No foul play suspected in death of DJ Erick Morillo, police say

Erick Morillo was found dead at his Miami Beach home Tuesday, just three days before he was due in court for a hearing in his sexual assault case.

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Shame on you for opening up with "He had just been charged with rape".
You should be ashamed of your ethics.
Flavio Fandino
Flavio Fandino:
The report is more about his charges then his death WTF
Morillo was a great house DJ and highly respected this sounded like a party that went wrong and he took the easy way out.
Oscar Hernández
Oscar Hernández:
TToday is a very sad day for electronic music :(
Scott Geoffrey
Scott Geoffrey:
One of my favourite DJ's of all time
Scott Geoffrey
Scott Geoffrey:
Watching him in Ibiza was the best
Toto Bond
Toto Bond:
I'm devastated one of the last real rave kings. Rave in glory legend ♥️
Robyn Ragone
Robyn Ragone:
Lived right down the street he was always super nice....Had no idea who he was...
L M:
Just please respect his memory, and stop talking about this silly rape accusation of some money-hungry lady. RIP Erick.
Marcia Cardoso
Marcia Cardoso:
Brasil loves you great memories thank you for the good times on the dance floor 😭😭
Astrid Duurham
Astrid Duurham:
They killed him 😢💔
Charlotte Townson
Charlotte Townson:
loved dancing in the 90s at raves to his music 💔😔rip.
Double S
Double S:
Innocent until proven guilty. Everyone persecuting this man and at this point it's only an accusation. Either way, a sad story all around.
Tuga Tuga
Tuga Tuga:
The Best of The Best.
From Portugal
Rolando Avila
Rolando Avila:
R.I.P. Erick. Thank you for your music, it will live on with me forever.
I’m so sad man wtf
Tyron Dixon
Tyron Dixon:
R.I.P Erick Morillo. He was our legend!
RIP sir!!
Victor Perez
Victor Perez:
Damn I just missed his white party in Cali Colombia due to COVID. RIP morillo ty for all the great times and beautiful memories.
Eddie Morales
Eddie Morales:
Rest In Paradise to a great legend 🙏🏼
David Perrett
David Perrett:
I used to see him play in London's ministry of sound in the 90s. So sad great Dj.
Aaron Abuan
Aaron Abuan:
He’s actually dead?!🥺
2020 taken many people
Mellia Herrera
Mellia Herrera:
Thank you, Erick! You made my feet move and my heart happy every single time I seen you live! Peace to you and prayers to your familia ❤️💜
Thank you for giving me so many memorable nights in New York and Miami.
asian butterfly
asian butterfly:
Drugs, Mental Illness = Rape Charges = Suicide or Od?...
M 4 R S H Y
M 4 R S H Y:
I don't know how to feel on this... I really don't...
caramel king200000
caramel king200000:
[email protected] Sacrifice !!!
Im so sad!! I cant believe i will never see u again!! I was looking Fwd to see you Next yr!!!!!
João Mateus
João Mateus:
i am so devastede
Sunny Day
Sunny Day:
😲 OMG 😭🙏♥️
Robert Cummings London
Robert Cummings London:
Thanks for the music. RIP............
Brandon Remson
Brandon Remson:
Hope he's remembered for those Subliminal choones... he was an incredible producer this guy. Sad
I can’t believe he is gone😳
Nelson Rodriguez
Nelson Rodriguez:
rest in peace
König Martin
König Martin:
Rest in Peace Erick Morillo 😭
R.I.P Bro 😭😭😭
Sunny Day
Sunny Day:
Did we find out who the female DJ was?
It's messed up how people cling to music like that is reason to forego the fact that he was a rapist. The rape kit was confirmed. Music is everything to me. So If I knew a rapist made the song, it would ruin it for me.
Alegra Valentin
Alegra Valentin:
Sam Billingham
Sam Billingham:
R.I.P the best dj ever!!!!
abs gutted... cant belive it!!!!
johan cespedes
johan cespedes:
had it been a cop they woulve already had someone arrested somehow
Chaplin Co
Chaplin Co:
Omg wtf
Mirzet Dizdarevic
Mirzet Dizdarevic:
R.I.P. ERIC, your music lives forever
Southern California
Southern California:
Get right with Jesus , you never know when its your time.
Pam Demonium
Pam Demonium:
The misogyny is real in these comments. They had his DNA. He was a coward, not a legend.
I'm getting the impression he was worried about being charged with rape, out of worry heightened his drug use to a dangerous level and nobody was around to watch him. That would explain the bags of evidence being brought out of the house.
NinjaGamer 34
NinjaGamer 34:
Andrew Littleboy
Andrew Littleboy:
Saw the guy @ Pacha in Ibiza! Amazing times
betis1907 sgs
betis1907 sgs:
Ay que penaaaaaa, I like to tumba tumba
eric tisdale
eric tisdale:
Damien Jordan
Damien Jordan:
Track ID @0:34?
wellington lana
wellington lana:
Grande Dj descanse em paz!!!
