Newcastle Utd vs Manchester United | Live Stream Watchalong

Join the lads as we're LIVE for Newcastle United vs Manchester United in the Premier League.

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35 comentarios:

Timestamps (Watch the full thing though, Joe is jokes)

Game Starts, 19:15
Luke Shaw OG, 0-1, 20:58
Bruno Fernandes Offside goal, 38:13
Harry Maguire, 1-1, 41:50
HT Ends: 1:23:30
De Gea Worldie Save, 1:28:40
MU Pen Decision Begins, 1:33:00
Pen Given, 1:34:42
Darlow Saves Bruno Pen, 1:36:03
Maguire Header off the line, 1:36:55
Edit:Ste Fart 1:53:40 (from @alrighthenducks) 😂
Bruno Fernandes, 2-1, 2:03:30
Daren Wan-Bissaka, 3-1, 2:06:35
Marcus Rashford, 4-1, 2:12:22
Crying when Ste farted, Hilarious stuff. GGMU 1:53:36
Shane Dodge
Shane Dodge:
Donny changed the game. If he doesn't start getting put in the starting 11 then we deserve whatever we get this season.
Adam Gibson
Adam Gibson:
Steve what a lad. Doing two shots for the bruno goal. Get in boys.
Jay Desai
Jay Desai:
Rashford 2 assists and a goal. Well played!
Retro MUFC
Retro MUFC:
Howsons pissed 😂😂😂 what a legend
George Callaghan
George Callaghan:
Gol de scholes
Ogron Cholmondeley
Ogron Cholmondeley:
50:15 - "yeah but you're a raging fanny"
Howson mate savage
Hands down the best watch along in history! So funny, Ste absolutely smashed, Joe & Adam funny as fuk! Awesome fellas and a result to top it off!!
Where the time stamps at ? 😂
41:30 Drunk Set doing the Goal De Scholes was mint
andys recycled models
andys recycled models:
Howsans a legend
D.B. Cooper
D.B. Cooper:
Bruno’s winner put two shots into a man who didn’t need any more and injured Adam. Goals are fun
Lubabalo Kahla
Lubabalo Kahla:
Didn't get to watch the Watchalong live, but I knew it was messy the moment I saw the goals go in! Shout out for the content, lads
Daedric RIGGS
Daedric RIGGS:
1:01:06 is the greatest moment ever
Digamber Pradhan
Digamber Pradhan:
Best Live Stream in a while this.
Last 30 minutes were just pure perfection
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Ryan Fitzpatrick:
I thought James Gordon was on something then I realise he couldn’t see the screen
Mark Perry
Mark Perry:
im gonna match steve tuesday night
4 Manchester United 4 new 1🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Luís Maciel
Luís Maciel:
If this long-haired guy shave his beard and cut his hair he would look exacly like Deadmau5
Mehrki Doom
Mehrki Doom:
Whoelse is here after the @manutd win 4-1
Paul Reilly
Paul Reilly:
Mason and Brandon got dropped from the Squad for being naughty boys.
Glenn Fletcher
Glenn Fletcher:
Rashford a goal and two assists
Lokesh Jyotula
Lokesh Jyotula:
juan mata motm
Hybrid087 Yt
Hybrid087 Yt:
the man without a plan
the man without a plan:
Darren basaka darrennn basaka
jordan clayton
jordan clayton:
Bruno LW ? What do we think! That way VDB can play too!
Ched Beckford
Ched Beckford:
Stephen is such a luke Shaw hater lol
Kieran Warham
Kieran Warham:
I must be the only scouse utd fan :) surely Haha
Tee 01
Tee 01:
Ste had this face 🥴 for 65% of this stream
King Malik
King Malik:
Howsons a nutter lol love it