No one at Manchester United can play like Paul Pogba at his best - Mark Ogden | ESPN FC

ESPN FC's Gab Marcotti and Julien Lauren are joined by Mark Ogden on the Gab & Juls show following Manchester United’s incredible 5-0 win over RB Leipzig in the Champions League. Marcotti asks if this was the best Man United performance under Ole Gunner Solskjaer to date, whilst both Marcotti and Laurens question Julian Nagelsmann's tactics going into the game. Marcus Rashford scored a second half hat-trick from the bench, and Ogden believes Rashford is desperate to shine on the biggest stage like other young stars such as Borussia Dortmund's Erling Haaland and PSG's Kylian Mbappe. Ogden also praises Paul Pogba's performance, however does believe the Frenchman is only able to play his best football in the Champions League unlike the Premier League due to not having to defend as much.

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Greatest Analyser
Greatest Analyser:
Pogba was brilliant, nobody talking about his defensive actions and the amount of fouls he won for us. If VDB played the way Pogba played United fans will be gassing it, this fanbase is weird
Joaquin Rusk
Joaquin Rusk:
why isn't my boy Fred even being mentioned?? He did an excellent job last night. Give him some props man.
Greg Westwood
Greg Westwood:
“If pogba has to think for himself on the pitch there is the problem”, THAT IS HIS BEST ASSET, how Mark Ogden is allowed to speak about United amazes me
Greatest Analyser
Greatest Analyser:
3:52 another example of people who ignore stats. Pogba got 7 tackles and interceptions in the game but because he doesn’t run like a headless chicken, he don’t work hard
Ashutosh Sampat
Ashutosh Sampat:
I still believe Martial is United's best individual. His overall gameplay as a No. 9 is so good. Also his close control is brilliant. His a penalty magnet.
Superpower Football
Superpower Football:
We want to see more of Pogba at his best! 💥
ᗩᖇTIᖴIᑕIᗩᒪ IᑎTEᒪᒪIGEᑎᑕE
ᗩᖇTIᖴIᑕIᗩᒪ IᑎTEᒪᒪIGEᑎᑕE:
I don't always agree with these 2 gentlemen but they are my favourite duo on ESPN. Gab & Juls 👍🏽
Justin Blake
Justin Blake:
That was Pogba's 2nd CL assist in 2 games
John Wick
John Wick:
Can we stop this narrative that Leipzig dominated us for the majority of the game. They had more possession after the 1st goal but they barely created anything with that. We were the more dominant team in the second half from the first whistle.
Ram Mohan
Ram Mohan:
Can someone give even a bit of credit to Fred
For his immense work yesterday!!!!
Adil Khan
Adil Khan:
Great tactical assessment about the jacket, but I think its uniteds quality on the pitch that got the win
itachi Uchiha
itachi Uchiha:
That diamond midfield is probably the best thing that has happened to us.. unique and powerful.. offensive and defensive..
Nyati SM
Nyati SM:
Agree 100% Paul has to be played in his position. He is so smart with the ball when playing behind strikers.
This was far from our best performance under Ole ... we played great and deserved the win but we have definitely played better
Neo 1
Neo 1:
Ogden the same man a few weeks back who said sell Pogba cause he ain't good enough 🙄 the fact is Pogba is by far our best player on his day he just spent alot of his career at United out of position
Patrick Onyido
Patrick Onyido:
They had two attempts on target. Ok I guess they controlled the game.
gab marcotti looks like he about to drop the greatest mixtape of all time 😂
I would say the 2-1 game at city last season when we absolutely battered them in the first half was our best performance under solskjaer. It looked like we would score everytime and city were lucky to only be 2-0 down at half time
Anuj Sansare
Anuj Sansare:
Mark Ogden puts me to sleep. Every time..
Rashford scores 16 minute hat-trick off the bench. Still talking about Pogba😂
dharendranath jugoo
dharendranath jugoo:
Pogba is the best United player still when he defend and when he pass forward we r better when he is fit
DiReal 2dcore
DiReal 2dcore:
Best of ManU matches in 2years. What a night for ManU and Chelsea!!
Zain Casey
Zain Casey:
pogba is always brilliant when he plays cm and not cdm
Paddy last
Paddy last:
Nobody can get the ball back as good as Fred. 🙏
Guru Cartel
Guru Cartel:
They played an aggressive team who allow the game to get open. United play well on the counter. Leipzig played into their hands.
Credit to Gab and Juls they did mention the 442 diamond formation before and United looked like they had far better shape with this.
Dick Dingwiza
Dick Dingwiza:
Ogden has allowed his distaste of Ole to cloud what little analytical ability he has when it comes to Utd. The reason Pogba put in the kind of shift he did last night was because Ole has been brave enough to bench him. Suddenly Pogba realizes his ‘big name’ treatment is over at Utd - he needs to fight for his spot and that’s credit to the manager. Also, this insinuation that it’s some big coincidence that Ole has out-coached a good number of the best coaches is getting old. Ole obviously has never managed at this level BUT he has shown enough to earn the chance to see his project through - there was always going to be a learning curve with bumps and bruises BUT to my eyes he’s bang on track. Real Utd fans need to realize there’s no manager with a magic wand that was going to or will fix Utd overnight.
Tumi M
Tumi M:
Anyone remember what an amazing player Pogba was at Juventus when he had the likes of Pirlo, Vidal and Marchisio.. . ..dude was an absolute beast.
Just appreciate class. Why do you find it so difficult to say they did well Mark
SKM Designs
SKM Designs:
Watched the game from start to finish and everything Fred did on the right, Pogba was doing on the left.