Miguel Estiga
Miguel Estiga:
Looks like someone going to the top charts of dance music in 1..2 ..3 ... rip
teiji osawa
teiji osawa:
rest in peace
noah torres
noah torres:
his death is on your hands !
Selene R
Selene R:
This is so depressing!!!! I really enjoyed his music! Shame on Local 10 for stating about his rape charges when the man is dead and wasn't even convicted yet. So disrespectful. R.I.P Erick you shouldn't have gone so soon but you're in a better place ❤️ My condolences goes to his family ❤️🙏🏻
Max Barthez
Max Barthez:
RiP Eric .
mojo jojo
mojo jojo:
Saw him in to meet him. I'm at a loss for words...
Αντουαν 264
Αντουαν 264:
ERIC " more " morillo R.I.P. BROTHER From greece
RIP Erick
Lil Boskio Olotu
Lil Boskio Olotu:
I like to move it move it
So saddddd
Eugene Ch
Eugene Ch:
RIP In Peace Mr. Morillo
Karte Gazz
Karte Gazz:
Omg why would he do that how much fine was he gonna get
Hopefully all his fans will remember him as one of the greatest house djs of our generation. Trying to drag him in the mud with this shady accusation won't change an iota of love we have for him. Rest in peace legend.
How did he die?
Phil Davis
Phil Davis:
Morillo - Pacha Ibiza = Memories. RIP
Betty Oop
Betty Oop:
So he took the easy exit.
Athena GM
Athena GM:
So sketchy...
Serdjo MeLLL
Serdjo MeLLL:
один из любимых диджеев ушел , печально.
Alexander Slater
Alexander Slater:
True OG of house music
Achilles [OZ]
Achilles [OZ]:
Tragic news, although I'm not sure how an ongoing court case is relevant in any way to this story. This piece should have been about the mans life, instead you focus on something negative. Bad journalism.
Sayra Mtz
Sayra Mtz:
Just because he was a DJ I don't mean he died of a drug OD!!
Respect for him and his family, he was a great DJ we lost one of the good ones...RIP 💙🙏
Dj DeepStormZ
Dj DeepStormZ:
Gone too soon a true legend
Carito Muñoz
Carito Muñoz:
My friend 😭😭💔Everyone that met Erick and spent time with him knows that he would have never done what he's been accused of. And that has ended up killing him. But here we want to celebrate all the joy you brought us with your music. We all loved you and you loved us back. Your music will live forever. RIP.
Rob C
Rob C:
So who is this chick?
i hate 2020
Franco Yauri
Franco Yauri:
He committed suicide. Crazy
Scott Travis
Scott Travis:
I always thought the dude was gay
Gods presence is perfect
Gods presence is perfect:
John 2: 15 Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16 For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh, the desires of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not from the Father but from the world.…
Steago 876
Steago 876:
If there is no foul play, how did he die?
Lee H
Lee H:
All you lefty pratts thinking its bad ethics To open up with his rape case
Well errrrm
Hate to say it kids
But if theres smoke
Theres fire
Maybe he didnt want to face his charges?
Alexander the great
Alexander the great:
This was a straight up sacrifice! WAKE UP! Just how they did Avicii
Ali Duchesne
Ali Duchesne:
You guys are shameful. 70% of this report was about a dead man's recent criminal ACCUSATION? Not conviction. Wow. Too bad Morillo wasn't white or he may have had fair reporting on his death. RIP Erik and thank you for the memories
Chris Iverson
Chris Iverson:
He's not dead🤷🏾‍♂️..
Neither is epstein...
Idk if he was guilty of those rape charges but it is quite understandable if the accusations were valid, he was not that cute guy despite all his success and luxury life he was living despite that being not able to get a girlfriend it is quite understandable his behaviour let the guy rest in peace he was an artist and imperfect guy just like any one of us. Peace.
Ryan Voltaire
Ryan Voltaire:
The lie is more entertaining than the truth. Notice that clown reporter said he was charged with rape. No one even knows if he did it.
Peter Wellington
Peter Wellington:
Omg no-one is saying that all that is being said is she woke up naked why? and and after how long ,he was standing there naked does not mean crime, like some people wake up and cant remember the night, seriously he is a world leading dj and doesnt need to look at the dj hes playing with and think right having that, ive been to some villa parties hes played and he can click his fingers the way he is hounded and covid wouldnt stand in way of the females and hes always been pleasent.problem is in usa people are not allowed to defend themselves check out clinton young another guy trying stay alive because of what someone else said
Peter Richardson
Peter Richardson:
He killed himself before he was about to plead guilty for rape supposedly
Maximus Aurelius
Maximus Aurelius:
Oh great. Thanks to some privileged white girl he offed himself. He made unwanted advances towards her yet she stayed overnight 🤣. She woke up to a hard 🍌 and called 911. Me Too movement guilty of ruining everyones favorite djs life!
that female reporter is supper annoying. hot tho
Aiden McGhee
Aiden McGhee:
WTF. Faults Allegations. He was a well respected person with a character to match. You will never shame our Angels.
🙏🏼 RIP Brother 🇬🇧
Emiliano Hector Palomo
Emiliano Hector Palomo:
Erick Morillo is gay. He's not dead