Noah Centineo & Lana Condor Take a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair

Noah Centineo and Lana Condor, stars of 'To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You,' take Vanity Fair's infamous lie detector test. Does Lana think Noah would make a good X-Men? Does Noah consider himself a heartthrob? Does Lana believe you should tell your crush if you like them? Does Noah go back and read his old tweets?

Noah Centineo and Lana Condor star in TO ALL THE BOYS: P.S. I STILL LOVE YOU. Streaming exclusively on Netflix February 12, 2020. Watch here:

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Noah Centineo & Lana Condor Take a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair

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Nia Nkana
Nia Nkana:
Why does it look like Noah is in jail while Lana is his lawyer
Emma V
Emma V:
how did they do so many interviews in just one day
Bethannyyy O
Bethannyyy O:
Noah: Would you say I'm your best friend in the world?
Lana: No
Noah: *heart breaks on the inside but tries to play it cool*
nela kolo
nela kolo:
He’s the realist actor i know cause he just acts as himself in every movie
amena !
amena !:
in ALL of these tests i have never NEVER seen the lie detector person be this vocal
amena !
amena !:
a business woman and a homeless man
vanessa dong
vanessa dong:
I like this detective person better, he’s not as serious than the last one
Sydney Kong
Sydney Kong:
I feel like noah's trying to insinuate/subtly hint that they should date. because he's asking very interesting questions to lana about her crush, and he's asking about her friend and about someone she knows
Noah's voice is so sexy, I could listen
to him talk all day
Emily Davis
Emily Davis:
I love how the guy who has doing the test would just say loudly “LIE”
Lepoulet Aveclechat
Lepoulet Aveclechat:
If you close your eyes you can imagine Mark Ruffalo actually speaking.
Indianna Moon
Indianna Moon:
They both have partners but it’s pretty obvious that he likes to flirt and make her uncomfortable lol 😂
4:30 Why do I feel like that's Noah's personal question to Lana hmmmm
Andreea Veliche
Andreea Veliche:
Noah:"When you're alone do you ever.."
1:49 Lana's eyes:Don't..
Noah:"Dance in a mirror?"
I'm dead.
Sydney Kong
Sydney Kong:
"do you think i'm a better dancer than i am"
I think he has a tattoo somewhere hidden and that's what he lied about
lovely army
lovely army:
The way Noah just breathing screams boyfriend material and in this video it's on level 1000000
This was so intense. I like Noah's new Haircut. He looks way more mature & handsome now.
Louise Pedersen
Louise Pedersen:
"like if they were dating someone else?" why do I feel like Noah has a crush on Lana but feels like he can't tell her because she is dating someone else. And now he knows that Lana thinks he shouldn't either :(

Edit: Thanks for all the likes! I was just stating my interpretation. No need to argue (with me at least) for something else (:
Gisella Viseho
Gisella Viseho:
amena !
amena !:
*lana:* would you ever get a
tattoo with me?
*noah:* yeah

*me:* ok i’m going to go cry now
4:27 “why not” hit different. He likes her 🥺
Do you think you should tell your crush you like them even If they are dating someone else??
Ana Leovac
Ana Leovac:
1:48 she thought he would say something else😂😂😂
Julie Nguyen
Julie Nguyen:
“IS FRIENDS NOT ON NETFLIX” I’m a little disappointed noah
Sandara Puanani
Sandara Puanani:
these two are "one of a kind" friendship where they can say whatever, be comfortable around each other, respect and love each other and glow at the same time. watching them in all their interviews just brings smiles and happyjoy. rare friendship that will hopefully last a lifetime!
Paris Perier
Paris Perier:
Omg she looks like she’s about to cry after she got caught lying about liking Noah’s fake Africa photos 😂😂😂 smh they got uuu
Honor Bremner
Honor Bremner:
am I the only one here wishing they would please just DATE ALREADY??
Every time I see his face all I think about is when he said:

