No officers charged directly for the killing of Breonna Taylor

A Kentucky grand jury decided not to indict three police officers for the shooting death of 26-year-old Breonna Taylor. One officer was charged with wanton endangerment. Jericka Duncan reports.

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100+ comentarios:

Shabuti R18
Shabuti R18:
Burn down CBS, not Wendys.
Spooder man
Spooder man:
“The media is full of dirty tricks”-Tupac
Mrs Pete
Mrs Pete:
The only racist I can see here are blm and anitfa
Jay TM
Jay TM:
Fake News! Literally “green screen”
*"Try our all-new 'No-Knock Warrants' ... now with knocking!!!"*
Shawn Patrick
Shawn Patrick:
So...are we just going to pretend we can't clearly see that Jericka Duncan is wearing a mask and body armor while posing in front of a green-screen?
Goblin Moblin
Goblin Moblin:
Unpopular fact: Breonna Taylor was fired as an EMT in 2016 when a dead Fernandez Bowman was discovered in her rental car with 8 gunshot wounds.
Ahmad Danial Basaruddin
Ahmad Danial Basaruddin:
Dude... You're wearing a bullet proof vest whilst using a green screen?Americans need to fix their media.
So the 'boyfriend' shot a cop first and they returned fire?
Mista Keez
Mista Keez:
Lmfao. That green screen is low budget.
Liberty Paradigm Prime
Liberty Paradigm Prime:
Arrest the rioters...
The media is a domestic enemy
Chris Baker
Chris Baker:
We need Robo-cop. "I'll buy that for a dollar".
Bob Yesia
Bob Yesia:
i love how she mentioned sports figures and celebs get it in your head we do not give a damm what they think
Althane L. Scruggs II
Althane L. Scruggs II:
Why is she wearing a Bulletproof Vest?
Richard Lewis
Richard Lewis:
Is it true that her boyfriend shot at the police first?
AJ's Wacky World
AJ's Wacky World:
“Shots were justified”. Know the facts people. Always two sides to a story. The media always portrays incidents like this as one sided.
Dalton Pelham
Dalton Pelham:
Go ahead and leave out the fact that there is neighbor testimony where the officers vocalized their presence and that they were going to enter!
Manne Feroz
Manne Feroz:
When they say " no justice, no peace " they really mean " no money no prospects".
a "reporter" wearing a bullet-proof vest, in front of a green screen, pretending to be in the middle of a protest is the epitome of fake news.
Tyler, The Destroyer
Tyler, The Destroyer:
Welcome to the Los Angeles Riots, Pt: 2.
MSM is guilty of journalistic malfeasance.
Cindy Brewer
Cindy Brewer:
Yes it was about her and her boyfriend. Not the neighbor's, stop lying about the facts CBS.
Defson Floyd
Defson Floyd:
Lebron James: we don’t want violence.

