Nkunku, Poulsen lift RB Leipzig in cagey clash vs. Dortmund | Bundesliga Highlights | ESPN FC

Christopher Nkunku and Yussuf Poulsen secure three points for RB Leipzig in a 2-1 win over Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga.

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Bob Ross’s Dad
Bob Ross’s Dad:
I’d like to say Nkunku is the most underrated player thus far
JohnnyFootballA M
JohnnyFootballA M:
Nkunku is tearing it up
Cason Hunwick
Cason Hunwick:
Great call from the ref on the dive. Loved to see him telling Szoboszlai to get up, need more refs like this.
Commissar Yarrick
Commissar Yarrick:
Rb leipzig is an exciting team to watch . Hardly ever boring
Jeremiah The Prophet
Jeremiah The Prophet:
Nkuku is huge and deserve to be called on France National Team as future player for the next World Cup
Dave Jeminson
Dave Jeminson:
I can't understand how nkuku can't make the french squad
Compared to ManU vs ManCity this game had tension and fire in it. The Manchester Derby felt like trainings camp match without any importance to the players. ManU was just watching City play... 0 restistance.
Adavino Zico
Adavino Zico:
Nkunku is so good. This season this man is on a different level.
Larry Preston
Larry Preston:
I am cheering for Jesse March, I really hope he does well!
Uncle Drew
Uncle Drew:
All these options that Nkunku has. I wonder where he is gonna go, in form, week by week, consistent. Baller.
DRE 04
DRE 04:
Nkunku is the best and most inform midfielder in the world rn
Jim West
Jim West:
Nkunku double skill was great, never seen that before
Leipzeg finally starting to take off under Marsch. Love to see it!
Bicho The kid
Bicho The kid:
Nkunku made the best decision to go to Leipzig and not be a bench player at psg he’s a star !!!

