Novak Djokovic out of US Open after hitting judge with tennis ball | 2020 US Open Highlights

Top-seeded Novak Djokovic defaulted from his fourth-round match at the US Open against Pablo Carreno Busta after a tennis ball he hit in anger struck a line judge in the neck on Sunday.

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100+ comentarios:

They got a million cameras in there and none of them captured it?
Cant wait for the book: "How the World Number 1 try to kill me"
Jerod Roshanfar
Jerod Roshanfar:
The only opponent that could defeat djokovic: himself.
Jeffrey Lorrius
Jeffrey Lorrius:
Once I seen her hair, I knew what the outcome was going to be
He wasn't even pissed off before he did it and immediately apologized.
Yaco Ale
Yaco Ale:
"He hit in anger"??
I don't see that at all
Shannon Russell, DDS
Shannon Russell, DDS:
I don’t know much about Tennis, but this call seems a bit over the top.
Sir Banks20
Sir Banks20:
not gonna lie, my initial reaction was 'Lady, get up already'
barry mcdougal
barry mcdougal:
Sangam Pradhan
Sangam Pradhan:
Got hit in the throat and goes out limping
When I saw the headlines I was waiting for a clip of him intentionally serving it 100+ mph at the line judge into the throat...not this. This is excessive and dramatic.
Coronavirus.. No crowd... Ten people in the stadium and you hit one in her throat? What a bad luck men
Michael Hyland
Michael Hyland:
This is a joke! It’s not his fault grandma wasn’t paying attention!
Harshil Patel
Harshil Patel:
Imagine if this happened to Serena
Harry Jaison
Harry Jaison:
Let me save u some time 2:29
- He unintentionally hits the ball the line judge
- She gets hit and sees and opportunity to make bank
- Oscar-worthy acting
- Novak out of the competition
Kanwar Deep
Kanwar Deep:
This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.
Great reaction from the champ. I can only hope to react with such grace when against the tide.
demon slayer
demon slayer:
Karen is fired after that cause she's daydreaming. Girl, where's ur reflexes?
and then you see nick kyrios smashing 50 raquets and people just laughing.
Mark Lunny
Mark Lunny:
No one feels sorry for that girl lmao
Jai Kyeo
Jai Kyeo:
You can tell from Djokovic's immediate reaction that there was zero intent... this is disappointing to say the least.
Sami Singh
Sami Singh:
I don’t think he hit it out of anger 🤦🏽‍♀️
B K:
This video only needed to be 10 seconds long
Duy Mai
Duy Mai:
There’s a thing called moving, I think she should try it sometime.
Walk it off Paula Dean!!
Dominic Decoco
Dominic Decoco:
She got hit by a tennis ball in a tennis court! How is that even possible!?
They don't show the actual ball hitting the judge. There is video of it just not here... Thumbs down.
I feel as if the tournament director's needed VAR
I’ve once gotten hit with a full speed soccer ball in the nuts. But this? WOW. She’s lucky she didn’t get decapitated 🙄
Pi Ka
Pi Ka:
Lol when you're too good that they gotta use all they have to bring you down because you're a Serb playing in Murica. This is like Jesse Owens at Berlin Olympics.
Righteous Indignation
Righteous Indignation:
Wow, she's lucky she wasn't decapitated by that deadly murder-orb.
Justin Candler
Justin Candler:
Okay so my understanding is once a ball is “dead” if he hit it and it hit her he can be disqualified?
Fantastic Videos
Fantastic Videos:
And there wasnt distance between the judges before the decision .
Its a hobby day
Its a hobby day:
Didn’t need a reason to not watch tennis, ty YouTube recommendations now I have one.
Andrew Saavedra
Andrew Saavedra:
She was working for the opposing team.
Sachin Jani
Sachin Jani:
I hope you have a good day
4:39 gives the best view of the way he hit it, and how fast.
Chuu.chinn Gon
Chuu.chinn Gon:
Too slow, i dont wanna imagine how could it be with a real ball
Sorry my english, im level one :)
Marc Douglas Vogt
Marc Douglas Vogt:
Maybe, it was an, ...
'Inside Job'? -marc27
Cal Smith
Cal Smith:
The way the media makes it sound, I thought he first served it straight into her from point blank..
“He hit that kinda hard”....... really ?!??
The moment when Djokovic realized he's gotten too accurate for his own good, a random swat could land exactly on a human's throat.
*Seriously, if a ball does that to you, why become a linesperson*
God sakes. She’s ok! I blame this on those two old farts that made the decision. He clearly didn’t do it on purpose.
Andrea Christine
Andrea Christine:
This has to be the silliest thing I’ve seen since.....yesterday
Lexo Cool
Lexo Cool:
It’s wasn’t even hard! Omg
Mike Wood
Mike Wood:
4:43 for the actual hit. Though it’s a pretty bad angle.
