Neymar To Return To Barcelona

As things stand, La Liga giants Barcelona are in perhaps the messiest situation in their recent history. The Catalans have been a force of nature for at least 15 years but as you know, success and failure are cyclical in nature.

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I Don't Know What I'm Doing
I Don't Know What I'm Doing:
More chance Arsenal winning the league this season than this happening.
ronist ron
ronist ron:
Source :Dave from pub
Source: Trust me bro
Asafa Simpson 10d
Asafa Simpson 10d:
Neymar will never win a ballon dor in PSG
Evan H
Evan H:
I’m tired of the media saying “nEyMaR iS gOinG bAcK To BarCa” Every single season
Abel Melen
Abel Melen:
Barcelona is falling apart Messi will end up leaving then the club will go bankrupt
Smenzelwe Ndlela
Smenzelwe Ndlela:
what about guys like Ansu Fati. it wouldn't be good for him for Neymar to come back. I wouldnt what that for the future
Tremendous analysis! Make a video on Cristiano Ronaldo's rumors that he might join PSG or reunite with Ole at Old Trafford.
Asafa Simpson 10d
Asafa Simpson 10d:
Neymar is just neymar
paul joseph
paul joseph:
I like the way the presenter talks
Kiriakos kilimos
Kiriakos kilimos:
We are hella broke at the moment we can't even afford to pay our players salaries never mind buying someone for 150 mil
Lwando Madikizela
Lwando Madikizela:
Manchester United have a better chance of winning the Champions league and Premier League than Neymar returning to Barcelona.
we have sold messi's replacement-Carles perez!!!!!!!!! he is at roma blowing the seria a
Oh nah, He really said "allow messi to leave" 😹😹
Edwin ng'ang'a
Edwin ng'ang'a:
that vid was lit but personally am not ready to recieve ney at barca... let him be at psg he is happy there
Vishnu Vj
Vishnu Vj:
It was the second fiddle for which Neymar left then on terms do u think that Messi and Neymar might play together again😂
And also the financial crisis barca is having do u really think they can afford the two talented for big price?
Benjamin F Boyce
Benjamin F Boyce:
Never seen one of your videos before. Good stuff. Definitely subscribing.
Christopher Linares
Christopher Linares:
He ain’t going back to Barca 😂😂😂
Martin Soto
Martin Soto:
He’s only a couple years younger how was he supposed to be Messi replacement
Shariq Naseem
Shariq Naseem:
Wow I'm so happy you pronounced Ronaldinho the right way
Ådne Gamst-Eriksen
Ådne Gamst-Eriksen:
You should be the new president
Ross Hancher
Ross Hancher:
Barcelona must be getting a great free transfer here 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Muhammed Ceesay
Muhammed Ceesay:
We need Neymar in Barcelona
Stephen Ugochukwu
Stephen Ugochukwu:
”Neymar is not coming to Barcelona, period!”; Nice video tho 👍🏼
banter Nbeards
banter Nbeards:
The Messi-ist situation they’ve ever been in
Jonathan Hill
Jonathan Hill:
If Neymar joins then messi stays it’s that simple
R Thakuri
R Thakuri:
How psg could ruined his career if he wanted to leave they should leave he already played for 2 3 yrs and help them alot
Daniel Diaz
Daniel Diaz:
Neymar wants to extend his contract tho
Ayo Malumz
Ayo Malumz:
Let’s make Barça good again!!!
Nicole Harris
Nicole Harris:
I have a crush on Mr Goalside
Okochi Igwe
Okochi Igwe:
I don't see Neymar returning to Barcelona
Freddy - Wellz
Freddy - Wellz:
Evelyn Smith
Evelyn Smith:
Neymar please come back to Barcelona
R G:
Everyone know he will never come back
Daboi Daboi Xxxtraodinary
Daboi Daboi Xxxtraodinary:
Barca hv a very "messi" situation
J Breeze
J Breeze:
He just signed a new 5 year at PSG
Gianni Marcellino
Gianni Marcellino:
Barca : no money left 😆
Harish S
Harish S:
they have no money at all and now u think neymar will join barcelona? impossible, they just don't have money.
Chris Kara 1926
Chris Kara 1926:
Arhan Siddiqui
Arhan Siddiqui:
Don't do that, don't give me hope
Mello Khumalo
Mello Khumalo:
You guys are Bored neh?!
Arthur Joulin
Arthur Joulin:
damn, people really be saying anything for views now
Asafa Simpson 10d
Asafa Simpson 10d:
Rip barca
John Blessed
John Blessed:
One word, Bartomeu, he was not managing the club properly. Barça doing stupid things like signing Griezmann instead of Neymar was a big mistake.
Simon Pierre
Simon Pierre:
Neymar wont go to Barcelona
Youtube My Ass
Youtube My Ass:
Money power💵🤑💰
Tyress Onedon
Tyress Onedon:
Barca will rise again
Retro91 game review
Retro91 game review:
This is pure just his ideas lol
Oh Yeah
Oh Yeah:
Barca can’t afford him or any other player
The Epic Gamer
The Epic Gamer:
Means fati will have to leave to another club
Wonder howd he do in the prem
With what money
Geraldine 04
Geraldine 04:
Shariq Naseem
Shariq Naseem:
Big D
Big D:
Barcelona will probably end up in bankruptcy I don't think they have much Chance of signing Neymar
Shiv Sai
Shiv Sai:
Anres Blue
Anres Blue:
Will surez join too 😋😋😋😅😅
Rakrik Marak
Rakrik Marak:
Neymar Halland n Messi should have to play together
vlad wick
vlad wick:
Barca are SKINT.
