Nodaway County Sheriff talks Lisa Montgomery case

The execution of Lisa Montgomery has been moved to January 12th. She is on death row for the 2004 murder of an expecting mother and the kidnapping of her unborn baby. Montgomery's lawyers say her life should be spared because of her mental illness and the abuse she endured. Investigative reporter Angie Ricono traveled to the scene of the crime. Tonight, she talks to the Nodaway County Sheriff.

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PNP- Paguital
PNP- Paguital:
She was alive when the stomach is cut..can't imagine the pain..😣😣😣
.a small cut in my finger is already painful to me..
Audrey shearer
Audrey shearer:
What’s their background got to do with those disgusting acts , 🤬 I would disown a sister who did that 🤬🤬
Mariela Domingo
Mariela Domingo:
As a mom and a victim of sexual abuse, there is no excuse. You don't kill and kidnap someone's baby, and in such a manner, ever. This was premeditated, pure and simple.
Texas Tea
Texas Tea:
She was able to marry and spit out 4 kids, AAAAAND meticulously plan this murder...doesn't sound mentally ill to me. 🤷‍♀️
DeAnna McCrimmon
DeAnna McCrimmon:
I’m sorry but if any case deserves the death penalty, it’s this one. Bobbie was brutally murdered.
Brain damaged? It was meticulously planned and she came prepared- let that sink in. She knew EXACTLY what she was doing.
Rest In Peace, Bobbie. 🌸
Healthy lifestyle ASMR
Healthy lifestyle ASMR:
No mercy with this monster
Agustin Morales Rodriguez
Agustin Morales Rodriguez:
She's a goner!!!
Denise Kristen
Denise Kristen:
Bye bye Lisa!!!!
Jennifer Monfils
Jennifer Monfils:
Everybody saying that she should be spared her life because of this and that, what if she would have done this to your child. She knew what she was doing.
Youtubeisruined Byblacksgaysandwomen
Youtubeisruined Byblacksgaysandwomen:
Were it a man.... hed be dead without the lawyer
Hope the baby never finds out what happened but I guess they will.
I'm going to quote a comedian for this. When will they ever take responsibility for their actions? This monster killed another person and still someone else is to blame. There are people out there who have been raped, beat up, and abused but didn't grow up to be a psychopath. And even if that's taken out of the conversation, unfortunately its an "it is what it is" situation where you already have a psychopath. Keep her alive and she will eventually kill again.
Sunaina Panthy
Sunaina Panthy:
Ohh god I am watching it around 1:26 midnight mind is just starting to crack
"Womb raiders", are the worst of the worst. It is sad that Montgomery was abused as a child but come on, pretending to be pregnant and knowing when it was time to produce a baby she strangled Bobbi, a expecting mother, cut out Bobbi's baby went home and tried to pass Bobbi's baby off as her own is just evil. This is such an evil act. She was tried and her punishment is death. This is the law if the land. This must be carried out.
Sven S.
Sven S.:
Again execution is stayed, why? Because its a woman. Men and woman are equal so I thought, same procedure for the monster please! Apologise my English.
Rebelstarr Haircolor
Rebelstarr Haircolor:
I don't know if I believe these details
Strangled more than once?
Suzanne Ribas
Suzanne Ribas:
What happened to the baby did it live?
I can think of a nation of people that committed this same crime on another nation of people, but yet when that is brought up the first nation of people want to forget about it and say that was in the past. I can't wait for justice to be served on them by the Lord. By the way didn't Andrew Jackson commit these same crimes on the trail of tears, and he was made President.
s z
s z:
Erica Rodriguez
Erica Rodriguez:
No excuses! I’ve been abuse sexually mentally and fisically n I would never kill someone!!!

