Novak Djokovic Post-Final Press Conference | Wimbledon 2022

Novak Djokovic speaks to the media after his victory in the gentleman's singles final against Nick Kyrgios.

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100+ comentarios:

I'm Aussie and what Australia did to Novak was an absolute disgrace and an international embrassment
Love how Djokovic talks, he doesn’t just give a normal interview, he expresses himself in such a spiritual and wise manner.
Caleb Louis
Caleb Louis:
I've grown to really respect and appreciate Novak. For a while, I viewed him as a sort of antihero in the era of Fedal, but he's a true champion with nerves of steel and a big heart. Well done, ND!
Simon Pegg
Simon Pegg:
Mentally the toughest on-court, and the most loving heart off of it. They don't make a lot of people like him anymore.
Ali Darke
Ali Darke:
Everyone has respect for people who stand up to bullies. This is a man of honour and strength.
Dave Hall
Dave Hall:
Fantastic honest responses from Novak....such a strong admirable mental strength by him amazing champion...
chris david
chris david:
So impressed to hear Novak sticking to his principles by stating without any doubt that he will not be taking the jab. Well done for not bowing to pressure.
Kyrgios played very well, but Djokovic is so strong mentally and has such a complete tennis game that makes him the best player ever, especially on grass.
MLS Listing
MLS Listing:
The most honest and humble athlete in the world. How many athletes got fake vax passes. He could have got one easily as well. He decided to be honest to the world and himself, even of that meant he never played another match in his life.
When him and Fedal were tied at 20 GS each... He decided to stick to his guns...
One and ONLY N⁰1e 👏👏👏
Childofthe Sun
Childofthe Sun:
I didn't know much about him until the whole embarrassing Australian government debacle, but I saw he stuck to his integrity and principles and refused to bow to pressure and here he is, still the champion
DormantIdeas NIQ
DormantIdeas NIQ:
Speaks English better than most Americans... corrected himself on one past participle on the fly... and is exceedingly eloquent... in a language that is not his native one. ...thorough and accurate while concise.
...and he took out the most dangerous newcomer on the court. ...where is the other trophy for that!?
za kupoprodaju
za kupoprodaju:
A rare athlete with dignity who has been dealing with unjust whistles from the audience for years and now with politics and stupid measures of the system. Despite everything, he remained consistent, his own and perhaps unwillingly became a symbol of resistance against the system as well as a symbol of a free-thinking man. Just like Muhammad Ali once was. A true GOAT indeed
Blossom Chinaka
Blossom Chinaka:
He is such a Great Speaker, Leader, and Fearless! Every time I hear him talk, I get to like him even more... Congratulations, Djokovic! :)
After everything he still talks highly of AO what a great champ and person. GOAT
Nikos Papanikos
Nikos Papanikos:
Adam Sawicki
Adam Sawicki:
Djokovic is obviously a genius at tennis but what impresses me as well is what an athlete he is and how he's kind of defying ageing. I mean, both Roger and Rafa I feel has had to adjust their game with age but Novak is playing pretty similar to 7-8 years ago. It seems that whoever he faces he is the one who benefits from it becoming physical. Of course a lot of other things comes into play but nobody really wears Djokovic down. A testament to how healthy and fit he is for his age.
Dick Diver
Dick Diver:
Glad Novak's getting the love he deserves. Wrongs are being put to right.
Michael Brockman
Michael Brockman:
So glad to hear Novak say without prompting that he is not thinking of retiring. Play on…and on!
Angelic Bts
Angelic Bts:
love how he doesn’t give these conventional answers and takes his time to think and speak his emotions out, it’s something that ive always admired about him ! very intellectual and always a pleasure to listen to !!
Absolute legend and man of principles
priya pandey
priya pandey:
I was there to watch him playing live. Respect him, love him ❤️what a mentally strong personality.
Philomena Williams
Philomena Williams:
Love's great to have the opportunity to watch him play.
He is an exceptional athlete.
The Great Gatsby
The Great Gatsby:
A rare one who is actually saying what he thinks instead of giving polite answers that everyone loves to hear
Spencer Porter
Spencer Porter:
Djokovic is such a well spoken and composed person
Novak Djokovic is an incredible communicator. His level of articulation is astounding.
Alison Brown
Alison Brown:
He’s a true gentleman. And an amazing player. True champion!
Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar:
GOAT IS BACK. 12 Hard court slams. 7 Grass court slams & 2 clay court slams. 21 GS & counting.The most versatile & complete all surface player ever👏👏👏👏
Adam Uppsala🇸🇪
Adam Uppsala🇸🇪:
Novak. My champion and my hero. I love talking to him because he gives the speaker 100% attention. He's polite, respectful and approachable. He's the no1 tennis player in history but is so down to earth. His mentality on court amazes me.
Congratulations Novak for this win! Love how he answered all the questions, not chep with words, elocvent and honest. Hope he will get the play in the US.
Novak, the champion of humanity, stile, elegance, fashion and passion ❤️
Anna Kartashova
Anna Kartashova:
Novak, what a wonderful athlete, man, and role model to us all. Authentic, not afraid to speak his mind on health and rebut the ignorant hate and criticism from the uninformed since Australia.
