Nevertheless, | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]

Like a butterfly hopelessly attracted to a flower, this art student can’t seem to resist the mysterious young man who captures her attention. But the more they get romantically involved, the sooner she will have to decide—will getting close be worth it, when he doesn’t believe in relationships?

Based on a popular webtoon, NEVERTHELESS, stars Han So-hee (THE WORLD OF THE MARRIED) and Song Kang (NAVILLERA).

Coming to Netflix June 20.

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100+ comentarios:

Song Kang is definitely Netflix's son😭💝
Morning Coffee
Morning Coffee:
she knows he is probably gonna break her heart, but NEVERTHELESS...
From everyone’s first love to a nice monster and then a ballerina, we now have a fuckboy!
Song Kang is the definition of a versatile actor.
jl momo
jl momo:
everyone is talking about song kang, but let's talk about han so hee, how can someone look that perfect? she's like a goddess <3_<3
In real life, I really don’t like guys like that, you can feel like you are special with that person, but in reality he is like that with other girls, so you get your heart broken a lot. So it’s better to stay away from guys like him, unless you both have the same goal, to not date at all
I am amazed how songkang can do so many kdrama when he just started his career in lead roles in 2019, I am truly amazed. I Stan songkang.
This drama is the perfect definition of Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams song . Especially that line “He’s so tall and handsome as hell. He’s so bad but he does it so well”.
Andriana Morgan
Andriana Morgan:
he’s a walking red flag but suddenly I’m color blind because he so fine he can ruin my life 😩🦋
anjali _vang
anjali _vang:
Song Kang is like Noah Centineo in Korea, Netflix’s son.
Khushboo Tyagi
Khushboo Tyagi:
Song Kang is really pulling off this character well. He's letting his eyes talk. I can sense the change in his vibe.
yeoboseyo noona
yeoboseyo noona:
Everyone: Netflix adopted Song kang
Plot twist: Song kang is the ceo of Netflix Asia
_waiting for Nevertheless_
Why nobody is talking about how similar he looks to the character , like the author had him in the mind
Self Confidence
Self Confidence:
I honestly hate that they keep making weak minded heroines. He just kissed another girl in front of her and she still got swayed by him and kissed him too like MINUTES later after he did… wtf I get that its kinda the theme of the show but it still pisses me off lmao
The webtoon is actually a short, good read to anyone who wants to give it a shot! It's very realistic and plays with your heart lmao and the cast actually looks EXACTLY like the characters. It's amazing.
Shaza Earisya
Shaza Earisya:
song kang and han sohee visual isn't real though. how can people look this beautiful????? can't wait for 10 episode for this series!!!
Melanie S
Melanie S:
This girl, even after her last relationship, didn’t learn the importance of ✨boundaries ✨
This story is idealistic. I'm really falling for this couple. However, the guy is mixing vague signals. I think there is something deeper in his character.
Autumn Ati
Autumn Ati:
A mixture of both Song Kang and Sohee characters is just like me. Song Kang character is something I hate but it's so relatable to me. Because I don't want to date as well, but open to meet any men since I'm single, although i'm not as flirty as him. I just don't commit easily although I knew some men. But deep down I want to date just like Han Sohee character although love hurts me in the past and I no longer trust love entirely. I do want to commit to one man, but scared to invest so much into love as it can hurt me back. I'm just protecting my heart. I feel like relatable to both characters and now I wondering whether I'm that disgusting after watching them portraying the character. I just...don't trust love fully cuz i deeply hurt in the past. So I won't commit until I found true love. I value myself so much now.
Song Kang and butterflies
Navillera - like a butterfly
Nevertheless - character with a butterfly tattoo and a girl named Nabi which means 'butterfly'
lil uzi jien
lil uzi jien:
The sexual tension between both of them is insane. I love this drama.
Yukta Bagdi
Yukta Bagdi:
It's 2 episodes in and I'm hooked. The fact that, the story and characters despite being toxic are so realistic, that you can just relate that haven't we all have had at least one relationship like that. You know you're chasing abyss, and you're going to get hurt but you go anyways. That chase has a different kind of aesthetic beauty, sad and painful, but aesthetic. I can't wait to see how it unfolds over time. Might have a cliche ending, but I would still like to see, what happens next. And my god, what a chemistry they both have. It's mind-blowing.

