Norm Macdonald & Courtney Thorne-Smith | Late Night with Conan O’Brien

(Original airdate: 05/15/97) Courtney Thorne-Smith and Norm Macdonald talk about her leaving "Melrose Place" and working with Carrot Top on "Chairman of the Board."

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100+ comentarios:

This is, and always shall be, the greatest clip of any talk show ever.
The Guitologist
The Guitologist:
Not a single F- is given by Norm. God, that dude was awesome.
Nucleus Medical Media
Nucleus Medical Media:
He was so good at making people smile.
Norm didn't die of cancer. He went to prison for murdering Carrot Top's career in this interview.
beata jolanta dulnik
beata jolanta dulnik:
“Death is a funny thing. Not funny haha, like a Woody Allen movie, but funny strange, like a Woody Allen marriage”
- Norm MacDonald
Dolan Darker
Dolan Darker:
RIP Norm, what a fitting clip. It reminds me of that tragedy
Gabe Gomez
Gabe Gomez:
This segment was dead in the water until Norm pipes in with "Hey are you talking about Melrose place??" and breathes hilarious life into it.
Laarb Pad
Laarb Pad:
When Norm talks about living on Melrose Place he calls them “tourist retards.” That was edited out by cutting the audio.
Armando Gonzalez
Armando Gonzalez:

Norms comeback to Conans challenge of "do something with that you freak." was delivered in about 4 seconds.
That my friends, is the quick wit of a genius...
Tom Gibbs
Tom Gibbs:
6:14...he almost says “box office poison” but in a split second he realizes that he can build up the tension and make the joke hit even harder. If he would have just blurted it out, it still would have been hilarious, but with his self control he created one of the best moments of a talk show interview I’ve ever seen. Freakin genius, man. Norm is amazing.
The absolute brilliance of this is that Courtney Thorne-Smith is having as much fun as a Norm and Conan. I'm surprised she didn't have a bigger career, clearly she has a winning presence and comedic sensibilities
Dave Costello
Dave Costello:
I love how loud Andy is laughing when Norm makes the premature ejaculation joke. Conan and Andy loved his humor, as we all do. Greatest interview ever.
Eric H
Eric H:
The glimmer Norm got in his eye the moment the "chairman of the bored" joke occured to him is wonderful.
The Castiel
The Castiel:
Just yesterday, he was the funniest man alive...
James Fields
James Fields:
Courtney Thorne Smith said it was one of the greatest things she ever took part in. Absolutely loved Norm.
I like this lady. She is a talented, nice talk show guest
Christopher Cottrell
Christopher Cottrell:
Norm was so quick-witted. Well read and high IQ, all wrapped up with a unique voice, and impeccable delivery. Timeless, and funny even after seeing it multiple times.
Sean L.
Sean L.:
The guy was amazing. The way he just took over that whole interview. Unreal. RIP, Normy. You were truly one of a kind.
CONAN: "Do something with that, you freak!"
NORM: "Challenge accepted."
Austin Buholtz
Austin Buholtz:
Norm took such a boring, awkward interview and turned it into such a hilarious, memorable highlight. Nobody like Norm 😢
Steve X
Steve X:
Norm explaining his jokes is everything. He left a massive void just now. I'm gonna need some time for this one 🥺
Kenny Jones
Kenny Jones:
B-O-R-E-D Conan`s reaction is CLASSIC...I remember seeing this LIVE and i was dying on the floor laughing...REST Well Norm Thanks
Chad Nogskillen
Chad Nogskillen:
"Are you talkin about Melrose Place?"
Just the sheer perfect timing of that, he cuts through it like a razor blade.
Enrique Herrera
Enrique Herrera:
“I’m pretty sure, I’m not a doctor, but I’m pretty sure if you die, the cancer dies at the same time. That’s not a loss. That’s a draw.”

