New Order - Blue Monday (Official Lyric Video)

The official lyric video for New Order's Blue Monday.

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[Instrumental Intro]

[Verse 1]
How does it feel
To treat me like you do?
When you've laid your hands upon me
And told me who you are?
I thought I was mistaken
I thought I heard your words
Tell me how do I feel?
Tell me now, how do I feel?
Those who came before me
Lived through their vocations
From the past until completion
They'll turn away no more
And still, I find it so hard
To say what I need to say
But, I'm quite sure that you'll tell me
Just how I should feel today

[Instrumental Break]

[Verse 2]
I see a ship in the harbour
I can and shall obey
But, if it wasn't for your misfortune
I'd be a heavenly person today
And I thought I was mistaken
And I thought I heard you speak
Tell me, how do I feel?
Tell me now, how should I feel?
Now I stand here waiting

[Verse 3]
I thought I told you to leave me
When I walked down to the beach
Tell me how does it feel
When your heart grows cold
(Grows cold, grows cold, grows cold, grows cold)

[Instrumental Outro]

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100+ comentarios:

Bill Jakerson
Bill Jakerson:
When you gotta communicate to your audience that your movie is set in the 80’s
James Roycroft
James Roycroft:
My dad would always play this song to test new speakers
Ben Ar
Ben Ar:
Dont worry guys 59 years from now and we''ll be back in the 80's :)
My grandfather made the guitars and bass's for these guys, Shergold Guitars
Alexa Turner
Alexa Turner:
This song will NEVER get old.
Spirit Engine
Spirit Engine:
And to think this is Joy Division without Ian Curtis.
Matthew Jury
Matthew Jury:
I can’t imagine hearing this for the first time in the 80s - I would die
B H Mch
B H Mch:
So this is what happens when a McIntosh develops feelings.
I hear this at a bar once and stayed up for 4 hours trying to find it.
Cheesy Studio Channel
Cheesy Studio Channel:
Can’t believe they made a game just for this song.
Sobredosis de Películas
Sobredosis de Películas:
that moment when you realize the 80's were 40 years ago and no 20.
Moody Dude
Moody Dude:
This turned my floppy into a hard drive
Alls I can say is, despite the nukes and the weird hairdos and styles, MTV, and all of the other assorted craziness, being a teenager in the 80s was an incredible ride, an absolute blast. My kids are getting f'ed.
0:00-0:16 - Kick
0:16-0:30 - Kick & Synth
0:30-0:59 - Drums, Synth & Synth Bass
0:59-1:03 - Hi-hats
1:03-1:18 - Drums & Synth Bass
1:18-1:33 - Drums, Synth Bass & Bass Guitar
1:33-1:36 - Drum fill
1:36-2:09 - Drums, Synth Bass, Choir & Strings
2:09-3:07 - Vocals, Synth Bass, Synth, Drums, Bass Guitar
3:07-3:21 - Drums, Synth Bass, Synth, Trumpet
3:21-3:34 - Drums, Sampling
3:34-4:02 - Vocals, Bass Guitar, Synth, Synth Bass
4:02-4:17 - Bass Guitar, Synth, Synth Bass, Drums
4:17-4:32 - Vocals, Synth Bass, Synth, Drums
4:32-4:47 - Drums, Bass Guitar, Synth, Synth Bass
4:52-5:24 - Drums, Synth Bass, Synth, Trumpet, Slapping
5:24-5:46 - Drums, Kick, Drum fills
5:46-6:08 - Drums, Synth Bass, Choir
6:08-6:22 - Drums, Synth Bass, Bass Guitar, Choir
6:24-7:30 - Drums, Synth, Strings, Synth Bass, Bass Guitar
*1979* : dark and powerful post punk
*1983* : the dance hit of the 80s
One of the most epic band in music history
Stained moon623
Stained moon623:
“Day forty three, I don’t think we can take much more of this war”
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan:
“Bell, we got a job to do”
-Russel Adler, 1981
Bilal M
Bilal M:
This song is an angry song about having to be an employee who has to go to work for an employer on Monday.
Václav Jebavý
Václav Jebavý:
Blue Monday: exists
COD Cold War fans: We've got a job to do.
shannon churchill
shannon churchill:
1984, I’m 17, at a local night club “The Grad” in San Luis Obispo that hosts “Minor Madness” under 18 Saturday nights. This song penetrating every molecule of my body. I somehow know that I will never forget this feeling, and I am still not wrong.
Humphrey Xy
Humphrey Xy:
i've been looking for this song for literally years
Lea Cav
Lea Cav:
I'm 52 so that means I was about 11 or 12 when this came out. But I'll always sing 'like in a shallow bay' instead of 'I can and shall obey' and that's my final word 😎
Actually wrote this as an outro song when they played live. Ended up being their biggest hit.
Charles Page
Charles Page:
No matter how much times goes on. This SONG will always be PERFECT AND TIMELESS!
Martin Maestas
Martin Maestas:
music from the eighties will forever be unmtched
Alejandro Alvarez
Alejandro Alvarez:
"Bell! We got a job to do" - Adler
ramin alikhani
ramin alikhani:
80's is the forever future.
Mendl's Patisserie
Mendl's Patisserie:
sounds like it's a hit from the future
mental octopus
mental octopus:
This sounds so futuristic currently
Disart projec
Disart projec:
I love how the same color blocks appear under the same letters
it's like a color alphabet
Lila Noor
Lila Noor:
Everyone, who feeling not "OK" - today is your day. Saddy Blue Morning. Yeahey!
Human Being
Human Being:
I'd be jealous of anyone who clubbed to this back in 1983. I'm Gen Z by the way.
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez:
When this song would be played at the Night Clubs in LA or Hollywood, Everybody Hit the Floor.
You got Rick Rolled
You got Rick Rolled:
"i know you wont fail us", activision alredy knew that this song is perfect
Ike Macintosh
Ike Macintosh:
this song screams 80's louder then a nostalgic uncle at a microphone
This has to be THE '80s song. It just oozes nostalgia!
Dru Underwood
Dru Underwood:
This wasn't part of the plan!, Do whish YouTube would fix their subtitle algorithm
WolfMeat gay
WolfMeat gay:
day 4 listening to Blue Monday from New order
Reach 3D Printers
Reach 3D Printers:
This may be the greatest song of the 20th and 21st century.
Brian Hibbard
Brian Hibbard:
So you know, this video is based off of how the original single was sold.