p.s. kindly don't idealize such a relationship, it's not healthy for your mental health. But really, great acting and a great script.
damn he's everywhere. every time i open netflix, he's the lead in multiple dramas. he's blowing up
Archana Thapa
Archana Thapa:
Their chemistry is on fire! I am so glad someone touched this topic wanting to be close with someone but not wanting to date. Many of us feel this strongly and boy I am so happy. Super excited how this drama will unfold!
E H:
Song Kang is or will be the god of webtoon based dramas. We've got Love Alarm, Sweet Home, Navillera, and now Nevertheless!
every once
every once:
OKAY all such dramas were already shown in past. This Ish is TOXIC. He just a control freak dressed well as a good guy 🤣
After seeing the second lead development, we will roit on all social media if SECOND LEAD won't get the girl -_-
Make sense for once directors!!!!
Muse ✨
Muse ✨:
WEBTOON and NETFLIX have officially dubbed Song Kang as the IDEAL MALE LEAD in both COMICS and DRAMAS hahahaha
Does Song Kang ever rest?? He's been in 4 dramas in a span of a year
GeeGee _
GeeGee _:
JTBC and Netflix are like best friends and I’m here for it.
Song Kang is slowly taking my heart. His lips are *chefs kiss*
aastha sharma
aastha sharma:
I was actually looking for college story like this and they put this out.
Webtoon and Netflix: Okay son, show 'em what you got
Jade Lin Lee Chen
Jade Lin Lee Chen:
Bruh how do they look EXACTLY like the characters drawn in the manhwa? Their faces, eyes, build, everything
Rizdamaya L. Herfadanti
Rizdamaya L. Herfadanti:
Who knows the background song tho in this trailer? Is it just me who think it’s such a melancholy song and I like it 😂
falx cerebri
falx cerebri:
so, she is traumatic to have a relationship because of what she had experienced at the world of married ?😂
Song Kang is definetely netflix's favorites
blue oranges
blue oranges:
He is SO FINE omfg already watched episode 1 im hooked
tanya rathi
tanya rathi:
She's exactly looks like webtoon character...😍
This is most aesthetically beautiful drama... music , scenes, feels, magic, snow, locations, interactions... god this gives me so much chills
I can't believe Song Kang will be playing that character. The characters in the webtoon ia such a flirt krkfkfddkkdke
Netflix must've developed an obsession with Song Kang 😂 he's literally everywhere in Netflix. I like it, tho ✨
Maria 03
Maria 03:
I literally think the same way as him lmaooo
Pinky Kumari
Pinky Kumari:
The male lead is a total playboy in this drama ,I feel like I'm gonna get hurt badly😭
I came for the storyline...but felt really bad for her cause of her past toxic relationship,felt kinda annoyed at his playboy behavior...then got a lil bored with the story but at last stayed for the cute Gay character. Everytime.
Song Kang is becoming for Korean Netflix what Zac Efron was for Disney 😂😂😂
my man is literally on a roll with all the dramas he's acted in since last year
kookie love
kookie love:
ahh webtoon was too good, i hope the kdrama adaption is at par.
Centigradz2 Centigradz2
Centigradz2 Centigradz2:
This is the drama I've seen where the lead female is so enamoured by the male lead and the chemistry is through the roof. Plus he is hot as hell but also a great kisser.
Ana Sofia Madero
Ana Sofia Madero:
I am not very excited for this k drama but Nevertheless I am going to watched 😂
Shelly Royal
Shelly Royal:
love alarm - webtoon adaptation - netflix project
sweet home - webtoon adaptation- netflix project
navillera - webtoon adaptation - netflix project
nevertheless - webtoon adaptation- netflix project
why am i not surprised anymore?
Lorrisha Franklin
Lorrisha Franklin:
I want Dispatch to confirm them already lol their Visuals are on another level >>>
Song kang and Han Sohee visuals are insane 😭
Sharajin Rahman
Sharajin Rahman:
Theres so much chemistry between them thooo. And she so pretty, they look good together
One Punch Man
One Punch Man:
This scenario works only because he's handsome😂
Curious to see where this drama will go.