-Norm MacDonald
greasy vvop
greasy vvop:
The segment ends with Conan referencing an appearance by Collective Soul, whose hit song begged "Heaven let your light shine down". I feel like their wish came true in the form of Norm. From now on when you hear that song, take a moment away from chewing your pancakes at Denny's and remember the legend himself, shining down on us from Heaven.
It's no wonder Conan always has the best interview clips with comedians. The man is a true comedian himself, and someone who genuinely loves comedians to the point of setting up situations where they shine much brighter than he does. Every single interaction of his with Norm is beautiful. RIP Norm.
Norm a few minutes after they started talking about Melrose Place... "Are you talking about Melrose Place?". God, the balls on him, and that was just the start :) He wouldn't let anything get in the way of a great joke! RIP Norm!
Conan really has a great way of letting the guests unload their comedy potential. Easily the best late night host.
Ilya Ripine
Ilya Ripine:
“Death is a funny thing. Not funny haha, like a Woody Allen movie, but funny strange, like a Woody Allen marriage”
- Norm MacDonald
“9 1/2 Seconds”….”Box Office Poison…..”Chairman of the Bored”. Perfect.
“Chairman of the Bored” still one of my favorites.
opzz xsin
opzz xsin:
I love how loud Andy is laughing when Norm makes the premature ejaculation joke. Conan and Andy loved his humor, as we all do. Greatest interview ever.
Doug Rosengard
Doug Rosengard:
Lol, Norm is hilarious. You could tell Courtney wasn’t all that excited about having to promote that movie and was dying when Norm roasted Carrot Top. 😄 He turned what would have been a totally forgettable interview into a classic clip.

RIP Norm
Jessy Fretz
Jessy Fretz:
This clip makes me remember how not jacked Carrottop was.
guitta Dabe
guitta Dabe:
I was really touched by Courtney's passionate defense of Carrot Top:
Norm: "If it's got Carrot Top in it, it should be called Box Office Poison"!
Courtney: "Hey, I'm in this movie too!"
Don't worry Carrot Top, Courtney's got your back! LOL!
Juzu Juzu
Juzu Juzu:
I have seen this SO many times. Yet every time it's fresh like I'm watching it for the first time. I did a little test just now, I watched it three times in a row, and every time it makes me laugh so hard that water comes pouring down from my eyes.

Norm is obviously the God of comedy, but Conan, Courtney and Andy all contribute for making this clip amazing.
Paul S
Paul S:
They were talking about Melrose Place for one minute and 59 seconds when Norm says”are you talking about Melrose Place?”. Genius.
Omg, 1st time seeing this interview, couldn’t contain my laughter on how quick wit this man was with the chairman of the board response. Too funny.
JFC he just made me cry I’m laughing so hard. “Do something with that you freak.”
And he does.
D8 L8
D8 L8:
The chairman of the b.o.r.e.d reaction was the best natural reaction ever. Love it, R.I.P Norm
Shout out to CTS also, for being so engaging and a good sport. She's part of the reason this clip works so well. Respect.
No one made Conan laugh like Norm did. He'll be dearly missed.
as legendary as Norm's appearance is, Conan's "Ralph Malph" line makes me lol every time I watch this.
I love this clip so much, can't count how many times I've watched it!
winter ramos
winter ramos:
Hats off to Conan O'Brien for being such a class act and a wonderful friend towards Norm. Conan didn't have to upload every clip of Norm for us but he did...he did it for all of us.
Mike Banh
Mike Banh:
Norm is gold in this! Let’s also give shout out to Courtney Thorne-Smith for being awesome as well!
Emerald Tree Jose
Emerald Tree Jose:
I’ve never laughed harder than I have at Norm. “9/11 Airlines, what a terrible name for an airline company. It reminds me of that horrible tragedy.” Amazing.
J F:
Iconic…Norm. Always looked forward to Norm on with Conan and Andy. Magic
Conan’s all-time best interview, thanks to Norm.
Paul S
Paul S:
He didn’t just save the interview, he made it legendary
suraj punjabi
suraj punjabi:
Ladies if a man can make u laugh like Norm did to Courtney, he's a keeper.
Stephen Dexheimer
Stephen Dexheimer:
Carrot Top actually played clips from this interview at a show last night out of respect for Norm, huge respect to Carrot Top
Jim L.
Jim L.:
I actually watched this when it originally aired. I was dying with laughter! It was just so damn funny.
One of the single greatest moments in television history. Over the decades, I’ve watched this clip countless times - and I laugh my ass off every time.