The way he’s been playing can get him a big move to a big name team
sharp 24
sharp 24:
Nkunku has been so good this year wow 😲😲
Didn't realize how staked RBL is. They've got a lot of talent on that roster.
Nkunku beast Mode, what a great player 🤩
Gvardiol 19 years old he would be one of the best defenders in the World.
Finally Leipzig beats Dortmund. First time i've seen it. Nkunku playing at a very high level right now
Captain Smoke
Captain Smoke:
Tuchel, Favre, Rose. And they make the same mistakes over and over again. Seems like the coach isn't the problem!
Tenretni Tnuocca
Tenretni Tnuocca:
RB Leipzig are playing some fantastic football recently 👌👏
Animesh Bhatt
Animesh Bhatt:
Leipzig could have scored 5. Kobel kept it low somehow. Dortmund hasn't improved their defence at all. And on top of that they lost sancho, they are missing the link of reus, sancho, haaland
Hammer Spiel, RB Leipzig war richtig gut
Nushin Malek
Nushin Malek:
what a season from Nkunku ,
Something In Italian
Something In Italian:
Nkunku looking like Fifa 15 Neymar during online matches
Shaquille Peters
Shaquille Peters:
Nkunku gonna get a big move soon
Jairo L.
Jairo L.:
Nkunku been having a stellar year so far
Aaron Dyer
Aaron Dyer:
Poulsen lucky to be on field. After leaving leg trailing on keepers face ..
Jacob Sauers
Jacob Sauers:
If nkunku scored that shot that hit the post that would’ve been legendary.
Good on them for winning, but I can’t imagine having to root for a team named for an energy drink. How humiliating. I’m so glad that at this point Red Bull is the only corp shoving their product placement into the very name of the team.
NaijaLFC TV:
Nkunku always makes things happen
Gvardiol criminally underrated
Loving Marschs tactics!!
Well done Guardiol!
Sean Caldwell
Sean Caldwell:
what a dive by poulsen at 4:03
O. Bottechia
O. Bottechia:
Benzema to Deschamps:
"What's up with this Nkunku guy???" 🤣
4:54 When you only know one skill move in FIFA
Ming Tech Media
Ming Tech Media:
If Nkunku scored that opportunity where he span twice we'd be seeing that highlight for years lol
ĔL DjàŽaýəŔí
ĔL DjàŽaýəŔí:
What a player this nkunku wooow
Philly Philly
Philly Philly:
I know for sure Nkunku will be worth Millions of Euros next season… lots of bigger clubs will be coming for him..
Francisco Salinas
Francisco Salinas:
Nkunku is such a great player
Bravo Josko!!!
Schweinwinder 31
Schweinwinder 31:
what a shame nkunku didtn score from that double roulette sequence! thats was phenomenal even though the ball only found the post.
Jonathan Jamett
Jonathan Jamett:
Leipzig are soooo filthyyyy Nkunku with some crazy runs and footwork and Poulsen with the initial switch and finish back post. Beautiful soccer
angel ramirez
angel ramirez:
Y’all said the same thing about Jadon Sancho and he’s warming up the bench at Man United all hype man
Still don't know why psg let nkunku go 😕
Nkunku is such a baller
Leipzig are playing good since they switched to a 343..they need a striker to convert those chances
Nkunku 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
1:04 I love how defender who has no idea whats going on blames the keeper...its YOU Buddy
Hussein Kaawar
Hussein Kaawar:
Verdient gewonnen eindeutig die bessere Mannschaft 👍👍👍
calvin lambani
calvin lambani:
Nkunku is underrated
Unknown angler 🎣
Unknown angler 🎣:
Hummels just leave nkunku go for the 1st whilst akanji is watching the midfielder very poor play all round but hummels with his experience needs to letting him know that's he's coming or track his run there's no else for hummels to mark.
Schnitzel Filmmaker
Schnitzel Filmmaker:
Dortmund should’ve kept Terzic as coach and left Rose at Gladbach. Probably would’ve worked out better for both clubs.
Stefan Oberndorfer
Stefan Oberndorfer:
The goal was totally Hummels fault
Newell Mulugeta
Newell Mulugeta:
He needs to play for dr congo and help them reach the World Cup. France is only going to cap tie him unfortunately
Addi Teacha
Addi Teacha:
Welcome to Bayern: Nkunku
hassan babi pukima
hassan babi pukima:
wow espn fc is showing Bundesliga Highlights now, nice
Calvin Lenganji
Calvin Lenganji:
And then you have a team like Manchester united 🥱
Jonathan Villalba
Jonathan Villalba:
This was more entertaining than the Milan Derby
Dourtmund need to step it up. I’m surprised reus has stayed for this long. They may play good football but that defense is trash
T'challa the great
T'challa the great:
So ESPN FC had made some money from those wacky fifa simulations, so they can now show bundesliga highlights
1:29 best voicecrack ever
Rodrigo Hernandez
Rodrigo Hernandez:
Where’s my boy Haaland?
Szbo definitely was fouled when he dived.
2:05 u still got the ball. Why stop?
AF Capone
AF Capone:
Nice Football Team
How is ESPN able to show this here in Germany? Guess it’s an error and the next time I click on this video it will say: Not available in your region.
Kobel is Dortmund's De Gea, score is only reasonable because he is a very good gk
RB Leipzig have pace
marco tenfelde
marco tenfelde:
Nkunku next bayern player
NerdOverload _
NerdOverload _:
injuries are holding back dortmund from a title push.
Rodrigo Vasquez
Rodrigo Vasquez:
PSG didn’t want him at first and now they are trying to buy him back
EatClenTrenHard AnavarGiveup
EatClenTrenHard AnavarGiveup:
Listen, Man United might not thank me but get the contract out, put it on the table. Let him sign it, let him write whatever numbers he wants to put on there, given what he's done since he's come in. Ole's at the wheel, man. He's doing it. He's doing his thing. MAN UNITED ARE BACK!!!!
Let's Talk about DOCS
Let's Talk about DOCS:
Unpopular option:If Jack Grealish was worth 100 mill so is Nkunku
Johnny B
Johnny B:
Anybody know the names of these comentators? Please help. Thanks.
B R:
Szoboszlai wide open @5:00
Bundesliga is the most entertaining league to watch.
Hadi Salma
Hadi Salma:
Nkunku dance
Rasenballsport Leipzig
Rasenballsport Leipzig:
Sophia Miranda Gonzalez
Sophia Miranda Gonzalez:
nkunku so unlucky
Huncho fondcolè's parrot
Huncho fondcolè's parrot:
Liverpool sign nkunku
Milisav Krvavac
Milisav Krvavac:
Marko Rose 🌹🌹🌹
Juan Mejia
Juan Mejia:
Borussia are nothing without haaland lol
tf is dortmunds defense
Who is the expert commentating?
I swear I know that voice
Dávid Lengyel
Dávid Lengyel:
Poor transfermarkt sleep Szoboszlai just 25 mill.......
1:50 i think hummels should get red. he slides past ball and player, thats a clear red card .-)
Ahad Abdul
Ahad Abdul:
Dortmund should look for new goalkeeper.....
Giovanni Reyes
Giovanni Reyes:
Dortmund are just terrible
Xi Y
Xi Y:
Funny how you dont show Tyler Adams horrible miss...
Ancient knight
Ancient knight:
People: Why do bundesliga players struggle when they come to the priemier league,
Me:(looking at bundesliga defending)
Farrukh Abu Bakr
Farrukh Abu Bakr:
Halland not that same after the ad fake triple ball trick lmfao
Dortmunds goalkeeper simulating... what a shame.