That’s y when Fred won the ball, Pogba was there to assist Gunwood
Bartz SR-851
Bartz SR-851:
The best performance of United under OGS is the Sheffield United game at Old Trafford
K P:
Gabby is the ONLY good guy in ESPN
Speaks facts. No Rubbish talks
Joseph Mwangi
Joseph Mwangi:
Am a Chelsea talent but Rashford and Bruno are real talents
Problem with Pogba is that he is inconsistent. These performances are too few and far in between. He needs to show up big games more often. Probably not playing all games may help.
Football lounge
Football lounge:
Sanitizer came on and single handedly gave away 2 goals. 1 penalty and 1 turnover in midfield. This is why midfielders like thiago and kimmich are so beautiful. They have the confidence take that touch and get out of that situation or clear it. Sabitzer did neither
David Chandra
David Chandra:
But his best was like 3 or 4 times a year
Joshua Young
Joshua Young:
Pogba was good cause he played upfront! Not cause bruno wasnt playing or beek running. STOP playing Pogba deep and youll see a better pogba
Ace Ventura Pet Detective
Ace Ventura Pet Detective:
They honestly dont deserve him. He has been there for a while now and Man Utd didnt do his career justice.
Dennis Muthondu
Dennis Muthondu:
Problem is.. Pogba at his best happens once a season
P Dark
P Dark:
Its about time Solskjaer gets more cred! Utd has been one of the better teams in 2020 and he cleaned up in the club
ESPN FC define "controlling the game"
Less shots
Less on target
Less chances created
Is playing ball in own half called CONTROL?
Steven Fernandes
Steven Fernandes:
Pogba, form is temporary, class permanent
Migmar Pelkong
Migmar Pelkong:
This At his best comes once in a blue moon.
Dinesh Kumar
Dinesh Kumar:
At one's best day any player can be brilliant.... if they do it consistently then only it's called talent backed with performance..