*It matters not what you've done, but what you do with what you've done, for others*
Saeedat A
Saeedat A:
I think he definitely likes or liked her. That question about telling your crush you like them even if they are dating someone else. Hurts my heart.
(I know he is dating someone)
Saumya Saurabh
Saumya Saurabh:
4:23 seems so personal. AND 4:27 IS TOO MUCH. the way Noah says 'why not?' FEELS BABBBYY.
"sometimes it's not the right timing to do so" YEAH LIKE NOAH DATING ALEXIS AND LANA DATING ANTHONY.
Eva w
Eva w:
It seems like he really likes her and shes gone past that
Saeedat A
Saeedat A:
If Lana wasn’t in a relationship while they were filming the first movie, I really think they would be dating now. They have so much chemistry.
0:08 they are so touchy in every interview I swear, and I love it
he looks like someone with soo much secrets ,I could feel that he was fooling the lie detector the whole time
Anna Smith
Anna Smith:
Guys, you’re reading too much into the question he asked Lana about telling your crushes you like them. That’s the basic premise of their movie, that’s why he asked it
josefine csr
josefine csr:
I think Noah was really hurt by some of her answers, i feel so sorry for him, i bet he has a huge crush on her!!! :(
Chrystal Depaz
Chrystal Depaz:
I think he was hurt when she asked if he is her best friend in the world and she said no and he said cmon that’s gotta be a lie 😭😭
Isa Cortés
Isa Cortés:
They are so so cute together
Lolo the super hero
Lolo the super hero:
Danielle Cohn should take this test see if she’s actually 15 🤣
rosanna spears
rosanna spears:
"do you think playing hard to get works?"

*Noah mentally taking notes on how to impress her*
Tuana Mey
Tuana Mey:
04:20 sounds like there is something going on. They two are into each other it's kinda obvious and it sounds like he's checking what she thinks.
Is no one gonna talk about have he asked her “if the person you like was dating someone else would you tell them if you like them” and he is dating Alexis ren and Lana and Noah have great chemistry but is no one gonna say ANYTHING ( 4.35 )
Kini Pela
Kini Pela:
He lied about beeing a narcissist.
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger:
"Why not?"😳😭
Like I feel Noah likes Lana, but its not the right time🤔😭
The way he looks at her😍💕
I actually loved the second movie, I even preferred it to the first one. I especially loved the scene in the aquarium - you could really see how hurt he was and how he just said "yes" to the necklace because he was so hurt by her question. There was so much between them that hasn't been said
Honestly, amazing film.
When he said he didn't post any photos and they both started laughing was so funny haha
hazel Ibrahim
hazel Ibrahim:
Honestly I feel like he's trying to hint to Lana that he likes her
Binayi Sabar
Binayi Sabar:
4:50 how her heartbeat changes.. i feel like Noah doesn't mind being in a relationship with her uwu
Noah question about telling your crushes if you like them even if they are dating someone else is DEFINITELY Noah personal question he wanted to know that for himself he so wants to be with lana Just be together already Pleaseeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!❤❤❤🥰🥰
Mili Rodriguez
Mili Rodriguez:
Lie detector guy:" It was more of a grey area...we can ask the question again or move on"
Lana: *decides to ask again even more clear* 😂💜
Jade Lew
Jade Lew:
"If they were dating someone else?" hmm ok Noah
Mili Rodriguez
Mili Rodriguez:
I swear Noah would make a good detective at least in a movie. The way he asks the questions(his soft yet strong way of speaking) makes you nervous to answer 😂 they have a beautiful friendship chemistry 💜
Natalie Asheé
Natalie Asheé:
Did anyone catch that small expression of terror and the little shake of her head when he said “When you’re alone...” before he finished the sentence 😂😂
Sarah S
Sarah S:
Noah (hopeful) : Would you say that I'm your best friend in the world ?
Lana : No.
Noah: When you're alone do you ever..
Lana: * *_noah don't do it_* *
Noah: in the mirror ?
Lana: * *_RELIEF_* *
Kodak black
Kodak black:
honestly noah got so personal when he asked about the crush part. you could tell this definitely meant something to him. and the way he said why not like it just had so much meaning behind it. the way he looked at her so intensely on that question and the rest he was looking down. he definitely has some form of a crush on her😔
Paola Díaz
Paola Díaz:
The Rock like Peter Kavinsky, oh honey. Please, get out that picture from my mind. 😂😂😂
Colby and Brennen
Colby and Brennen:
Lana looks like a rich businesswomen being questioned for tax fraud while Noah looks like he's in their for drug charges
Tulin Keskin
Tulin Keskin:
the way Noah Centineo is asking the questions literally sounds romantic or something
anyone else think noah wants do date lanaaa
Lilot S
Lilot S:
noah: when you're alone do you ever.......d a n c e
lana's was a bit scared there at first HAHAHAHAHAHA
Nyrity Boyd
Nyrity Boyd:
Noah: when your alone do you ever
Lana: *looks at him weird*
Noah: dance in the mirror
Lana:*sweet relief *
Me: 😲🤣
shaoni banerjee
shaoni banerjee:
Noah's birthday 11th May
Lana's birthday 8th May