That being said, if a guy starts talking to you like that IRL, you drop him and go. Drama-land is different, though.
Kev Polk
Kev Polk:
Say welcome to ✨Toxic Relationship✨. Character of Song Kang is really not a bf material. Girls if you see someone like his character don't even look behind just run
Trina Simwawa
Trina Simwawa:
Does anyone know the title of the song that plays when she walks into the museum? Please anyone
Siling Zhou
Siling Zhou:
Damn the tension between both of them in the first episode...
yanna martinez
yanna martinez:
what song did they use in this trailer?! 😭
Mareeha Masood
Mareeha Masood:
I am literally praying that the drama has a happy ending since I heard that the webtoon had a bad ending. (no spoilers please)
songkang is like korean noah centineo at this point... and I love it
When their chemistry is overpowering. Can't wait to binge- watch ❤️!
This is like his third drama, this year. He is such a great actor. I'm looking forward to watching this one.
Never liked netflix untill they started putting kdramas on there😆
My life trends
My life trends:
Unpopular fact : Netflix is in love with Song kang
Please, he's serving us on Netflix.
lajibolala parrapio
lajibolala parrapio:
I always end up shipping those couple whom I don't know if they can come together at the end or not. Like Yu Na -Bi and Yang Do - hyeok.
R. Raven
R. Raven:
Oh my😍 Song kang and So hee made a really beautiful couple. Can’t wait for the series😍😍
we are one, bitch
we are one, bitch:
i'm reading the webtoon but it still on going for me since I don't have coins 😭😭 i am so curious as to what will happen to them
Hi Anasheda
Hi Anasheda:
The psycho girl from Abyss (secondary character) and the rejected boy from Love Alarm (I know their name dont worry)
Im looking forward to see how this plays out
Caramel B
Caramel B:
Finally!! A drama that’s within the times (none of this conservative kiss and sexual scenes)!! Kudos to both leads for executing their first “encounter” sexual scene so beautifully (their willingness to do such a scene in a Korean drama proves that their great in their craft. And to the producer/director - great job on the couch scene in episode 2 where the two leads gives into their desires - beautifully executed!!
Wina Pas
Wina Pas:
Song Kang is and will always be my favorite actor can’t believe I’m bout to watch this He gave us Love alarm,Navillera, Sweet home and now Nevertheless cool 😎☺️
oreoluwa oshodi
oreoluwa oshodi:
I'm not even surprised that this show will be on netflix. When I heard Song Kang had a new project, I was almost 💯 certain netflix will pick it up
Manhwa Addicted
Manhwa Addicted:
It's rlly hard to imagine her as a cutie fl bcz I just watched 100 days my prince and she was a villain there.
It’s rlly funny how actor & actresses can make fall in love with them in a minute but also can make me hate her. 😂
Martha Simpson
Martha Simpson:
IM JUST WAITING FOR EPISODE 3- i came back to watch the trailer bc i am so impatient for the next episode😭😭
Anvesha Verma
Anvesha Verma:
Song kang has been playing such diverse characters.. wow and it's still just the beginning of his career as lead role.. i am truly amazed...seriously excited
I'm excited for them being a guest here on Swoon doing couch talk or play other games as long as they have interaction coz they look good together and i really ship them so hard! Hahahaha 😍🦋💕
Female Engineer
Female Engineer:
a proper lead for So Hee finally
I keep on watching this trailer coz Han so hee is very pretty.
Salsabilla Khairunnisa
Salsabilla Khairunnisa:
Busiest man of the year. I love to see him in a lot of drama. Can't wait!!!
Katherine Alvarado
Katherine Alvarado:
なつめ hyun
なつめ hyun:
Song kang and Eunwoo already earning the title of must have male lead in kdramas based off webtoons 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jacqueline Dean
Jacqueline Dean:
Song Kang had me crying just a week ago finishing Navillera, now he’s in a new drama and i can wipe my tears 😭
C: ana
C: ana:
Every month a new Netflix show with him and I love it ! My mom became a fan of him as well lmao 🤣
Bri Ahgase
Bri Ahgase:
I don't know the actors but the storyline is soo interesting
at this point, song kang's gotta admit that he's from webtoon alternate universe.
Donata Angyal
Donata Angyal:
can't wait to see Han So Hee again ❤️🦋 she's so beautiful and talented
Bro finally I’ve been waiting for more dramas like these like they’re so chill and about romance and a bit of comedy I do like more comedy but it’s ok because there’s been so many crazy dramas these past 2 years it’s made me bored I’ve just been re-watching love in the city, legend of the blue sea, full house and true beauty which are all really good dramas like I hope to see more dramas like those dramas like the same vibe as them but anyways I hope this drama is as good like I’m so excited the plot and actors are great ahh I’m so excited like the last time I was like really entertained and binged watched a drama straight through and crying when the next episode hadn’t came out yet was Mr.Queen like that was so mf funny I loved it so much
sunoo baragi
sunoo baragi:
Tran Lee
Tran Lee:
Yo boy Song Kang has been putting in work. Netflix got him booked until 2025.
Jeon Kook
Jeon Kook:
Why can i relate to both the characters😭
Jasper Yu
Jasper Yu:
wtf amazing! i only just started to read this on webtoon a while ago not knowing there will be a kdrama adaptation! thanks to a certain commenter on chapter 4 i found this
Dang, I can't wait to see his jealous side
Any movie /Drama featuring Song Kang’s pouty lips is worth watching. This man is one of the most handsome and talented young Korean actors. He is a current “It” boy. I am definitely watching this series until the end 😜😄
it's giving me vibes that i'll hate Song Kang's character but also love him at the same time.
Everywhere Song Kang... I'm so much in love with this guy... Waiting for this drama... Han So Hee Song Kang❤
Can't wait to see this, even tho ik my heart will be broken too like Nabi's or maybe not. depends how it will go on haha
anyways can june 19 be here already?
*I love how he's acting as a lead now cause I've been watching him since he was acting as a side character*
Prateek Das
Prateek Das:
I am pretty sure he is going to run to her crying in the end!! 😂
I'm TrusFrated, giMme sOme SaND HanITizEr!!!
I'm TrusFrated, giMme sOme SaND HanITizEr!!!:
When I first saw han so hee in "The world of married," I thought she kinda looks like a female version of song kang. Is it just me?
Rabiatul Arina
Rabiatul Arina:
First episode makes my heart fluttered so much for entire episode. The vibes of this drama makes me want to feel being in love again. Can't wait for next episode.