You were an amazing, unique talent, Norm, that we will never see the likes of again. I can’t believe you’re gone.
Vincent Nguyen
Vincent Nguyen:
What a great clip! Still holds up in 2021. RIP Norm. Gone way too soon. Wish they could of got him on the podcast. But I understand why they couldn't. RIP
This is the funniest talk show segment in history.
Wow, the most fitting tribute if there ever was one. RIP Norm.
Wow nothing more gorgeous than a woman with a sense of humor, literally she tearing up in laughter
Aaron Link
Aaron Link:
I could watch this bit a thousand times and cry laughing each and every time. Rest in peace to one of the all-time greats.
Diogenes Dog
Diogenes Dog:
We love Norm because he always knew the perfect thing to say at the exact time. The rest of us would be driving home yelling “I should have said chairman of the BORED!!”. Norms comedy brain was legendarily quick
Philip Langford
Philip Langford:
I’ve watched this clip so many times just for a laugh, but I never picked up Conan’s soft comment after he tells Norm “You’re the biggest ass I ever met!” If you listen carefully, you can hear Conan say right after “and I love you for it.” Conan and Norm were the best together. RIP Norm.
His comedy lifted my spirits on the darkest of days. Rest In Peace, Norm.
Matt Sharkey
Matt Sharkey:
I love the idea that Norm is just watching her with that dumb smile the entire time he's listening to her reason for leaving the show. God bless!
Josh Rachlis
Josh Rachlis:
Norm held off as long as he could, waiting for the interview to go somewhere. And then he just had to jump in and help. It’s amazing that Courtney went on to the show without any anecdote or anything to say. Thank God Norm was there.
Mark O'Helm
Mark O'Helm:
I've never seen one episodes of Melrose Place, but I loved her on Ally McBeal. Rest in peace Norm MacDonald.🥺
I remember watching this air originally. Good times.
J Kim
J Kim:
Only a “Deeply Closeted Man” like Norm could’ve kept his secret of having cancer that well.

RIP Legend
Logan McCluskey
Logan McCluskey:
You know its gonna be good when norm peeks into the shot during Courtney's introduction
CW Brooks
CW Brooks:
Great to see so many others also revisiting this clip. Conan and Andy, great as always, and Courtney Thorne Smith is such a good sport, you can't help but love her. Man oh Man, feeling so sad. Thanks for eveything, Norm MacDonald.
Jeremy Donato
Jeremy Donato:
This is what it's like to be in the zone as a comedian. RIP
Accutronitis The 2nd
Accutronitis The 2nd:
This was the funniest thing I've EVER seen! You will be deeply missed, Norm...
Alex Nguyen
Alex Nguyen:
Courtney Thorne-Smith later told Vanity Fair,

Every once in a while, I’ll run into Conan and he’ll apologize, and I say, ‘That was one of my favorite moments of my life.’ Teased by Norm Macdonald? Are you kidding? I did The Tonight Show once, and Don Rickles made fun of my father, and my father never stopped talking about it. This is my version of that.

I told a story about my father telling a joke at my sister’s wedding, and then Don Rickles just went off on my father being crazy, and it was the high point of my father’s life. That’s how I felt when Norm teased me. It didn’t even occur to me that it could possibly be negative. I was beside myself.

I was there to promote Chairman of the Board. I was not thrilled about having to do it, so when Norm took over, I’m like, Oh, thank you, God and Norm Macdonald. It was a blessing. Look — had I thought that Chairman of the Board was my path to an Oscar, I might have been offended. I did not. So it was a joy to be teased about it. Because I didn’t know what I was going to say [on the show]. I was like, Good, Norm, you take over.