Geoff Butler
Geoff Butler:
Novak is his own man, inspirational, love his commonsense attitude & no bullshit tolerated approach. 👌
Amair Ashar
Amair Ashar:
Trust me he can be a great philosopher. The way he explains is just amazing.
Extremely articulate champion. ND is fantastic
Pip Man
Pip Man:
Beautifully concise and detailed post-match interview.
Brutal honesty. There's a heart-felt appreciation for Novak these days.
Zon Forest Moua
Zon Forest Moua:
Much love to Novak’s tenacity and unyielding composure. So very admirable in the face of victory… and defeat.
Brian McSherry
Brian McSherry:
Novak is on his way to immortality even if he can’t play in US open or Australian open again he’ll win another 3 Wimbledons and a French or two!
Novak is simply amazing! What a year he’s had!
Paris Bear
Paris Bear:
Until now have not been a follower of Novak and this tournament has totally changed my view. Such a gentleman and his support of Nick shows true character.
Juan Pedro Arévalo
Juan Pedro Arévalo:
Kyrgios played amazingly, he is a very dangerous player in this surface, specially at the moment of serving and putting the ball to play, but Nole is such a beast on grass courts, which makes extremely hard the stuff for his opponents in trying to defeating him, as it was today.
Hope the Serbian continues through this way and can go in looking for his 22th Grand Slam soonly.
I’m just happy Novak proved to himself he can win a slam again after the year he’s had!
john smith
john smith:
Love how he is sticking to his principles and not bowing to these ridiculous mandates.
Amair Ashar
Amair Ashar:
Just luv listening him speak...Legend
N&A Films
N&A Films:
No one has ever been so respectful and loving to the Wimbledon tournament, I back him 100%
Jsh J
Jsh J:
Never been a massive Djoko fan, but respect to the guy… unbelievable champion
Kevin Suiker
Kevin Suiker:
Look at that man! What a champion!!!
General Shockwave Kingpin
General Shockwave Kingpin:
Novak Djokovic, one of the very greatest sportspersons, in history.
kristina milovic
kristina milovic:
The brilliance that is Novak Djokovic! His mental strenght and resilience is unseen in tennis history, and is ultimately what makes him the greatest of all time. The pressure he deals with, the media... and still coming out on the top... incredible! Congrats on this historic victory, thanks for great performance and all the best in the future champ! 👏👏❤️🙏🥳
For my money, Novak's *THE* greatest tennis player to ever have set foot on a court....and I've seen them all since the late 1960's. An absolutely titanic player who's so intelligent, respectful and elegantly spoken. Novak's the complete package rolled into one.
Thad tuiol
Thad tuiol:
As a fellow pureblood who has been threatened, punished, and yelled at by people trying to get me to go against my principles, I would just like to thank Djoko for being such a great example and role model of how important it is to never give in, no matter what the cost in career terms.
Willene Bodine
Willene Bodine:
Congratulations! Novak is a great champion & so deserving. He is by far the GOAT in tennis.
Lilly L.
Lilly L.:
Pure class. Stayed true to himself and didn't let them bully him into the vaccine. He's a credit to himself.
Karposh _1689
Karposh _1689:
Now that the jabby-jab mandates have been relaxed right around the world, I hope the other two grand slam tournaments will wake up to themselves and allow this man the chance to achieve the immortality he so thoroughly deserves.
amore amorovic
amore amorovic:
Novak is an amazing champion ! He is an exceptional athlete . Cestitke , Nole-Sokole !
Buenos Aires Street Art
Buenos Aires Street Art:
Incredible human being, role model & champion. Wish more people would follow his healthy natural lifestyle focused on a plant-based diet, yoga, stretching, ice baths & meditation - rather than a pill, drug & vaccine quick fix pushed by profit-driven big pharma.
Happiness Oasis # Dushyant Singh Panwar #
Happiness Oasis # Dushyant Singh Panwar #:
The level of nonsense and harassment Novak has faced this year is unbelievable. Yet he chose to work hard and let his racquet do the talking. Absolute legend😎😀. Love from India💐
Amid Azad
Amid Azad:
Novak is just Awesome. I’m glad he won the Wimbledon. Surly deserve it.
Ed ShereJee
Ed ShereJee:
He's a legend of the sport.
Well done Nick I just hope he directs his anger out on the court next time. Novak stayed calm, the better man won today.
Congrats fan of both
Lawrence Mbae
Lawrence Mbae:
"I didn't win that game, he lost it." in reference to Nick losing a game he was leading 40 -0
Such magnanimity!
hana hana
hana hana:
Great win for Djokovic and well deserved
Lynn McGown
Lynn McGown:
Bravo Novak. What a fantastic human being.
Novak dares to challenge the corruption. May God bless him n his family always. ❤️🙏❤️🙏
Mia Ash
Mia Ash:
Novak would have been in every grand slam final this year, had it not been for the corrupt Australian government madness!
Novak has calmly, consistently and subtly walked himself into one of the greatest tennis players of all time.
lets hope Novak will be allowed to play AO 2023. That will set him up for another year of GS victories.
