Noah Centineo & Lana Condor Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

"To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You" stars Noah Centineo and Lana Condor take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about themselves. Is Noah Centineo related to Mark Ruffalo? Does Lana Condor have a Snapchat? Is Noah Australian? Where is Lana RIGHT NOW?! Lana and Noah answer all these questions and much more!

Noah Centineo and Lana Condor star in TO ALL THE BOYS: P.S. I STILL LOVE YOU. Streaming exclusively on Netflix February 12, 2020. Watch here:

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Noah Centineo & Lana Condor Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

100+ comentarios:

a business woman and a homeless man.
Katie is cool
Katie is cool:
Lana is so sweet for bringing a homeless man on all of these interviews with her
Paulina Tokarska
Paulina Tokarska:
the fact that i'm only attracted to him when he plays peter kavinsky 💀
Jualize Steyn
Jualize Steyn:
Why does Lana look like a mom that was called to her sons school cuz he got into a fight again
aileen henderson
aileen henderson:
Noah looks like he’s in jail and Lana looks like his lawyer lol
Im Young Hee
Im Young Hee:
“I don't have tattoos—only scars. They're like tattoes...but emotional.”

marie estioko
marie estioko:
The way she looks at him while he talks. If I didn’t know that they have their own personal relationships, I would be convinced that they’re a couple.
Are Sol
Are Sol:
I don’t find him attractive unless he looks exactly like Peter Kavinsky
Jorja K
Jorja K:
I can’t be the only one who realizes that Lana just confirmed that there is gonna be an always and forever Laura Jean movie
Spice Captain
Spice Captain:
We need to get Barack Obama here with “What’s Obama’s last name” question. His reaction to this would be priceless.
selena Thompson
selena Thompson:
Sooooo I’m pretty sure he just said “Always and forever, Lara Jean” for movies Lana has been in...are they filming¿
Tea Sis
Tea Sis:
I’m sorry but Noah looks like a prisoner and Lana looks like his lawyer 💁🏼‍♀️
Lynette Rios
Lynette Rios:
Google: “how to get Noah centineo hair”
Me: what hair
I want Noah's precious curls back
Wheres Pluto?
Wheres Pluto?:
*Noah says something slightly offensive about himself*

Leah Kartsonakis
Leah Kartsonakis:
I hate when they don’t answer any of the questions. Like I like the jokes but not for every question
Sebiwebz 3332
Sebiwebz 3332:
why is nobody talking about lanas shoulders, she looks 10 years older then the movies... 😢
Alexandra VanZile
Alexandra VanZile:
Why is no one talking about "i think they're talking about feet,, the .. metric measurement"
Arielle C
Arielle C:
They literally just said "Always and Forever Lara Jean" and that basically means that there will be a 3rd movie. ITS CONFIRMED 😂
Im Young Hee
Im Young Hee:
Everyone: Noah Centineo looks like a drug dealer.

They literally have a chemistry and they just looked like they're attracted to each other in a way the way their eyes looked at each other if only someone's not taken maybe there should have been a chance?
Charis Li
Charis Li:
Love how Noah knows Lana’s movies better than her
Gillian Bramm
Gillian Bramm:
“it matters not what you’ve done, but what you do, with what you’ve done, for others.” - noah scented mayo 2019
presley love
presley love:
lana: “how to say Noah Centineo”

me: “noah.... scentedmayo”
tanya raja
tanya raja:
I dont care these two need to be in a relationship!
Joana Ramacciotti
Joana Ramacciotti:
They basically just confirmed the third movie and im so happy.
shazia hussain
shazia hussain:
Their outfit.
Lana: Imma slay today
Noah: (wake up) Oh I have an interview?!
Nora Monahan
Nora Monahan:
Lana: gets dressed up and looks beautiful

Noah: sweatshirt
khairulnisa ghazi
khairulnisa ghazi:
When i googled noah centineo, it came out like this:
1. Noah centineo- American actor
2. Noah centineo movies
3. Noah centineo age
4. Noah centineo girlfriend
5. Noah centineo & lana condor
6. Noah centineo height
7. Noah centineo wallpaper
Brii C
Brii C:
Lana: *lists the movies she’s been in