Burn in hell....
out of work gamer
out of work gamer:
good riddance
German Weedlover
German Weedlover:
My country does not believe in death sentence anymore but we never had such brutal cases. after i read the news here i googled her. she deserves it.
Odin is the One
Odin is the One:
No mental illness!!!
The Freshdawn
The Freshdawn:
I don't think all murderers deserve the death sentence but I believe Montgomery deserves it.
cokie cokester
cokie cokester:
WORM DIRT! I'LL PASS YOU THE NEEDLE! She should have been gone long ago 😉
Rebelstarr Haircolor
Rebelstarr Haircolor:
I heard something about guillotines. Do you think they would be using those in the future?
Did her parents and any men get indicted? This is primarily their fault.
Inner Space Entertainment Ltd The Actors Domain
Inner Space Entertainment Ltd The Actors Domain:
I'll bake a special cake . lemme know when they pull the hooo hooo😬😠😈😛😎😭
D Yates
D Yates:
True horror. I have no words for what that poor woman went through. Simply incredible.
sara nyiransanga
sara nyiransanga:
Uwe Z
Uwe Z:
Lisa Montgomery needs to go.
Love Yamaha
Love Yamaha:
I hope they put her down...
Doreen Maclean
Doreen Maclean:
I had forgotten the name of this killer, but was reminded as soon as the video started. She deserves what she gets. She put Bobbi through hell💔. There is so much evil in this world💩. Justice needs to be served💞.
Cynthia Blanchard
Cynthia Blanchard:
That's not a good excuse to murder! I had a bad child hood like her but I don't kill
A sad and depressing story. I don’t believe she has mental disorder. Her crime was all planned out.
nero bua
nero bua:
no excuse! evil in flesh!
This is the result of our devious society
Lory 1
Lory 1:
Why does her sister not answer right away and does not sound convincing? She paused with a surprised look on her face. Idk about these claims.
Rebelstarr Haircolor
Rebelstarr Haircolor:
Or she was mk ultra
I pray they carry this out before biden takes office.if she lives, it's a crime in of itself
Noor Abdulle
Noor Abdulle:
I couldn't not believe any human being could do such thing.😪😪😪😪
Diamond Leigh
Diamond Leigh:
No more stopping the Justice for a Loving Mother...... May she be able to truly RIP after January 12th! Who cares about Lisa Life! She is not mentally ill! All Murderers claim their crazy🤨 No one want to hear anything her sister have to say if it's defending A MONSTER
Gabrielle Wright
Gabrielle Wright:
She need to gooooo I have no sorry in me for her poor Bobbie n baby😭😭😭😭she need to goo
Mieka Degerness
Mieka Degerness:
I am Against the death penalty . BUT Lisa had a Choice to Make . And Chose To Kill a Pregnant Woman .And Cut the BABY From that Woman's Belly . She was Sane while Telling Everyone she was Pregnant . She was even More Sane While Killing and Steeling Another Woman's UNBORN BABY . Don't make Stupid Said Lame Stories . GOD KNOWS ALL THINGS ! No Excuse Will Be Good Enough For GOD .
Fabio Verzeletti
Fabio Verzeletti:
Tutto terribile
La società dovrebbe riflettere.
Riflettere sul cinismo che ci porta a invidiare le persone quando sono felici.
A invidiare il vicino di casa per un giardino fiorito.
A girare lo sguardo davanti alle difficoltà del prossimo , o addirittura additarlo e guardarlo Come un portatore di peste.
Tutto questo accade perché manca questa sensibilità che dovrebbe far notare il disagio , e far sì che chi preposto intervenga per aiutare chi manifesta atteggiamenti disturbati.
Poi arriva purtroppo la punizione ultima che arriva a portare una finta giustizia che invece odora di soluzione fallimentare.
All sins can be forgiven, But you still have to pay for your crime. The things of this world and the way of human thinking is a enemy to GOD. You have to change your worldly thinking and get Spiritual. Then you will understand the things we did in ignorance was a worldly reaction. We are all Guilty before a HOLY GOD, no matter if you stole bread to eat or Cut out a baby from another mother. A SIN is a SIN. As a Child of God get RIGHT or get LEFT. The LORD knows the intent of the Heart when you seek JESUS. TRULY - But you still have to pay for your crime. 1 Cor 15:1 - 4
Liane Cornils
Liane Cornils:
My life was ordered done.. lol.. for helping a dr diagnose a rare disease. Lets talk system.
Andrew Nelis
Andrew Nelis:
I'm actually against the Death penalty, but I'm just going to be honest, I can see why some would be in favour of it , reading and hearing horrific heinous crimes like this ! That lisa one knew right well what she was doing, someone crazy , couldn't surely plan this out the way she did
Jenny hunt
Jenny hunt:
How about that babies life...I dont think anyone should have anything to say about this unless you were at the crime scene.
Let's keep it real here. She killed a man she would be out by now. Men are the real victims in this country
Joshua Pearce
Joshua Pearce:
A classic case of people fundamentally not understanding how a mixture psychosis and CPTSD can manifest in totally disosiated actions. It's is possible to both completely believe that you have given birth to said child, whilst a completely different and fractured compulsion drives the theft via murder. These two may be completely unaware of each others existence. It's a horrific crime, but it's also criminal to disregard how severe lifelong trauma can effect a person. She belongs in a psychiatric institution, not prison, let alone being executed. Honestly take some time to read into her history, and how trauma affects the brain. Without educating yourselves, you are likely to just continue to torture those victims, and worse, add to the amount that get totally overlooked until a tragedy like this happens. We need better access, funding, and understanding in these feilds, otherwise our society is doomed to relive these horrific events time and time again.
Danny Farley
Danny Farley:
I hope she gets it come on trump get rid of the deadly beast what she did i don't want to hear she had it hard so what
Nicholas da Silva
Nicholas da Silva:
They have no business sentencing Ms. Montgomery to death. If they do it will be a very deep stain on the nation’s reputation.
Lisa is so damn hot i wanna marry her
Moses NN
Moses NN:
Life for life 😁😁? America stop it ...she killed bt spare her is of God
Margaret White
Margaret White:
I really don't understand why was she never given the help she needed before this awful thing if she had mental illness, why wasn't she in a facility and not aloud to be around people. They just wait for bad things to happen frist then they lock you up, to little too late
Inner Space Entertainment Ltd The Actors Domain
Inner Space Entertainment Ltd The Actors Domain:
Pink Clouds
Pink Clouds:
I know people are angry and what she did is so wrong but please, please google some articles about her. Her story is so so so incredibly horrific. And yes she has mental problems from what was done to her. PLEASE go read her story. You need to be educated before having an opinion.
Eliseo Cella
Eliseo Cella:
💪 TRUMP🇺🇸🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