Novak Djokovic is defaulted from the US Open 2020

In accordance with the Grand Slam rulebook, following his actions of intentionally hitting a ball dangerously or recklessly within the court or hitting a ball with negligent disregard of the consequences, the US Open tournament referee defaulted Novak Djokovic from the 2020 US Open. Because he was defaulted, Djokovic will lose all ranking points earned at the US Open and will be fined the prize money won at the tournament in addition to any or all fines levied with respect to the offending incident.

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100+ comentarios:

Yeah, don't show us what he did, we will just have to imagine what it might have been.
Henock gebriel
Henock gebriel:
Why don't you people show the moment he hit her?. You make it sound like it's some gruesome murder!
Elisha Rania Suleiman
Elisha Rania Suleiman:
Federer and Nadal must be sleeping well over the coming nights.
Roland Supersaw
Roland Supersaw:
Novak: "Im going to finished unbeatable this whole year"
Line-judge: "Hold my throat"
Jelena Nikin
Jelena Nikin:
That is the only way they could get Djokovic down
mah1n Rahman
mah1n Rahman:
This lady gonna give Messi and Daniel Craig a hard time for Oscar this year
Abhinav Sharma
Abhinav Sharma:
Boycott US Open! What a joke of a tournament. Softness at its best,it's just a tennis ball FFS I've taken hard shots to the face and even between the legs when close to the net much harder than this and never had to be taken to the hospital lol,the lady should be given an Oscar for this performance.
I can't believe that they don't even uploaded the footage of Djokovic hitting the ball... it's clear that it was not even a hard hit or intentional.
Djokovic out of tournament.Fedrer and nadal not playing.
Other players thinking now we finally have a chance of winning a grandslam 🤔
Byron Byron
Byron Byron:
Give her an Oscar
wait wait, I just saw the video, are the referee kidding me? he just hit the ball backwards, even without any strong hit to the back and not even show rage, just mild disappointment, you are nutsssssss Most tenis player do that when disappointed on themselves, was his turn to serve?. I THOUGHT he hit the ball strong and with rage and it wasnt the case. hahahahahaha. no way...hahahah...the most there should has been a warning....anyway, life goes on , best regards and be safe
Duncan Evans
Duncan Evans:
Be a miracle if she walks again ...
Jovanka Micic-Veljkovic
Jovanka Micic-Veljkovic:
Sramota!!! On je najbolji na svetu a ovi miševi mu sude. Uvek uz tebe Nole!
Red Lavish
Red Lavish:
I saw a guy three days ago put 20000 on Novak to win the us open at the bookies. He defo must have lost out on another 2000 for breaking his tv.
Haidar Amri
Haidar Amri:
When first time i read the news title, i think he hit the referee with the racket, punch him in the face, or have a fight with her.
Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma:
Whaaaaa? This is SO unfair.
Dani Shrem
Dani Shrem:
I don’t know why I have a feeling that if there were public they wouldn’t disqualified him
Sean Cummins
Sean Cummins:
Clearly an accident.
Huh, I didn’t know neymar was a line judge at the US open
For real now, judging by her looks, I can bet her name is Karen.
Rajeev Jha
Rajeev Jha:
If this un intenational incident calls fr disqualification , then we all have seen far worse , this has been done to him fr the association he has formed , officials want to show him they r the boss and he is mere player . Common fedd and nadal show some support fr a person who wants to make changes in system ,
well U.S open is becoming a high ground for drama...
AbHiShEk M nIcOlsOn _007
AbHiShEk M nIcOlsOn _007:
oh! that was Neymer's sister 😂
Waleed Saleem Khan
Waleed Saleem Khan:
I don’t even watch tennis, but just came to point it out that it’s a stupid rule, and a stupid decision.