Francisco Monges
Francisco Monges:
2:26 Is when Karen attacks
Collin Young
Collin Young:
Maybe don't have old ladies as line judges
AJ Mainiac
AJ Mainiac:
Can’t wait for Stephen A smith to talk about this and have no idea what he’s talking about.
Raphael Trindade OF
Raphael Trindade OF:
Armação pura!!!!!
Shiv Am
Shiv Am:
”KAREN” spotted!
Nicholas Guretis
Nicholas Guretis:
Clearly an accident! complete over reaction!!
Tater Bengal
Tater Bengal:
wow great accurate shot! right on the throat without looking.
I feel sorry for him. It was very obviously an accident.
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse:
Rest in peace. You will never be forgotten line judge.
Eshaan Simha
Eshaan Simha:
I know everyone says that Novak is bad because of this, but he didn’t do it on purpose even if he hit the ball out of small frustration and shows concern and apologizes to the line judge
You're welcome
Tristan Rivera
Tristan Rivera:
2:13 is what you’re looking for.
This has to be one of the dumbest penalties I've ever seen. Clearly, it was an accident.
Eric Wilson
Eric Wilson:
4:48 - 5:02 Here's the replay. Again you can't quite see the official with that picture. But ah 99% certain that that ball has struck the lines judge. I'm I the only one that finds this commentator's statement as odd. Does she suffer from seizures?
Matthew Google
Matthew Google:
What a shame, it was clearly accidental, you can tell from his reaction.
3:17 Is this women made of glass?
John Huo
John Huo:
2020 the sensitive year. Everyone gets offended and hurt, this time by an accidental ball.
Bruh this is an over reaction
akinloye ogunleye
akinloye ogunleye:
Does accident and intent carry same penalty? This is ridiculous
Noel Lastre
Noel Lastre:
I thought when I heard it this was a fastball angrily served at someone. The speed of that ball...come on lady.
Rodrigo Huichalao
Rodrigo Huichalao:
Was her name Karen?
Was she hit intentionally?
What is going on??
Oliver Ribeiro
Oliver Ribeiro:
Legend has it his house burned down after angrily throwing a tennis ball in his house right after the tournament
Henry Vang
Henry Vang:
Lol that me too movement! 😂
anasta cia
anasta cia:
That was an accident... without intentions
Well that lady clearly takes acting classes
William Hallthorsson
William Hallthorsson:
Ellen degenerous is having a rough year...
Blanca Estela Martinez Ortega
Blanca Estela Martinez Ortega:
Yo veo que fue sin querer y se me hace demasiada la sanción! 😠
John Fredrick
John Fredrick:
I don't think the officials made the right decision by disqualifying Novak,he didn't mean to hit that lady at all
Rayan Agarm
Rayan Agarm:
2:38 aint
Welp i know what i wont be watching now! Good JOB!
newmennium: never cease to amaze us
Phil O
Phil O:
All those cameras in that stadium and u cant see her getting hit. What bs.
My respect to Djokovich !
Anderson Machado
Anderson Machado:
injusto.... absurdo.!!
Daisy Méndez
Daisy Méndez:
2:33 a lo que vinimos
Kenneth White
Kenneth White:
That woman was 'play acting.' <---(FACT)
Sandy Castles
Sandy Castles:
Well, it's back to hockey : l
saturn 123
saturn 123:
They could of easily just destroyed the ball and continued with the game. The ball was definitely at fault.
Troylan Caro
Troylan Caro:
He did it in anger to himself
Gabe Aguilar
Gabe Aguilar:
It was an accident that’s bs. Some rules in tennis r ridiculous and soft
Andrew Saavedra
Andrew Saavedra:
Now I know the real reason M isn't in the new James Bond.
Paul Kruger
Paul Kruger:
2020 is the year of the reality show called Idiocracy. Nothing makes sense anymore. Common sense and ability to make good judgement is non existent at times.
Such an over reaction. How have we all become so soft . I saw a 11 yr old girl take an aluminum bat to the forehead after the batter let go of the bat. She fell back into the fence cried but stayed in her feet. This woman takes a tennis ball to her face mask and she’s just been in a car accident.
Sandy Castles
Sandy Castles:
Dude was in deep meditation at the time, and never intended any harm, nor was he acting out, hello.

PS. Extorting $10k is one matter, disqualifying him is another. See nfl sports
Larry Vu
Larry Vu:
When you need the extra cash to pay off your grandchildren's tuition fees
John Witman
John Witman:
I wish equally strict measures were taken on school bullies
Pork Head
Pork Head:
IT WAS AN ACCIDENT my gosh y’all needa chill
diego demarko
diego demarko:
WOW, I would NOT want that to count as a win for me
Josh Green
Josh Green:
hahahahhahahahah what a joke!
Abu Musa
Abu Musa:
wow!!! lol
camilo tabbakh trasolini
camilo tabbakh trasolini:
La emocion del español al escuchar que le dio