New Order - Blue Monday on BBC's Top of the Pops - 31.3.1983

New Order perform Blue Monday live on BBC's Top of the Pops on the 31st March 1983.

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[Instrumental Intro]

[Verse 1]
How does it feel
To treat me like you do?
When you've laid your hands upon me
And told me who you are?
I thought I was mistaken
I thought I heard your words
Tell me how do I feel?
Tell me now, how do I feel?
Those who came before me
Lived through their vocations
From the past until completion
They'll turn away no more
And still, I find it so hard
To say what I need to say
But, I'm quite sure that you'll tell me
Just how I should feel today

[Instrumental Break]

[Verse 2]
I see a ship in the harbour
I can and shall obey
But, if it wasn't for your misfortune
I'd be a heavenly person today
And I thought I was mistaken
And I thought I heard you speak
Tell me, how do I feel?
Tell me now, how should I feel?
Now I stand here waiting

[Verse 3]
I thought I told you to leave me
When I walked down to the beach
Tell me how does it feel
When your heart grows cold
(Grows cold, grows cold, grows cold, grows cold)

[Instrumental Outro]

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100+ comentarios:

Jeff Schrader
Jeff Schrader:
A rare case on TOTP where a band actually played live. The instruments going out of tune and not syncing makes it both bad and good.
Karl Hamilton
Karl Hamilton:
Amazing. Real New Order fans know that the more chaotic a gig, and the more equipment goes wrong, the better it is.
omg bernard is screaming inside, hooky doesn't care, gillian looks worried and stephen is trying not to laugh hahahaha