Walker: hold my beer
Kenny Bluet
Kenny Bluet:
Bullet proof vest in front of a green screen? That is SO Dan Rather.
Bryant Wilson
Bryant Wilson:
I can’t wait till my black people finally realize BLM is not US
Jeffrey Yoders
Jeffrey Yoders:
At 1:18, the hugging couple behind Jericka Duncan would have fallen into her were she not standing in a studio on a green screen.
David Fernandez
David Fernandez:
It’s a tragedy but if you review what actually happen, you’ll see why the cops weren’t charged with a crime.
Anyone else see what I'm seeing?!Call me crazy but it don't even look like that reporter is actually reporting on the scene. Is she in a studio and using green screen?
Gary I
Gary I:
Breonna Taylor's boyfriend shot first hitting an officer. He thought that her drug dealing ex-boyfriend that was breaking in. Very very sad that Breonna got caught in the middle.
Tom Wolf Can Suck My Balls
Tom Wolf Can Suck My Balls:
Jesus Christ if people cants see what's going on there's a problem. She's in front of a green screen and complaining for the love of God!
In the words of their fearless puppet Joe Biden
“Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” Matthew 3:2
Mine Finder
Mine Finder:
Of course there's no outrage over career criminal Kenneth Walker being released from jail, after shooting at and wounding a cop.
Yeah I’m over BLM at this point it has done nothing but make the people of America have further reason to believe we’re all thugs and criminals, I can’t support this any longer. We’re being used...
If these people knew the truth they wouldn’t be so angry. The media is responsible for this. This is the fault of the media. The media is an enemy to our country.
Just wait until you see the body cam footage, then you'll see what actually happened just like George Floyd
Nw Rob
Nw Rob:
Like how the news tells you the “facts”, yet cuts short and edits the attorney generals statements that are actually facts? Yeah, almost like the media is lying to you 🧐🧐 weird
Officer Tatum look him up. Seems like everybody is turning on BLM. He will probably make you realize why
Joel Magee
Joel Magee:
Interesting selection of bits from the press conference today, CBS... glad I watched it myself.
Asusa Susa
Asusa Susa:
In lue of all the riots and protests it's good to know and see that we still have a great judicial system at work, it's not perfect but it works.
Josh V
Josh V:
90s were so good and my kids gotta grow up in this mess.. bless my life.
Casual Gaming & more by Kigama
Casual Gaming & more by Kigama:
1:16 What the f..?? Why r they using a green screen and tryin to make us believe she is there in real?
Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho
Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho:
standing in front of a green screen wearing body armor and a mask? what a joke!
Virginia Hughes
Virginia Hughes:
Deal DRUGS and that the kind of thing that happens
I'm not even going to try to SUGARCOAT this...
A lesson to all you young ladies, this is what happens when you get involved with criminals.
Hiori Rodriguez
Hiori Rodriguez:
1:21 she has to fix that mask thou lmao🤣🤣🤣
Christian Brother
Christian Brother:
If the glove doesnt fit, you must aquit!
Jennifer Rosenfeld
Jennifer Rosenfeld:
Just heard 2 cops were shot in louisville. U knew this was gonna happened this will never end
This protest has no merit like George Floyd. Lock the boyfriend in jail and be done with it.
2023Brent Gordon
2023Brent Gordon:
could you make it look any less real the look at the lighting on her verse everyone else this is real sad
Joseph Harding
Joseph Harding:
Fernandez Bowman's life clearly didn't matter to this deceased, fired technician.
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus:
Wow that’s probably the most obvious green screen I’ve ever seen.
Mohammed Hussein
Mohammed Hussein:
You should begin by letting the public know she was fired from her EMT job for having a dead body in the trunk of a rented car in my name ! She was in the drug game
Hahaha wearing a bullet proof vest while standing in front of a green screen in your studio. Keep lying to us
Mark Nash
Mark Nash:
I remember this when it first happened, why was nobody outraged about it then?
BLM and antifa dont want justice! they want revenge!
Jeffrey Yoders
Jeffrey Yoders:
Also, "pulpable?" Did she mean palpable?
Yusei Fudo
Yusei Fudo:
Well covid-19 took vacation time again.
Ram ses
Ram ses:
Say his name: Kyle Rittenhouse
tim kat
tim kat:
Kenton Haynes
Kenton Haynes:
When police start dropping they'll understand
UrbanFox 956
UrbanFox 956:
Street justice needs to take place!!! Find them, and bring them to the Taylor's for proper trial by family members.
D. Z. Balam
D. Z. Balam:
CBS, do u think we gonna get fooled? Lol
Pep Nyc
Pep Nyc:
If that's such a peaceful protest why does the reporter have body armor on?
Why was that "reporter" wearing a bullet proof vest in front of that green screen? Also, why would she need one if she was there live? I thought these protests were "mostly peaceful"?
Rachael Skibbe
Rachael Skibbe:
OMG! R u serious!? With the green screen? Get out there and do some real reporting!!
Ian Cristofer Urbano
Ian Cristofer Urbano:
The Prediction has fulfilled from 92 Los Angeles
Tyler Spain
Tyler Spain:
Why is that girl wearing a bullet proof vest infront of a green screen?
watching US news from europe is like watching a livestream from the middle ages
Frankene Limtangco
Frankene Limtangco:
Lmaooo green screen while wearing a body armor 😬
With these kinds of grand jury decisions it really truly makes me wonder of they are literally asking for there to be unrest in America
1:29 she is in front of a green screen... wtf?
Black Officer Tatum has the best videos about this on Youtube - much deeper and informative on Breonna Taylor than any of the predictable incomplete surface level mainstream media trash.
Larry Simmons
Larry Simmons:
Tell the whole story. It's a tragedy that that lady died my heart goes out to her family but the news has to tell the whole story and they are not..!!!
Chad Capps
Chad Capps:
2:27 I thought it was 4 shots?
well, it is always nice to be Mitch's son-in-law... keeping pappa and his master happy it's more important than justice for a life that was unfairly lost.
tortellini tentacles • 69 years ago
tortellini tentacles • 69 years ago:
At this point Russia could take over easily now that we’re all fighting each other 😬
other states police: ah sheeeet here we go again
So instead of being out in the field they Green screen it 😂🤣🤣😂
Here we go again.
Aaron Lambrecht
Aaron Lambrecht:
The police are likely to just come through my door shooting, due to my ethnicity!
Jeff Maynard
Jeff Maynard:
Ahh the Gospel! 👍
Be Woke Jeanty
Be Woke Jeanty:
How is this shocking to anyone why will they charge the cops . It was a warrant her bf fired the shot
Morgen Lynn
Morgen Lynn:
I have been watching from day 1
We've seen this before.
The media just hates it when the facts in these stories come out and it doesn't fit the narrative they were hoping it would be.
Jason Earley
Jason Earley:
Lol say my name song 🎵 is going to be a theme....excuse my while I kiss 💋 my vomit
Old man
Old man:
Well, I guess that means more riots
River Bison
River Bison:
The law is only fair if it give me the outcome I want.
nothing happened in Louisville!keep america great!
same lawyer that said Jacob Blake was stopping a fight between two women. dudes full of it
Sean Kelly
Sean Kelly:
Why is everybody still lying about this person and the warrant and the reasons for the warrant ?
your mom
your mom:
If mainstream media really thinks these are peaceful protester than why is this "reporter" wearing what she thinks is a bullet proof vest.
Wayne Hammond
Wayne Hammond:
Where is the police bodycam video of the shooting of this young lady?
Annie da coolest
Annie da coolest:
If her boyfriend never used her as a human shield when the rounds were fired a tragedy could have been prevented.
Debra Rose
Debra Rose:
Freeking Gars!
Metal waves
Metal waves:
She was a x EMT
Edward F
Edward F:
Thank God for fair justice. Love the decision
Trumps Chickens
Trumps Chickens:
When you play with fire you get burned