Noah's gf Alexis birthday 23rd November
Lana's bf Anthony birthday 24th November

Kia Evans
Kia Evans:
“Do you have any tattoos” Lana queries, already knowing the answer.
“Would you ever get a tattoo with me?” She asks hopefully, praying his answer is what she wants.
“Yeah” Noah replies, no doubt about it.

isn’t the whole question about crush dating someone else thing just supposed to be related to the movie lol.
neha murala
neha murala:
the TENSION in this video my lord
Interesting Miseries
Interesting Miseries:
Noah does not consider himself a heart throb. Just wow.
Yexi Martinez
Yexi Martinez:
Ok forgive me if I'm wrong but all the questions at the end from him to her seems like she likes him and has feelings for him but it's not the right time for them like if you agree
Luis Fuentes
Luis Fuentes:
Noah:When you alone do you ever
Lana: 😳
Noah: dance in front of the mirror
Sunny Gal
Sunny Gal:
I feel like it’s obvious that they like each other
Gladys Wong
Gladys Wong:
Is no one gonna mention Noah's wink at 2:36 😏
Almost Julie
Almost Julie:
Men do the bare minimum and get called a heartthrob.....
The V
The V:
Is anyone else curious about the face Lana Condor made when Noah asked her, “When you’re alone do you ever...”
😂😂 1:47
Sarah Boras
Sarah Boras:
the dude yelling LIIIIEEE omg 😂😂he is enjoying that way too much
Amelia Alvarez
Amelia Alvarez:
Noah makes it so obvious that he wants to know that Lana likes him. like omggg uwu
V k
V k:
their chemistry is just undeniable damn
Andre3000fan 123456
Andre3000fan 123456:
The fact that the three lead characters in this movie are all Taurus..... I'M HERE FOR IT #TAURUSGANG♉
Bye !
Bye !:
Omg their relationship is giving Camila and Shawn before they dated vibes, like I feel like Noah has a crush on Lana like Shawn did with Camila.
Ko Aung Khin
Ko Aung Khin:
should’ve brought in John because his facial expressions are everything.
They did a lot of promo this day
pinkie x
pinkie x:
he looked so hurt when she said no to him being her best friend 🥺
Izzy’s Editing
Izzy’s Editing:
4:20 -4:40 he looks like he’s hinting at sumn👀
Kirito †
Kirito †:
“Do you like me?”

*Lie Detector Test*
This is the hottest he’s ever been yes I love
Mihaela Aymalieva
Mihaela Aymalieva:
Still waiting for them to get together..the chemistry is obvious.
4:07 WTF?!!! “Manifest anything else?” And then the stare he did and said “we’ll leave it at that” are they in love???
ll ll
ll ll:
Ok people...they dating different people now but are only 22 and 23. Let them grow up a little and in the future date one another. I can totally see them together in the future.
Lana’s shoulders really went 〰️
Zainab Haniffa
Zainab Haniffa:

The way he nods and says I didn't post any photos

Oooof calm down man! 😍
Cianne Smith
Cianne Smith:
1:48 “when you’re alone do you ever...” broo her face was like THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE PG13. My girl looked hella nervous 😂
Phoebe TonQueen
Phoebe TonQueen:
4:27 he’s definitely crushing on her HARD.
A NamJesus STAN
A NamJesus STAN:
There is definitely a lotta chemistry going on mostly from Noah's side but i feel Lana is blocking it from her side
Φρατζεσκα Νινου
Φρατζεσκα Νινου:
Couples that people "made" :

2019: Shawn Mendes+ Camila Cabello
2020: Noah +Lana
Noah: “when you are alone do you ever... “
Lana: 😳
Krystal Love
Krystal Love:
Lana: Were you alive in the 70s?
Noah: Yea.
Lie Detector: *Truuue.*
yourfavdoll Z
yourfavdoll Z:
you can see Noah being offended/hurt questions after questions he asked to Lana lmao
I like how comfortable they are with each other. I would love to have more friends that are in the same vein as Noah.