I love Hooky
i love how bernard seemingly laughs in the middle of his line at 3:21 cause of just how chaotic this shit is
Jack Pidgeon
Jack Pidgeon:
Somehow this Manages to be absolutely dreadful and brilliant the same time
How does it feel, to come back to the 80’s, when the Cold War music was real.
In Steve's latest book, Fast Forward, he admits that he stuck in the wrong floppy discs at the wrong time. At 2:21 the chorus plays instead of the thunder.
Brad Cogan
Brad Cogan:
The fact that this has barely any dislikes despite being terrible just tells you how much people love New Order.
ah yes, the most legendary TOTP performance of all time
the who man
the who man:
1:58: That moment when you step on a Lego brick you didn't realise was there.
Tom Drake
Tom Drake:
Pretty much all the techno bands back then had real difficulty in recreating their sound live.
This just proves that New Order was no exception.
The poor syncing in this makes it sound good. It's like that hearing "So bad it's good."
Biff o'hara
Biff o'hara:
Bernard always looked like being on stage singing was the absolute last place in the world he wanted to be. Yet he was there.
Airspace Violation
Airspace Violation:
The fact that they could play this live at all considering the technology of the time is amazing.
Bubb les
Bubb les:
3:07 Hooky giving Bernard the evil eye. Like dude, you can't sing.
Just kidding, Bernard's voice is iconic.
Gerry Lee
Gerry Lee:
0:20 They’re playing those instruments like a T-Rex is standing in front of them. "Keep absolutely still. His vision is based on movement."
Mario Gallardo
Mario Gallardo:
I can just imagine Ian Curtis singing this song and bringing more of a punk goth vibe. Would of been a he'll of a song. RIP Ian Curtis
Not sure what is wrong with Bernard's mic but still sounds good. The bass line on this song is incredible. 2:24 to 2:38 is gold
Felix F
Felix F:
Actually sounds like a live performance. The mistakes add to the charm.
Colonial Waster
Colonial Waster:
2:24 Bernard’s face when he heard that synth gone out of tune
I wish Bernard and Peter will reunite again, I know it's hard It's like asking John Lennon and Paul McCartney to reunite again during the 70's.
Carlos Rodolfo
Carlos Rodolfo:
Here in Brazil, in the 1980s, New Order was one of the most successful international bands, practically, all the teenagers of this generation loved it and had at least one New Order album, especially the incredible album Substânce 1987. And today with "49" years old (I had misspelled my age, in fact I recently turned 49 years old rs), I still enjoy listening to the beautiful. electronic music of New Order, my favorite band.
Huge confidence on this channel for uploading this.
David Ellis
David Ellis:
The Best song of the 80's the best selling 12" ever !
i remember Thursday nights waiting for this to be on top of the pops lol
Fair play to the audience for keeping up the illusion they're really enjoying it.
(2:23) Bernard's "OMG he pushed the wrong note, again" reaction...
Dan Piedra
Dan Piedra:
That bunny at the beginning of the intro would never fly today.
novo caine
novo caine:
That bass is still screaming Joy Division
Cade Peake
Cade Peake:
2:20 = straight up heaven - absolute bro moment.
The glory days of music!
This is actually one of the best things I have heard
Craig Ashlee
Craig Ashlee:
That real 80’s!!!!
Terrible Username Amirite?
Terrible Username Amirite?:
Legend has it that this performance made the single drop in the charts
Adam Gorsky
Adam Gorsky:
Y'all know, Barney, Hooky and Steven would have loved this back in the Joy Division days, the chaos the authenticity
John Tewksbury
John Tewksbury:
Yeah so bad it's almost good. Hard to believe that they're legendary and the human league is long forgotten.
Life with Matt and Nikki
Life with Matt and Nikki:
It's become a bit of an urban myth that the record went down after this performance. In fact, it went up, (though not by many places) in the weekly charts immediately after this originally aired (end March 1983) and again when it was repeated in October (when BM re-entered the charts)
Rafael Guedes
Rafael Guedes:
Discovering this performance on TOTP2 in the 90s made me fall in love with New Order. Bucking the trend by playing live shows just how influential New Order were going to become
S Gunz
S Gunz:
The synthesizer melody is out of sync with the rhythm, it was programmed in manually, each note had to be input which was done by Gillian, she missed a single note out of the programming and this threw the whole melody out. Few people know that Hooky's bass line is copied from the film A Few Dollars More!!! The drum line is from Donna Summers Our Love and the monk choir sound is sampled from Krafwerks Uranium!
neil kelly
neil kelly:
Been much negativity off this performance for years personally it’s my favourite TOTP EVER by far. What’s the point of miming? Stunning
Ethan O'Reilly Bennett
Ethan O'Reilly Bennett:
This is so beautifully chaotic!!
Ronda Norris
Ronda Norris:
It's 2020 and I still love this song!!! The 80's rocked 🎵
Marcia Gowe
Marcia Gowe:
