nombre de este país “Colombia” con alegría y sin timidez 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻, espero tengas una carrera infinita de bendiciones !
Que extraño ver a Natalia hablar en inglés, que poder
Desiree S
Desiree S:
From Lady La Vendedora De Rosas 🌹 to making it big with her talent and appearing on Jimmy Kimmel 🤩. I’m so proud of her and her rising global success 🤗🤗.
Juan Pablo Serna López
Juan Pablo Serna López:
She is beautiful and talent, but the best part is she is from Colombia🇨🇴!!! Arriba latinos!!
Muy casera
Muy casera:
Cuando vienes a ver si algún comentario 3n español de primera, pero no 😭, grande Natalia 🇨🇴👏👌.
Valentina Romero
Valentina Romero:
“Se te crece la nariz ” JAJAJAJAJAJA toda linda intentando no decir “te rompo la nariz ”
Karen Pulido
Karen Pulido:
I'm so so proud of her, it makes me so happy to see how far she has come. I'm from Colombia and many years ago it seemed impossible to see one day an actor/actress from our country succeed in the United States or the big screen, now I know dreams can come true and nothing is impossible when you work hard and have faith. It brings me so much joy to see people like Natalia Reyes, J Balvin, Sofia Vergara, Shakira and many more show to the world the talent that Colombia has and how they're opening the doors for not only us Colombians but for all the latinos. QUE VIVA COLOMBIA. 👏
Andre Martinez
Andre Martinez:
QUEEN! orgullo Colombiano✨ brillas🔥
This Motherfocka
This Motherfocka:
Orgullo colombiano 🇨🇴
She's so talented, Colombian talent... Very proud this girl is opening doors for Colombian talents to be known in Hollywood
Sergio Gomez
Sergio Gomez:
She is great, very simple woman, and from colombia, q orgullo sigue asi Natalia
Such a good representative of Colombian people. She's kind, humble and talented. Only the best for her from here on!
niko siebrass
niko siebrass:
so we are all invited to her hotel in Cartagena! smart girl promoting her bussines! yeah!! let's go in!
Mahmoud El Arch
Mahmoud El Arch:
" Triqui triqui Halloween
Quiero dulces para mí
Si no hay dulces para mí
Se le crece la naríz "
Laura Bocel
Laura Bocel:
Proud Colombian here. Natalia is doing some amazing work.
Damn, she fine.
"With my husband."
Ight, imma head out.
at first i thought that arnold got really short

damn that mask looks so real
Estefania Henao Giraldo
Estefania Henao Giraldo:
Colombian power 🇨🇴❤ ojala que triunfes muy alto natalia. El ingles es perfecto,el acento increible 👏👏👏 te va a ir de maravilla
Que orgullo😍 hermosa, inteligente y súper profesional.
Geo Mantilla
Geo Mantilla:
That was a great entrance. And what a mask!!!! But when she got it off... and her accent. Woah. ❤😍😭
Erika Cortes
Erika Cortes:
I love her clean english viva Colombia .
coldu de
coldu de:
Mamma mia! She is gorgeous!
Dann R
Dann R:
She did what she had to do! So proud of our Colombian queens out there representing us: Shakira, Sofía Vergara, Miss Universe Paulina Vega, and now, Natalia Reyes.
Emi M García
Emi M García:
Me siento tan orgullosa de ella💞🇨🇴
Juanse Velasquez
Juanse Velasquez:
Colombia 🇨🇴❤️
Paola Andrea
Paola Andrea:
She's got such a great accent!
Love her so much. Proud Colombian
Oh Gosh. She's so cute and awesome. She's really making us Colombians proud <3 <3
Lilian Corredor
Lilian Corredor:
Beautiful but above all very talented ☺
Klaxx Reacts
Klaxx Reacts:
God damn that is a quality mask! I want it.
A A:
Jimmy looks adorable😂😂
J.P. Silva
J.P. Silva:
Holy crap, she's gorgeous!
Daniel KILL
Daniel KILL:
Eres Orgullo Colombiano, Natalia Reyes!!!
Duperlly Rehnquist
Duperlly Rehnquist:
I'm so proud of my Natalia Reyes she's magnificent actress and she works so hard to get where she has come.
Flying Man
Flying Man:
She is so cute! And so beautiful! _)
Great to hear her talking about the movie they’re promoting! 😒
Diana Avila
Diana Avila:
Me encanta, me hace sentir muy orgullosa del talento de mi país 💕💕💕
Ivonne Bonbonniere
Ivonne Bonbonniere:
What an amazing artist are you Natalia, so proud of you girl! I love how humble you are, I know you’re gonna reach the stars 🔝💖
Manuel Alejandro Rodríguez Jaramillo
Manuel Alejandro Rodríguez Jaramillo:
I watched the movie today and I really liked it.
Patty Barbee
Patty Barbee:
Love her ❤️ especially since she loves raccoons too!
Alexey Zalozniy
Alexey Zalozniy:
this mask looks soooooo amazing *_* where i can get it?