RIP Norm
Drifer Dark
Drifer Dark:
this might be one of Norm's best moments on Conan.Just so fast and so funny,the world lost an artist.
6:25 The subtle hand grasp after she says "I'm in it too!" Shows that it's all in good fun and he's a class act
RIP Norm
truly one of a kind
Norm's a legend. Conan is a legend as well. He brings out the best from his guests because he just keeps throwing lobs at them and let them shine.
Roel Vinckens
Roel Vinckens:
Finally I can enjoy this pure dynamite in descent quality.
Thank you Team Coco.
Goodbye Norm. Thanks for everything.
Was this not already uploaded to this channel? It's one of the all time greatest moments on Late Night. Just an absolutely savage joke... B-O-R-E-D. Never seen Conan laugh so hard.
I remember watching this live. RIP legend
D Peters
D Peters:
Watched this live when I was a much younger man....still one of my favorite moments in television history. RIP Norm. 🙏🏻
Red Man
Red Man:
Howard spoke about him because of all of the times he was on his show. Howard said they were never friends but had an unexplainable feeling of closeness to Norm, and wishes he could have said goodbye. I feel the same way. Is the laughter that he brings that charms you? What is it about him that makes you feel like you knew him personally?
serdy ximi
serdy ximi:
One of the greatest comedians to have ever lived. His Burt Reynolds impression was legendary, rest in peace.
Sir Weed
Sir Weed:
I'm going to miss this savage
Larry Johnson
Larry Johnson:
I have watched clips of this interview so many times over the years. Thanks Conon and Team for putting this out.
I actually watched chairman of the board yesterday. It makes this even funnier and how on point Norm was.
Jack Kelly
Jack Kelly:
Damn, I already miss this guy. The funniest man that ever lived. My wife still gets a little teary when she watches Robin Williams and I always made fun of her for it. She didn’t even know the guy. Now I get it. Love ya Norm.
I'm laugh-crying all these years later. What a character.
Dan Cicala
Dan Cicala:
"Do something with THAT one you freak!" Conan had to know there was a 0% chance Norm was gonna let that fly without the final word.
Norm was great but thats when he became the greatest comedian ever imo
I’m pretty sure I’ll be watching this interview many times coz Norm “bored” joke was perfectly delivered. Courtney, Conan and Andy were really enjoying Norm’s comedic genius. This is in the top 5 of Conan Classic interviews.
Cleveland BCI
Cleveland BCI:
Serious credit to Courtney for rolling with the punches.
Paddy Laddy
Paddy Laddy:
I vividly remember watching this the night it aired. I always loved how Norm made Courtney tear up with laughter.
shahroukh azizi
shahroukh azizi:
"I bet the Board is spelled B-O-R-E-D."
This was the greatest line ever. RIP Norm.
This wouldn’t have been as funny if Courtney wasn’t cool as hell
Patrick Berryman
Patrick Berryman:
I didn't realize how much I would miss him until he was gone and I discovered all of these clips.
Billy Ray Valentine
Billy Ray Valentine:
Just priceless. The last time I watched it Norm was still alive. My God was he priceless. Conan knew that he had no control over the mad genius. Thank you Norm. My life is better laughing at your epic talent
Omg look at Andy's reaction after the "box office poison" joke. In anyone else's hands that joke comes off just plain mean and would not hit but Norm, he had that goofy smile and kind way that allowed him to say things absolutely no one else could.
“I bet board is spelled B O R E D” - the single greatest talk show moment in history. RIP Legend!
This part of the show is amazing, but you've gotta post the clip with just Norm and Conan at the beginning as well! Legendary guest spot
Derek Talasek
Derek Talasek:
I love how nervous Andy is, sitting next to Norm 🤣 Like, "What's next...?"