Nick Cordero - What A Wonderful World

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Nick lost a 95 day battle with COVID 19 on July 5th, 2020

Nick Cordero at Feinsteins/54 Below on April 11, 2019. Michael J Moritz Jr on Piano.

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I’ve followed Nick Cordero’s coronavirus battle since early April. Each day I hoped and prayed for a miracle to occur. There were ups and downs on this battle, but I kept trying to think positive and hope that he would recover. Nick put up such a fight after all. I can’t imagine what his family is going through right now. I especially feel for his young kid, who will grow up without his father. This is so not the ending I hoped for or imagined. He was so young and healthy. It just goes to show that nobody is immortal and nothing is a guarantee. R.I.P Nick Cordero.
Becca Suskauer
Becca Suskauer:
such a loss. he deserved so much better. was lucky enough to see him shine in Bullets Over Broadway. Rest In Power, Nick. ❤️
Joseph Alan Smith
Joseph Alan Smith:
The seven people who disliked this are heartless.

Sending so much love and prayer to this man and his family. ❤️❤️❤️
Niko Tuttle
Niko Tuttle:
May you rest in power. You fought a VALIANT FIGHT! I'll be honest;I never heard of you till COVID-19. But you'll be remembered for your fight and your love for your family and your craft. Much love is being sent to Amanda,Elvis,your family and friends 💗🙏💗🙏💗🙏
Billie Bunker
Billie Bunker:
Rest in peace. No more caronavirus. Breathe easier. No more pain.
Jules A
Jules A:
He fought so damn hard not only for himself, but for his growing family. Such a terrible loss. I thought you would live to tell the story. R.I.P, Nick Cordero🥺🥺🥺🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
They will dance again, but it will be when they are reunited in heaven. And it will be incredible. 💔 my heart is broken for them
Theresa Bassani
Theresa Bassani:
Heartbreaking. Thank you.
Sharon Walters
Sharon Walters:
Heartbreaking. RIP Nick. Prayers to your wife and baby
K K:
He fought so hard. This song is so peaceful. I’m sorry you had to leave the world this way. Prayers to your family and loved ones.🙏🏼
marta moipei
marta moipei:
Rest now 🌼 Rest with God.
Brianna Gordy
Brianna Gordy:
I’m so sorry to his family, friends, and fans. Man. Thankfully his little boy will have videos to see how much of a talented person his father was. But it’s a damn shame. I was so damn hopeful.
The guy took on a war! Read it and weep, folks.
_While he was initially diagnosed with pneumonia, he later tested positive for COVID-19 and was admitted to Cedars-Sinai’s intensive care unit, where doctors decided to put him on a ventilator. Cordero then developed multiple complications from the virus, starting with an infection in his lung that caused his fever to spike and blood pressure to drop; Kloots reported via her Instagram Stories that he had sustained major lung damage that involved "holes in his lungs.” During his stay in the hospital, Cordero was put on an ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) machine to support his heart and lungs and dialysis for his kidneys, and he underwent several surgeries, including the amputation of his right leg and the insertions of a tracheostomy tube and temporary pacemaker. Kloots maintained a positive outlook as she continued to document the many ups and downs of her husband’s rocky progress with emotional daily updates in her Instagram Stories. Just days before his death, it had been revealed that Cordero would need a double lung transplant._
I would have given up way before this degree of progression. And if the virus didn't kill me, the hospital bill would!
A K:
Hurts so much, was really hoping for a miracle
akihiko koji
akihiko koji:
Thank you so much for uploading this video, Think we all needed to hear him sing this song... I hope that wherever he is he's happy and no longer suffering
Jill Kwi
Jill Kwi:
Rest in peace 🌺
Christine Messaros
Christine Messaros:
What a wonderful world Heaven is.... I’m soooo sorry you had to suffer but I pray you are singing and dancing with the angels up high. May we always cherish your music talent your love to live as we grieve here. I will continue to dance and sing with you every day 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💕💕💕💕💕💕
We're after the same rainbow's end
We're after the same rainbow's end:
I'm crying. Rest in peace Nick. You and your talent will never be forgotten.
MMD 1:
My condolences to his wife family and friends.
Angela and David Hunt
Angela and David Hunt:
One of my all time favorite songs. Danced with my dad at my wedding to it. Tears listening to this.
Britt Slater
Britt Slater:
What this is amazing. What an incredibly talented man. RIP Nick Cordero. Love to Amanda & Elvis
Beverly snyder
Beverly snyder:
I’m broken-hearted for them.
Brave Soul
Brave Soul:
My sincerest condolences to your family Nick...many have followed your story since youve had covid.. I pray for the comfort of your family 😔🙏
Kim And Caffeine
Kim And Caffeine:
There has to be a place where that beautiful energy goes. Call it heaven or what you will but it has to be.
amah john ita
amah john ita:
Damn Corona virus why, in Tears RIP Nick in disbelief
Ron A
Ron A:
I kept hoping Nick would make it...when he passed...I really felt sad.... RIP Nick, there is a lot of love for you here and now a lot of peace for you...This is a wonderful World and we are all in this together...let's be kind to each other and let's get through this.....
Lora Smith
Lora Smith:
I didn't know you but I'm so man
Randall Erickson
Randall Erickson:
What a loss! So very sad to hear that he didn't survive that dsmned covid19. Tears.
Taylor Heineman
Taylor Heineman:
This was just recommended to me and I just had to watch, Rest In Peace Nick ♥️
Evian Espinosa
Evian Espinosa:
To a wonderful man and his family I just wanted to say😢
So sad but I'm glad that Amanda can finally have closure. My heart is feeling for his family today.
Pamela Cossey
Pamela Cossey:
I'm in tears. He suffered a long battle n may he now go on n be with our Lord. Prayers Peace n Comfort for his family🙏💜💕
Mike Cane
Mike Cane:
R.I.P. Damn virus.
Audrianna DeGennaro
Audrianna DeGennaro:
God, now I'm crying, his voice is so beautiful and powerful, he was amazing at his craft.
Victoria Palmer
Victoria Palmer:
I had never heard the name Nick Cordero until I read on his wife's posts on Instagram. Amanda's love for him and her faith in GOD made me join her in prayer. Since April I've read her updates on his condition. Nick Cordero became like a close relative, I never once thought about his possible passing. I was certain GOD would not give a victory to Satan over Nick and shatter Amanda Kloots world. When Brazil's Quem popped up the news on the side of my laptop, I felt hit by tons of weight flying high speed. It was just like when I was told on the phone that my mom had passed away. I just broke down in tears and just screamed at GOD. Why so many victories for a defeated devil? I have hurt a lot for celebrities's death. But this was different. His wife brought him so close to me, so deep in my heart and mind. I cannot believe he lost the battle. So much suffering to finally lose his life. Now a little boy is forever fatherless. How is Amanda going to live without her beloved husband? Less than 3 years of marriage. We come to earth to suffer with just little drops of happiness. "Yet man is born to trouble as surely as sparks fly upward." Job 5:7
Eric Alukonis
Eric Alukonis:
Rest in Peace my man!
Emily B
Emily B:
I’ve followed his battle for a while. Oh, May God comfort his family in this loss! And may He comfort so many others going through this. 💔
Hannah Costello
Hannah Costello:
He was ethereal ♥️
Billy The Kid
Billy The Kid:
Terrible news. I hate COVID we really have to do everything we can to slow the spread and speed up research for a vaccine or cure so more innocent lives aren’t lost. F You coronavirus!
Logan Newman
Logan Newman:
Sending nothing but love and support to those who loved him.
Don Levy
Don Levy:
RIP. Such a talented guy taken at such a young age.
So incredibly sad that he has been taken may he R.I.P and love and strength to his Family and friends at this very very sad time God Bless you all
Patricia Ferguson
Patricia Ferguson:
i have made a donation. I feel sick about his passing. So tragic. I live in Hamilton
Jane Collins
Jane Collins:
What a loss to his family and to the world. 😭😭😭
Rest in peace <3
Cathy Bassani
Cathy Bassani:
Rest well, bless your family
John Robbins
John Robbins:
Hard to fathom why Nick had to go away...
Lou-Ann Daprato
Lou-Ann Daprato:
Such a great night ..... RIP Nick
Jessica W
Jessica W:
In tears. May he rest in Power. God bless his family.
New Hac
New Hac:
He fought courageously but God wanted him to perform in heaven. RIP
Rest in Peace, Nick. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. You will be missed very much, but your impact on us will be forever. Everyone say a prayer or a warm vibe/thought to Amanda, Elvis, and their respective families. We are all with you. ❤
R. B
R. B:
Mike Matthews
Mike Matthews:
A life ended much too soon. Sincere sympathy to his wife and family
Thank you for sharing this, Michael. RIP Nick.
my Condolence to Nick's wife Amanda n there 1yr old son gone way to soon 😭😭😭🙏
What a talent. 💔🙏🏻
Such a talent. Rest In Peace.
Analiz Torre
Analiz Torre:
Mttt lindo ♥️
سليم نور عالم فاروقي
سليم نور عالم فاروقي:
Rest in peace
Short Canuck
Short Canuck:
I was one of thousands of strangers who joined Amanda and Nick on their final journey together. I’ve always been a Broadway fan. Canada 🇨🇦 Is proud of its native son.
Agnieszka Kata
Agnieszka Kata:
Rest in Light Dear friend, Rest in Peace. It has been a JOY to have had you here♥
Beautiful accompaniment Michael.

