Nigerian televangelist TB Joshua dies

In September 2014, a guest house belonging to the Synagogue Church Of All Nations in Lagos, headed by preacher TB Joshua, collapsed killing 116 people. More than 80 of those who died were South Africans. Their remains were repatriated back to the country two months later. One of the journalists who went to Nigeria and closely followed the repatriation process, is our Foreign Editor Sophie Mokoena. She speaks to Blain Herman on this.

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TK Mblazi
TK Mblazi:
May his soul rest in peace, he was an anointed person indeed
Lhing Thangeo
Lhing Thangeo:
Even in India he is popular, love him and
Hard to believe. RIP 🙏
Koena Mokoena
Koena Mokoena:
Through Prophet TB Joshua Millions come to know Jesus Christ
You are disrespectful, dishonorable!!! What does the collapse of the building has to do with his death!!!????
Sabc news reminds me of vultures. What does the 2014 building collapse have to do with TB Joshua's death now?
Itu’s Gist
Itu’s Gist:
What does 2014 building collapse have to do with his death? SABC you're out of line as usual!

May TB Joshua's soul Rest In Perfect Peace🙏
KJ Enterprises
KJ Enterprises:
@SABC, your article writer must change the brief description shown above. TB Joshua was well known and respected even here in the United States because of his worldwide charitable works. Immediately after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, TB Joshua's church sent tons of food and medical supplies into Haiti. For more than 25 years, the church paid the tuition for literally thousands of Nigerian to complete their education. TB Joshua was respected worldwide as a man of genuine compassion, humility, and integrity.
Happiness William
Happiness William:
This journalist is he normally? What his death of tb Joshua has to do with this building collapse and death of people?so shameful of humans 😔😭🥺
Divine Kevine
Divine Kevine:
May his soul rest in perfect peace
lazarus phahlani
lazarus phahlani:
That's so heartless no wonder SABC is going under.
May his soul rest in peace
Martha Mofammere
Martha Mofammere:
May his soul rest in peace
Harnon Garbo
Harnon Garbo:
Rest in peace Prophet T.B. Joshua, your legacy lives on.
Gift Mokoena
Gift Mokoena:
@SABC how is the 2014 news related to this? Must not forget his charitable works all over the world with great relieve packages worth millions.
lubula nsenga
lubula nsenga:
What does 2014 have to do with his death. SABC u r heartless and wrong
Sakhina Ndlela
Sakhina Ndlela:
😢😢😢😢😢may his saul rest in perfect peace
minla naidoo
minla naidoo:
Sad 😥, MAY his soul rest in peace
Ethio Rich
Ethio Rich:
😭😭😭, He told on Saturday before his death, it will be difficult to celebrate his birthday because of situation but he said don't forget the needy and fast and pray then said Emanuel last word was JESUS CHRIST IS LORD.
Romao Alberto Boquisso
Romao Alberto Boquisso:
I believe that he is in peace! I feel sad without you Joshua
Miss Ruby Red
Miss Ruby Red:
So very sorry to hear this. Love and prayers to everyone affected x
Stephanie Anunwa
Stephanie Anunwa:
May his gentle soul rest in peace

He was a blessing
Elizabeth Nadrau
Elizabeth Nadrau:
lwill always give myconde lences to the Family of the beloveth person. Rest in Peace and with Great Sympathy . Let us respect the ( Death of People,) as we all going to die also.
james Colin dale
james Colin dale:
Sad to hear may his soul rest in peace Emmanuel
Peace Dove Ochai
Peace Dove Ochai:
oh lord have mercy on us. rest in peace Son of Man.
Internet Tips and Crypto
Internet Tips and Crypto:
May his soul rest in peace❤
Sinesipho Cishe
Sinesipho Cishe:
TB Joshua didn't die in a hospital . Yesterday there was a church service and he attended he died after the service , after the service he went to his office and he died there. However ambulances came to take him to the hospital and he was confirmed dead at the hospital . But he died in the church after service , confirmed at the hospital.
Munganga michaud
Munganga michaud:
May his soul Rest In Peace
William Tell
William Tell:
So 😢 may his soul rest in Peace
Martha Mani
Martha Mani:
May his soul rest in peace
lisa simmons
lisa simmons:
My heart is so broken by the news.
I really hope he was saved and in heaven
Flawless Stone
Flawless Stone:
This is just too painful 💔 😢, 😢 heart breaks
Bongumusa Clement
Bongumusa Clement:
Can we respect the ones who have passed on!!!
b prasanna kumar
b prasanna kumar:
David Thang Boi
David Thang Boi:
i love him! RIP TB Joshua you miss by million of helpless people
African Hope
African Hope:
In times of mourning, South African reporters are talking about the fallen building 🙆🏻‍♀️
Francine Mwiseneza
Francine Mwiseneza:
May his soul rest in peace !
Mme Sophie Mokoena is so consistent in covering issues on the continent!👏🏾👏🏾
Lynn Mothibeli
Lynn Mothibeli:
Gerald Blaai
Gerald Blaai:
Sukie Annemarie
Sukie Annemarie:
Ange Savio
Ange Savio:
Lena Nanub
Lena Nanub:
RIP MOG you were just calling by your father 😂😂😂😂😂
C Archer
C Archer:
Next up: false prophet shepherd Bushiri! (in a jail cell with his wealth being refunded back to his victims)
Why do we have to hear about his guest house today?
Mantebaleng Kgare
Mantebaleng Kgare:
My his soul rest in peace
Joemoja1panstula JoeMoja1panstula Part3
Joemoja1panstula JoeMoja1panstula Part3:
R. I. P.
Beatrice Ndhlovu
Beatrice Ndhlovu:
SABC nonsense why talking about collapsing of church building today while people are mourning nxaani
gigi mk
gigi mk:
Life is too short, the devil don't have friends even if you sacrifice more than 100 people for him...
Prophet Eric Diva
Prophet Eric Diva:
RIP Legend
___ John
___ John:
What u are saying has nothing to do with the man's deaths this is silly and shame on u
godfrey nkandu
godfrey nkandu:
We will remember you papa, may soul rest in peace
Kevichülie Sopfunuo
Kevichülie Sopfunuo:
RIP pastor 🙏
amity ramodiane
amity ramodiane:
Melow Mel
Melow Mel:
May He rest in peace
This is scary! People forgive me but this great men died at age 57, 7 days to his birthday, and 7 years now his church collapsed!(2014) 👀😟
juniore amina
juniore amina:
My i soul rest in peace
Hope 777
Hope 777:
57 years isn't old, and T.B. Joshua looked still very healthy. He had MANY enemies, because he fought the demonic world so successfully. We will find out soon. RIP dear Prophet
Great prophet had passed away