Makes no sense.
Asilbek Bakhriddinov
Asilbek Bakhriddinov:
What A Drama Queen 👸
This is biggest SHAME for US open!!!
M K:
Kyrgios would have said: ‘It slipped out of my hand’
Jordan Cama
Jordan Cama:
I'm sure the lady is a big fan of Roger Federer!!! 😜
Aleksei Lemazhikhin
Aleksei Lemazhikhin:
I can't imagine what would have happened if the line umpire had been black.
Vesna Cabarkapa
Vesna Cabarkapa:
Shame on you US open... l am done with US open.
She truly deserve Oscar for her outstanding acting👍👍
Dan Taylor
Dan Taylor:
That's taking the piss, he barely hit it with any speed the line judge goes down like shes been shot, if that ball had hit me I would've stayed on my feet and smiled about it shes an embarrassment to fake that
Unfair! A lot of drama queens in he US open organizers! Penalize him yes, Default???? what the hell!
Derek John
Derek John:
Judging by more than four thousand comments the overwhelming majority think that the USTA made a wrong decision.
Ali Pinar
Ali Pinar:
When i heard this i thougd he smacked the racket on the referees head and then did a submission
She droped like she got hit by s godamn meteor
Christian vom Berge
Christian vom Berge:
For the linereferee i want to give her a contract... for a Hollywood Movie... Called: „In the line of Fire 2 - Djorko is back“ ...
_Pretty sure Serena Williams would've played in US Open even after hitting someone like that._
Verified BOT
Verified BOT:
She looks like his school Principal .
Many times you can see those 'ball kids' getting hit by a ball and nothing happens.. that woman is clearly overeacting.
I was told he hit a judge with a racket because of a bad call. It's amazing how distorted truth becomes when told through gossip channels. This is morally not straightforward.
Jelena Petrovic
Jelena Petrovic:
Cause something like this happened for "the first time" in tennis, the second time you might consider sending amateur actors to some casting for a movie, rather than judging U.S. open.
Unacceptable. They were just waiting for the excuse to get him out. They could not stop him in other ways. Ridiculous.
Yash Goyal
Yash Goyal:
Federer, Nadal, Djoker: No Grand Slams for us.
Zverev, Thiem, Carreño Busta, Medvedev: About time lads. About time!!!
Radula Grcic
Radula Grcic:
This is a bad decision!!!Discrimination of one kind,we all know which!Novak, you know who you are,others do not have to know,they just don't want it.
Hossny Hendy
Hossny Hendy:
What exactly happened, can any one please explain to me and what is the biggest mistake to pullout NO 1 from the tournament
2021 Line judge coming back from recovery after hit
“I am devastated “ as she said
Sjögel Miihels
Sjögel Miihels:
Oh, nothing to watch anymore on the 2020 US Open.
The Best of Youtube
The Best of Youtube:
We knew what was coming when he said "YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS !!!"
Cannon Fodder
Cannon Fodder:
She overreacted a bit, falling to the floor and all 😂
Fun with Calisthenics
Fun with Calisthenics:
*Novak is a human being, and a great champion. Its just part of his journey.* We all have a journey, his is just very public.
Ishant Agarwal
Ishant Agarwal:
This is lame, give the judges protective gear. That was being simply too harsh on Djokovic.
Peter MacLauren
Peter MacLauren:
Lol Novak sounds like me when I'm trying to talk the cop out of writing me a traffic ticket
Arjol Mullisi
Arjol Mullisi:
This is like giving a red card to a football player that crushes with the referee.. this is just money making scheme so he doesn't get the title..
PE Expert
PE Expert:
Imagine if Zverev does the same thing and his reason is “I wanted to put myself in there with Novak”.
Jack Light Anderson
Jack Light Anderson:
And the Oscar goes to the movie:
Karen Ellenson in "Deep Throat: US Open"
Maybe victim should come to Main Umpire and Novak when they talked and said:" Its ok, Im fine now, let him finish the match" instead of just staying there??
I think this is the biggest chance for thiem to win the first grand slm title
The sky D
The sky D:
Great opportunity for all of them to disqualify the King and remove him.
Isn't the line judge's job to always keep an eye on the ball? Lol
Prana Iswara
Prana Iswara:
Dear Nole Djokovic, I miss you playing against your opponents in US Open
Punchers Chance
Punchers Chance:
No pun intended but I think she made a meal of it. Won’t be surprised if there’s some financial compensation to follow.
Random Person
Random Person:
Djokovic: won’t lose a match
God: Fine, i’ll do it myself
_There should be $50 fine for overacting_
German Quality
German Quality:
The line judge should be watching the Game. Not the Sky!
F Jose
F Jose:
Hope Serena Williams was watching..
Eric Hubert
Eric Hubert:
Absolutely disgraceful display of cowardice from the US Open. Embarrassing for the sport.
Mayank Srivastava
Mayank Srivastava:
Imagine the booing if the stadium was full !!!
Unknown SQAHF1010
Unknown SQAHF1010:
I felt like I where to pop into Existence as a ballboy just to catch the ball from hitting the lines woman and than to say to djokovic I got your back.thats how annoyed I was.
денис андреев
денис андреев:
sick of the duplicity of the west if Federer did it then he would definitely not be disqualified by the boycott us open
Show us the official getting wacked.. or we will riot the next US Open!
Angel Gonzalez
Angel Gonzalez:
“I’m not early”
“I’m not late”
“I’m in the middle”
Amigo Amigo
Amigo Amigo:
This is too harsh a punishment 😭
Goce Dimoski
Goce Dimoski:
Really! Disqualified?
Nitin Chaudhary
Nitin Chaudhary:
This is not a the way to apply rule which happened accidentally !
Samoht Renyar
Samoht Renyar:
She could have caught that 🤣
This is the only way they can stop nole love from serbia <3
petar pavic
petar pavic:
And supervisor is from switzerland so i didnt expect any other outcome. Nevermind Nole you are undefeated this year and that will remains, you have many more slams in the future and now you know that this satanic states will do everything to stop you so be careful. We love you Nole
Alex Ross
Alex Ross:
King Novak's haters said "If Federer and Nadal and other players can not beat him, i will disqualify him myself". Oh king novak's haters you need to beat king novak fair and square, but it is so cheap to use this trick to disqualify him.
And the OSCAR goes toooooo .... Line judge! She did it great! Such an act!
Václav Hamáček
Václav Hamáček:
when I remember how many times I was hit by a ball to my neck when I was playing tenis ..... I must be indestructible !!!!!
Chris M
Chris M:
At the end when Djokovic took off I'm like me running away from 2020. 🏃🏼
Benny Factr
Benny Factr:
Just like everytime the cops pull me over, "well, what do the rules say?"
J J T:
This was hard to watch...
Angus McKean
Angus McKean:
What did he even do
Marjan P
Marjan P:
Djokovic was probably missing Federer and Nadal, so he disqualified himself...😂🤣
There were other options.
;gh Wysoc
;gh Wysoc:
What even happened
Fabio Pineda
Fabio Pineda:
"It because I am a man?"
-Serena Williams
Petsla 83
Petsla 83:
He is the best player ever !
A S:
Have they even seen the footage? Like that ball wasn't even in high speed, I doubt that it could even hurt someone seriously.And she acted like she was shot. Oscar for the best acting goes to Karen.
He is also the world number 1. I know myself that I won't be watching Us open after this.
Codi Dracco
Codi Dracco:
Gamingwith frans
Gamingwith frans:
They just wanted a way to get him to lose
That random person!!! " Who liked my comments, " 🙏 I pray " May you and your Parents live more than 100 years.,
Daniel Medjedovic
Daniel Medjedovic:
If it was Viktor Troicki

"No, No!!!!!!! look at it!!!" *carries the female to the judge* Look at it!!!!!!
The moment I saw the line judge was a Karen I knew it was over.
A S:
The only way for someone to win something is to get Djokovic out of picture. Like, he is that good.
Thien Tran
Thien Tran:
Line judge should of said I'm good, play on!
Leonora Caldeira
Leonora Caldeira:
Foi um acidente e a juíza pelo visto tá muito bem.injustica .pra mim acabou este torneio.