Brian McSherry
Brian McSherry:
The 🐐 no doubt about it! He’ll go down with the most Australian open titles most Wimbledons and to win 2 French opens when nadal has been around is a massive achievement in itself!
John O'Neill
John O'Neill:
Новак в прекрасной форме, опытен, как всегда сосредоточен и надежен, ну а Ник безусловно великий художник большого тенниса! Смотреть матчи с участием этих гениев тенниса огромное удовольствие!
Gerald Frank
Gerald Frank:
The perfect example of composure under massive pressure & afterwards. 👌🙏👏👏
Carolyne G
Carolyne G:
Sensational tennis for the Wimbledon Final. An entertaining match and a pleasure to stay up til 2.30am in Australia. Novak and Nick are amazing sportsmen. 👏
darren mcgowan
darren mcgowan:
Novak in my view is a true master at the game of tennis.
The greatest tennis player that has ever lived !!!
𝒮.𝒥𝑜𝓃𝑒𝓈  ◕‿◕
𝒮.𝒥𝑜𝓃𝑒𝓈 ◕‿◕:
Such a nice guy Djokovic is, was quiet during match but after it he was the nicest man around laugh in interview with nick then hand shaking literally everyone and that moment with Prince George was amazing
tom mitchell
tom mitchell:
What a legend , both on and off the court.
khurram jamil
khurram jamil:
I was a thru and thru Federer fan till 2010. And then started rooting for Nole. Only reason at that time was that I felt he never got the respect he deserved. Watching him play Fed or Nadal was as if he is a convicted felon or he is playing then at Basel and Madrid, not London and Paris. Everyone around me are Federer fan and they can’t stand him. And when I ask them why, they share his “antics on the court” his “outbursts” etc. but deep down, I wish they come clean and share that the biggest reason they don’t like him is that he came along and disrupted the Fedal duo. They had to share the slams with him. To the point, 2010s belong to nOle.
I respect all three. I just admire Nole more. I am such a relieved person today, because for the first time in history, ( yes) Nole has more slams then Federer.
Who wins, deserves! Weldone to the classy man always on the top!!!
Alan Fagan
Alan Fagan:
I am a diehard Roger fan
But Novak is incredible
He broke my heart many times
Mental Toughness
He has it all
And from now on he is a guy and player that I really like
masterclass from a true wizard
Atention : the champion from 2022 is speaking! What true words from him! He really deserves this title! He is such a nice person! 👏🏻🤍
Always eloquent and always worthy of respect.
Costa Athanasiou
Costa Athanasiou:
Congrats Novak! True Champion on and off-court!
Morgan Naidoo
Morgan Naidoo:
Apart from his humbleness and all that, he is undoubtedly the GOAT for me personally nobody comes close to him
Łukasz Lewandowicz
Łukasz Lewandowicz:
GOAT and very intelligent person
rajyalakshmi rajyalakshmi
rajyalakshmi rajyalakshmi:
Great people are always composed. I wish the present generation and generations to come should learn from these great ones. Absolutely no attitude, no arrogance only concentration. Congratulations Novak
Malindi Rugby Football Club
Malindi Rugby Football Club:
He has matured a lot. He seems a lot more caring and kind. I always thought of him as a bit of a jerk but I’m starting to like him now. Feels nice. Congratulations Novak.
Love him. My man.
Lauro Palomares
Lauro Palomares:
Gran campeón, felicidades!👍👍
alexander kelly
alexander kelly:
Better tennis player than nadal or federer hands down. And for standing up for freedom is a better man than those other 2
Ali B
Ali B:
Th real hero of 'my body, my choice'.
Daniel Nicolas
Daniel Nicolas:
He gives the best insight on his match approach and thought process throughout the match. So honest.
I love how he always praises his opponent and admits that at 40-0 when he broke Kyrgios was not his merit but more "luck"
He’s so mentally tough and plays this game just about as perfect as can be. Long live Tennis, he’s certainly inspired me as a Tennis player with his great game.
Omar Parilli
Omar Parilli:
Fuistes él mejor y te toco él grupo más dificil , felicitaciones campeón. Ejemplo a seguir. , los nuevos tenistas.
Karmela Kovačić
Karmela Kovačić:
True Champion! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
TEP Productions
TEP Productions:
The true god of tennis, DJOKOVIC 🇷🇸🇷🇸
Caner Uler
Caner Uler:
So classy, gentleman, humble, humorous, talented, hardworking, disciplined but yet underrated by many for some reason = Novak Djokovic aka the GOAT! 🥇
faraazisinlesspain Farru
faraazisinlesspain Farru:
How can someone hate this man?
I could listen to this guy all day long. I honestly think many people could take lessons and tips on physical and mental wellness from this guy. He talks like a guy who has been around for 80 years. Much respect for Novak.
Brian McSherry
Brian McSherry:
Crazy he’s one his 7th Wimbledon and 21st slam and goes from 3rd to 7th in the rankings
Yacov Mitchenko
Yacov Mitchenko:
The GOAT for sure.