Nate Diaz: 'In the real world, I won that fight' | UFC 263 Post Fight Presser

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Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin:
The Diaz Brothers never lose, they just run out of rounds.
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin:
Fun Fact: When Leon wins.. He loses, When Nate loses.. He wins
Dana White
Dana White:
Since Nate starts slow, he should do three rounds in the back before he comes out 💯
Craig Holding
Craig Holding:
It doesn't matter how many fights nate looses he will always be my favourite fighter
"Nate looks like a walking horror movie coming at you"- Joe Rogan
Byron ‘92
Byron ‘92:
Literally nobody hates Nate Diaz.
Rahul Rohit
Rahul Rohit:
36 year old coming off 3 years layoff and fighting a rank 3 guy while being high 🔥🔥🔥
Alan Wide
Alan Wide:
Luke rockhold the type of guy to get ko by Stockton slap.
Commentators like “wow, he’s getting his ass kicked, how great is Nate Diaz?!”
Man I wished Nate would've finished the job. That would've been the biggest comeback in MMA history.
I love that he slapped him before he rocked him. That ish was beautiful!!! Win or loss, Diaz is the man!!
Ginger Mac
Ginger Mac:
They need to make special matches for Nate where they last like 8 rounds
Joshua Reyes
Joshua Reyes:
Nates a Legend let’s be honest.
Honestly tho he did more to try to win than Vettori.
My man didnt know whos the champion in his division ahahaga im wheezing
SanYsl 95
SanYsl 95:
We have never seen a fighter like this or with such love behind him, Real Recognize Real ..
Nate is a living legend
Water Sundown
Water Sundown:
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to be jealous at how Nate Diaz deals with losing.
Arul Raj
Arul Raj:
My man Diaz lost the fight but won all his fans heart ❤. Honestly, the diaz bros are a different breed
Funny how when he hits the zoot he talks more fluently
alexander hernandez
alexander hernandez:
Pinnacle TV
Pinnacle TV:
What would had happen if Jorge actually when 5 rounds with Nate 🤔
Sherif Youssef
Sherif Youssef:
Love how you get the feeling he won… I mean mans just said he’d take everyone out and he’s off to a party😂 gotta respect it
Brian T.
Brian T.:
It’s time for Diaz vs. McGregor 3…
I can't believe he lost... He had that shit... Damn man
Nadeem Shaikh
Nadeem Shaikh:
The real PPV

Nate"the warrior" Diaz
Atul Patil
Atul Patil:
What's funny is that nate doesn't even know who's the champion of the weight he's fighting in 😅
By nate the fight need to be without rounds fight Until someone is KO or tap
Byron ‘92
Byron ‘92:
Leon never got Diaz wombled. Diaz got Leon stumbling with one punch
Oluwatope Alofe
Oluwatope Alofe:
"do you think Leon is good enough to be champion?"
Nate Diaz: who's he fighting for the championship?
positive thoughts
positive thoughts:
Leon "rocked" Edwards
The Eagle Has Landed
The Eagle Has Landed:
Same punch he clocked McGregor with its the ones ya dont see that stun ya the most totally dominated him but very impressed with Diaz
Christopher .Bedell
Christopher .Bedell:
I was so hyped when he rocked him I thought the world was going to fall off its axis
Cesar Rosales
Cesar Rosales:
Feels like Nates reached legendary Status.
Silvester Hurtado
Silvester Hurtado:
10 rounds and it’s Nate all day
Tareik Smith
Tareik Smith:
can’t lie he got his ass whooped in style respect to bro
LuNatiC W i L L s
LuNatiC W i L L s:
"It's way Easier to Box when somebody don't kicks at you"😅
-Nate Diaz
Forester Forester
Forester Forester:
Nate: "I know he knows how to get through fights, win fights." LOL
asap_derboss 99
asap_derboss 99:
Fighting Top Fighters while being high must be fun
Only guy to lose and win at the same time and everyone still love him !
Dylan Silva
Dylan Silva:
In a fight outside Leon would’ve kicked his face in when he wrestled him to the ground lol
Meghnath S
Meghnath S:
Nate "I don't finish but I taunt" Diaz
6 round fights for Diaz
Nathan Dust
Nathan Dust:
The last minute of the fight was probably the most exciting minute I can remember.
Robert Walker
Robert Walker:
nate shouldn't have showboated he had him hurt and didn't follow up just pointed at him
Bokoyfourtwenty Tabagrong
Bokoyfourtwenty Tabagrong:
After this fight with Leon Edwards, Diaz could’ve finished masvidal if it the fight didn’t get stopped.
Burst Reviews
Burst Reviews:
Nate showing respect to Nick. 👊
charles howard
charles howard:
one of the best interviews he has done. no matter if he would win or lose he always give respect when respect is do.. MUCH LOVE FROM MANTECA SOUTHSIDE OF THE 209!!!
Alen Cko
Alen Cko:
Actually he's right, another round and he wins❤️?! ❤️last man standing is the winner in real life👍😘❤️😂
"It's way easier to box, without someone throwing kicks at ya" Hahahahaha what a line
Nadeem Shaikh
Nadeem Shaikh:
That was the real Gangsta moment by Nate Diaz at the end of the 5th round...
Mike Wong
Mike Wong:
I love how nobody cares that Nate took a year off then took a fight with the #3 guy lol
Joe Barron
Joe Barron:
He's so high during the interview it's fantastic
charles smith
charles smith:
No.... you lost! You had one hopeful punch at the end of round 5.
MaRkY mArK
MaRkY mArK:
Nate on the last minute of the fight "In the real world, that fights a wrap"..... Facts!!!!
Joshua Dill
Joshua Dill:
Diaz is the real deal. Win loose or draw. Love the DIAZ brothers.
Give it up for “The Peoples Champ”! 💪🏻
Lake Cooper
Lake Cooper:
"It's love...and it's love right back at 'em."
Vineeth Salimkumar
Vineeth Salimkumar:
Even zombies die with a headshot...but this man 🥶🥶🤯 wtf🔥
Carmen Zena
Carmen Zena:
"In the real world I won that fight" we just don't know what its like to be gangster
Angel Chavez
Angel Chavez:

i bet it was the diaz brothers”
Bobby Sharps
Bobby Sharps:
When Nate pointed at Leon . After spinning his jaw . I fucking roared with laughter … win or lose . Diaz is a fucking beast . No matter the damage he is always in the fight
Daniel Alexander
Daniel Alexander:
I still enjoy him fighting .. it’s always a amazing fight
Billy Gig
Billy Gig:
Diaz at 155 is still a force, he needs to go down so he can use that size he has.
David SoL Vincent
David SoL Vincent:
haha he was sleepwalking. Damn and he even gave him a little room after he rocking him. What a champ
Bobby Digital
Bobby Digital:
The way he talks it! Hes like the mike tyson of the UFC
OG Skullomania311
OG Skullomania311:
Leon couldn’t demoralise Nate

There’s no one who can
And literally almost finished him with a min left
alex erickson
alex erickson:
I love how he puts the microphone down after he answers every question😂 such a goof
Vladimir Barkov
Vladimir Barkov:
Leon Edward's literally saved by the bell 😋
The Republic Of Texas
The Republic Of Texas:
3:19 in other words we won't see Nate in the octagon for another year 1/2
Aryaman Luffy
Aryaman Luffy:
Living legend 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️
GMR 95
GMR 95:
Gotta appreciate Nate while he’s still here
Nate could've finished him two rounds before he nearly did in the 5th, if he would've turned it up like he did in the 5th.
Gets ass beat and claims he would of won if it was a “real fight” 🧐
Ricky Castillo
Ricky Castillo:
Leon wins and Nate gets all the interviews and love 😂
Just gonna say this if the fight kept going it would be like the Reyes V Jones despite being strong early the moment it becomes late Nate just gets better until he’s beating the shit out of his opponent Edwards is a good example.
Yee Yee
Yee Yee:
“Of course I got cut”
Ya, no shit nate, you’d get cut up if somebody glared at you hard enough😂
Elmer Thomas
Elmer Thomas:
Nate never gets a decision no matter what he’s still the real deal
07:04 expert level joint flip. You had to learn the opposite move for when the cops are going past in my city 🇬🇧 🤙
Mark Ingram
Mark Ingram:
Bro if Nate capitalized on that punch he would’ve won! 😭
Dazz 2021
Dazz 2021:
He’s deluded but I love him😅
Michael Smyth
Michael Smyth:
"Why wouldn't you fight anyone but the top guy, if your going to fight at all"
This is why we love the Diaz Brothers
Daryl Buckner
Daryl Buckner:
Much love n respect Nate. True champ
David Sidavong
David Sidavong:
Best interview ever Boi straight blazed a joint in the interview lol 😂 💯
Andy P
Andy P:
Honestly this dude is amazing 😆 man id pull up over there and party 🥳
His mistake in that fight was his ego, he should have swarmed Leon after that left, instead he gave him a chance to recover just to look cool
Cobba hall
Cobba hall:
10:20 damn Nate sounded emotional, fuck I will forever love the Diaz boiz, great human beings
I just wanna see Dustin's and Conor's live video home reaction watching TV the moment when Nate had Leon rocked and moonwalking in last minute of that the fight.
Gabriel Martinez
Gabriel Martinez:
Great interview Nate!
Novarec 1
Novarec 1:
“If it was a 303 round fight? Yeah I would’ve won.”
New Edwards fan here. The guy is beyond amazing!
Miller Time
Miller Time:
Love Nate but he hasn't look good in the last 2 fights. Lots of time in between fights too.
John Bennett
John Bennett:
Any "You-tuber" gets in w Diaz is legit suicidal
Fun fact: Diaz got his ass beat for 4 rounds
Cahzinar X
Cahzinar X:
Would love to see him fight the loser of Poirer/Mcgregor
Lonetta Holmes
Lonetta Holmes:
I have so much love for him. Respect. And to his family.
Johnny Green
Johnny Green:
Yo i luv how this dude sparks up at a UFC press conference looool
A Kumar
A Kumar:
Give Diaz a 10 round fight
This guy is a zombie
Landon Watkins
Landon Watkins:
Feels like he won 🔥🔥🔥
Toa Kasi
Toa Kasi:
The people still love you Diaz they know Diaz Army in full effect 💯💯🙏