May your soul rest in perfect peace of the Lord Jesus
The Misadventures of Mike
The Misadventures of Mike:
The Synagogue, Church of All Nations has been decapitated. Behold the hand of the Lord!
Rachael Sakina
Rachael Sakina:
My condolences , sir may your soul rest in internal peace
Que triste noticia , pero sé que esta en la presencia de DIOS 🥺🥺🥺🥺😭
Tsiyane Ndlovu Bantu
Tsiyane Ndlovu Bantu:
Some people just love illusions.
Aakam Swu
Aakam Swu:
Karungi Lillian
Karungi Lillian:
RIP daddy
Sergio Sergio
Sergio Sergio:
Ele morreu do que ?
Ele tinha alguma doença?
Meu Deus que perda !!!
Gods child N
Gods child N:
He didn't die at a hospital but in the office. His death was confirmed in the hospital.
Watching the Hawks
Watching the Hawks:
Many if these charlatans will becomes scare after Their mentor's dead
tandiwe sibanda
tandiwe sibanda:
Rest in peace .
Ermington Dkhar
Ermington Dkhar:
Rest in peace.
vision de loin tv
vision de loin tv:
Rest In Peace
Doug Gaffney
Doug Gaffney:
Frank Mwale
Frank Mwale:
Rest In Peace my prophet tb joshua
leniesgettalife please
leniesgettalife please:
we can't say where's the soul,
Nicolene Dekker
Nicolene Dekker:
What a lost in Gods Kingdom
Elizabeth Singini
Elizabeth Singini:
Very sad indeed MHSRIP😭😭😭😭
Mapula Portia
Mapula Portia:
why are we still talking about the past.May his precious soul rest in Glory🙏
55 states of africa
55 states of africa:
So this I say, and solemnly affirm together with the Lord [as in His presence], that you must no longer live as the [unbelieving] Gentiles live, in the futility of their minds [and in the foolishness and emptiness of their souls],
Eph 4:17
Chichi Mambokadzi
Chichi Mambokadzi:
Rest in Peace TB Joshua 😤😤😤
ndeshi shatonhoka
ndeshi shatonhoka:
What happened to his prophetic ways, did he prophesied his passing or it came as a suprise?
I WAS BLESSED 🙏❤️ TO KNOW THIS MAN through you tube.
Victory Ukpong
Victory Ukpong:
May he rest in peace
He didn't die in hospital.
Is so sad that your hungry for this information and you don't hv it. Just wait patiently for the ministry to give you facts than lying.
TB Joshua
TB Joshua:
Linda Veswuh
Linda Veswuh:
RIP TB JOSHUA big fan 🙏watching frm india.
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen:
You made it so hard for this man to live and now you are still milking him even when he is dead! Shame on you.
Kasembo Jufitj
Kasembo Jufitj:
Mr man ...why are you giving the false news? He didn't die in the hospital.
Lydia Manda
Lydia Manda:
He has gone to meet his fellow gods of this world
Blessed Uriele dorcas
Blessed Uriele dorcas:
Shameless hegoat what has building got to do with death🤮
Korak Kari
Korak Kari:
Did he prophesy his own death 💀?
haiwa tigere
haiwa tigere:
The gravy train that was TB Joshua comes to a stop
Sandiso M
Sandiso M:
Did he catch Covid19? He was a Covid denial...🤔
cruz Hernandez
cruz Hernandez:
Nomathemba Madlala
Nomathemba Madlala:
I cant believe this. Umuntu ushonile nina nivusa indaba ya 2014,ihlanganaphi lento ngokushona kwaloBaba...why beningakhulumi ngayo all along
Rozanne Claudette Moses
Rozanne Claudette Moses:
Rest In Peace Prophet TB Joshua In The Presence Of Your Father Jesus Christ 😭😭😭❤❤❤
Valme Marie
Valme Marie:
Je suis sure TB Joshua n'est pas mort , je peux vous guarantie sur le rêve que j'ai eu , il est vivant toujours . Merci le grand Dieu tout puissant pour ce beau message.
Angel Thanks
Angel Thanks:
I am still in Big Schock! Is this news Real?
kebek T
kebek T:
I haven't word for him
Nestor Mendez
Nestor Mendez:
I thought he was coming to end because his. Ministry was expandindin to otrher people
Blessed Uriele dorcas
Blessed Uriele dorcas:
Disgusting reporters who have no regard for the dead