It was sold in a sleeve designed to look like a floppy disc, with the band and song's name printed on one edge with a colored block code. Due to the way the paper sleeves had to be made, how many colors were in the code, and the total lack of faith in this song selling any copies, it was actually sold for less than it cost to print. So, of course, it got so popular that it nearly bankrupted the printing company.

EDIT: In case you were wondering if the code is exactly the same in this video as it is on the album, the answer is YES. The code was used by the artist Peter Saville, who used it on four albums:

Power, Corruption and Lies; by New Order: FACT75 (also comes with decoder ring seen on this video's opening shot)
Confusion; by New Order: FAC 93

It was also used on the cover of From the Hip by Section 25, unfortunately, the only picture I can find of the cover is so blurry I can't actually make out the code.

Also worth mentioning; they initially wrote this song because the band never did encores (which might explain the lyrics), and they wanted a song that they could just push a button on the synth machine and leave the audience to it. But they started having too much fun getting this weird, experimental (for the time) song to work, so they packaged it as a single, and have since become known to play this song as an encore.
Kriss Vanilla
Kriss Vanilla:
Another Blue Monday for me today. Just wanna get out of school already lol.
Antonio Menchi
Antonio Menchi:
Play this while playing Dirt Rally, you won't regret it
WolfMeat gay
WolfMeat gay:
day 3 listening to Blue Monday from New order
Jason Pallister
Jason Pallister:
The 80s were the best. I'm so thankful I grew up then with no social media. Nevermind the amazing music and clothes.
Rafael Silva
Rafael Silva:
I responded my boss' email listening to this. Now I'm looking for a new one... A new boss.
R H:
My dad was a delivery driver in the 1980s in Peru, and he told me his favorite radio station played this song at 7 AM every morning. The 80s sound so... interesting.
i just love how each ring represents a beat,
And now a minute silence for everyone else who can’t find this song
Time to commit war crimes in Eastern Europe.