Elizabeth Alvarado Rosero
Elizabeth Alvarado Rosero:
Felicitaciones y mil bendiciones Natalia Reyes talento colombiano.👏🙏
A M:
A beautiful tropical island with wild animals like raccoons, cats, dogs and ducks.
Me in Toronto: do I live on a tropical island?
Mark Olvera
Mark Olvera:
Arnold can forget anything he wants man, he is too busy being a living legend.
Nickname 42
Nickname 42:
Now even the Terminator falls ill with Alzheimer's
Jack Notts
Jack Notts:
Bloody hell I'm in love with her
Sara Monsalve
Sara Monsalve:
she made it already, colombia presenteeeee!
M Patty kard
M Patty kard:
When I saw the novel, the seller of roses and she is came to study English in New York, I knew that I would achieve more successful.congrast im so proud of you natalia .
Laura Pena
Laura Pena:
Hermosa! ☺️
Ximena Romero
Ximena Romero:
En verdad me siento muy feliz por ella.
Beautiful & Talented!
Mike Ayala
Mike Ayala:
Great English Natalia! That's how you do it 🖤
Larry alfonso Cuesta rios
Larry alfonso Cuesta rios:
Hermosa..inteligente y muy profesional..😉
Stephanie Bazan
Stephanie Bazan:
She ‘s best Colombian actress and I love her tvshows Netflix
Natalia, you're awesome. Love you!!!
Proud of you girl.
Alex Kulik
Alex Kulik:
Damn so much swagger
Vanessa Arcia
Vanessa Arcia:
She’s only 5’1, this gives me hope
Ángel De la verdad
Ángel De la verdad:
Jimmy is a great interviewer!
Tyrell Grey
Tyrell Grey:
Can't wait for her performs in Dark Fate 💯
Camila Pujana
Camila Pujana:
Oh she’s the best an the kindest, thanks for represent Colombia so well. We love u and we are proud!
NZ Man
NZ Man:
I thought she was great in the film. & I feel like diehard fans of the franchise are too hard on T6
Contabilidad Certuche Asociados
Contabilidad Certuche Asociados:
Que viva Colombiaaaa hptaaa!!♥
Junior Gonzalez
Junior Gonzalez:
Really liked the movie, she was solid in it too
Damn Arnold and Linda, she is the reason to go see Dark Fate! For me anyway. 😍
Luu Sapphire
Luu Sapphire:
I love Natalia, and can't wait to see her as the new savior of the future in Dark Fate. HOWEVER...her and that mask is the stuff of nightmares. I'd rather get shot in the knee caps, T2 style, than gaze upon that image.
Nathalia Forero
Nathalia Forero:
Damn she so pretty Proud Colombian❤️❤️❤️
Patricio Jacome
Patricio Jacome:
Ohhh que genial!!!
lo latino está de moda siii ^^
pablo granados eslava
pablo granados eslava:
en mi barrio deciamos "rompo el vidrio y salgo a mil" jajaaj , no tenia ni idea que era colombiana , que orgullo!
Luthel Brooker
Luthel Brooker:
lol I love Jimmy Kimmel 💖
Inteligente, bella, y lo mejor...Colombiana 😉
Hahaha I love that peanut custome, and Bravo Natalia, that's the attitude you go girl!!
Met "Arnie" a couple of years back while he was cycling through my home town of Edinburgh Scotland. What a great guy! He was cycling down the wrong side of the road towards traffic, with his body guards running behind him, the look on drivers face was hilarious!
Lola Nino
Lola Nino:
Yamileth Grimaldi
Yamileth Grimaldi:
Excelente actriz 👏🏼👍🏼
Iván Jara
Iván Jara:
I don't know why jimmy make me so uncomfortably
Daniel Sepúlveda
Daniel Sepúlveda:
Grande Natalia! So proud of your work!
Coffee is for closers
Coffee is for closers:
The Arnold mask does look really realistic just like the real thing. 🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♀️👍
3am •
3am •:
She’s bad 😍
So proud of this young, smart and beautiful colombian. Grettings and blessings from Medellin- Colombia.
Jennyfer rodriguez
Jennyfer rodriguez:
que lindaaa!!!
Daniela Angel
Daniela Angel:
Hermosa ❤️❤️❤️
Juan Sebastián Londoño
Juan Sebastián Londoño:
So proud of her!!!
lia González
lia González:
Hermosa Natalia!! Talento colombiano que orgullo..
Angelik Yusty
Angelik Yusty:
So proud of you Natalia. 😘😍
Gina Beltrán
Gina Beltrán:
She's so sweet and smart 😍😍😍 Colombian talent 🤗💞
G.A. Molina
G.A. Molina:
I love it!
Diego Polanco
Diego Polanco:
She is an amazing and beautiful Smart colombian girl ♡
iglesia de cristo
iglesia de cristo:
She has a great english level , amizing
Maria Jose Rincon
Maria Jose Rincon:
Colombian proud❤️