Me: time to be fat with popcorn and watch some movies😗✌🏽
Katie is cool
Katie is cool:
"It matters not what you've done but what you do with what you've done for others", - homeless man :)
Aubrielle Robinson
Aubrielle Robinson:
Noah: “I look like a drug dealer”😂😂
I believe they’re soulmates, maybe not relationship wise, but definitely friendship wise!
Bella Ramos
Bella Ramos:
All three of us basically have the same birthday

Noah: may 9
Lana: may 11
Me: may 15
Yorrani Terang - Airu
Yorrani Terang - Airu:
"Noah Centineo dog.."
"Dead. 4 years ago."
I can’t stand it that they’re name isn’t Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose:
Lana- "I think we're talking about the metric measurement" Noah- "oh like 12 inches?" not quite
amena !
amena !:
they are like platonic soulmates
Yaretzy Gonzalez
Yaretzy Gonzalez:
When she said “I’m Lana “
I was like “isn’t it Lara ?”
evelyn barkley
evelyn barkley:
He's the man version of a "quirky" girl
Graecyn Gudgeon
Graecyn Gudgeon:
so were just gonna ignore how they announced theyre releasing another to all the boys i’ve loved before??
Claire Hagen
Claire Hagen:
"now i just look like a drug dealer."

me: takes a sip of coffee and says "i feel you bro"
Shefali Rai
Shefali Rai:
So, Noah became an actor because his parents didn't want to hire a babysitter for his sister.😂
“ I sHot ThIs hEre iN nEW yOrk “

Literally not even 5 seconds

“I’m NinE aNd HeS ELevEn”

melanie cordova
melanie cordova:
3:27 puts her arm in him then takes her arm off
Btw his face was like 👀 😂
Kayli Alyson
Kayli Alyson:
the way she actually accidentally confirmed a third movie and didn’t realize it
Turkish lover
Turkish lover:
When he said that Mark raffelo is his father I truly believed it..
Dr. Makster
Dr. Makster:
Arw, her face is so round and cute
Aayushi Agarwal
Aayushi Agarwal:
People be complaining about his hair. But this video looks more real than the make belief movie. Also they both are so friendly towards each other. It's fun and genuine
The fact that Lana has to think if she had tattoos
Grace Burns
Grace Burns:
so nice that’s she’s bringing the prison inmate to all her interviews
Tiffany Olortiga
Tiffany Olortiga:
Noah’s birthday: May 9, 1996
My birthday: May 10, 1998
Lana’s birthday: May 11, 1997
We meant to be 🙇🏻‍♀️💕
Jay sanchez
Jay sanchez:
his voice sounds like he's talking in front of a fan
Natalie Arista
Natalie Arista:
I love how they both decided to go for the same hairstyle
Jeniset Gonzalez
Jeniset Gonzalez:
Noah: “just look like a drug dealer” 😭💀
Isis Tiscareno
Isis Tiscareno:
I wish both of them were in a relationship together.
Cecilia A
Cecilia A:
Who else looked up how old Noah is after he didn’t answer the question of how old he is?
LasT Bully
LasT Bully:
Why is lana dressed as an asian mom and noah as a disney-high school bully
Mathombi .Mavis Nsthangase
Mathombi .Mavis Nsthangase:
This ain't accurate the most searched question? Is there something going on between them or is there a slight possibility.
Joseph Messina
Joseph Messina:
i’m sorry, but when boys cut their hair like noah.. it ruins everything about them
nicole .
nicole .:
is lana doing like a charity or sumn, like bringing homeless men to her interviews? is so where can i donate?