Such a tragic loss. ♥️
He seems like a very sweet soul...💔😢
Sarah Marie
Sarah Marie:
RIP , prayers for the family.
Tammy Wilson
Tammy Wilson:
Heartbreaking. You fought for months. Now Rest In Peace.
What an unbelievable loss. Sending so much love to his family and friends. The Broadway community is really hurting right now in so many ways. 💜
I'm so sorry 💔💔💔💔
Melissa Taylor
Melissa Taylor:
Thank you so much for sharing this. What a loss. Prayers to his family.
Littlefantasy .kimura
Littlefantasy .kimura:
Rest in peace dear Nick ❤️
Gemma Jones
Gemma Jones:
Breaks my heart! 😔 such a in peace beautiful man ❤️
We love you, please rest now
Cynthia Coronado
Cynthia Coronado:
💛❤️He sings it so beautifully! May you rest in peace, Nick💛❤️ My heart aches for your family 🥺 God will get them through 💛❤️
Mille Fleurs
Mille Fleurs:
My heart is broken for his family, it wasn't his time to go ....
DeAnna Mckinney
DeAnna Mckinney:
R.I.P. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Carol Socol
Carol Socol:
So sad, such a loss at a young age. 😢😢
Rest In Peace dear soul <3
Ms. Woods
Ms. Woods:
Rest In Peace Nick. 💕❤️😔
Donna Salem
Donna Salem:
You fought the good fight. Rest in the light and God give your family strength as they grieve. Memory Eternal!
Nelson Dafico
Nelson Dafico:
R.I.P, 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Nic notley
Nic notley:
Rest in peace X
Rebecca Faiola
Rebecca Faiola:
So tragic...saw him in Waitress..God Bless your family and friends right now xo
Jake M
Jake M:
RIP Nick Cordero
A Ovi
A Ovi:
Pink Ocean Flower
Pink Ocean Flower:
Robert Propst
Robert Propst:
Alex T
Alex T:
Max Leunig
Max Leunig:
❤️❤️🤘🤘❤️ ❤️
Διαδικτυακός Παρατηρητής
Διαδικτυακός Παρατηρητής:
Rest in Peace
Lux aeterna luceat eis, Domine!
Ravena Prashad
Ravena Prashad:
Rest In Peace!
Jorge Guzmán
Jorge Guzmán:
Rest in Peace
Maryam Ojani
Maryam Ojani:
Rest in peace
Keith Redacted
Keith Redacted:
Poor man
Rest in Paradise
Matthew Rosenstein
Matthew Rosenstein:
Rest in peace. Devastating.
Sofie Nugat
Sofie Nugat:
Rest in peace Nick
OMGmynameisLILI - Lili Martínez
OMGmynameisLILI - Lili Martínez:
S Venable
S Venable:
He was certainly a talented entertainer with a promising future and lovely family. I remember him on Blue Bloods. I hate this virus and how it attacks so many people on this planet. Herman Cain was also a recent loss to the virus. He was a wonderful voice. I hope someone in the world comes up with a vaccine soon so we can resume some sort of normal life without fearing death with any interaction. I know so many are working on this. It's not an injustice; just a horrible situation.
Kristie Stine
Kristie Stine: