Novak Djokovic First Round Press Conference | Wimbledon 2021

Novak Djokovic answers the questions after his four-set win over Jack Draper in the first round of The Championships 2021...

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Tribe of One
Tribe of One:
Nicely side stepped the contrived, crass, rediculous vaccine question. Well Done, Novak.
Lola Who
Lola Who:
The Emperor of Tennis ! I am actually Federer fan, but Nole is beyond my comprehension ...
Pgh Nzr
Pgh Nzr:
I’m loving Wimbledon’s efforts for uploading full press conference videos.
I said it ever since Australian Open 2021 its been the best we seen Novak ever since!!!
Pratik Shirke
Pratik Shirke:
Always nice to hear players speaking in their native language.
Fortress Fortresson
Fortress Fortresson:
Oh look Roland Garros and others. It's not that hard to upload full press conferences!
2kSportz :
ALL athletes in all Sports should pay Novak to teach them how to be mentaly strong...(specially Roger) This guy is a mental Giant he was first set down again ...and the pressure is now at all oponents because they know against djoko u need to win all 3 !! crazy GOAT allready!
мя xxx
мя xxx:
If his supreme returns wasn't enough for the competition, now they also have to deal with such exquisite serves on grass, the goat continues to develop his weapons
Steve Turner
Steve Turner:
25 Aces today is that correct?? Jeez, now he’s starting to serve Bullets like Ivanisevic!!
Donny Lane
Donny Lane:
Congratulations Novak Djokovic!!!🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle:
The Astra Zenica question was stupid but I'm sure it was done on purpose to lure Novak into making a comment.
Haha, he is now also one of these big servers. But still the best returner ever. The skill-level is getting ridiculous 😂
Scott Warren
Scott Warren:
Novak was the best tennis player ever. Novak is the best tennisplayer. Novak will be the best tennis player ever.
Amy Ampaire
Amy Ampaire:
Keep winning king ❤️
General Shockwave Kingpin
General Shockwave Kingpin:
Great Djokovic, the favorite for Wimbledon 2021.
Irena Deacon Henriquez
Irena Deacon Henriquez:
Humble and gracious in victory 🙂
The Titan himself, the greatest tennis player of all time , and one of the best athletes ever to walk the earth!
Daniil Medvedev
Daniil Medvedev:
Breaking: Roland Garros team rushed to hospital after their brains exploded upon realising that uploading press conferences is possible
Bishal Neer
Bishal Neer:
Match Highlights: 3 minutes!
Press Conference: 14 minutes!
Marisav Simijonović
Marisav Simijonović:
Goat for all the Times
leah kern
leah kern:
he's simply just better in so many ways and people don't admit it
Carlos Andres Castro Medina
Carlos Andres Castro Medina:
Wimbledon has the best YouTube channel, complete Conferences and great content
Filipe Faria
Filipe Faria:
ACES!!!!!!! Just keep it comin through out the tournament
Maestro !
Fraser Macdonald
Fraser Macdonald:
give him the trophy already
Maybe he can win all grand slams in 2021🥰
Matthew Hagen
Matthew Hagen:
Kosta Nedeljkovic
Kosta Nedeljkovic:
Why do they have to ask him questions about stuff other then the match??? I bet that it’s as annoying for him as it is for us who want to actually hear his thoughts about the match. Ridiculous
Jay Sean
Jay Sean:
To be fair a lefty is awkward for everyone, including other lefty's. It's just because they are so unusual to face.
Wimz Swimz
Wimz Swimz:
He needs to win this tournament if he doesn't want to lost points because he was a defending champion last year. I remember that rafael nadal got 1000 points taken in french open 2021 because he lost in SF and he was a defending champion last year
ian s
ian s:
What a joke Covid distancing in centre court ...yet I can’t eat in a restaurant with more than 6 people...well done Wimbledon for sticking two fingers up at the whole situation....sooner we get back to normal the better..
looking forward to your next game nole!
Djokovic served like Pete Sampras today.
Steve Lily
Steve Lily:
Truly LOVE Novak 💟💞💝💗💖💕💓. He's Highly Intelligent, Thoughtful, Kind...

SHAME about some of the (sadly!) British and American journalists and their Inappropriate questions and disrespectful overall comportment!
If we had youngsters asking the questions I guarantee they'd be more interesting and relevant to the players and their matches.
Kizic Sladjan
Kizic Sladjan:
Why is Ben Rottenberg allowed to ask stupid questions?
Great that Wimbledon are uploading press conferences and interviews but they gotta give us some longer highlights please, 5 minutes at least please?
Joel Wright
Joel Wright:
Kevin had 40 aces, great finale upcoming
Mateo Juric
Mateo Juric:
Good to see full press conferences…but where are the highlights?
Mazi Thoughts
Mazi Thoughts:
2:02 “The standing ovation as I came on the court wasn’t for me?” 🤣😂 jk
Yoyo saB
Yoyo saB:
Go Novak win it again
Love, Sandy
Love, Sandy:
The greatest player is Novak
Love Wimbledon ❤️❤️❤️
George L
George L:
What a ridiculous question about the vaccine at the start
Basileus Basileus
Basileus Basileus:
Wimbledon: "We are extremely proud of our age-old traditions."
Just one BLM Activist-Troll somewhere: "Wearing all white is sign of white supremacy."
Wimbledon: "Aaaand it's gone. We are deeply sorry for causing so much pain and suffering."
Really lame try to provoke him with vaccine question. He clearly stated that he doesn't have anything against them, but that he feels players shouldn't be forced to take it, which is completely reasonable imo.
Coming for number 20!
To have the privilege of asking the question of your choice to undoubtedly one of the greatest players of all time after a service clinic (25 aces & a golden game in 46”) and to spend it on vaccination related / gender equality non sequitur is truly the signe of journalistic vacuity and narcissism. Luckily, S. Ozmo was here to save the day.
Hoàng Văn Nho
Hoàng Văn Nho:
Djokovic champions
Alexander Jordan-Smith
Alexander Jordan-Smith:
Awsome job novak
Svaba Pancevo
Svaba Pancevo:
Anna Maria
Anna Maria:
Niks Moret
Niks Moret:
Zec was wonderboy CHAMP,nobody,nobody,nobody won Wimbly under top 100 in history of this sport!
Sand Elf
Sand Elf:
Well done Lance.
Nice answers from Nole
Malphas Mikaelson
Malphas Mikaelson:
His serve was indeed great but Draper was also quite bad on return. Can't wait to see what he continues to do with his serve in his next matches.
Никола Тесла
Никола Тесла:
Novak Goatovic 😉
where is the "not too bad" guy? It looks less press conference without him.
If he wins this one he becomes the first in the modern era to win the first three legs of the majors. One match down six to go.
George Toogood
George Toogood:
so true about the lack of advertising
Marko Karanović
Marko Karanović:
Samo gi ti cepaj redom 👌👌👌
P Werf
P Werf:
Why talk about vaccines in a GD press conference!
Jovo Hodzic
Jovo Hodzic:
Why the questions about vaccines? Gestapo making sure we are all 100% politically correct?
Colby Scott
Colby Scott:
Can anybody give a summary of the Serbian portion?
I disagree with Novak's position on the vaccine BUT I am a huge fan of him and his tennis. Why does it matter... why is he being asked these stupid non-tennis related questions!!
Maryàm /NoleDjokfan
Maryàm /NoleDjokfan:
Idemoo nolee
Lazar Kocic
Lazar Kocic:
Eduardo at the end: Tiafoe 4-3 😂
Kate Paine
Kate Paine:
Slimey question slipped in about AZ vax. Let’s stick to tennis UK.
Gavrilo Princip
Gavrilo Princip:
Well done Nole, just stay focused and play the game. Saint Sava is in your corner again.
Jacob r
Jacob r:
filthy first journo trying to distract.
Suzana Aleksova
Suzana Aleksova:
Bravo Hole. Vimbaldon mora I ovaa godina da bidi tvoj. Tvoj za isdoriski uspeh.
Brandon M
Brandon M:
Get Ben Rottenberg out of there - always with the irrelevant, inane questions
Cheeky little question there trying to garner a headline about the vaccine/covid thing.. and people wonder why most people despise journalists/media. Such a stupid question but handled great by Novak.

A quick word about someone who invented the vaccine who got a standing ovation? - umm cool? must have been cool for her? standing ovations are cool? I'm not sure what he was trying to get at? Did he want Novak to be like 'it's bullshit' or did he want him to be like 'she deserves it' or what? Just play tennis and talk about the match for damn sakes. Obviously Djokovic is vaccinated or following protocol and the rules to be playing at Wimbledon. Leave him alone whatever his opinions about covid or the vaccine or whatever else are.
Bo Rood
Bo Rood:
The Quest for Calendar!
6 and 20 ✅
His only aim in mind is to eat grass
Victor Campo
Victor Campo:
John Bauernfeind
John Bauernfeind:
Were are the highlights of this match???🧐
I think Djokcovid will win Wimbledon 2021
Demony Angel
Demony Angel:
Novak loves to mention the " VIRGIN grass"
charlie griffin
charlie griffin:
Pathetic idiocy to ask the astazenica question at the beginning.
Sam Conibear
Sam Conibear:
Like Novak's green cap
Snickers 24
Snickers 24:
he looks so uncomfortable 😐🥲
Niks Moret
Niks Moret:
Nole f them all off and play your as usual😆GOATCHAMP!
the day is nigh
the day is nigh:
Nice draw mberrteni zvreve medvedev norrie in the other half not that they could stop him
Brumel's Parakeet
Brumel's Parakeet:
Most of these questions are so unnecessary.
N X:
nice cap, i like it)
Commonwealth Edison
Commonwealth Edison:
Fed fan here, but like this guy a lot. I would be absolutely shocked if he doesn't win the tournament.
Thanks novack
malhotra roger
malhotra roger:
Novak Djokovic is not just perhaps the greatest tennis player ever, but the greatest sportsperson ever. He should be on any shortlist. It’s sad that his character rubs many up the wrong way.
That last question was trash.... hoping for Novak to trip up over some women/men equality bullshit.
Aleksa Draskovic
Aleksa Draskovic:
From which part does the vaccine question start?
NOLE 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
brij mehta
brij mehta:
I think there are some Advertisements..
I can see 'Oppo' ads there!!
Ryo Shusuke
Ryo Shusuke:
I hope Novak has learned his lesson in 2016! Last time he won Roland Garros, he lost early here!
Another good Wimbledon tradition is leaving us in the dark when they change from English to another language.