Still sounds amazing to this day 🤗😁😊😉🤣🥰🤗
Malcolm Coghill
Malcolm Coghill:
From the ridiculous BBC DJs, to the Sublime New Order
midnight savannah
midnight savannah:
Bernie @ 3:07 "how should i feel" and Hooky gives him a stare from hell, LOL.
Jorge L. L.
Jorge L. L.:
Hoy es un tercer lunes, sólo para fanáticos...
Bobby Lam
Bobby Lam:
1983? They definitely were ahead of their time!!
Giuliana Mode
Giuliana Mode:
Is he chewing gum? I love it.
Jane Hilton
Jane Hilton:
Aw this is some cute live 💕
Raj Nirvan
Raj Nirvan:
I was nearly 6 year old in 1983 and I remember when watching this on Thursday night. Must admit sounds decent live
Marco Aurelio
Marco Aurelio:
Esse som d+ show
Reagan Reynolds
Reagan Reynolds:
Footage of my friends and I before getting kicked out of guitar centre.
A Hardone.
A Hardone.:
New order wouldn’t perform on TOTP unless they could do it live because they aren’t a pop group. Setting up MIDI equipment for one song with little time is awkward as the show only had a couple of stages on it and wasn’t a live show unlike the the Old grey whistle test that was. Watch New order perform Sunrise on Whistle test BB2
Christopher Proietti
Christopher Proietti:
Bernard is never going to slay us vocally but, aside from the singing, i like this live version quite a bit. the "flaws" make it unique and it still kicks!
Top. Jundiaí Sp forte abraço
Pure awesomeness. A gloomy decade of music making.
This is unironically my favourite version of Blue Monday. Brilliant stuff!
I sure hope September goes ahead, will be an epic homecoming ❤️
This version is so much about how I remember "my" 1980th... :D - THNX 4 uploading
I loved this when it came out but this live makes my ears bleed!!
anthony Lyon
anthony Lyon:
victor rodriguez
victor rodriguez:
Feliz Año Nuevo New Order.... gracias por tan buena música , que el Universo le den Paz y Amor.... saludos de Perú...
Doctor X
Doctor X:
Are they even playing their instruments here? 😂
I'm sorry, but I actually appreciate the "error" (even though I don't regard it an error at all in the vein of remix culture) because it's the sound of "really live, being actually played". If we wanted a perfect reflection of the recording, they coulda just mimed it. I think this is not the typical take, but it sure is mine.
Gerlinde Boxrucker
Gerlinde Boxrucker:
Love your music 😍😊😋
Pleasure Victim
Pleasure Victim:
Young Peter Hook! 😍
Tim Csmedic216
Tim Csmedic216:
Hooky waiting to play bass..... Seems a good 3 minutes lol.
Heltons Hi
Heltons Hi:
When live music is live and not prerecorded.
Maxim Popov
Maxim Popov:
Legendary sound 💙💙💙
A L:
Wow, this is a 1:1 aspect ratio.
Vicoland Tributes
Vicoland Tributes:
This is a very rare, dark, underground and more post punkie version of this classic song...
Jorge L De Jesus
Jorge L De Jesus:
Rare live gig , charming off-tune, yet, still 👍
Leo 007
Leo 007:
This live performance is epic!!!
Michelle Jimenez
Michelle Jimenez:
Recuerdo en los 80s cuando era niña y mi mama me llevaba alos ejercisios y ponian esta cancion siempre creo por eso me gusta me da un poco de nostalgia ahora yo con 41 años y mi madre con 60 años
Wow! I realise now I have never actually heard the actual live TOTP performance. Sounds wonderfully shit and live...
Codding Noob
Codding Noob:
its so fucking amazing its true music true talent
The Tebbster
The Tebbster:
Classic 😃🙅🏻‍♂️👏🏻👏🏻
Mike H
Mike H:
Utterly brilliant
Fernando Martins // Estrada Com Música
Fernando Martins // Estrada Com Música:
Realmente és una canción muy hermosa.
Riccardo Fornaro
Riccardo Fornaro:
For Ever The Best New Order!!!
Jill Alexi Estrada
Jill Alexi Estrada:
That bunny is from Alice in Wonderland. My favorite show as a kid.
G Slim
G Slim:
Yep! They look and sound absolute crap. I love it!
Mark Valentino
Mark Valentino:
listened through a great sound system really rocks these instruments end down just a shame the song isnt very good. lol
Funkin love it 😍
Michael Ringering
Michael Ringering:
Das Hemd, dass Steve trägt, musste ich zu genau der Zeit auch tragen. :-)
George Horn
George Horn:
Gillian missed one note in her programming and all fell apart. I can Google too😱😂-GSH
Blake Noffsinger
Blake Noffsinger:
bernerd is my fav singer in the new order band and blue monday changed music forever
Sophia Gasperini
Sophia Gasperini:
That's really cool, love them, and Bernard sing so badly but is also so damn good in that video
Thanks for all the getting us through a lot played the album all over 💕🍺👏👏👏👏
Vanderlei Solanio
Vanderlei Solanio:
Muito bom!
Edgar Alan
Edgar Alan:
Respect to them for going live , few would have done it.
All these years later and still as funny as the first time.
Ethan Stanely
Ethan Stanely:
Killer track live..raw and it.
The shitty Beatles
The shitty Beatles:
Hooky on drums when the drummer is on the keyboard!!!
Sol As
Sol As:
Stephen's mistaking "thunder" for "chorus" at 2:22 sounds like live mixing, like it was made on purpose, i didn't notice until i read it on his book!
leon roy
leon roy:
I didn't know that Jeremy Irons was once a singer
brilliant The mistakes add to the charm.