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The 2020 NBA Draft has arrived and we have live coverage of every single pick, trade or move that happens throughout Round 1 and Round 2 on Wednesday November 18, 2020. Who will be the #1 pick in the 2020 NBA Draft live from Chat Sports? Anthony Edwards, LaMelo Ball, Onyeka Okongwu and James Wiseman highlight the 2020 NBA Draft class - watch live now on YouTube. SUBSCRIBE:

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2020 NBA Draft Rumors: Will LaMelo Ball go #1 to the Minnesota Timberwolves? Will the Golden State Warriors keep the #2 pick and select a big man like James Wiseman or trade the pick to add veterans to pair with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson for a run at another NBA Title? NBA Draft Trades - will there be any other blockbuster trades during the 2020 NBA Draft that shake up the league and perhaps put a team in contention to dethrone LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers from winning another NBA Title? How will the 2020 NBA Draft impact NBA free agency news and rumors in the next week as big-time free agents like Anthony Davis and Brandon Ingram make decisions on where they will sign. The NBA Draft 2020 Live on YouTube from Chat Sports - get in the live chat and ask questions about every pick or trade that happens.

We could see all those questions answered tonight, as well as any questions you ask during the show! Join Chat Sports’ NBA Now LIVE in the comments.

2020 NBA Draft 1st round live streaming from Chat Sports is hosted by NBA Now hosts Tom Downey and Jimmy Crowther.
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Stream the 2020 NBA Draft live on YouTube from Chat Sports and know the picks before ESPN’s NBA Draft live broadcast on cable

2020 NBA Draft Order - Round 1 and Round 2:
RD1, #1 Minnesota Timberwolves
RD1, #2 Golden State Warriors
RD1, #3 Charlotte Hornets
RD1, #4 Chicago Bulls
RD1, #5 Cleveland Cavaliers
RD1, #6 Atlanta Hawks
RD1, #7 Detroit Pistons
RD1, #8 New York Knicks
RD1, #9 Washington Wizards
RD1, #10 Phoenix Suns
RD1, #11 San Antonio Spurs
RD1, #12 Sacramento Kings
RD1, #13 New Orleans Pelicans
RD1, #14 Boston Celtics
RD1, #15 Orlando Magic
RD1, #16 Houston Rockets
RD1, #17 Minnesota Timberwolves
RD1, #18 Dallas Mavericks
RD1, #19 Brooklyn Nets
RD1, #20 Miami Heat
RD1, #21 Philadelphia 76ers
RD1, #22 Denver Nuggets
RD1, #23 New York Knicks via Utah Jazz
RD1, #24 New Orleans Pelicans via Milwaukee Bucks
RD1, #25 Oklahoma City Thunder
RD1, #26 Boston Celtics
RD1, #27 Utah Jazz via New York Knicks
RD1, #28 Oklahoma City Thunder
RD1, #29 Toronto Raptors
RD1, #30 Boston Celtics
RD2, #31 Dallas Mavericks
RD2, #32 Charlotte Hornets
RD2, #33 Minnesota Timberwolves
RD2, #34 Philadelphia 76ers
RD2, #35 Sacramento Kings
RD2, #36 Philadelphia 76ers
RD2, #37 Washington Wizards
RD2, #38 Utah Jazz via New York Knicks
RD2, #39 New Orleans Pelicans
RD2, #40 Memphis Grizzlies
RD2, #41 San Antonio Spurs
RD2, #42 New Orleans Pelicans
RD2, #43 Sacramento Kings
RD2, #44 Chicago Bulls
RD2, #45 Milwaukee Bucks via Orlando Magic
RD2, #46 Portland Trail Blazers
RD2, #47 Boston Celtics
RD2, #48 Golden State Warriors
RD2, #49 Philadelphia 76ers
RD2, #50 Atlanta Hawks
RD2, #51 Golden State Warriors
RD2, #52 Sacramento Kings
RD2, #53 Oklahoma City Thunder
RD2, #54 Indiana Pacers
RD2, #55 Brooklyn Nets
RD2, #56 Charlotte Hornets
RD2, #57 Los Angeles Clippers
RD2, #58 Philadelphia 76ers
RD2, #59 Toronto Raptors
RD2, #60 Milwaukee Bucks

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2020 NBA Draft Big Board - Top 50 Prospects:
1. Anthony Edwards (G, UGA)
2. Lamelo Ball (G, NBL)
3. Onyeka Okongwu (F/C, USC)
4. James Wiseman (C, Memphis)
5. Obi Toppin (F, Dayton)
6. Isaac Okoro (Wing, Auburn)
7. Deni Avdija (F, Israel)
8. Killian Hayes (G, France)
9. Tyrese Haliburton (G, Iowa St)
10. Patrick Williams (F, FSU)
11. Devin Vassell (Wing, FSU)
12. Cole Anthony (G, UNC)
13. Tyrese Maxey (G, Kentucky)
14. Saddiq Bey (Wing, Villanova)
15. Kira Lewis Jr. (G, Bama)
16. Desmond Bane (Wing, TCU)
17. Aleksej Pokusevski (F/C, Serbia)
18. Aaron Nesmith (Wing, Vandy)
19. Precious Achiuwa (F, Memphis)
20. Tyrell Terry (G, Stanford)
21. Jaden Mcdaniels (F, Washington)
22. Josh Green (Wing, Arizona)
23. Daniel Oturu (C/F, Minnesota)
24. Isaiah Stewart (C/F, Washington)
25. RJ Hampton (G, NBL)

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