They say Rashford at 23yrs has to kick on at that age ...... Given the talent Pogba had* he did not kick on and so now at 27yrs mediocrity has kicked in and not the performance or the prime......
Sumukh Kowndinya
Sumukh Kowndinya:
Why is it always with pogba that , people speak of what he can do and not what he does?
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo:
Pogba is good. He’s not even playing the role he played in Juventus. He usually plays better with two midfielders behind him. Not worry too much on defense even tho he can defend pretty well
Arav Luthra
Arav Luthra:
Bruh, I can’t believe that man utd(I support them) destroyed Leipzig 5-0, a team that was undefeated until now, when man utd themselves got destroyed by Spurs. And what’s more interesting, Spurs drew to Newcastle and west ham. The levels to the premier league are just unreal
T G:
Im a man united fan and watch most games every season. I’ve not seen Pogba play at “his best” since he re signed for us. Bang average player
Bann Taylor
Bann Taylor:
Pogba is the most talented midfielder on the planet, but tbh Bruno does that pass too. I’m quite intrigued to see how we will play against Arsenal, because if we want to dominate possession and be more offensive, we need to replace either Matic or Fred with Bruno and put Bruno on top of the diamond and drop VDB a little behind as an 8. But still I would play more balanced midfield and I would drop VDB for Bruno and the rest of the midfield the same as against Leipzig. My striker would be Rashford and Greenwood (or even Cavani, but I don’t think he is still fit enough to start) and in the defense I would play Axel Tuanzebe to mark Auba. We can go and smash Arsenal too, but we need to be careful and get out with 3 points !
Greatest Analyser
Greatest Analyser:
Unfortunately he is inconsistent but hope he does well
If we get upamecano in Jan we have a good shot at 21 that’s my opinion
Raja Samaddar
Raja Samaddar:
Won ballon d' or for most inconsistent player
Caribbean Girl
Caribbean Girl:
I don't know of any united fans saying Van de Beek was poor, certainly not me. Pogba played well and Fred was very good.
I completely disagree, Pogba is in a class of his own, no doubt but only in the position he plays. Other players who are just as good at their best are Rashford, Bisaka, De Gea, Bruno and even Shaw
Shirish Baral
Shirish Baral:
This is good punditry.
Espn needs to remove Steve and Frank.
Always an agenda with United. Even if United wins Treble, they'll still find a way to criticize Manchester United and Ole.
Pogba is reaching fitness.
Scotti Kidd
Scotti Kidd:
It's so crazy... at one point you all said pogba wants good players around him, now we have some players, you all are saying players are crumbling pogba space... wow...
When's he at his best tho?Once in a blue moon
David Aspinall
David Aspinall:
Pogba can very rarely play at his best either.
Zuhayr Chaudry
Zuhayr Chaudry:
Pogba is my Idol
I mean yeah but can he back at his best?i hope
Ryan Albers
Ryan Albers:
They had two attempts on target. Ok I guess they controlled the game.
Gab the master of asking a question then interrupting the person answer about 3-4 times.
Hrishikesh G
Hrishikesh G:
Sabitzer contributed to United's 2 goals.
Drake Geralds
Drake Geralds:
That wasn't good regardless of the score. We should boss Leipzig around. They should be the ones countering
Kalu Uguru
Kalu Uguru:
Y’all should give Ole his credit ESPN
Show him some love 💕
Moussa Camara
Moussa Camara:
Er ist beste ❤❤
Dalton De Souza
Dalton De Souza:
Craig Burley is fuming while watching this
Ronald Rain
Ronald Rain:
When loses he's just clueless when guadiola or zidane loses its just bad luck for them
Naglesman suit jacket was 🔥 🔥 🔥
C C:
"No other midfielder at united can make that run or play that pass" lol
Tsholanang Khunou
Tsholanang Khunou:
We've found Pogba's perfect position guys.
𝖂𝖑𝖆𝖈𝖐 𝖉𝖎𝖆𝖒𝖔𝖓𝖉
𝖂𝖑𝖆𝖈𝖐 𝖉𝖎𝖆𝖒𝖔𝖓𝖉:
Ole Dismantled NAGELSMANN TACTICALLY, pull down his pants and humbled his team with a Masterclass.
A.M. N.
A.M. N.:
Best player at United is Bruno 🔥🔥
Yvan Philogène
Yvan Philogène:
It wasn't a midfield 3. Pogba was playing higher on the pitch than Fred.

It was a 4-2-2-2. Fred and Matic as double number 6, Pogba and Van De Beek as double number 8. Martial and Greenwood as double false-9.

And this formation/position perfectly fits Pogba's game. He can do some effort to come back and defend but also risk to lose the ball being covered by two number 6. Not playing as number 10, too high on the pitch, but building from the middle.

I think Solksjaer tested and found the right formula, which fits every player in this team. And if they confirm against Arsenal, United can go on winning a lot of trophies this season.

I mean, they have 4 false-9 : Martial, Rashford, Greenwood and Cavani. They have 4 number 8: Mata, Fernandes, Pogba and Van De Beek. They have 3 number 6: Matic, Mc Tominay and Fred. They have 2 left-back: Shaw and Telles, 2 right-back: Wan Bissaka and Williams. Maguire, Lindelof, Bailly, Rojo, Jones, Tuanzebe... can all defend well if they are protected by 2 defensive midfielders. Not to forget 2 amazing goal keepers.

