Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite - #FreeFortnite

Epic Games has defied the App Store Monopoly. In retaliation, Apple is blocking Fortnite from a billion devices. Visit and join the fight to stop 2020 from becoming "1984"

#FreeFortnite #FortniteMac #FortniteiOS #FortniteApple

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Kids are gonna think that this is the start of a new season

These children will never stop comin
they're making a 1984 reference even tho 99% of their players don't even undestand
Skipp Dunlap
Skipp Dunlap:
When you forget that you’re a 50 billion dollar company trying to take down a 2.5 trillion dollar company
Star300MS “Dr Evil Movie!”
Star300MS “Dr Evil Movie!”:
Apple: sues epic
Epic: Let’s make a tournament for this!
0:21 when you don’t put the strap on the wii controller
"Hey Multi-Billion Dollar Corporation! Stop acting like a Multi-Billion Dollar Corporation." Says Multi-Billion Dollar Corporation that wants more money.
Krzysztof Kluzek
Krzysztof Kluzek:
Yall expect the kids to know who Goldstein or the Two Minutes of Hate was.
I’m expecting millions of vbucks when this game comes back on iOS
the On3
the On3:
Honestly, Apple did the commercial better. It *was* 1984, so it made sense to include the reference to. "1984."
Billy Foshe
Billy Foshe:
What’s funny is epic knew this was coming and had this video out way before it happened.
Baraka Obama
Baraka Obama:
I love how Epic games assumes that their customers know what this even means.
0:21 *tryhards rage quitting*
Mr. Mihret
Mr. Mihret:
The “F” just fits so good right now
0:25 cod players monitors when they die
Shane TGP
Shane TGP:
Imagine if this wasn’t actually a lawsuit occurring and it was just a promotion for Apple exclusive skins
Google Sucksass
Google Sucksass:
"Epic Games has defied the App Store Monopoly" Let me translate that for you "Epic has broken legal contract with apple and google and will suffer legal penalties while they cry about it"
Travis Starling
Travis Starling:
Two companies making insane amounts of money using their consumers as pawns in their own little war for profit... Don't tell me this is some "righteous war," you wanna make the rules, you make an app store.
Obi-wan Kenobi
Obi-wan Kenobi:
Fortnite is the guy who would kill someone and ask why they're being arrested.
Fun fact, those chasing the Brite Bomber look like the IO guards we have in the game today
Its_ Harambe
Its_ Harambe:
Every parents wallet rn: Finally I’m free
This was 10 months ago, and it is on my fyp, and it reminded me of how Apple is trying to sue Epic Games for a banana without a peel. 😂
“When you try to live somewhere without paying the rent.”
And the court battle is on...
andrew25_27 TTv
andrew25_27 TTv:
It still blows my mind that Epic games is dumb enough to sue a trillion dollar company.
When you realize they didn’t make this whole thing in 2 days... meaning they planned this from the start
The Gaming Canadian
The Gaming Canadian:
0:21 moms when kids spend 1 second too long on the TV
Bop beep
Bop beep:
The strange thing is that

You can still play it on apple devices

Let me explain myself

So I have an iMac and you can go to the epic games fortnite page and you can download the file and also you can play it but you will not be able to make purchase (in my case)

Also to play it on mobile (Iphones) you will have to wait untill November 18th i think so it's about waiting
Fiery Saint
Fiery Saint:
This is just one of those bruh moments that Epic Games made
Adrian Kristoffer Regis
Adrian Kristoffer Regis:
The characters watching the TV be like: :0
Epic: *Let's reference George Orwell to 8-year-olds who don't know anything about George Orwell.*

Edit: I don't hate George Orwell. I just think a substantial portion of Fortnite's playerbase may not understand the true meaning of the video.
C Bizzle
C Bizzle:
This applies even more now.
Graham O'Brien
Graham O'Brien:
Ooh we are Epic Games such a small company, *Cha Ching, Cha Ching.* "Donald we just made another billion off that Marvel deal."
Jasbinder Tak
Jasbinder Tak:
The things chasing bright bomber I think are IO guards
The Chicken Show
The Chicken Show:
1984: That's cool, keep that.
Valve: That's cool, lets parody that.
Fortnite: GUYS! fortnite not on mac but HALF LIFE is, make parody!!!!
Xenon King
Xenon King:
I can already see a army of kids protesting in front of Apple’s headquarter
Winning Bigly
Winning Bigly:
I’m only here because I want Infinity Blade back on the apple store
BM Spongebob
BM Spongebob:
Now we are at the final court hearing this aged very well.
Richard Medina
Richard Medina:
Wow!!! This is how it is done!! Stop this empirialism madness, all this corporate bullshit and make them pay for all the 30% of every single purchase (probably billions of them) made on this game, just for having this on their app store.
Communism is Evil
Communism is Evil:
I doubt people who play fortnite know what 1984 is but still funny reference
System Error
System Error:
6 year old kids reading 1984 in their English class: omg this is from fortnite
The Awesome Man
The Awesome Man:
Apple: hey it shows in our rule that you can not have this. So if you take the direct payment out, we will be all good.