-Activision, probably
Glenn Hoddle
Glenn Hoddle:
My phone battery : 1%
Me : Starts playing this video.
My phone battery : *"I'll wait."*
Justin Dawson
Justin Dawson:
New Order on tour?! We are allowed to watch live music again? Yes! This is a good sign!
rsrb fb01
rsrb fb01:
The sound of falling in love
müzik ruhun gıdasıdır abcde
müzik ruhun gıdasıdır abcde:
I rode bicycle for 50 minutes today and played this from my phone’s speakers while riding in empty streets (so empty because of the pandemıc) in Sunday.
This song is the whole 80's techno pop in a capsule.
Gerardo V.
Gerardo V.:
I have to pay my respect to this gem of a song.
Steve ́Spartan ́
Steve ́Spartan ́:
When they update the official song: I'm bak
Everyone: Haapeenees
Angela C
Angela C:
I’m in love with this song!!!!! It’s sooooooo good!!! I love every second of it....the only thing that would make it better is for it to last longer
Nothing better than hear this song in middle of a war
Tread 02
Tread 02:
"Day forty-three, I'm not sure just how much more of this we can take..."
Neil Henderson
Neil Henderson:
The original and by far BEST version . Played in its entirety magical stuff!!
Sam Passer
Sam Passer:
If there were any song to define the tone of the 80s, this would be it.
Irish Tino
Irish Tino:
I was just out of college when this song came out. Couldn't get away from it, every club in NY had it pounding the roof off. What a great time to be alive. Not even a fan of club/dance music.
Vasilis Maras
Vasilis Maras:
Ian would be proud to see how Joy Division evolved 😌
T P:
1:33 My best part
G space in time
G space in time:
did a skydive to this, brilliant.
super soaker
super soaker:
I only now realised the safe lock wheel literally matches the instrumental beats.
Ollie Crowley
Ollie Crowley:
The first two minutes is literally just joy division jamming
h k
h k:
this song was an accident, one of the guys hit play on the drum machine too soon while producing it and the song just kind of happened to have this kind of obvious overlap between the rhythm synths. very good
Synyster Legato
Synyster Legato:
Accidentally clicked on this am not disappointed
David Carter
David Carter:
My favourite single of all time, never gets old ,bought it as a 13 year old back in 1983 and must be my most played piece of vinyl in my collection, Records as timeless as this are rare.
C. DeWitt
C. DeWitt:
Best song for audio visualizer test.
Fluffy Gutts
Fluffy Gutts:
Still the best dance track ever! Heck, I miss the 80s
Raul juarez
Raul juarez:
Este tema no recuerdo exactamente cuánto tiempo tiene , pero sin dudas es el tema bolichero nro 1 por excelencia , estos chicos ex joy división son increíbles en vivo te vuelan la cabeza saludos desde argentina 💪
Ray Kanishka
Ray Kanishka:
6:22 is the absolute best part of the song, when that synthesizer comes back after the guitar strumming, after being absent for a couple of minutes.... the synthesizer reminding everyone Hey I'm Back, and I'm Here to Stay
Razor X
Razor X:
The only sad thing is that I'm 27 and can't find friends who appreciate this music to dance the night away. I inherited this song from my father who was a DJ. And my children will grow up listening to it. The best song ever ♥️
*Meanwhile in an alternative universe:*
"Old Chaos - Red Friday."
TheUnknown Gamer
TheUnknown Gamer:
This music has aged really well
big hoss
big hoss:
i'm happy that i randomly found this while browsing and not on tiktok or something
Patrick Bellanger
Patrick Bellanger:
Je ne me lasserais jamais de ce titre Blue Monday...
Keep Eating
Keep Eating:
Always when this starts I roll my eyes and tut, then 30 seconds in find myself dancing to it.
Sethrael the Bard
Sethrael the Bard:
This song was 20 years ahead of its time. What an absolute classic!
Mark Dowse
Mark Dowse:
Every link means something. The colours are a CODE.

"But I'm quite sure that you'll tell me just how I should feel today."
SuperBadx 0
SuperBadx 0:
It’s pretty crazy that they said their lyrics mean nothing they were just saying things and it’s actually good stuff. Crazy!
Eugenio Siciliano
Eugenio Siciliano:
New Order yesterday, New Order today, New Order tomorrow
Liam Foran
Liam Foran:
This song got me moving with my feet lol
Eugene Ax
Eugene Ax:
Modern synthwave artists probably love this song.
just, larissa
just, larissa:
Que qualidade de áudio

Amo essa música 😍😍
Digby Frog
Digby Frog:
This is the perfect song. Perfect rythm . Perfect melody, Perfect bass line
Cruisin down the Colorado highway in fh1 with this song never gets old
Ben Lee
Ben Lee:
Youtube just played me 'Close to You' by the Carpenters and then this. That may be the harshest and best random transition it's ever done. 'Why do birds suddenly appear?' 'Oh.'
Ciro Souza
Ciro Souza:
"I'm here at Barry Island beach and there's no signs of storm"
my friends: what the hell are you hearing???
Enrico Paolo Coronado
Enrico Paolo Coronado:
"Day 43: I'm not sure how much more of this war we can take."

- Mung Daal, 1968
joe mama
joe mama:
dude i love this freaking song anyone else agree? it just hits different like a 80's takeback in my head
Justin Bolivar
Justin Bolivar:
The song: 🎉👏🏽🎶😁
The lyrics: 🥲😭😢😰
Carlos Salazar ColombianoO. SalaZar
Carlos Salazar ColombianoO. SalaZar:
Imposible no bailar en la disco en cuanto sonaba tremendo hit.
eu nem tinha interesse em ver esse filme. Vi o trailer. Nem sei como são as cenas. Mas a música!!!!!!!! JÁ QUERO ASSISTIR !!!!!!!!!!!!
Nick chapman
Nick chapman:
I hear this at work. I just can't stop
Jorge MR
Jorge MR:
Es lo máximo de canción, jamás dejará de estar a la moda.