Mel :D
Mel :D:
A lawyer and a prisoner
Why does his head look so small to me
Elin J
Elin J:
like all guys gets a HUUUUGGE glow down when they shave there hair
I like how uplifting they are of each in every interview. It's obvious noah doesnt take himself seriously because of all the hate he gets and lana is always trying to make him feel better about it. Also noah is always positive and loving towards lana. Friendship soulmates forreal.
Nunzia Visone
Nunzia Visone:
4:51 i'm italian and this part is so funny! But I always say "Centineo" and not "Chentineo"
Is he the same guy playing Peter Kavinsky's character ? LMAO
N o e ll e
N o e ll e:
i’m still trying to know why he cut his hair
Mina Ebrar Yavuz
Mina Ebrar Yavuz:
Me when sees the thumbnail:
Yeah dont ever cut your hair again
Dahlia _x3
Dahlia _x3:
2:38 The way Noah looks at Lana omg my heaaarttttt
When I was watching this Jessie was on and he was acting Oop flashbacks
abby rogers
abby rogers:
Is no one going to talk about how she said she’s in a movie called always and forever Lara Jean that’s the third one
Tom Pier
Tom Pier:
Noah: “But i’m kinda ambidextrous” i was like ope 🤭🤭
when Noah speaks in his whispering mode voice
Deivon Henshaw
Deivon Henshaw:
"So, are you going to show me how you squirt or what?"
Jenna McNutt
Jenna McNutt:
“noah centineo dog”

“shes dead”
shouldn’t have laughed
Lara Peklar
Lara Peklar:
'artie fartie'
omfg haha, Lana seems like such a down to earth, enjoyable person.
7:03 when Noah said he looks like a drug dealer with his hair I really loved how lana defended him it was cute
zoey dillingham
zoey dillingham:
Also the amount of flirting in this is bigger then Noah. “Well I think your voice is beautiful.”
Niizjahnees Nixon
Niizjahnees Nixon:
4:12 : "he my dawg"
Me: go girl, *tries to be cool*
Also me : left the chat.
aly simone
aly simone:
The _“is Noah Centineo left handed?”_ Google search was probably Lana’s.
Lavinia Mancini
Lavinia Mancini:
4:52 I am italian and I was like:wtf?
Abby Porter
Abby Porter:
I feel like Lana wears that yellow suit in EvErY InTeRvEiW oN yOu TuBe
Maddie Nguyen
Maddie Nguyen:
“how to get Noah Centineo hair”

Jee Jan
Jee Jan:
"you're 9 i'm 11" .. I've never realised im older than both of you
Samantha Knox
Samantha Knox:
Why did I think that said auto couple interview
Olivia_yourgirl !!!
Olivia_yourgirl !!!:
“ if your alive and breathing, you can meet me “ have me dead in a casket! 💀😂
fluffyfelixlee ☁️
fluffyfelixlee ☁️:
i love that none of the questions have proper grammar like- “noah centineo dog”
is no one going to talk about the fact that she said feet was a metric measurement
“now..i just look like a drug dealer.."
ah, so he's been reading his comments
Nims ToysToys
Nims ToysToys:
Am I the only one in my mid 30's that fancy this guy??
kierstyn hager
kierstyn hager:
Am I the only one who sees the on screem chemistry
The “Noah centinaeo dog” is probably because of his scar
charlene esteban
charlene esteban:
is this the principals office why they dressed like mom and son
Aisha Firra
Aisha Firra:
why is “noah centineo big neck” not there? i search that up a lot
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez:
put closed captions on, and see how youtube writes Noah Centineo.😂
maya walton
maya walton:
y’all notice when she was listing the movies that she said “always and forever lara jean” but that movie hasn’t even COME OUT YET????
Bored Sis
Bored Sis:
CEO Giving Tom Holland a run for his money
Ok Ok
Ok Ok:
I just had a heart attack where is his hairrrrrrr
Ritika Kandarkar
Ritika Kandarkar:
"Is noah centineo left handed?"
Noah: "no i'm right handed."
iykyk hehe
Reagan Chukwu
Reagan Chukwu:
Lana: yOu ShUt YoUr FaCe!

Noah: * smiles bigger than my face.. *