Epic: who cares about like half of the player base?
alex54is-brawl stars
alex54is-brawl stars:
I am still waiting never left the game 🙂
Zelig Wolkenstien
Zelig Wolkenstien:
The mini film is presented in a 4:3 format to preserve the integrity of Epic Games creative vision.
BoomSonicHalo06 “sonic”
BoomSonicHalo06 “sonic”:
Happy First Year Anniversary guys
Duck Mcmad
Duck Mcmad:
9 year olds be thinking George Orwell is a new skin
I was on a break from fortnite when the skin came out I was just bored of playing it 10 days in a row lol
5 moths later and this is sill a thing, wow epic wow
Daniel Hoffman
Daniel Hoffman:
And Apple added lower percent for developers from little companies. Ahahah, smart move, Tim
I spend so many euro’s just to find out fortntie is getting deleted from App Store.
Some 9 year old :

“I thought monopoly was a board game”
DeparTheUltimate :D
DeparTheUltimate :D:
All you had to do was follow the rules, now you’re acting like the victim
Eduardo Morais
Eduardo Morais:
Rodolfo Andino
Rodolfo Andino:
As I'm reading the Steve Jobs biography when talk of the announcement of the MacIntosh this takes another level of value for the ideals of Jobs and apple.
Προκόπης Παυλόπουλος
Προκόπης Παυλόπουλος:
Epic Games is, and always has been, at war with Apple.
Tiananmen Triangle
Tiananmen Triangle:
2 billionaire corporations fighting each other to get Billy's mom's credit card
Dang i miss ios so bad hope i can play on 120fps still today
Dima Matat
Dima Matat:
Whoever made it misses the point of the book, since it was about gov bleeping out dissent, not corp shuting down games.
Part of the journey is the end whatever it takes
Abyss Bun
Abyss Bun:
I’m actually saddened by how many people fell for this crap, it was two companies fighting for more money.
Bxn Snipez
Bxn Snipez:
It’s really funny how almost none of fortnites age demographic is gonna understand what this video means
5StarGeneralKenneth “phillipines ball”
5StarGeneralKenneth “phillipines ball”:
Literally kills the whole crowd, and burns their face. (smilig face)
Apple: Uhhh, please don't do this again otherwise we'll remove your game
Fortnite: Nah
Apple: *removes game*
Fortnite: OMG NOT FAIR!!!
What ever skin the guards are. IO guards maybe? I need that skin. Also the boombox
Spud Thing
Spud Thing:
I used to wear those shoes in the 90s to go clubbing
Rasin Hossain
Rasin Hossain:
Epic Games: *We have currently disabled apples as a healing source*
When I First Watched It I Was Like Kinda Sad For Fortnite Mobile Now I Want It To Come Back Fortnite Just Needs To Remove The Direct Payment Feature Please😭🙏
Paulo V.
Paulo V.:
"We want to milk even more money from little kids. To achieve that, we want a free ride through all app stores of the planet and we'll get it, even if we have to be dishonest. We are special! We are the truth!"
Fallen Hero
Fallen Hero:
On one hand, it was kinda weird realizing what Epic was doing- on the other I literally couldn't care less if Apple is obliterated, much less boycotted and sued by a company much bigger than them.
This is literally 1984 😔
Monkey Man
Monkey Man:
This is the peak of corporate irony. The only good thing that could come of this is that kids decide to pick up 1984. Other than that, Orwell would be rolling in his grave rn.
Jesbaam Sanchez
Jesbaam Sanchez:
Help stop 2020 from becoming "1984"

*proceeds to laughs*

It's far to late now
C O N E Z ・ᴗ •✔
C O N E Z ・ᴗ •✔:
They probably teased the og defaults that they were returning to the shop in the trailer🤔🤔🤔
Alex Ackerman
Alex Ackerman:
The funny thing is the vast majority of players don't get the reference. Still a clever jab at Apple though...
megan holtman
megan holtman:
When kids think it’s a new season but it’s actually Apple players in Google players being banned from the game
This is a respectable move they did but can we talk about how only the og defaults were being brainwashed 😂
A lot of people sayng that FT player will be not understand the ""1984" reference
But they will grow up
Epic why did you have to leave us :(
I like the subtle text at the end below the main text showing the terms of service
Gurt Chen
Gurt Chen:
“Stop 2020 from being 1984.”
It’s not your just being a baby Fortnite
*That awkward moment when a multi-billion dollar conglomerate is trying to pit children against another multi-billion conglomerate in the name of 1984*
Aaryan Gambhir
Aaryan Gambhir:
one apple a day keeps epic away
JMC Jurassic
JMC Jurassic:
i love this
Sofien Chaieb
Sofien Chaieb:
@Epic Games , you are the hospital that does not care about charity !
Gumbeau 69
Gumbeau 69:
New season looking nice
DanteXstar Sparda
DanteXstar Sparda:
when you think 2020 isn't going to affect the gaming world
megan holtman
megan holtman:
When kids are thinking they’re watching some kind of Super Bowl commercial but they’re actually watching fortnight burning apple of players from playing
Sadia Naeem
Sadia Naeem:
Thank you epic games now I can play on IOS I'm so happy
Charlie Gorman
Charlie Gorman:
Sure and 7 years olds will even understand what a monopoly is and I’m 15 and the only monopoly I know is the board game
Leonardo Finardi
Leonardo Finardi:
Simplesmente genial
Chicken King
Chicken King:
I love how Epic games assumes that their customers know what this even means.
G H:
The idea seems great, the execution not so much
SHD Agent David B.
SHD Agent David B.:
Go get em Bomber!
Ik epic games is a jillion dollar company but they have balls to be against apple monopoly

capitalist sucm vs bigger capitalist scum
but still....respect
tremenda pelicula
Weaponising children

Now that is epic
there defaults look like they saw something they werent suppose to see
Jeremy_Byrd Pikachu
Jeremy_Byrd Pikachu:
My english class this year had introduced me to this war of Epic Games verses Apple & Google, hearing about this commerical without knowing much about it.

Now, I just got interested in the movie "Nineteen Eighty Four."

Btw, I watched Apple's much older commerical parody as well.
Gary Turbo
Gary Turbo:
This is why I'm done with their engine
Javier Martinez
Javier Martinez:
Leave half life 2 out of this.