The team is almost complete. Fosu-Mensah should be repositionned in central midfield as United has "only" 3 guys there.

They should let Lingard go and succeed elsewhere. And give James and Pellestri time to develop as wingers.
jermyn ryan
jermyn ryan:
Fred my man of the match!
Michael Ugwa
Michael Ugwa:
Pogba is not a CAM or CDM. He’s a CM and not a box to box because I think ppl think he’s that cuz of his stature. He’s just a very tall roaming playmaker.
Jyothish Nair
Jyothish Nair:
I don't know what game criag Burnley watched yesterday but that guy needs to stop saying nonsense about ole... He should quit the job if he can't give unbiased opinion and give credit when due.
Mubeen Inamdar
Mubeen Inamdar:
Few days ago Mark Ogden said Pogba is the most overrated player. Like Pogba’s performances Mark’s statements on Pogba are so inconsistent.
Gab and Juls are the only two to respect at ESPN!
Girl Hill
Girl Hill:
These guys aren't clueless... I think they're just bitter. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
That title is so right, Paul Pogba is world-class at his best. That's not even a question
Unknown Person
Unknown Person:
They have a great chance to win UCL. Barcelona, Messisule, and they already defeated psg. What else they want? They defeated Leipzig 5-0, if it was Bayern it would have been 10-0. Since everton have won pl, they will upset big boys.
We know this. The problem is we rarely see his best. And after 4 years can't afford a sometimes great Pogba if United are to win the EPL. Time to cut ties. Its just not a good fit.
Sreejith PS
Sreejith PS:
These pogba talks makes me think like utd just signed him, that dude is at that club for almost 5 years.
bikas gurung
bikas gurung:
Premier league is more physical n faster where I don't think Pogba is suitable. In PL, it is hard to play with any team while in Italy where he was playing for Juventus, there maybe 5 or 6 good teams. To me, Pogba n Matic shouldn't be playing together bcoz they r too slow n not committed enough for the PL n that's where we should concentrate on winning the PL n build on it.
This was NOT a brilliant performance from mufc, however they did manage to kill the game with subs so that's the silver lining
Diallo Weeks
Diallo Weeks:
Paul Pogba's best is once every 3 months lol
Oscar Mcspeedy
Oscar Mcspeedy:
pogba dose not do it game in game out, he does it every 2/10 games which is not good enough for a player of his experience, wages and potential, simple.
Fintan gately
Fintan gately:
And exactly when are we going to see this alleged best?
Tactical Manager TV
Tactical Manager TV:
MANCHESTER UNITED WILL WIN THE UCL ! No hype or bias here at all !
The problem is that Paul Pogba never plays at his best. This is the exact same thing we used to laugh at Arsenal fans for when they talked about Özil.

"He's world class, he's world class!"

Yeah, but you fail to mention that in 99% of games he isn't. How many times does Pogba come on for United and change the game where we win? Barely ever. I don't care what he can do in a France shirt - his national team is a world class in every position. When it comes to club appearances, he's uninterested, rarely ever scores, makes no use of his height whatsoever, pings the odd pass but largely is irrelevant.
Sangeeth KA
Sangeeth KA:
Joules has ma respect... He is the only one who gives unbiased reviews
Andy Azugebene
Andy Azugebene:
When was pogba ever st his best at United
stephen bolger
stephen bolger:
So no-one can play outstanding once every 6 games
The Average Man
The Average Man:
ehhh sorry but if you'd ask me: which player would you build your team around from any Man U player, I would pick Fernandes over Pogba any day. Then maybe even Rashford or Greenwood as Greenwood has a huge upside. Pogba would be number 4 or 5...
bleu Johnsonn
bleu Johnsonn:
2 assist in 2 what more do you pogba haters want.
Uuuuhh.. guys do not sound convincing about the greatness of ManUtd, Ole's win or even Rashford's performance.

If Lipzig is not having a good year what does that say about United's win.
Harvey Brar
Harvey Brar:
Indeed "no one at man utd can play like paul pogba at his best" post match sunday 😂😂😂