Natrep imei Wahlang
Natrep imei Wahlang:
Go back barcelona neymer you meet your best friend leonel messi please..
Halo Kosovo
Halo Kosovo:
just sell the team for Neymar, problem solved
Carlos Muriel
Carlos Muriel:
Neymar goes back to Barcelona. Manchester United will have to wait to win the Champions league for at least 5 years. Neymar will be 33.
Faze Nathan
Faze Nathan:
Pleaseeeeee don't do this not hop
Greg Binns
Greg Binns:
Piques replacement is Ronald Araujo, Busquets replacement is Frenkie De jong what are you talking about
I'd love to see Neymar back however!
I like this channel for the clips and upto date rumours etc but total fabrications and fantasies are for the OHMYGOAL boys. Sharpen up on facts about teams too, maybe get more help as I’ve noticed little things like getting geography/names wrong when it came to Dortmund and Schalke 04 a couple weeks ago.
Constructive criticism isn’t Criticism. It means you’ve something good that can be worked on to be great. Be different. Be consistent. All the best.
M K:
No way Neymar is coming back
Victor font himself told that he won't plan to bring back Neymar
cheeki breeki
cheeki breeki:
They have no money but yeah neymar can join its not like he has a big paycut
SIN Tempest
SIN Tempest:
More Chance of arsenal winning treble this season than neymar coming back
Mohamed Bouhtout
Mohamed Bouhtout:
He’s a waste of money
West Ham have more chances for champion League qualifications
Tweedle D
Tweedle D:
This channel is wayy better than OMG
hungry af
hungry af:
There are better chances of Tottenham Hotspur to win a trophy than this happening
Who's winning champions league
Comment below
Rohit Udas
Rohit Udas:
I don't think Barca needs neymar if they trust Coutinho and Pedri..Barcelona started transformation and it will be cherrish as young players' potential and overtime gain of experience will combine for decorated years for Barcelona😊
Kaseem Scott
Kaseem Scott:
I think Neymar should go to Athletico..this would be an amazing battle between the top 3 clubs in La liga
Hazard and Madrid Vs Messi and Barcelona Vs Neymar and Athletico
First again
Giovanni Moran Pardo
Giovanni Moran Pardo:
Before I check this video, I am clicking only to lear how in the hell can a club trying to reduce play salaries and in such financial strugle can possibly be linked to the most money hungry diva in world football today... at least Messi would agree to terms to give back to Barca, but Neymar and his dad only give a fk about themselfs. They are not taking a paycut and approve any contracts that dont garantee millions of Euros if the club needs to let them go.
Rip Kobe
Rip Kobe:
Barcelona needs a new player who is like messi to carry the team, bro imagine being the guy to do that that would be so crazy!
We can give griezman and 179 mil for him.
Alexandru Badic
Alexandru Badic:
What did neymar do in the ucl final?😂or the great mbappe. Bayern would distmantle them next time in a final. Neymar is so overpriced. At 28 messi already won 5 balon d ors. And mbappe will never reach cr7 or messi s level. He lacks lots of stuff which cr7 or doesn t. He only has speed and finishing. That s it.
rootz iyaahta
rootz iyaahta:
Shariq Naseem
Shariq Naseem:
I hope Neymar stays at Paris:D
Gaza nation White
Gaza nation White:
We don’t need him at Barca at all we good the side will grow without him
Ayo Malumz
Ayo Malumz:
Neymar should retire @Barça 🤝
Barnabas Muhanda
Barnabas Muhanda:
Neymar can't return to Barcelona until Messi Wins the world cup 😠😠😠
nam cewton
nam cewton:
Unsubscribed. You should say in the caption that you're just another Twittiot speculating pointlessly about what could might maybe happen if maybe possible. I like some of the content, but don't have time to check to see if you're reporting or just jabbering.
Soulless_ Senpai
Soulless_ Senpai:
PSG won't let NEYMAR....Go he is their Main Man....Only if Barca could give them a good amount which BArca doesn't have
Guys let’s be real football is a business, you don’t live off being a legend and that’s a fact(Look at Ronaldinho) you need to set your self up and being loyal isn’t going to be one of then after retirement
Scania S series
Scania S series:
There is more chances of city winning ucl on 5 years than neymar comming back🤣🤣🤣
Ngangom Atise
Ngangom Atise:
Drop 1 like for neymar return to barcelona while u r real fan of neymar
Zeeeze Yung
Zeeeze Yung:
Lol Neymar is Mbappe’s shadow
saharsh athaluri
saharsh athaluri:
Like i want Neymar to come to Barca as i am a Barca fan but i feel sad because pplayer like greizmann, fati, dembele and all will ave reduced time on the pitch.
Lol the front runner for the barca presidency has already said they are not going back for Neymar and thank God for that. Dude's 30